Me and my amazing Crewniverse are working hard on Steven Universe, please ask me anything about the show! I'll give you everything but spoilers!


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EDIT AGAIN-- Still going! I'll give it at least another hour! Thanks again!

EDIT AGAIN-- I have to get going! But I might sneak on later tonight, and do a little more. Thank you so much everyone, for your wonderful questions! This was so much fun!

Oh and one last EDIT! We're coming back with NEW STEVEN UNIVERSE EPISODES! THURSDAY NIGHTS AT 6:30!!! Starting tomorrow!!! Please tune in!!!

ALRIGHT! Goodnight everyone! So nice talking to you all!

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Leuku155 karma

Halloa Rebecca! Amazing job you're doing with Steven Universe. Has every bit the majesty, grace, and sheer destructiveness of Sailor Moon.

Would you be interested to know that your characters near-perfectly depict stages of human emotional development?

Steven the Co-Dependent - as expected of a child his age.

Amethyst the Counter-dependent - the explorer and rebel, fighting authority even if it's a bad idea.

Pearl the Group-dependent - the responsible manager, legalistic to a fault.

Garnet the Independent - Free to take on the burdens of others, can be a bit reckless, and is understanding of the growth that risk-taking can give as well as its limitations.

Amazing that you managed to pick up on inherent human behavior and manifest them in to distinct, colorful characters!

Edit: I spelled Sheer incorrectly. Yet nobody pointed it out before I edited it! Victory! Take that grammar nazis!

RebeccaSugar177 karma

This was absolutely on purpose!!! Thank you for noticing!!!

LegoTubs127 karma

Hey Rebecca! It seems like lots of cartoons have their creator voicing one of the characters. Any chance you'll voice a SU character in the future?

RebeccaSugar135 karma

My actors are SO GOOD! I'd rather not I like being on the other side of the booth!

JamPacked23121 karma

will there ever be an episode with a laugh track?

RebeccaSugar176 karma


Sir500097 karma

Hey, Rebecca!

I see Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl as serving as almost parental figures to Steven. Pearl can sorta be the overprotective mother, Amethyst as almost the cool uncle (aunt?), and Garnet as...the chill one.

Do these characters have real-life counterparts?

Also, how was it working with Nicki Minaj as Sugilite?

RebeccaSugar175 karma

Yes! Steven is based off my brother Steven, and Garnet Amethyst and Pearl are all ways I act around Steven... sometimes I'm overprotective, sometimes I don't have to care what he thinks... I always want to be like Garnet, but I probably am never that cool.

It was AMAZING working with Nicki!!!

WRDoMTH76 karma

I see in your work a high degree of sensitivity and emotional depth brought to and expressed through the characters. This is something that I really love about what you do and what you bring to animation and comics. Where do you think this comes from in you? Could you share a couple of experiences, influences and reflections to further explain your artistic vision and what you hope to communicate through your work?

RebeccaSugar151 karma

I always loved cartoons and took them very personally! Read into them too much, wanted them to be real. So I want to make cartoons that are meant to be read that way, overanalyzed, and taken personally because they really are meaningful, that's my dream!

whatisathing73 karma

If there is going to be a Steven Universe video game what is it going to be like?

RebeccaSugar227 karma

I would want it to be an RPG!!!

vilovo54 karma

I have a few questions. Spoiler warnings for anyone who hasn't seen Coach Steven, which has already aired in Canada.

  • Who writes the BGM? I swear it's some of the best I've ever heard, especially "Atop the Sea Spire" and "Dance of Swords."

  • Can we expect more singing from Pearl/ the rest of the gems?

  • Nicki Minaj was a perfect casting choice for Sugilite. She sounded exactly like I would expect Garnet and Amethyst to sound like together. How did that casting choice get made?

  • Why did Pearl's design change so much from the pilot while Steven and Amethyst stayed mostly the same?


