Hello guys! Sorry I'm late. I'm here, I'm here! At reddit HQ in New York.

Ask me anything.

And if you haven't seen Please Like Me...




I'll try and answer some more questions later.


edit I am answering them now, tipsy. Let's see how this goes.

edit OK! The sun is actually up in NY. I have to go sleep. It was nice chatting.

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FCPX35 karma

Do you hire attractive boys just because you want to make out with them?

Poppin__Fresh5 karma

He's too busy thinking about how dumb his penis looks to concentrate on kissing boys.

RealJoshThomas39 karma

Not my penis! Ok! My pubic hair! My penis is lovely, thank you very much.

MissMonet2220 karma

Love Love Love your work. I was just wondering how much you had to do with the portrayal of mental illness and the mental hospital in Please Like Me this season. It is scarily accurate! But somehow you managed to make it funny. How did you approach such a sensitive subject as a comedian?

RealJoshThomas34 karma

My mum has been in a psychiatric hospital, so I have lived it. We also did a lot of research with the Melbourne Clinic and Black Dog in Australia.

MissMonet2215 karma

Thank you for showing it in the way you have. I have lived it too but have never seen it portrayed in a way that I can relate with. Everything goes down the "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" or "Girl Interrupted" route. And thank you for making a show I can relate to as a twenty something Australian!

RealJoshThomas19 karma

What we learnt is that Psychiatric Hospitals vary widely. Some are extreme, they can be terrifying. Some are quite lovely. The universal thing they have is that it's a lot of people trying their best to be happy, which can be fucking challenging.

WRXLR816 karma

Hey Josh, just to let you know, when you came out all those years ago, you broke my best friends heart, she was convinced she was going to marry you!

Anyway, just wanted to know, out of all the Aussie shows you've worked on, what's been your favourite?

PS. John is just about the cutest dog on TV!

RealJoshThomas43 karma

Oh yeh, I remember when teenage girls liked me. I was like Zac Efron for teenagers that didn't have enough self-esteem to like someone so unachievable.

'Please like me' is obviously my favorite. I just adore it.

greymutt13 karma

How's John? Does he get recognised in the street, and is the fame going to his head?

RealJoshThomas35 karma

omg! He has been so stand off-ish lately. Sometimes I sit on the couch and he just goes and sits on the bed, away from me. I don't understand. I love him so much, why would he want to be in the other room? He like a teenager now, I guess. I guess that's what's happening. Like when teenagers yell 'I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!' at their parents. In summary: Yes, fame is going to his head. I am looking forward to his Britney-Spears-shaved-head/Amanda Bynes/ Justin Bieber phase.

jessehefford11 karma

Hey Josh. I absolutely love the show. How has the involvement of pivot shaped the way you took storylines in the second season? So far, I've noticed it's scope is a lot broader and far-reaching whereas season one was more intimate, for lack of a better word. Also, Hannah Gadsby better stay on for season three because her addition is so deadpan hilarious.

RealJoshThomas8 karma

PIVOT was super cool, really easy to work with. Everything they thought needed to change they were probably right about. I made the scope broader and more far-reaching because there are more episodes, and I didn't want the plot to get too insane/unbelievable... so by having more characters they can bring lots of little believable problems.

zayway9 karma

totally corny but just wanted to say thanks for 'please like me'- it eerily resembles my relationship with my mom, & the show has affected the way i approach my first sexual relationships. Is that good? Bad? should i be watching more porn instead? xo.

RealJoshThomas15 karma

I really hope I am not influencing your sex life. I am not the guy for that, I promise.

JMElmore9 karma

I love the stories you tell in "Please Like Me", some of which hit way to close for me. I know you say alot of what you do is based on your personal life. Is it hard to shoot some of the more sensitive moments in your life, having to go through them, again; in a sense? (P.S. - Who would one contact to get you to make an appearance somewhere?)

