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beernerd19 karma

The trend of adult themed cartoons like Archer, Venture Bros, etc. seems to be growing. Do you think they would've been possible twenty years ago, or are they being driven by people who grew up on Saturday morning cartoons?

BillSchultz122 karma

No - was not possible until the Simpsons - the style of production changed - giving the creators more control for the adult palette

chooter19 karma

Who was your favorite Simpsons guest star, Bill?

Do you have a room in your house filled with Simpsons memorabilia?

BillSchultz129 karma

Michael Jackson!!!!!

I have some precious stuff - a couple of hand drawn pieces of art from Matt and the crew -- and the emmys are not bad either -- I am proud to have been a part of that team!

sdsoldier76019 karma

I want you to know me and the wife have decided to name or child Dexter because of your amazing work. Thank you for that. Now for a question. How do both of you deal with the expectations we all have to create amazing work like you have already done?

BillSchultz115 karma

Is that better than naming him Homer or Bart?

It is an opportunity to create and produce. We love this the way that a composer loves a new melody or guitar riff!

denim_chicken_8 karma

What is Jimmy Stones going to be about?

BillSchultz124 karma

About 3 minutes.

BillSchultz124 karma

rim shot.....

BillSchultz126 karma

Jimmy is about a guy who wants to checkout as opposed to fight the system -- we can all relate. But his problem is for some reason every animal in NYC decides to start bitching him out and befriending him - in an effort to get him back in the game. Of course you have to see how JAMES MANOS JR handles that! Sick Bastard!

Frajer7 karma

Bill how do you feel about every Simpsons ever?

BillSchultz115 karma

AMazing! I love it -- I can literally see a big chunk of my life flashing before my eyes! -- It shows the evolution too - don't you think?

theArnoldFans16 karma

Which celebrities have you spoken with who'd be interested to lend their voices to this animated project? And who could Schwarzenegger voice?

BillSchultz117 karma

I would love to see Schwarzenegger as a fruffy poodle - or schnauzer who has just been neutered and is humiliated

BillSchultz112 karma

Celebrity actors love animation - it gives them a chance to play a role without HAIR and MAKEUP - no Cameras - and stretch the imagination. That is something we will be doing with the Crowd funding/crowd sourcing - is taking suggestions for casting.

LtFallclaw6 karma

The Simpsons is a comedy, Dexter was more of a crime/drama. Will your new show be more of a drama or a comedy?

BillSchultz15 karma

We have discussed this -- it is a new category for animation - a black comedy - sort of Californication-ish -- But any time you try to do a new - unique and original idea - it is very hard to get funding becasue people in Hollywood get fired for taking creative risks -- yet that is what audiences love -- "HBO Execs wanted to produce Breaking Bad but admitted they would lose their jobs if they did"

mackdaddytran5 karma

Jim - Kill, fuck and marry a character from Dexter?

Bill, same question but for the Simpsons

BillSchultz18 karma

Kill - Flanders Fuck - Marge Marry - Maggie - if she ever grows up!

Chalky974 karma

Jim: how come I never saw your name as writer, for any of the other Dexter episodes?!?! The pilot which you wrote (and I believe is the ONLY episode you wrote) was absolutely amazing! Was that just something you didn't want to do or what??

Bill: With how long The Simpsons has been on air, is there anything you regret implementing, or lack thereof, for the show? For example, the show originally was heavily based in reality but then veered off into sillyness (personally, I'm not against it haha).

BillSchultz13 karma

Never met a joke I didn't want to make. The Simpsons has more jokes per page than any other show. That happened as the writers came on and wanted to show their stuff - and out write each writer -- so getting jokes added to the episode was the challenge - and the show got stuffed with crazy stuff. But early days it was more about establishing the characters.

Addendum6464 karma

Jim, what's your favorite episode of The Simpsons, and Bill, your favorite episode of Dexter?

BillSchultz114 karma

I love the pilot -- not just cause Jim wrote it -- but because it was shocking - and in a good way -- so unexpected and challenging.

djvita4 karma

what were your favorite episodes of Dexter and the simpsons?

Narwhalhabadasher4 karma

What character from The Simpsons would fit best in Dexter's universe and vice versa?

