Hi guys, my name is Justin Wilson and I race IndyCars. and Josef Newgarden will be joining me shortly. We are proud to help support Teen Cancer America through the Tiltify Forza 5 game challenge. You can get involved here: https://www.tiltify.com/events/race-against-cancer to help teens with cancer's lives get a little bit better.

I will be answering questions first and Josef will be joining us later. Victoria from reddit is assisting us today. AUA.

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Edit Well, thanks for taking the time to submit questions. And be sure to help us out with supporting Teen Cancer America (https://teencanceramerica.org/) - it's an important cause that can be overlooked. Teens are always somewhere in the middle which can mean they are overshadowed. And try to get involved so you can race us on Forza! It's a unique challenge. - Josef

You guys are awesome fans, and thanks for your support, and hopefully we can give you some exciting racing to watch the next couple of weekends, but if nothing else, come and watch me beat Josef on Forza! - Justin

You're only going to lose. - Josef

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Tigerzebra15 karma

Justin how much do you miss racing at Road America?

Justin_Wilson16 karma

I miss it a lot. It was a great track. And perfect for IndyCars and champ cars. I hope we get to go back there someday.

PeterGator10 karma

How do you guys feel about the condensed schedule? Hard to believe the season will be over in a week in a half.

Justin_Wilson13 karma

Yeah, tell us about it! This season's been a blur up to now, and it's almost over already.

Ginny9010 karma

Hello guys! What is the weirdest thing a fan has asked you to sign? Good luck this weekend at Sonoma. :)

Justin_Wilson10 karma

I've had some children ask me to sign their arms, which I wasn't too sure about if their parents knew what they were asking for...

Maccas759 karma

Hi Justin and Josef! I've seen footage of you both involved in crashes; what is running through your mind when that happens?! And; do you ever find yourselves wanting to floor it when driving on the streets out of "work"?

Justin_Wilson11 karma

There are too many crashes... you just, when it's happening, it seems in slow motion, but I'm not sure how I feel about them. It's not good, I can tell you that, especially when you break something. It's frustrating to be out of the race, but you're also in pain and you are trying to get yourself out of the car at that point. It's not something I recommend.

There's not too much temptation, because we go fast on the race track, and on the road there are always other dangers you are watching out for. When you tend to go fast, it's because something else is frustrating you - when someone sat in the left lane going slow, that is frustrating. People not paying attention, not going on green, that is a pretty good one to wind me up.

V10Scream7 karma

Hey guys! Myself and all the other fans at /r/Indycar were really excited to see you guys doing this AMA. We're all big fans.

That being said, what is one track that the IndyCar series doesn't race at that you wish you could race on?

JosefNewgarden9 karma

I would say Road America. I would give anything to drive an IndyCar there. I wish desperately they would go back to that track.

Justin_Wilson11 karma

I used to really enjoy the Airport Track at Cleveland. That was a fun race track and a high speed. It would be cool if we raced there.

iusebadlanguage7 karma

What track, street course, oval would you like to race at that isn't currently on the schedule?

JosefNewgarden10 karma

Well, we've covered a little bit of this. I would agree with Justin, I think going back to Cleveland Airport would be really cool, I thought that was a fun track to watch back in 2006, 2007.

Justin_Wilson12 karma

Road America is a given. Although I was always told that Nazareth was a cool track to drive. Sadly it does not exist anymore.

culmstock6 karma

Hi Justin and Joseph I think it's great that you are doing this for Teen Cancer America. Is there any way I or the public can help? By the way I am British and am supporting you Justin in this game - sorry Josef!!!

Justin_Wilson7 karma

Thanks!! You can definitely donate on https://www.tiltify.com/events/race-against-cancer and there's still time to race with us, I believe. And it would be great if you could get online and come race.

mattro366 karma

Justin - what's the best car you've driven, and why is it the DP01?

Justin_Wilson9 karma

Yes, I think the DP01 was one of the best, if not the best car. Good horsepower, the car itself was nice to drive, a lot of downforce, the power was there.

richardwrinkle6 karma

I am a huge Indy Car Racing fan so naturally my all-time favorite movie is Driven by Sylvester Stallone. Please tell me that the way Sylvester Stallone brilliantly depicts the racing life in this great American classic is accurate and spot on?

JosefNewgarden13 karma

I think that's a bunch of malarkey. DRIVEN is one of the most inaccurate movies for motorsports, but it's also probably one of the most entertaining movies from a fictional standpoint because it is so inaccurate.