Edit: spelling

RebeccaSugar92 karma

The music for the show is written by Aivi and Surasshu, they are BRILLIANT

Yes there will be more singing!

I REALLY wanted Nicki Minaj, I'm a huge fan, I was so happy to work with her on this.

I was the least satisfied with Pearl's pilot design. I wanted her to be much more specific, especially her face.

Way_Moby51 karma

This is an "Adventure Time" question for you! I saw that you were credited with developing the story for "Be More". How much did it change from when it was originally being pitched during AT's third season, to when it finally aired during its fifth?

RebeccaSugar66 karma

A lot! But a lot of ideas float around like that and change over time-- like the one about Jake seeing his death was a really really early idea, that didn't end up as an episode until way later! Sometimes these seeds just take a while to grow!

gnostalgia50 karma

Hi, Rebecca! I want to let you know that Steven Universe is a show that never fails to put a smile on my face, no matter what. So thank you for that (as well as doing this discussion). :)

My question for you is, what advice would you get for someone who has long since lost inspiration for creating, art, and creating art? I graduated with a BA in art/animation five years ago and could not find anything to do with said degree. With loans bearing down on me and finding myself "stuck" in your typical m-f job in customer service, I find it hard to motivate myself. What can I do to get creating again? Sometimes I doodle on the job, but never clicks for me as much as it used to.

RebeccaSugar111 karma

Thanks!! The only way to get back into drawing is to get back into drawing!! When I get stuck, I print out a ton of art that I feel is truly good, and just stare at it a LOT, and then draw until I like something. Force yourself, until you don't have to anymore!

piercechrist48 karma

Of all the dads on TV I really appreciate Mr. UNIVERSE! Was he inspired by anyone or thing in particular?

RebeccaSugar67 karma

I made him specifically for his voice actor Tom Scharpling, host of the Best Show on WFMU!

But he's a little inspired by my dad, too!

kelenPL43 karma

Hello Miss Sugar

  1. Do you have a concept of how do you want to end the story of Crystal Gems and Steven or is it still evolving while making it?

  2. Just wanted to say thank you. I did a guitar cover for Steven Universe intro ( and you liked my post with it on Tumblr. I actually was surprised that you would come across it. Thank you, thank you! It's important for me.

Thank you for Steven. Much love for you and crew from Poland. We believe there in Steven too!

RebeccaSugar56 karma

Thanks so much!! Yes, I know how I want it to end! But I try to leave room for it to evolve also, both things are true!

ceberio40 karma

The entrance door to the gems' rooms is in the shape of a star, with a blue spot in one of the tips, with no blue gem seen... is there a fifth gem?

RebeccaSugar76 karma

Keep watching...!!!

alackontitan36 karma

Hi Rebecca, the music on the show is so beautiful. I actually get emotional when I listen to it. Have you ever considered releasing a soundtrack for the show of both the original songs and score?

RebeccaSugar57 karma

I would love to! There are so many songs coming up though, that I'd want to be on there! Maybe after next season!

kidkolumbo34 karma

Now that you're outside any looking in, any comments about the recent revelation between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum's, and their shared history?

RebeccaSugar107 karma

Doesn't seem recent to me!

cannon639931 karma

Hi Rebecca! Big time fan since the first episode of Steven Universe! I have two questions, 1. Will we see Sour Cream again in any more episodes? 2. Are Sour Cream and Onion related?

RebeccaSugar43 karma

  1. Yes you'll see Sour Cream again! 2. Maaaybee!

a_derp_in_thailand29 karma

First thing's first.

I really like your drawings. The way you draw or have the hand gestures and movements, especially during Adventure Time (Your boarded episodes are my favorite AT episodes, by the way). And then I watched your 'Singles' animation and really liked all the hand gestures and movement.

Second, you and I are about the same age, and knowing that someone our age can be of success in animation and art really makes me strive for my own passion. I would like to say that you are my inspiration in my future career.

Now for the question.