BillSchultz17 karma

Sideshow Bob - friend of Dexters kids --

Laguerta - take over Wiggam's desk!

Alysiat284 karma

Very interesting, original idea ... But I can't get a grasp on the storyline and what the intended concept is going for. The world convincing Jimmy not to give up? Jimmy's climb from the gutter into the world again? A day in the life of a man who has given up on the world with no intentions of reentering society? Could you expand more on the plot line?

BillSchultz12 karma

You have hit on exactly why we need to make this show! Jim has a wonderful vision for this character and this world -- Can you imagine trying to explain it - and say "Trust me" to a network?

Mondonodo3 karma

Bill, who's your least favorite character on The Simpsons?

BillSchultz13 karma

That is tough - because they are all so strong - Burns - cause he is such an a-hole!

Jackel_3 karma

What was the funniest thing you though was funny but no one else thought was remotely funny at all? Thanks.

BillSchultz12 karma

We use to pitch couch gags in the studio - there were some lame ones -- that never got made -- you never know where people were coming from!

LtFallclaw3 karma

For Bill Schultz: IGN released a list with the Top 25 Simpsons episodes. Have you seen it? And if so, then do you agree with it?

BillSchultz13 karma

no - I have not -- but I will - do you have the link?

Touchdown_Knicks3 karma

Is jimmy a burnout?

JimManos8 karma

Jimmy Stones is not a a burnout...he's a good guy that just got beat up by the system, debt, life -- all the usual suspects...who doesn't want to check out?

BillSchultz14 karma

I do know that we never know past the first few episodes where it can go. Jim has said repeatedly that he likes to evolve things - so maybe with enough budget from our Crowdfunding - we can all become burnouts!

Quinnipiac3 karma

Who is going to die on the Simpsons?

BillSchultz15 karma

the writers!...........Krusty? SSB?

dongsy-normus3 karma

Mr Schultz, I've been watching the Simpsons for almost two decades, which episode(s) do you consider "must watch"? Keep up the good work.

BillSchultz110 karma

Every once inawhile, Supervising Director David Silverman would direct an episode. You should watch those. They have the most amazing poses and animation -- the emotional acting is there too -- but David is amazing


lapekes3 karma

Have you begun to think of whom is going to voice your characters?

BillSchultz13 karma

We willo get some great cameos - Jason Bateman could be a great Jimmy. Lauren Velez - if possible - for Gloria...Jim Carey for Buttercup....what do you think?

shivan212 karma

Bill, you were there when the Simpsons were amazing. The quality in the 2000s dropped a bit in my opinion, what happened?

BillSchultz13 karma


Yes - I feel our team was producing the best eps -- Al Jean and Mike Reiss - amazing -- Greg Daniels left to run King of the Hill - David Silverman, Rich Moore - both nominated for Oscars last year in the same category - - It is always the talent!

JimManos5 karma

Bill: I thought you won an Oscar too. You lied to me?

BillSchultz110 karma

You would have never slept with me if I hadn't

BillSchultz13 karma

But the quality has been consistently high -- compared to other shows -- It is an institution

thclvr12 karma

Hey Bill any cool stories about John Swartzwelder?

BillSchultz13 karma

prolific dude!

seismicor2 karma

I think that the Simpsons lost a bit of its magic when the new animators took over the show. The animation in the first series (until season 10 or so) looked better to me than it looks now. Just my two cents. Sorry that it's not a question! ?

BillSchultz13 karma

They did switch to Digital Ink and Paint around then. But there are still many artists that have been on the show for over 25 years. I ran into Paul Wee at Comic Con - he is a phenomenal layout artist -- All the directors wanted him to act out the toughest scenes


So much of the same key artists - so not sure which "new animators" you are referring to?

Huskergod2 karma

Can you think of an instance where you fought the network and lost for something you really wanted on air and think it would have made the episode or show much better?

BillSchultz12 karma

On the Simpsons - with Guys like Jim Brooks and Sam Simon in charge - the network was never an issue. The one thin I can tell you - is that FOX always wanted more episodes but the Producers would never agree to do more than 20 or 22 -- because it took more than a full year to produce those and the overlap would be too stressful. It's hard to believe but there could have been more than 552 episodes!