RealJoshThomas15 karma

There was one scene, in the first episode where I visit Mum after she attempts and she vomits into a little bag. That scene is one of the most honest from my life It was my second day on set, I had never been on a drama set. I couldn't believe how real it looked. It was a rough day, to live through that again but also to full appreciate how much responsibility I have to represent my mum properly. I think you can really see the heartbreak in my eyes when she vomits, every time I see I remember how utterly heartbroken I was.

alexnaserhall9 karma

Hey, Josh. Thanks for doing this. I’m quite unashamedly obsessed with your work. “Please Like Me” is the best show currently - and the best show of the last several years. Honestly, this season is like a masterclass in nuanced character writing. Thank you for creating something hysterical and intense and - most importantly - human.


1) Did you watch the Steps reunion show? It was actually extraordinary and entirely emotional. —> http://youtu.be/4ZJbad2GdkQ

2) What tips do you have for people overwhelmed by a feeling that what they’re saying in their creative work has already been said? Essentially, how do you overcome a crippling fear that your work is common and voiceless?

3) There’s so much talent in Australia in the comedy / music spheres, but few acts break outside of the country. Why do you think that is / what do you think it will take for the media-consuming world at large to wake up to it?

RealJoshThomas4 karma

OH GREAT! Compliments! This going OK. Oh no, tips

I think, probably, that if you are making something to share with the world and you are a reasonable person then most of the time you are going to be anxious that it's shit and that no one will understand or be interested. I think that's probably how you're meant to feel. Is that grim? I am comfortable with it.

Stutterfingers9 karma

You are always making delicious food on the show would you share a recipe of something you like to cook?

And is the steps car scene something you pulled from real life? It felt so personal and is one of my favorite scenes of any tv show.

RealJoshThomas34 karma

ha! the steps car scene is based on this thing I used to do when Tom didn't have his license and I always had to drive us everywhere. If he was panicked about getting to a place on time I would stop the car and tell him it was powered by his singing. The better he sang the faster the car would go. He hated it, I fucking loved it.

lacidcat8 karma

Did you actually pee yourself in the car once? Did you?

RealJoshThomas20 karma

YES I DID. But I was alone. I have the most rubbish bladder.

A football game finished and I was stuck, I just couldn't move. I pissed into the cup like in the show but it was filled with ice and went everywhere.

I make a lot of bad choices.

I did stand up about it.

DrWoodmiester8 karma

Hello Josh. Is your fridge running?

RealJoshThomas16 karma


Gofunkiertti8 karma

Are you secretly trying to sabotage Optus?

RealJoshThomas8 karma

Look... I get it, but... That campaign is one of the most successful campaigns they have ever had. It turns out I am really good at selling sim cards. Who would have thought? Sometimes people get upset at advertising as if the advertising isn't paying for their entertainment. If you want to watch commercial TV you opt in to seeing ads, that's the deal. I said to no to any outdoor advertising (billboards etc) because I wanted to make sure everyone had a choice about whether or not they see the ad.

greymutt8 karma

I've found maybe a couple of your and Tom's podcast online and really enjoyed them. But the others seem to have dropped offline. Please can you get one of your minions to look into this, and do you have plans for any more?

RealJoshThomas6 karma

We deleted them because they were libelous, we really shared a lot of people's personal info. Maybe we will do some more down the track, it's just hard because every idea we ever have get funneled into 'Please like me.'

shouldbeworking237 karma

favorite movie?

RealJoshThomas9 karma

Hairspray! (musical) Annie Hall. Cabaret.

amycd7 karma

Hi Josh,

  1. I love love LOVE the show.
  2. You are fantastic and your personality is adorable.
  3. If you could eat any meal right now - what would it be?
  4. What's the silliest thing you've broken up with someone over?
  5. Did Shaniqua really die? :\

RealJoshThomas11 karma

1: Thank you. 2: Thank you. 3: I just sent the publicist to get cupcakes. 4: I have been in three 2 year long relationships over the last 7 years. I don't break up with people easy. 5: Yeh, she did. Things die, it's fucked. In series one Tom and I had written all this little sketches for John and $haniqua to do over the credits but then she died and we didn't get to film them. We had like John reading poetry and $haniqua telling him it was gay poetry.

InquisitorialSquad7 karma

Hi Josh. Stayed up to see this. Thank you for taking the time out to answer questions!

Just wondering where your accent is from?