  1. I've seen interviews where you said you like cons. Do you have a favorite cosplay or genre?

  2. I'm half Japanese so I've always watched animes in Jap. Do you or any of the crewniverse watch in Jap, subbed, or dubbed?

  3. Who's your favorite character in Utena?

  4. Aside from One Piece, what's works of animation you like?

Thank you for doing this AMA, and a good morning from Thailand

Secret Question

Are you still a /co/mrade?

RebeccaSugar56 karma

1) I was Luffy once

2) Subbed

3) Anthy

4) Future Boy Conan

Secret Question) I'm Scraps

fluckyou29 karma

I love your show and all its diverse characters. Congrats on being the first female creator for CN, what did that feel like?

Will there ever be an episode about how Greg and Rose met?

Thanks for making this show.

RebeccaSugar87 karma

Yes there will be lots of Rose and Greg backstory!!! Get ready!

Blazingbee9829 karma

Hey Rebecca. I was wondering who came up with the line, "If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs!"? Thanks!

RebeccaSugar35 karma

It was our writers, Ben Levin and Matt Burnett! They wrote a whole page of potential one liners like that!

CommunicationsKid26 karma

Hi Rebecca. I’m a huge fan. Thanks for doing an AMA. I always get inspired when I watch Steven Universe because of your rise from a storyboard artist to having your own creation on Cartoon Network. What advice would you give to writers that aspire to have a show of their own on television one day? (also, you should stop by /r/stevenuniverse sometime, because we’re awesome)

RebeccaSugar57 karma

I would say, make LOTS of stuff, don't wait to have a show! I recommend comics, I learned so much from drawing comics, you can explore so many stories that way. Comics and short films. Just make TONS of stuff. Also all of us on the show lurk the subreddit!

happydoughboy25 karma

Hey Rebecca! Your show and others makes up the best lineup of CN shows I've seen in decades.

My question is; which studio would you prefer to work with if you were to make a full length animated film?

Also, what would the gems' playlists include?

RebeccaSugar82 karma

I would love to make a movie independently!

Pearl-- Sunmi 24 hours, William Bolcom Graceful Ghost Rag Amethyst-- the Jet Set radio soundtrack Garnet-- ESTELLE!

notlibvalance23 karma

Hey Rebecca! Thanks for doing the AMA and congratulations on the success of Steven Universe!

My favorite character is Greg so my questions will revolve around him, and his amazing voice actor Tom Scharpling.

  • There is a void in every Friend of Tom where 3 hours of mirth, music, and mayhem have been missing since December. How have you managed to fill this void?

  • Favorite Best Show on WFMU moment? Favorite Jon Wurster character? Will Jon ever appear as a voice?

  • Do we get to hear any more rock classics from Greg in the future?

  • Will Greg's past ever be explored? Whether that be his relationship with Rose, or how he raised Steven pre-Gems taking care of him?

RebeccaSugar41 karma

My favorite character is Greg too!!!

I fill the void by getting to talk to him when he records for Greg--haha sorry everybody, it's awesome

Oh my goodness.. the feltdown, the Gorch, and maybe!!!

YES you will hear Greg rock! His past will be very explored... I want to explore it... a lot...

neutralgoodvampire22 karma

Hi, Rebecca! I want to thank you for making such a feel-good show. This show definitely helps with my anxiety-- when I feel it start acting up, I watch an episode or two and I feel so much better. You're an amazing artist! The show is diverse in almost every way I can imagine. I love it.

What do you think is going to happen with Steven Universe in the context of LGBT representation (especially the T!)? I know it is a kid's cartoon, but obviously gay people and definitely transgender people can exist with a PG rating!

RebeccaSugar43 karma

What I love about writing for this show is that we can tackle very sensitive issues through fantasy--that's always been the best use of fantasy! And I want that to be available to people that haven't had it before. The weird fun cartoon doesn't stop to talk about this, it just is this, in the safe space of fantasy. It's very important to me that this show makes people feel represented. I want everyone to have cartoon fantasy they can relate to!