ManWithoutModem2 karma

If someone wanted to be where either of you are today, what type of life path should they take? What did you go to school for? What did you do after school? Did you take on internships (if so, where)? Did you just climb the ladder until someone "discovered" you?


BillSchultz13 karma

If you work hard - anyone can do it. But there is no one way. If you want to write - then write! No excuses! School of life is best - be smart - Hollywood doesn't have to many dummies heading up stuff creatively or otherwise. But people who have a strong and interesting point of view are the most successful. How do you learn to have a POV?

shivan212 karma

Dexter and Simpsons taken together – can we look forward to Jimmy Stones as very politically incorrect series?

JimManos4 karma

It is entirely politically incorrect which means it's the correct vision of the world. Everyone should see the world like Jimmy Stones

BillSchultz13 karma

Jimmy will say whatever the F enters his mind - he has nothing to lose and believes in laying it out there. Jim has the most vivid imagination and sense of humor. Animation will be his undoing! These new episodes we want to make are going to go for it - because like Jimmy Stones - we have nothing to lose. No network to slam it - No studio to give notes - just unfiltered creative vision! It really is a rarity in this business. I can't wait to see what we come up with.

BillSchultz12 karma

you said it!

Frog13872 karma

If you had to compare Jimmy Stones to a character on the Simpsons who would be be? He seems like a Moe/Barney/Otto with a little Disco Stu thrown in.

BillSchultz12 karma

Otto - cause he doesn't care about conforming - and his view of the world prevails. Bart - because he is a main protagonist who has a strong POV - Bart tells it like it is and doesn't moderate himself to forgo the outcome. See above Jim's answer about political correctness.

seismicor2 karma

How many episodes of Jimmy Stones will be released?

BillSchultz12 karma

For the campaign we are going to do 10 three minute episodes - but if we go past - we would do a longer piece - either 11 minutes or..? We hope people will like what they are seeing and want more episodes - we would like to have a network be willing to take the show as Jim sees it -- not try to water it down - but that will take support from all the people who contribute to the campaign www.jimmystonestv.com

Osgood2 karma

Stupid question, but I figure why not ask. How important was Conan O'Brien to the show. I remember reading he was pretty involved in the creation of the Halloween episodes. Is that just an internet lore?

BillSchultz11 karma

He left in the 3rd or 4th season - to go on to bigger and better things! He was one of many brilliant minds creating the show.

sithlordmoore2 karma

Bill, how much are the commercials on the Simpsons marathon costing? It seems as though there are very very few commercials as to normal television so thank you for that!

How did you guys make that possible?

BillSchultz12 karma

That is called - FXX is owned by Fox - who owns the Simpsons - so they can do whatever they want -- it is good for the franchise and the ratings have been fantastic for FXX -- so increasing the value of FXX is more important than getting extra bucks for commercial time.

operation_hennessey2 karma

Bill, favourite Simpsons episode, character, reoccurring joke?

BillSchultz13 karma

couch gags -- love em -- so brilliant

BillSchultz13 karma

Bart goes to France!

brummdini2 karma

Have either one of you done a cameo on your shows?

BillSchultz12 karma

Jim can act -- I can act badly....I did the voice for Tony the Dog in the animatic scene on our crowdfunding page - jimmystonestv.com

BillSchultz12 karma

It's harder than it looks to do animation voice overs -- you have to get 100% of your acting from your voice -- no face!

[deleted]2 karma


BillSchultz12 karma

Joe Barbera was a genius! He was actually sort of like Jimmy Stones -- very lecherous - not afraid to say anything

Dah_DeRaj2 karma

What's the best way to start a conversation on an airplane?

BillSchultz14 karma


FlipWhispers2 karma

Will you guys do the bartman together?

BillSchultz13 karma

If we raise the 100k for Jimmy Stones!


bill i really want to see an episode of the simpsons where bart loses his virginity get matt to make it happen please?

BillSchultz11 karma

I will if you get me my funding for Jimmy Stones!

landrew91 karma

Bill have you seen every episode of The Simpsons? Jim have you seen every episode of Dexter?

BillSchultz12 karma


BillSchultz12 karma

have you?