RealJoshThomas25 karma

Always, everyone wants to know about my accent. I don't really know where it's from. It's not a very satisfying answer, I'm sorry. When I was a teenager I was super shy and mumbled a lot and I think in an attempt to speak more clearly I accidentally started talking like a weirdo.

winewomenandsong7 karma

Who is your hetero crush?

RealJoshThomas14 karma

Beyonce! Obviously! I don't think there is anyone that wouldn't have sex with Beyonce.

scottybomber7 karma

Hey Josh, love your work with Please Like Me and your standup.

What do you like working on most? Delivering jokes to a live crowd or having a set script on TV?

Keep it up!

RealJoshThomas9 karma

I started stand-up when I was 17 and it was my everything. I did like 6 gigs a week, I was just obsessed. Now I've moved on to TV I am just loving it, I didn't realize how lonely being a stand-up is. It's so nice to have a team! To go to work every day and see buddies, I just love it. Plus we get to make something permanent, which I've never really been able to do. But mostly I like making the TV show because I get to have friends.

benbraddocks6 karma

Hey Josh, I'm a huuuuuge American fan of your show and I tell everyone I know to watch it because it's incredible. The characters are so well-realized and it's the best depiction of being a modern twentysomething in my opinion. Enough compliments, but yeah, what are your biggest influences when writing the show? And how is the writing process with you and Tom? Oh, and shout out to the depiction of mental illness on the show, it's nothing short of incredible.

RealJoshThomas18 karma

Mostly we Tom and I chat about fucked up choices we made and then write them down. He had a rough year last year, so many bad choices. I was just so happy.

greenal6 karma

Josh, I've had the opportunity to watch the Surprise DVD on a few occasions and I really enjoy it. Have any of your other stand-up specials been recorded for commercial release?

RealJoshThomas2 karma

Nope, just that one. x

dzames6 karma

hey Josh absolutely love the show and what you are doing for both Australian tv and gays in tv. Just wondering what is it like to work with somebody who you were already really good friends with? Especially since the show is your creation, does it ever get hard to have to be the sort of boss figure to your friends?

RealJoshThomas9 karma

Ha! I have been best friends with Tom since I was 12 and I don't think he has ever made one decision. It's just not his thing. I don't think he sees me as the boss, we just muck around and write things down and then go and play make believe. We've never had a fight, ever.

evanwst5 karma

Do you see your character doing stand up in the show?

RealJoshThomas8 karma

Sometimes I toy with the idea of making Tom do stand-up and get famous. Do we think that would be fun?

zayway5 karma

you get one book to read because you'll be dead in a week. what tv show do you binge-watch instead?

RealJoshThomas14 karma

Orange Is The New Black.

ofpeaceandmagic5 karma

HI JOSH!! Please Like Me is brilliant and one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. You are probably the first that has created characters which I can all identify in some way with. I do feel like I relate to Arnold the most because I have anxiety issues. What kind of mental would you say Arnold is? It is very uplifting to see a show acknowledge mental illnesses and being able to see the comedy in the situation without taking the piss. Thank you! also hugs from sweden xx

RealJoshThomas7 karma

A lot of people we interviewed when doing research who were in psychiatric hospitals had a menagerie of disorders. A real mixed bag. Sometimes they aren't even that confident of the diagnoses, that is where Arnold is at.

errrise5 karma

Thanks for creating a brilliant show Josh! Sometimes my housemates and I have to watch the more awkward moments from behind the couch but hey, worth it.

If you weren't a comedian/actor/writer etc, what would you be?

RealJoshThomas7 karma

Unemployed. I have no skills. It's actually terrifying, because no one gets to have their own TV show forever.

tobygeorgec5 karma

Same sex marriage for Australia...will it happen? If it did... would you tie the knot?

RealJoshThomas7 karma

Never. I don't get marriage. It seems so unromantic to me? I don't want the person I am dating to be dating me because they signed a contract 10 years ago. I want them to have made the decision that day.

Mankyspoon5 karma

G'day Josh. Up late here in Sydney watching Drag racing in the U.S. Randomly caught this post. Congratulations on the success of the show. I'm always curious when I see AMAs like this about whose idea it was. Did Reddit reach out to you? Was it your idea? Do publicists suggest this type of thing? How difficult is it to generate an online profile? And how much does an online profile help when trying to "break in" overseas like in the U.S.? Any interest from American networks in the show?

