Hello, as you may have heard the violence in Gaza between israel and the Palestinians was stopped yesterday, these were a very long and tough 51 days of my life, this is the third war i witnessed but this was the toughest.

Short about myself: i am in my mid twenties, been living in Gaza my whole life, study engineering, work in a clothing company half time, married with two children and i live in a 2 apartment house with my parents.

I am a gamer, own a Nintendo 3ds (huge fan of Pokemon, i discovered Reddit while looking for a Pokemon community online) and a ps3 (it survived the nearby bombing with a miracle as it was near a window).

My hobbies and interests include swimming, gaming and programming.

My proof: image showing a nearby bombed house from my kitchen window

Ask my anything!

Edit: at work right now will answer more questions later.

Edit: thanks everybody, good luck

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SmallMajorProblem35 karma

As a Muslim too, your support for Hamas troubles me. Why not target the IDF instead of civilian homes in Israel? Instead of thousands of tiny rockets, surely better weapons can be targeted at the source of the oppression. I'm from South Africa. We too were oppressed and I certainly understand the need for armed resistance. The ANC (the party that librated us) also had an armed wing but never associated due to the ANC's disapproval of violence.

Nelson Mandela himself was convicted of planning to blow up the railway system, but they would never resort to fear and intimidation against civilians. It was always targeted, government offices or establishments that supported the regime, never a white person's home. What was even more amazing, was how kindly he treated those who oppressed him after liberation. With the amount of hate I see from both sides, I can't see anything similar happening in When you say things like you support Hamas, it makes it very hard for us to sympathise. You want us to feel sorry for your bombed children while you support bombing Israel's children. The Quran does not preach selective compassion. I wish the Arab world would shed it's stubbornness and find it's Nelson Mandela.

(I urge you to read up on the South African struggle, and Nelson Mandelas biography "A long walk to freedom")

dark7wizard2 karma

Thank you for your kind words. I didn't say i fully support hamas, i said i support the choice of using power against israel including rockets.

Pardonme237 karma

Its ok in international law to retaliate to rocket fire. I hope you know that. Please reconsider condoning the rocket fire. What positive tangive benefits have they brought you?

dark7wizard0 karma

I know, i thinks israel has the right to defend itself, we also have the right to fight for our freedom, in 2012, the war ended with an agreement to stop siege, which was later revoked by israel, but when egypt closed the other bath, it was time to fight.

anas246199722 karma

Aren't you scared of any other war in Gaza? I live in Syria and I understand what horror is

dark7wizard23 karma

I hope you are safe. I am sure there will be another round of war, but there is always hope for peace.

zav818 karma

Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. I'm Israeli and I've been trying to see as much as I can from the other side lately.

What part of Gaza do you live in? How did the short cease fires affect people in the strip? Do you feel your support for Hamas has strengthened or weakened from the war? Did you have much contact with Israelis during the war? What were most people doing day to day during the war?

dark7wizard14 karma

I am from west Gaza city, i can see the beach of the mediterranean sea from my bedroom window.

Short cease fire were good for going out to get some needs like water, food and other requirement, but i was sometimes able to go out during wartime only in daylight if i had to, the cease fire also lets officials in power and water supply company work to fix the severely damaged lines.

What kind of contact with israel? No, i didn't contact any israeli other than some comments un /r/worldnews.

I often sat with my kids and family listening to radio, but when i got too much bored i started talking care of my plants that are in a farm near my house, it was terrifying to hear a war jet flying while i was watering my plants in an open farm, but i couldn't stand staying in the house, my 3ds helped me when i get bored in night.

zav89 karma

How do you feel your kids will be affected in the long run? Many people where I live feel there's will need years of therapy. Have you ever been in Israel proper? Do you support Hamas? How about the Qassam brigades? Did you have any contact with IDF when inside?

dark7wizard5 karma

What were you doing in Beit Hanoun? are you a soldier?

