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As a big fan of IndyCar and Josef it's awesome you guys are doing this. Feel free to stop by /r/INDYCAR sometime, we are usually pretty nice.

  • What are your thoughts on the new Indy Lights car?

  • What kind of difference do you think the new aero kits will make on the competition in the series?

  • Josef you have been really close to winning a couple of times this season, when will the first win come?

  • Justin what do you think about the young British talent in the series?

  • Are you worried about Andretti possibly fielding 5 cars next year?

Can't wait to see you guys in Fontana. I'll be having a tailgate before if you want to join in for a little pre-race hydration and carne asada.

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TF doesn't like a lot of things.

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What track, street course, oval would you like to race at that isn't currently on the schedule?

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Dr. Sachs, what are your thoughts about birth control and how it affects countries, positively or negatively, struggling with poverty?

iusebadlanguage3 karma

Have you heard about what happened with the Dogecoin sponsorship over in NASCAR? How do you think Indycar could attract a younger audience like Reddit?