RealJoshThomas6 karma

It is on an American cable network, Pivot. They are co-producers with the (Australian) ABC.

I am in the reddit office, they like facilitate it.

actualjoe4 karma

Hey Josh! big fan, could you tell us a bit about the originally planned American remake of the show? Would it just have been reshot with American accents? or would you have completely re-cast it with just you Josh, John and Tom living in America?

RealJoshThomas10 karma

For a little while they were planning on making it with me in an all American cast, it was a dumb idea. I'm really glad they realised it was a dumb idea. Although a little disappointed because I was excited to cast and American Geoffrey.

beethovenshair4 karma

Hi Josh! I'm Also Josh! Long time fan, especially of the times you were on Talkin about your generation. I was a massive massive fan. Do you have any special/favourite moments from that show that you still chuckle about sometimes?

RealJoshThomas10 karma

In Season 2 episode 1, after Tom has sex with Niamh and goes to get her a towel and he sniffs it. It was the stand-by props dude's idea. It's just so grim.

PsychoSemantics4 karma

Josh! I was so sad at what happened to Auntie Peg! It reminded me way too much of my Nan dying :(

Is it true that you and Shaun Micallef are actually good friends off-camera? I really miss seeing you two bickering and arguing on TayG!

RealJoshThomas8 karma

I don't go over to his house for dinner. Like... he is a middle aged man with a family... we aren't besties. I really enjoy his opinions, he seems to enjoy mine.

penelope2644 karma

Hey Josh! I use to be one of those teenage girls in love with you! Please don't be freaked out, I'm normal now I swear. I loved you on TBYG so, what was your favorite moment on "Talking About Your Generation"? Did you and Sean make fun of each other backstage as well as on screen?

RealJoshThomas11 karma

My Grandma was on an episode. They flew her business class (I was always flown economy)... she had never flown business class. They did her make-up, no one had never done her make up. 'Even at my wedding!' she said. Everyone just adored her, she is adorable. About 6 months before I asked her what she was up to and she said 'Just waiting to die.' She wasn't joking. I think she didn't think she would get to have more adventures and she did. It was pure joy. *She is very religious, my Grandad is dead and she is actually quite excited about dying and seeing him in heaven. She wasn't trying to be grim. * The scene is PLM where Aunt Peg stands up in church and rants about the church's homophobia is almost verbatim what my grandma did in church once.

RealJoshThomas6 karma

When I press 'enter' it doesn't print the space. I am sure there is some trick to making that happen.

actualjoe4 karma

Hey, so a lot of people compare Please Like Me with Lena Dunham's Girls, would you be opposed to some sort of crossover between the two? Or collaborating with Dunham on a project together?

RealJoshThomas3 karma

I have never met her, I think we would get along.

I don't work well with others.

NorbitGorbit4 karma

as show creator, do you have a company that handles rights and accounting that you have ownership shares in, or do you only have shares in the show?

RealJoshThomas11 karma

Ummm, I don't know? I know I own things, and I know there are rights and accounting but there is a man named Kevin who looks after it and I don't pay attention. He just tells me every so often how much money I made.

Tinybaer3 karma

Hi Josh, i love your show. Just wondering, like the Josh on the show, did you have a long term girlfriend before realising you were gay in your early twenties?

RealJoshThomas13 karma

I had quite a few, I was very stubborn. They were genuinely likeable, we had fun together. We had OK sex together. I really tried my best to be straight... Then I fell in love with a boy and it was so different and I realised I should probably cut the bullshit.

Everyone always makes homosexuality about sex, but the reality is if you aren't sexually attracted to someone you can't love them. Love ended up making me come out, which is so fucking gay.

kingkongbundymania3 karma

What's your most embarrassing social media moment?

RealJoshThomas4 karma

I've had so many. It's not a good idea to have 250k* people in your pocket and vodka in your hand.

I appreciate most of those people left twitter years ago.

Hodor2forKing3 karma

Also, really well done on the show. It is absolutely phenomenal. It is right up there with the best of Australian TV in my opinion. It is just so unique, fun and well written.