My kids are still less than 2 years old, i try to stay with them when heavy bombing occurs, they tend to quake and get scared but i try to relief them, older kids will tremble and cry uncontrollably. I really hope this can be treated as i am worried of the future of my kids.

I don't fully support hamas, but i agree with them that fire is the way to deal with israel, al qassam brigades were heroes who fought for us, may god protect them.

I didn't contact IDF, why would i?

though, one of my life dreams is to visit israel, i would love to see tel-aviv and jaffa with my bare eyes, i hope your government makes it more easy to visit those places when there is peace just like the Palestinians of west bank that can do this, would you support this?

zav813 karma

I was a soldier and was called up as a reservist during the war, but I also lived until recently near north of Gaza so I would see Beit Hanoun a lot.

I meant more not if you would go out to contact them, but if you had any contact with them from them being close by, looking for collaborators or giving medical help.

I DEFINITELY support such a solution! I hope at first there could be one where we go our separate ways, but I prefer Palestinians coming to Israel for touring or even working instead of the other foreigners who work here since I'd rather work with my neighbors than people from farther away. I would also love to travel in much of the Palestinian territories as a tourist and not like I have only been able to.

Also, you mention you support the rocket attacks, what about past attacks done by Hamas such as suicide bombings or the kidnappings of the settlers (I understand it was rogue fighters, but seems like it's part of the movement).

dark7wizard9 karma

If all israelis were like you. Do you think the political views of israelis differences come from their origin countries?

jlew24asu18 karma

do you support Hamas firing rockets into Israel?

dark7wizard-15 karma

Yes, not in the intentions of killing, but to keep Israelis in shelters and show them what is it like being bombed. It is also to pressure on the israeli government to stop bombing and killing.

zav830 karma

But this just brings more and more Israelis supporting of attacks on Gaza. That is one reason this war gained more support among Israelis.

How do you feel of other methods they've used? Such as the kidnappings or suicide bombings in the past?

dark7wizard-4 karma

Kidnapping is fine, israel has so many palestinians prisoners in their prisons, this is the only way to free those imprisoned for life and those imprisoned without charges. We got over suicide bombing, i think it show the world bad image about us, we love life and fight for a good cause. In the last war both sides tried to avoid civilian casualties, but israel still killed many civilians, and hamas killed more soldiers than civilians.

Truck4314 karma

You didn't "get over" suicide bombing, the Israelis got smart about not letting your people get into areas where they can do it.

dark7wizard8 karma

I know some people who get into israel from gaza, but there are very hard conditions, like you have to own a company and to be 45 or older, while west bank people can get to israel for some jobs.

zav89 karma

I understand kidnappings of soldiers, but kidnapping civilians as well?

dark7wizard13 karma

No i am against the kidnapping of civilians, what happened in hebron shouldn't have happened. Teens are not responsible for anything happens from their government. I also condemn israel kidnapping 1000+ civilians while looking for the three teens.

howhardcoulditB12 karma

No offense, but if you think rockets will dissuade Israelis from attacking, I've got some bad news for you.

dark7wizard-3 karma

I agree with you, they wont stop the violence as they will raise it. But imagine if palestinians didn't fire those rockets, would israel stop the unfair siege in gaza ever? would israel ever allow free travel and import of goods? i think the answer is no. The rockets exerted pressures on israel to accept the stop of siege conditions in order to stop those rockets.

travelest-8 karma

You are a delusional piece of shit. Your group was given Gaza, wrecked it and then attacks Israel in cowardly ways, hide behind your women and children and then whine when you get your asses kicked.

dark7wizard-1 karma

I accept your criticism, but hiding behind women? No. When the IDF soldiers attacked, the men were waiting for them on the borders, why didn't they fight those men? Why did israel keep attacking from the air? Now who hides?

palapiku10 karma

How did you learn English so well? Does Internet work reliably in Gaza?

dark7wizard17 karma

I study engineering, we study it in english so we can get higher degrees in west countries if we desire.