Justin_Wilson30 karma

I'm disappointed Josef said it's inaccurate. I've based my whole life on that movie.

dexdragon5 karma

What are you gonna do if i beat you in Forza?

JosefNewgarden11 karma

I'm gonna spend all my time practicing and learning what I did wrong!

Justin_Wilson24 karma

I'm going to throw the controller against the wall, and stomp my feet, and cry.

orangeducttape74 karma

Do the drivers hang out often outside of races? And a question for Josef- Who do you think was responsible for the penalty at mid-ohio?

Justin_Wilson8 karma

Yes, sometimes, we go cycling a lot together, and a few of the other drivers in Miami seem to spend time with each other, generally speaking we seem to have similar interests.

goodguygleenn4 karma

Hello Justin and Josef! I'm so happy to see two of my favorite drivers doing an AmA!

Justin, what are some of the challenges you face as the tallest driver in the series?

And a question for both of you, what is the most challenging track you have ever raced at?

Justin_Wilson10 karma

Fitting in the car is the biggest challenge! trying to get the room I need for the steering wheel so my hands don't hit my knees. And also, the weight, being taller means I am heavier than most drivers, so that is always a challenge.

The most challenging race is the Indy 500. But the most challenging track, I would say, probably Sonoma. The most technical and difficult to get the car right.

FlutGOS4 karma

Have the drivers seen the aero kits yet? Chevy and Honda say that they will look a lot different. I'm excited about the changes next year.

JosefNewgarden5 karma

I don't think anyone's really seen them yet, aside from the manufacturers building them. And they are keeping them under pretty heavy lock & key, so it's going to be first sighting for a lot of people when they finally come out with a production piece.

Justin_Wilson6 karma

I haven't seen them either, so I think everybody, all the drivers and teams are on the same boat. We are waiting until manufacturers have them finalized.

AudiR8IsGr84 karma

Hi Justin. I was at Milwaukee this weekend and had an absolute blast! How difficult was it dealing with traffic?

Justin_Wilson7 karma

It was really hard. Very difficult to get past people, and it was a tough race.

Magnaflux3 karma

Hi Justin, how much has your teammate rookie Carlos Huertas relied on you for help at a course? How much has Dale Coyne Racing improved with his addition and do you think you have improved throughout the season?

Hi, Josef, how much do you think it'll help your career now that Sarah Fisher and Ed Carpenter's teams are merging next year? Do you think this time next year you could be competing for a championship cuz of this merger?

Thank you, you guys are awesome :)

Justin_Wilson8 karma

Carlos is a rookie and he's still finding his feet, but he's very fast. He's able to work out what he wants from the car, so he's pulling his own weight. As far as the team, I think we were more competitive at the start of the year. the last few races have been a bit so-so so we need to regroup and improve things for these last 2 races.

Tigerzebra3 karma

Any idea how much quicker the cars will be with the aerokits?

Justin_Wilson7 karma

I have no idea, at the minute. i think we'll end up one second per lap faster.

racerbeaz3 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing this. For the both of you, what milk do you choose for Indy?

Justin_Wilson4 karma


CaptainSoviet3 karma

Hi guys,

Besides the Indy 500, what's the favourite race you've been in?

JosefNewgarden6 karma

I would say one of my favorite events is Long Beach. I really like Long Beach a lot. It's a little cliche, because it's one of the older races, but the atmosphere is really fun, it's in a great spot, the city is just built for an IndyCar race in how they laid it out and run the event, and I just really like the event, it's an awesome atmosphere to be running around in.

Justin_Wilson6 karma

Josef's taken Long Beach already, so I'll have to go with... I dunno, it's a tough one! I like St Petersburg, Florida. It's always a good atmosphere, and it's a fun racetrack.

Luy903 karma

Hey Justin! I have two questions:

What are a few of your favorite IndyCar liveries/paint jobs past or present? Also, was this year at Indy the fastest you've ever been on a closed course?

Same questions for Josef.

Justin_Wilson6 karma

Favorite paint jobs... I still like my CDW car from 2006. But I still think the team Kool green cars were very cool looking racecars.

ccantrell713 karma

Hey guys. How was it physically and mentally driving two races at Toronto on the same day earlier this year? Would you be opposed to more doubleheaders of this same fashion?

Justin_Wilson5 karma

It wasn't too bad, because of the conditions. Damp conditions and cool temperatures made it more do-able physically.