Total-Tortilla21 karma

Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca! What was it like working with Penn Ward back when Adventure Time was just starting?

RebeccaSugar49 karma

It was amazing, I learned so much. He pushed me to be really honest and to write cartoons like they're poetry.

LibraryLass20 karma

Do you miss working on Adventure Time?

Which of the Gems is your favorite?

RebeccaSugar32 karma

I do! I miss it a lot, but this is a whole different experience and I love it I'm learning a lot.

I love them all!

pearlgirl41320 karma

Hi Rebecca! I'm a huge fan of your work! One thing I'm a little curious about is what's your opinion on the gemsonas? (People recreating themselves as crystal gems/Crystal Gem Fan Characters)

RebeccaSugar52 karma

I love them. I love them! Please make them, and fuse them with each other!

Shits-McNeil18 karma

Will anything ever be revealed about the crystal gem race or each gems' past?

RebeccaSugar37 karma


JordanPowers9517 karma

What other shows had some of the biggest influences on Steven Universe?

RebeccaSugar50 karma

Future Boy Conan, Revolutionary Girl Utena, the Simpsons!

Tarune15 karma

Rebecca! I've loved your art since about 2007! I read Pug Davis a few years ago and was really moved by it--it's probably one of my favorite single volume comics! Do you think if Steven Universe is more popular, maybe it could get a reprint? I really want to own it!

Also, I noticed you don't use many voice actors who do animation on a regular basis, or at least haven't yet (aside from Dee Bradley Baker), even though there were many on Adventure Time. Is that deliberate?

Most episodes seem very Steven-centric, will there be any from the Gems' POV in the future?

I iTunes'd every episode so far because I was afraid the show wouldn't get a 2nd season! Congrats on 52 half-hours!

RebeccaSugar36 karma

The show is always from Steven's POV, and the Gems are keeping him sheltered from a lot of things-- he'll learn more about what's going on with them when they think he's ready--

Thank you for reading Pug Davis!

Vaginal_Stank13 karma

I have one question: who thought up and OK'ed that Circle of Life episode?

It as an amazing episode, but man oh man, it was strange.

RebeccaSugar27 karma

That was a long exciting story, how that came to be!

One of the AT designers, Michelle Xin, was in a chat room with the incredible animator legend Masaaki Yuasa, while he was answering questions about Kick Heart! She mentioned Adventure Time, and he mentioned liking it! It was a total coincidence, but so many members of the Adventure Time crew are such huge fans of his, and so he ended up storyboarding and animating the Adventure Time episode "Food Chain!" He was even here at the studio with us for a bit, which was truly amazing!

candidcaleb12 karma

Hello Rebecca, I don't go on reddit much but I HAD to send a question! I love your show and I love the detail put into everything and most of all the music!

I notice a trend in how each character has a specific instrument that coincides with them and their theme and the way it interacts with other bgms in the background.

I am definitely aware that Pearl's is a piano and Amethyst is maybe the drums thanks to the song "Amalgam" but I was wondering about all the other characters specific themed instruments are?

Once again, thanks again for all you do! (And great job with your work here and on Adventure Time!)

RebeccaSugar11 karma

That's a great question for Aivi and Surasshu! They track all the themes for all the characters and weave them together, they are amazing.

ABarOfChocolate11 karma

1.Will the Gems have their styles changed later seasons? I mean things like hair,shoes,and the outfits they wear.

2.Will Amethyst have her clothes change in the episode An Indirect kiss?

3.Have you seen quality go down in Adventure Time sense you left? Example the episode of oh so ever controversial Breezy if you watched it. Please answer this question honestly.

RebeccaSugar32 karma

Only if they die! No spoilers! *_<

leafyjack3 karma

Does this mean that the Gems' style changes when they are seriously injured, like Pearl when she was injured by her sword fighting simulation? Oooooh!