Edit: internet in gaza is great, i was able to reach internet through the war as long as i have electricity, which is why i have extra batteries to run my modem router. The internet in gaza follows bitstream access model, cables are provided by paltel.ps and we have 9+ ISPs most famous one is hadara.ps

throwworht611 karma

Holy. Shit. They have a better market than we do in the US...

dark7wizard24 karma

In other news, we have only one cell phone carrier and it sucks.

hcirtsafonos2 karma

Well then, that throws a bit of a wrench in the comparisons to concentration camps.

dark7wizard2 karma

Who compared it to concentration camps?

Jux_10 karma

Have you ever directly observed weapons stored in hospitals, mosques, schools or homes?

dark7wizard15 karma

No, but i can't deny that for sure, i am against this too.

Jux_4 karma

You can't deny it for sure? Meaning you may not have realized something was a weapon?

Were you ever asked to store items in your house?

dark7wizard17 karma

I mean i can't confirm neither deny weapons being in schools or hospitals. I can confirm rockets being stored in farms and empty lands.

I was not asked to store anything.

zav86 karma

How do you feel about a 2 state solution? I see that more and more Palestinians only want a one state solution.

dark7wizard13 karma

I would love any kind of solution, and i see the two state more doable, the one state solution seems ridiculous, just look how settlers treat palestinians in west bank to know what life is going to be like.

zevdude6 karma

So you think violence is justified (Rockets can kill people. That's violence.), but are interested in a solution? Why do you think continuing violence would bring about a solution?

dark7wizard0 karma

A solution with your conditions. Israel wants peace too, but israelis want their conditions, they want us to live in poverty and ignorance, we use power to get peace with our human rights met.

totallyLegitPinky14 karma

I'm an Israeli and I don't want you to live in poverty and ignorance, to the contrary. But your comments here suggest that you are influenced by a very narrow interpretation of the events that aligns with Hamas narrative. The blockade started only after Hamas started firing rockets and attacking Israelis. You keep repeating your support for the rockets because you believe it will stop the blockade but its the opposite. It only makes Israelis support the war and the blockade even more. The reason the blockade is there is because Hamas arms itself with rockets. If Hamas would stop attacking Israel and stop accumulating heavy weaponry Israel will stop the blockade because there wouldn't be any need for it. Israeli government has said so many times.

We want the Palestinians to prosper and have a decent economy and education. Education would help people strive for peace and would help create normalization between Palestinians and Israelis. Contrary to what you might hear from Hamas TV people in Israel don't want to oppress the Palestinians, they want to live side by side in peace. But Hamas keeps searching for war and Israel can't just do nothing and must protect its citizens. If Hamas would choose peace Israel would give it peace.

dark7wizard1 karma

Do you think your views represent the majority of israel? or the minority? i would live with israelis like you in peace.

As i said in other comment, fatah, which rules west bank, which also chose peace with israel, is not providing the palsestinian of west bank any kind of good life, they suffer from the settlers and israeli check points, israel is giving us the west bank as an example of how our life would be if we chose to live along with israel, so i would chose war anyday instead of living between settlements and israeli check point soldiers.

throwworht65 karma

Would you be willing to live in one state if you could be confident everyone would be treated equally? Is it ok with you persnally that the state would have to enforce a separation of church at state?

edit: spelling is hard

dark7wizard2 karma

I would be willing, but a government that supports one side wont be fair, it is like black and white people 100 years ago.

Captain_Fuck_Off5 karma

What is "freedom" to you?

dark7wizard10 karma

Some of our rights were violated by israel, freedom to travel, to import goods and not through another country's ports then to other ports. We have power crisis. We cant build ports. I know said fighting for freedom while hamas says they want to liberate the land from the israelis, but this is just for the people who believe that we will get back our land that was stolen in 1948 by israelis, we muslims believe that palestine will be liberated from israel even if it is near the end of the world.