Anyway, enough of me being a suck up. Now my question:

How much is show Tom like real life Tom?

P.S. My mum loves you

RealJoshThomas8 karma

I think Tom is probably a better person then he is in the show... like... he's nicer. Not better quality, just more decent. He's equal quality.

catssa3 karma

Hey Josh, I saw your stand up show when you were in Perth last year ! I got an autograph and remember you auctioning that cake you baked (naked, if i'm not mistaken!) Just wondering ... I have really bad gaydar and was just curious how do people tell, do they just stereotype or guess or ... how do you tell if a stranger is gay ?

RealJoshThomas20 karma

What a silly question! I don't know how to tell a stranger is gay. Just lunge for a kiss and see how it works out.

pheathcote3 karma

Not sure if I've missed this, but anyway. Absolutely fantastic show josh. I have to apologise though, I was living in Sweden last year when the first season came out (before I knew how to get around geo blocking) and I pirated your show. I think it's the only time I've genuinely felt bad about that.
How's John coping with you traveling to the states so much? Or do you take him with you?

RealJoshThomas7 karma

OMG we are on in Sweden now! Stop pirating! I need money to buy sweaters and dog toys.

FTWCR3 karma

Congrats on the success of Please Like Me! I love it. Are you hoping to crossover into movies, too?

RealJoshThomas7 karma

I don't have any plan. I love making the show I will do that for as long as they let me and then hope someone calls.

bg_triangle3 karma

Josh, love your work! 'Please Like Me' is an absolutely brilliant piece. Have you any thoughts on a third season. You're probably thinking 'oh god, the second season hasn't even finished and they want more' and that's certainly true. Do you only work with artists who have been on the screen before? I am a drama student and would love the opportunity to work with you. Such awesome skills! Keep it up, we all love you.

RealJoshThomas5 karma

Here's the thing about acting: It doesn't matter how talented you are, if someone hasn't written a character similar to you then you will be unemployed. It breaks my heart. We reject a lot of very, very talented actors.

kingkongbundymania3 karma

What's the most hilariously bad thing that has shown up on your Twitter feed?

RealJoshThomas15 karma

The most ridiculous day I had on twitter was when I a tweet I sent to Tony Abbott (Australia'a Prime Minister) Saying: 'Stop the boats? More like stop yo momma from coming round my place at night for sex.' I was trying to make the point that his slogans are base, simple and stupid and trying to rebut them with smarts in pointless... I guess.... Anyway, it was printed on the cover of a newspaper. People read it that don't understand 'yo momma' jokes and thought I was genuinely claiming that I had intercourse with Tony Abbots mother. I haven't.

usefulantelope3 karma

Josh, my brother named his pet rabbit $haniqua, and I blame you. Shouldn't you be having a positive impact on people's lives?

RealJoshThomas8 karma

I should't be having any impact on peoples lives, let's face it.

KirstyKortum2 karma

Hey Josh! I think you are hilarious! Loved you on TBYG! Did you grow up with humour in your household as a kid? My Mum is British and I have definitely adopted her sense of humour! x

RealJoshThomas3 karma

I just think my parents are the unfunniest people in the world... last week I looked in the mirror and realised I am getting my Dad's face. I hope I don't get his sense of humour.

XALD2 karma

Any awkward/embarrassing sex or masturbation stories?

RealJoshThomas3 karma

ummm... I have been doing stand up comedy since I was 17. I am 27. Anything embarrassing that happened to me during sex is available on iTunes, I promise.

...I actually don't know what an embarrassing masturbation story could be? Masturbation is done alone, you can't be embarrassed alone? Unless someone walks in, I guess. No one has ever walked in.

RealJoshThomas10 karma

OH! Tom did, once. When we were living together. I pretended nothing was happening and he played along. I wonder if he will read this.

FabtacularManTurnip2 karma

Be honest, how many turnips do you unshamefully murder violently with that whole in your face on a days basis?

RealJoshThomas3 karma

OK. Yes. This... Ok. I don't eat many turnips. Should I?

JRPictures2 karma

What would you do for a million dollars?