RebeccaSugar15 karma

They have a permanent form that they keep all the time-- but if that form takes too much damage they have to regenerate a new one. That's when they have a chance to reinvent, if they want!

kimplix11 karma

In the episode 'Steven and the Sword Fighter', there was a reference for the figurines of Cloud, Sanic and such others. What was the reason behind it to place them within that episode?

RebeccaSugar24 karma

That's a question for storyboarder Jeff Liu! He did that section. I know he loves Gitaroo Man.

hyphentalon11 karma

At the end of the first fusion episode it was referenced that Steven can fuse as well, does this mean he can fuse with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl? edited

RebeccaSugar18 karma

Ohhhhh just wait and see! Keep watching!

ultramadscienti11 karma

Hi Rebecca, I'm a big fan and I'm really looking to get into making cartoons. What I want to know is what's your favorite thing about making cartoons?

RebeccaSugar37 karma

AH! That is such a hard question! My favorite thing about making cartoons is the feeling when you do a really good drawing, one you didn't know you had in you until you got it out.

leafyjack10 karma

How does your brother feel about being the inspiration for Steven?

RebeccaSugar29 karma

Let me ask him!

nearnerfromo10 karma

Hey rebecca! Do you ever get frustrated by the network trying to dumb down your shows for a younger audience, or is CN pretty chill about it? I would expect the latter considering how most of the shows on CN make kids and their parents laugh. Thanks again for doing this, I love your work!

RebeccaSugar28 karma

CN gives us a LOT of freedom! An amazing amount. I feel very lucky.

artimies710 karma

Rebecca, I love your work. I'm looking forward to watching and rewatching all of the new episodes. Steven Universe has such a great world and I can hardly stop from imagining the endless possibilities that could come from your world with its magical physics.

My question is: Are you going to do more with the larger world? I don't mean 'world' literally, but I've always wanted to see more about the underpinnings of the universe - the physics or something - and stories about the temple and Gem culture at large and how temples are made and Gem genealogy and comparisons between monster gems vs. people gems and aaaaaaaaaalll this other stuff. Other Gems, you know? The differences between Gems from different worlds and the more unexplored mystical abilities, myths and legends, etc and I'll stop now before I ramble on forever.

If anything else, don't worry about what we'll think about new material. I'd love to see something unusual, because that means there's just that much more life in the world.

That was less a question than an appreciative ramble. oops

RebeccaSugar27 karma

Yes. The larger world is there, even now-- the show is from Steven's point of view, and you may have already noticed more than he has.

There are things going on that the Gems don't feel Steven can handle. That is gonna change. It's going to have to change. GET READY

MysticKnights10 karma

I'm really glad SU is back, and on my birthday no less :D So what's your favorite song by Oingo Boingo?

RebeccaSugar12 karma

UHHH-- Gosh I don't know-- I love the theme to Forbidden Zone!

wolftamer910 karma

Hey, I just wanted to say your show is amazing and makes me very happy.

Anyway, I know Steven Universe is a very musically-oriented show, so do you have any plans for Kate Micucci (the voice of Sadie) to sing or write any music on the show in the future? Personally I like her music and think it would go great with the show.

RebeccaSugar11 karma

I would love that too!!!

philipquarles9 karma

Why did you take down "Don't Cry For Me, I'm Already Dead?"

RebeccaSugar19 karma

My site just died is all! I'd love to put it back up sometime!

RTNightmare9 karma

Hey Rebecca,

Are we ever going to find out more about Steven's mother? What is Lion's real significants - how did he know to bring Steven (and his friend, Connie) to that place with the weapons and that things that tried to kill them? Does Lion have anything to do with Rose?

RebeccaSugar13 karma

That is a very good question! NO SPOILERS! Thanks for watching!!!!

zoro-chan9 karma

hi Rebecca! here my question Have you seen neon genesis evangelion?