Headhunt89895 karma

Do you recognize Israels right to exist? If so, does Israel have the right to exist as a Jewish state? Do you ever wish for the beaches of Gaza to be full of Nargila bars and beautiful women?

dark7wizard7 karma

I don't disagree with their right to exist, but where? they claimed that palestine was land without people, and the are people without land, which led to partition plan of palestine, they clearly don't have the right to steal our land and exist there, find another land, israel!

As opposed to hamas, i would recognize israel as a state, but with limitations, and it is an occupier to me.

Nargila coffee shops are trending in the beach of gaza, but no about bars, alcohol is forbidden. The community of gaza wouldn't accept 'beautiful women' in your exact definition of the term. This doesn't mean i would not love to visit a beach in israel, when their community accepts that.

jandemor-1 karma

Banning alcohol and women in bikinis is enough for me to know who's the bad one here, I'm serious.

dark7wizard8 karma

It is about culture and community, this doesn't mean we don't approve sexy women, but everybody has his own way of showing this. Hamas management has been moderate in this, they didn't force women to wear hijab neither did they close mixed schools or colleges, al azhar university is still overflown with nice gals.

Truck435 karma

Do you support Hamas, and if so, do you justify rocket attacks and their bombings?

dark7wizard0 karma

Before the war i wished for hamas to get out of rule, but now i can't wish for the side that defended me in war to be gone. What do you refer to as bombing?

And yes i do justify the rockets as a tool to exert pressure on israel to stop their attacks, and to get some upper hand in negotiations.

YouArentReasonable8 karma

So Hamas defended you from Israeli bombs that were in response to Hamas rockets?

Does that make logical sense to you?

dark7wizard-2 karma

The was never stopped, israeli oppression never stopped, the rockets were founded to stop this, we are getting some of our rights back to us after using those rockets, the truce signed yesterday included ending of siege which is the target that was accomplished with the use of rockets, so this gave us more motivation to use more rockets, maybe if israel ended the siege peacefully it would have been otherwise.

Truck43-9 karma

I see, so, to you, randomly firing rockets at innocent people, and storing them among your own civilians is acceptable. At least you freely admit being scum. The Israelis would stop their counter attacks immediately if the rockets stopped, but you muslims must destroy the Jew, and will never stop.

Your people are savages, and not capable of living in a civilized society.

To add, you must either (a) be cataclysmically stupid, or (b) flat out lying about your motives. Israel is justified in going after the rocket launchers, and only a total cretin thinks that the way to get Israel to stop attacking rocket launchers is to launch more rockets. Therefore, your true motive must be that you want to kill as many Jews as possible.

dark7wizard1 karma

Without these rockets we would have been living hell while israelis are having normal life which is unacceptable to me, if you are going to stop life in gaza, your life activities will be stopped too. Unguided rockets are the only choice they have. If having a weapon to defend yourself makes you scum then its fine to be scum.

Veboy4 karma

Hey. I'm sorry for what you've been through :(

Please be unbiased on this and just express your real opinion. As a native Palestinian do you see Hamas "toxic" for Palestinians? Are they a bad influence on Palestine ? Why or why not ?

dark7wizard-10 karma

I don't see hamas as toxic. I might disagree with them about some political views, but their choice of using fire to stop israel oppression is my choice too!

They are half good influence. My people love life, we don't want to bomb ourselves to kill israelis and librate the land, but we want to fight for our rights in an honorable way. I think the west has a bad view of hamas because of bad media that is owned by zionists, hamas is no angel, but they chose to fight for our freedom.

throwworht61 karma

Why can't you attack only military targets instead of wherever the rocket lands? That would take the floor out from most media criticism. Why not keep up the pressure, but do so in less ethically ambiguous ways?

dark7wizard2 karma

Those rockets are primitive and most of them are homemade or cheap buys so it is not their choice to fire unguided missiles. However, the tunnels were used against soldiers and civilians were never attacked by any of the tunnels attacks.

