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Hello you two, thank you so much doing this AMA! Our whole office loves indy, so this is a big deal for all of us.

Josef, I feel like you're going to be the next big thing. You're fast and you've matured very quickly. If you stay with Sarah Fisher, do you think that the merger with Fast Eddy racing will bring you to the next level?

Justin, about once a year, we have the discussion of who would win a Royal Rumble between all the drivers. Most people go with TK, but I've always maintained that you are the best fighter of all the Indy drivers. Could you please substantiate my claims...are you the hands-down best fighter in the league? Also, who do you think would get last? (Surely Saavedra, right?)

To both of you, who makes you the most nervous to be 2 wide with at high speed?

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Wow! I had my money on Sato!

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Obviously, an Indy 500 win is a HUGE achievement, but from a standpoint of sheer adrenaline and "fun to drive" factor, where would you rank your 1994 pushrod Mercedes car (The Beast)?