RealJoshThomas6 karma

I don't know how to approach this questions. There are billions of activities I would do for a million dollars. You tell me what you want me to do, then we can negotiate.

IsurvivedAustralia2 karma

Very important question. Will Gavin be a returning character? I hope he gets some air time. He seems talented.

RealJoshThomas7 karma

SPOILER: You aren't going to enjoy next weeks episode.

IsurvivedAustralia4 karma

I don't know if I'm more outraged about the spoiler or the potential death/re-homing of Gavin. Low blow.

RealJoshThomas4 karma

Sometimes life is hard.

errrise2 karma

Got any advice for a young Australian who wants to get into TV writing one day but has no connections or understanding of the industry?

Also: Where in Melbourne do Josh, Tom and Patrick live?

RealJoshThomas3 karma

Write some TV.

fanfareflax2 karma

Did you actually study Creative Industries at uni like Josh on the show?

RealJoshThomas3 karma

Yep, I sure did. I left after 1 semester. Tom graduated the fucking thing. What a dope.

Boberts2 karma

Did you get to see Penn & Teller in the end?

RealJoshThomas3 karma

No, but I will.

falloutshar2 karma

Can you make a haiku about Tony Abbott?

RealJoshThomas3 karma

See up there where I said I was tipsy? No.

(Is that a haiku?)

TashFox2 karma

Hey Josh!

How would a freelance actress go about getting an audition for Please like Me next season? Obvs I seriously love your show (binge watched entire season 1 from LA to SYD), and would love to be a part of such an awesome project.


RealJoshThomas3 karma

I actually don't know, I come into the casting round at the final phase. There is a casting agent, she often holds open auditions. She files the actors. Then we talk to her and she suggests actors that might match the character. Acting is a shit business, it's so out of your control. You can't necessarily do better by being better. I would recommend it to no one.

ram932 karma

who wears the pants in the relationship? you or john?

RealJoshThomas7 karma

I wear the pants, he listens to me. My opinions is very important to him. He loves it when I am on QandA.

RealJoshThomas6 karma

He is probably reading this.

Goonerofoz2 karma

Why did you start this so late/early? I just woke up in Brisbane and you're at a radio interview. You think radio interviews are more important than my question, Josh??

That was my question btw.

RealJoshThomas3 karma

Yes. That is my answer, btw.


gaff262 karma

Pretty happy you came back, missed it first time around.

My girlfriend and I really loved the first season of Please Like Me and season 2 is shaping up to be great too.

But what are your favourite TV shows? Anything in particular play an influence on Please Like Me?

RealJoshThomas6 karma

I try really hard not to be influenced. I don't want to make something people have seen before. I think it's impossible though.

Lekkers1 karma

Followed your stuff since Rove dude! Really love it!

I haven't had a chance to watch season 2 yet, but did any of Caitlin Stacey's recent twitter "rants" (essentially her free the nipple stuff) affect her standing on the show?

RealJoshThomas10 karma

I don't understand? Do you think I would write less scenes for that character because the actor that pays her has a FUCKING AWESOME TWITTER ACCOUNT?

aftersilence5 karma

Good answer. She wins the internet most days.

RealJoshThomas12 karma

It annoys me SO MUCH because her boobs are SO GOOD and we are not allowed to show them because America's censorship laws are SO STUPID.

If I was a girl and they made it illegal to see a part of my body on TV, but allowed the boys to show that part of their body I would be angry. I am a boy and I'm angry about it. A gay boy! I think boobs are about as interesting as other people's holiday photos.


Secateurs-11 karma

Do you get any hatemail?, because you are absolutely one of the most annoying things on TV, that ad you do where you're in a sharkcage... I've never wanted to see someone eaten by a shark SO STRONGLY, and I've seen Tony Abbott sneer his arrogant, weaselly sneer at climatologists in person.

RealJoshThomas22 karma

Yes I get hate mail... but the meanness of the message never outweighs the fact that the person writing the message woke up, had infinitely possibilities about what they could do with their day... and they decided to sit on the internet and tell someone they have never met they hate them. That person's opinion doesn't matter, they are bad at making choices. Today you are that person, tomorrow you can decide not to be.