And once you've done the first race, you know it won't be a problem for the second race.

jakeyboy7233 karma

To both drivers, what is your favourite track outside of America and what corner? (Doesn't have to be the same track)

Justin_Wilson7 karma

Favourite corner has to be Eau Rouge. Favorite track is Le Mons.

firstplaceagain3 karma

Hi guys. When I watch in-car cam's, even when your driving straight, I see the wheel violently turn about 45 degrees, and then bounce back. I assume this is from hitting bumps.
Does this hurt your hands?

Justin_Wilson4 karma

It's violent.

InvisibleTeeth3 karma

Justin... Do you still wear your Rolex Watch or is it more like a trophy and are you still best friends with AJ Allmendinger? Must have been crazy seeing 2 former teammates go for the win in NASCAR a couple weeks ago.

Josef... Do people recognize you yet or can you still skate by incognito? Git to watch your guys repair your car between races at Toronto in the paddock. They were awesome!

Justin_Wilson4 karma

Yep, I wear my Rolex every now and again. That watch means a lot to me. And it was great to see AJ and Marcus battle for the win at Watkins Glen.

jakeyboy7233 karma

A question to Justin here. Do you think you should have gotten more of a chance at Formula 1 besides the single season in 2003?

Justin_Wilson7 karma

I think I should have. But you look back on it, think it wasn't fair, but then life is never fair, so you just have to get on and make the most of the circumstances you are given.

HowDidThatFappen3 karma

Hello you two, thank you so much doing this AMA! Our whole office loves indy, so this is a big deal for all of us.

Josef, I feel like you're going to be the next big thing. You're fast and you've matured very quickly. If you stay with Sarah Fisher, do you think that the merger with Fast Eddy racing will bring you to the next level?

Justin, about once a year, we have the discussion of who would win a Royal Rumble between all the drivers. Most people go with TK, but I've always maintained that you are the best fighter of all the Indy drivers. Could you please substantiate my claims...are you the hands-down best fighter in the league? Also, who do you think would get last? (Surely Saavedra, right?)

To both of you, who makes you the most nervous to be 2 wide with at high speed?

Justin_Wilson12 karma

I dunno! I'd have to pick Will Power, he's got crazy eyes. I think I could push a couple of the drivers just because I'm so much bigger than they are. I don't know who would be last.

JosefNewgarden7 karma

I mean, I would say Charlie Kimble.

Justin_Wilson4 karma

I would go with Charlie as well.

jaredog2 karma

Hi guys! Question for both of you:

What car (or cars) do you drive off the track?

JosefNewgarden5 karma

I drive an Acura, just an Acura MDX. Because our engine supplier is Honda, and Honda makes great vehicles with the Acura line, and I really enjoy my MDX. It's really comfortable and great to drive on the road.

Justin_Wilson4 karma

I am actually also a Honda driver, and I have an MDX too. I drive the same car, and I love it.

ry922 karma

How's life in the fast lane?

JosefNewgarden8 karma

It's fast.

Justin_Wilson4 karma

I agree.

ExplosionsintheEye2 karma

What is your favorite childhood memory?

JosefNewgarden6 karma

Going to Disneyworld. It was amazing.

JosefNewgarden6 karma

Wait, I got a better one! I think one of my favorite things when I was a kid was flying on my parents back porch when I was on a radio flyer when I was 3 years old! I would fly off the back porch and tear it up every evening.

Justin_Wilson5 karma

I think being at the Go-Kart track with my dad, when I was 8 years old. Racing and hanging out with other racers.

ccjmfan1 karma

Hi Justin I'd like to know your opinion on racing at Pocono (my home track), what you think of it and if you would like it on the schedule next year? do you think it will be? Also, Josef let us know when you are here I am a huge Josef Newgarden fan! you are great too Justin.

Justin_Wilson2 karma

I don't know! I'm curious to find out if we're going to be racing there next year. I enjoy the track, it's a lot of fun. It's very difficult to race on with our cars. It's fun going that fast.

firstplaceagain1 karma

Texas is my favorite track. I heard Indy may not race there anymore.
What do you think about Texas Motor Speedway? Do you like it more or less than other ovals?

JosefNewgarden2 karma

I like Texas a lot, very fun track, the most banked track that we go to. So it's a fun challenge, with the tire degradation, and I hope that we go back next year which I think we will.

Justin_Wilson2 karma

I just hope that we go back there, and I think there's been some great racing at Texas, and I think there's more great racing to be had.