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do you support Hamas firing rockets into Israel?

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did you know this AMA has taken down your site?

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The forerunner of ISIS was created to oppose the American occupation

really? I thought ISIS started in Syria fighting Assad?

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sorry to hijack your post but I just saw this headline hit the wires...

US cuts plans for Gitmo prosecutions

"The US is scaling back its Guantanamo prosecutions from 36 to 20 or less, admitting that it lacks the evidence to convict many of the detainees of international war crimes.

Of the 166 detainees held at the prison camps, few have viable charges to face war crimes tribunal. Army Brigadier General Mark Martins, the chief prosecutor for the tribunals, told Reuters that the 36 detainees the US initially sought to prosecute was an “ambitious” number."


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you're right, and I think that is disgraceful. but that would could change if Hamas became peaceful.