RebeccaSugar36 karma

Steven and I watched all of Eva in 2 days which is a very bad idea

ProfessorTots9 karma

Rebecca- Big Steven fan! Thanks for doing this AMA for us!

What inspired you to make the show?

Which of the gem sisters is your favorite?

Do you like working on Steven Universe or Adventure Time better?

RebeccaSugar22 karma

I love writing for all of the Gems! I do really love Garnet. Working on Steven is very different than working on Adventure Time, I loved storyboarding, but I also love working with the Steven crew.

MsPolly8 karma

Thanks for taking the time to do an AMA! I was wondering who your biggest influences were when you began drawing?

RebeccaSugar22 karma

I grew up on Looney Tunes, Totoro, lots of Canadian animation... then in high school I got into comics, Tank Girl and Hellboy and One Piece were big for me...

iTrollYhu8 karma

Oh geez okay so I love Steven Universe and I've followed you since AT. I saw you were leaving AT and I was waiting for your new show to come out.

The show is awesome and I just wanted to ask you what your future plans are for the show? Do you think you'll ever introduce more gems?

RebeccaSugar22 karma

I have a lot of plans!!! Lots of plans, but no spoilers!

judomonkeykyle7 karma

What bands are you currently listening to?

RebeccaSugar30 karma

Director Sang from our overseas partner Sunmin Studios just brought us a bunch of Kpop and I've been listening to it a TON. Exo, AKMU, Lim Kim, Infinite. And Shannon and the Clams. And a lot of Estelle!

Snorlax_is_a_bear7 karma

Do you ever write music outside of show tunes? If so, can we hear some? Who do you listen to?

Edit: Do you regularly collaborate with anyone or do you just bring in and say, "hey, here's this thing"? Do you ever write a song before you have an episode in mind?

RebeccaSugar12 karma

I write little songs for myself! I don't usually record them. Sometimes I turn them into something that ends up on the show, when I have some tune in my back pocket.

I actually wrote melody for Rose, before I wrote "Bad Little Boy" for AT. The tune is very similar! You'll hear it in an episode coming up.

I collaborate with Ben Levin and Jeff Liu, and always with my composers Aivi and Surasshu for Steven songs!

judomonkeykyle7 karma

What tidbit/s of knowledge did you learn from Pen Ward and/or Thurop Van Orman while working on Adventure Time, that has helped you while working on Steven Universe?

RebeccaSugar15 karma

I learned from Pen that the crew makes the show! He always gave me freedom to express myself inside of AT! So going into Steven, I tried to make sure it was flexible enough so that the crew could make the show what they wanted it to be, and we could build it together.

mayralepro7 karma

Hello Rebecca, I'm a big fan of your work here in Mexico! My question is: Did Garnet lost both of her parents is that why she has two gemstones? Or why is she the only one that has two of them?

RebeccaSugar35 karma

Gems don't have parents


Snorlax_is_a_bear7 karma

What's it like working with your brother? Do you ever have bro/sis spats?

RebeccaSugar13 karma

It's wonderful, no we don't have spats! I've been pretty stressed, and he's always there for me. Steven is the best.

nonacrab7 karma

First off, as I’m sure many others will also say, thank you so much for answering our questions today!

So, I don’t have a degree in anything visual art-related (English with a writing focus, actually). But in the last year (thanks in part to awesome shows like Steven Universe!), I’ve really rediscovered my love of visual storytelling and animation as a whole. Do you have any advice or tips on entering the television animation industry for a writer and/or artist?

(P.S. - Your encouraging words at Gallery Nucleus really helped me to start gathering the courage to work on my own personal projects. Thank you so much.)

RebeccaSugar16 karma

Yeah you're doing it right! Lots of personal projects! If you have ideas, just get them out of you and don't wait for permission! Draw so much! No fear!

PabstBlueKitten7 karma

Hi Rebecca! I love your show! I watch it often to deal with the stress of school. :) How do you deal with the pressures of workload vs. the rest of life? Where do you see yourself & the show in 5 years?

