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My grandfather went through almost the same thing as you- he also says that his biggest regret is that his mother and all his brothers died in the war and he couldn't say goodbye. Even then he only heard of their deaths through rumours from other people fleeing south.

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It was pretty similar with my grandfather. My great grandfather had been a prominent person in his village and was offered a position in the communist party and because he disliked the communists he fled with my grandfather just as the War started. They never expected what happened either I think- the other sons were left to keep the farm but all got conscripted. But as you said in your other answer, family seems to be the most important thing in our culture and my grandfather was deeply thankful he even had his father left by the end of it. Thank you for sharing and I hopefully we won't see anything like that anymore!

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There was a bad error with the tesselecta?

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Imagine the tsunami of women that will follow.

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After observing primate behaviour, what was the most startling observation in relation to humans? I.e. similarities and differences. And how has that affected your perspectives on humans?