SensibleMadness3 karma

What do your parents do for a living? Who will pay for the damage to your house? I'm fascinated by how Gaza can maintain any kind of functioning economy with the restrictions they're under and things like this happening.

dark7wizard8 karma

My father is a partner of a company that imports clothes, we need to ship the goods to israel seaport and pay taxes to israel, then get the goods by one of the crossing points between israel and gaza, and pay more taxes to government of gaza.

I don't know about the damages, i predict that we have to deal with them ourselves, but we will wait a bit to see if some charity is going to do some kind of compensation.

thatguyfromRI3 karma

Do you feel that Israelis and Jews are one in the same, and how would you respond to this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21dIRCMfnHs

dark7wizard13 karma

No, i don't hate Jews for their religion, i hate the Zionist. Those who believe the own the land of palestine.

The video is truly sickening and it is a bad show i wouldn't let my kids watch, but during a bombardment when my kid asks me what is this? i will tell him those the the israelis trying to kill us, what else can i say?

also, i can give you many videos of israelis letting kids write letters on missiles and teaching them to hate arabs.

two_off2 karma

Do you ever get used to the war around you?

dark7wizard5 karma

I don't panic when i hear a nearby bombing in daytime, but if wake up in late night to huge bombing sound i would be terrified. so i guess half used to.

sldunn2 karma

Thanks for responding to this thread.

Is Hamas really preventing people from speaking out against it? What would happen to you if it was known if you support some group other than Hamas? Like Fatah?

Do you think that if Fatah was able to make peace with Israel (No more internal blockades, 1967 borders with some land swaps, etc), would most Gazans support peace too? Could Fatah take control of the civil authority (government) in Gaza without there being a big war with Hamas?

dark7wizard13 karma

Hamas was oppressed by fatah before 2006, hamas was a left party and fatah was like a dictator governing the country, hamas officials were tortured in fatah prisons and imprisoned for israeli desire, i mean fatah opened their streets for israeli army to kill those who opposed israel, which made people vote for hamas in 2006 elections that led to hamas being denied by fatah to form a government followed by organized riots by fatah officials which led to violence that caused fatah to leave rule in gaza to hamas.

moonbooty2 karma

After so many years (let's be honest and call it decades), can you ever forsee a peace with Isreal? Do you want a peace? Do you think they do? As an outside it's hard for me to believe either side wants it - with so much hatred and racism on each side.

I hope you are OK and that this madness stops.

dark7wizard8 karma

I really hope for peace, and i have some hope for the next couple of years, but the war will rise back again sometime in the future. Yes i see hatred from both sides and i hope we can get over it, which seems impossible.

omnor2 karma


dark7wizard3 karma

Yes, they organized protests for peace, i really hope moderate israelis and arab israelis can unite to make a more peaceful israel. I have watched them in TVs getting repressed by israeli forces, which shows how democracy is doing in there.

cpt_midnight2 karma

I'm an Israeli citizen, and I must admit first of all that I'm not used to hearing about Palestinians as anything other than human fodder that we should feel sorry for or blast through in order to eliminate Hamas. The part where you described playing your 3DS at night really got me - I swear I realized at that moment, possibly for the first time, that there are human beings on the other side of the border.

My question: do you have any ill will towards me for being an Israeli citizen or born Jew (I don't practice Judaism)?

dark7wizard2 karma

Please let me ask, is gaming or nintendo products popular in israel?

dark7wizard1 karma

During bombardment i would fly with my imagination to a world where i take revenge from those who drive these fighter jets, and revenge for those who were killed. But when i am back in mood, like right now, i would think of you as a normal person, unless you are one of those extremists that think all palestinian kids should be murdered.

SuccumbedToReddit2 karma

Honestly, what's this war currently about? I know there are thousands of years of history but why are they fighting today?

Does Palestine want their annexed lands back? Does Israel want even more of Palestine and the people living there to just... vanish?

dark7wizard1 karma

The war never ended, they just stop fighting to grow more power and let new generations grow in some kind of peace, but it is surely a temporarily peace, new generations will keep fighting till one of the sides totally wins.