Thank you!

RebeccaSugar18 karma

Rest of life? What is that???

I love working. I love working so much. I feel awful when I'm not working. So this is great for me. In 5 years I just hope that I'll be better at drawing, smarter, and still be working all my amazing crew members that inspire me every day.

aquamarinerock6 karma

Hey rebecca! Thank you so much for doing this! Of all of them, which one of the crystal gem's rooms would you want the most?

RebeccaSugar24 karma

Amethyst's the closest to my actual lifestyle

theonenote6 karma

Musically, who do you consider your influences? Ps: Joel or Mike?

RebeccaSugar19 karma

Aimee Mann is a huge influence for me!


iRaptorJesus6 karma

A couple of questions:

  1. How do you think up the designs of the Gem Fusions? I was so excited when I heard Nicki was voicing Sugilite, was it your idea or did she volunteer? What's it like working with her?

  2. If you had to choose one character to be in a CN fighting game to represent SU, what character would you pick and why?

RebeccaSugar35 karma

1) The Gem Fusions are fun to think about and design because they're completely new people, they're living relationships- they combine the features of the Gems involved, but they are also different, depending on what they're exacerbating in each other. I was dying for Nicki to be Sugilite! I'm so glad I got to work with her!

2) Steven! Because all the other Gems would show up and help him!

waistmgmt6 karma

Hi Rebecca,

What would the Gems be doing right now if they were just normal human beings?

Can you use a six word story to describe the unaired episodes?

How did Aivi & Surasshu become the main composers for the show? Did you personally picked them out or did the entire production team go through a selection process?

You are amazing and thank you for doing this AMA.

RebeccaSugar21 karma

Hm, I suppose they'd still be raising Steven...

Spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers

Jeff Liu knew of Aivi's work and showed it to me! They did a music test and it was incredible.

Thank YOU!

smellybaby6 karma

Hi Rebecca! When is the Pug Davis animated series going to arrive? Tomorrow, right?

RebeccaSugar8 karma

Ha! That would be awesome but I'm pretty busy! I'd love to do more Pug!

Kingofshade6 karma

I enjoy Steven universe very much and would like to know 1. what gave you the inspiration for Steven Universe? 2. Also, who was the one that made the puns for cat fingers? Get MEOW-t of my curiosity! 3. As Steven matures throughout the show, will he still keep his features like being optimistic, making puns, and loving everything?

RebeccaSugar12 karma

My brother Steven was the inspiration!

The cat puns were a group effort!

Stevens optimism is going to be put to the testttttt!!!

walrusnoob6 karma

Hi Rebecca, I love your work. Did you have particular inspiration when you made the dogcopter trailer?

RebeccaSugar11 karma

I would have to ask Jeff Liu, who boarded that! But that scene always reminded me a lot of Jeff's film that I LOVE!

Snorlax_is_a_bear6 karma

How did you make the transition from storyboard artist/songwriter to having your own show? Was it a casual "hey I had this idea" kind of thing? Did you have a few stories in mind from the beginning? Were there a bunch of others involved in pitching? How does it feel?

RebeccaSugar15 karma

I was asked to pitch something! So I pulled together a lot of elements from projects I'd wanted to do. I had to pitch to a lot of people and really stand behind my idea, which was very intense, but I believed in it strongly, and I still do!

mmword6 karma

Hi Rebecca!!

Can you tell us some extra stuff about Sadie and Lars?

RebeccaSugar29 karma

Sadie loves oyster crackers

Lars is banned from the local video game store

Superluigi66 karma

Hey! Couple of questions.

What inspired you to name the characters Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet?

Also, thoughts on the relationships that people ship together? Like Garnet and Pearl.

And what's your fav episode?

RebeccaSugar20 karma

Tom Herpich actually named Pearl!