Palestinians believe the land will get back, it is part of muslim beliefs, but when and how? nobody know, israel want to stop the threat of their angry neighbors, but they are doing it either by oppressing or fire, they dont want to leave us alone to make sure we don't get enough power to get the land back.

Pardonme231 karma

What is al-aqsa TV like?

dark7wizard4 karma

Only good at music videos, watch al jazeera instead. i think it needs time to improve, but in general i wouldn't watch such a biased TV.

zav81 karma

What do you think most palestinians response would have been if the attack tunnels were used to hurt civilians? Did many not feel these tunnels were a waste of money and resources?

dark7wizard-2 karma

I think many would have approved the use against civilians, because the civilians casualties in our side were already high. But using them against soldier is 100% approved. I, myself, think they are a waist of money, but i understand that they couldn't use the money to get a better tool.

Fazy891 karma


dark7wizard3 karma

I do believe in god, because this universe could not be created if there is no god. I have to say, faith played big rule in the last war and is the reason why we wont surrender even if thousands die, we muslims believe that everybody has a time to die which is decided and only god know about it, so if someone dies, it was decided for him to die by any mean, so we believe that if those 2000 didn't die in the war, they would have died in any other mean, i think this is important for the west to understand about us.

TAHbKA1 karma

Do you have elections any time soon?

dark7wizard1 karma


AKaaban1 karma

Can you please discuss the water crisis in Gaza? What access to water does the average Gazan have? What difficulties?

dark7wizard2 karma

The municipality provided water is shit, it is not available all the time and it is very salty even if it is very cheap, only people who can't afford digging a well use municipality water.

I have a well that provides my house with water, while it is good but not good enough to drink, so we rely either on water distributed by special water trucks, which is fairly cheap but have had shortage during war, or rely on water filter, which just like the well, needs electricity to power it, so i guess water supply is good as long as we have electricity.

jjthiede21 karma

I know I am late; however, this was an great AMA! My question is simply who is your favorite Pokémon and just curious if you play competitively? (I found Reddit looking for a Pokémon community too!)

dark7wizard1 karma

It is OK. I don't have a specific favorite poke, i train pokes depending on their base stats and my team needs. I play competitively but not as much as when i first bought the game though, I've had it since day one! I have a big collection of shiny competitive pokes too, got them using instacheck so they are legit.

kpgfisty1 karma

Do you believe there will be ever true peace?

dark7wizard6 karma

No, any peace will be temporarily. Both sides hate each other. West bank, which is ruled by fatah, has been negotiating with israel for peace, what they got is settlements in their land and more oppression. While hamas in gaza chose to fight for freedom instead of negotiations, which is IMO the best choice.

babyiknow2 karma

The best choice? So Hamas continuing to rocket Israel resulting in their retaliation killing 2000+ people was a better choice than negotiating? I hear from you the same that I hear from both sides, "It's them, not us. We refuse to yield."

dark7wizard4 karma

As i said, what israel is doing in the west bank gives us a bad example of what how it will be when you negotiate with israel, army there goes into cities, kidnaps whoever they want, get out. They build the Separation barrier and many check points that make the lives of people there a living hell. I don't want to see this happen in gaza.

YouArentReasonable1 karma

If you don't believe there will ever be peace, what is the wisdom in continuing a war with a state that is so much more powerful than yours? This can only end badly for the little guy, right?

dark7wizard2 karma

We think palestine is a holy land, and we think it is ours and it is our right to fight for it, so we will always stay in our homes whatever the big powerful state does. I agree with you it is not wisdom to fight someone way stronger than you, but we believe it is an important cause to fight for.

dirtyrottenshame0 karma

Do you have any rockets hidden in your home under your ps3?

dark7wizard17 karma

I wouldn't dare put my beloved in danger, would you hide weapons in your mother's panties?