I wanted their Gems to parallel their personalities. Pearls being automatically smooth and perfect, Amethyst is coarse and rough, and I love how raw Garnets are mysterious with just a little bit of red peeking through hidden inside.

The Gems all have very specific relationships with each other, and I really enjoy fan speculation, but when it comes to love... I can't give spoilers...

My fav eps haven't aired yet!

cherryb0nb0n5 karma

Hello Rebecca! So... The crystal gems seem to be coded as women of color (excluding steven), I was wondering if there is any particular races each girl is suppose to be based off/represent?

RebeccaSugar15 karma

This is a very deliberately gray area. The Gems are Gems, they are not human, but they all look fairly human, and have characteristics that humans have. So why not have different human characteristics that different humans have? Steven too-- he's not excluded!

stabbster5 karma

Hi Rebecca! I'm a huge fan of yours. I was wondering how to you come up with ideas for episodes and songs? Also how long have you been playing the ukulele?

RebeccaSugar8 karma

I have been playing the ukulele since high school! I suppose I come up with ideas by doodling and thinking and spacing out, playing music until something comes together, drawing until something comes together.

AndYourEyebrows5 karma

Hi, Rebecca! Big fan, very proud of and inspired by you! cough Anyway! My question:

I notice you don't have writing credits for a lot of the SU episodes, do you still work closely on every episode or are there episodes left to the rest of the team?

(Thanks for doing this AmA! Can't wait for the new eps :D)

RebeccaSugar20 karma

I work very closely on every episode! But my credit is Executive Producer so I'm working on every part, art, animation, sound... I'm definitely the most hands on at boarding stage, I work closely with the writers and boarders on every episode.

KeybladeSpirit4 karma

Thank you so much for doing this! I've been a big fan of your work ever since I saw the Adventure Time episodes that you worked on and I'm really happy to finally get a chance to ask you about some stuff that I've had in mind for a while.

  1. There's already a comic book, but what other media could you imagine Steven and the Gems in?
  2. If there were a Steven Universe video game, what would you want it to be like? With the way the show is there's a lot of potential for what could be a really fun game and I'm curious as to how its creator might envision it.
  3. Were there any working titles that you had for the show or did you have your heart set on Steven Universe from the outset?
  4. If you could pick a live action cast for Steven Universe, who would be on it?
  5. Are there any plans to dub Steven Universe into other languages? Or has it already and I'm just way behind?

RebeccaSugar14 karma

1 and 2) Steven would really make a good game. It's so inspired by games already. It would make a good RPG.

3) Steven Universe was a working title that I could not unstick!

4) It would be our cast!!! Man that would be great! Zach is really tall now though, taller than Deedee and Michaela and Estelle!

5) Yes, it's already in a bunch of languages! I love checking on Laser Light in other languages to see if they decided Greg was or wasn't a good singer, haha!

Judgementboy4 karma

Will there be any episodes in the future focusing on more minor characters like Lars and Sadie or the fryman family?

RebeccaSugar14 karma

Yes! OH yes!

Shits-McNeil4 karma

Hi Rebecca, big fan of the show. I hope to someday be a great animator and have been searching for art schools lately, and was wondering, where did you go to art school? Do you know where any of your staff went (like IanJQ)? CalArts I bet Do you have any tips for creating an effective portfolio?

RebeccaSugar9 karma

You don't have to go to Calarts! I didn't, and neither did IanJQ! What you do have to do is draw a LOT! Don't just work on a portfolio, do lots of comics, make lots of films, make so much stuff it could never all fit in a portfolio. Then grab a few of your best things off your desk and pop them in a folder, that's a good portfolio!

Shits-McNeil4 karma

Every time I read about a Cartoon Network show creator, they're always CalArts alumni. It's reassuring to see that's not completely true. And thanks for the portfolio advice; I appreciate that you took the time to answer my question.

Steven Universe is waaaayy better than AT

RebeccaSugar5 karma

Aw c'mon McNeil AT is my hometown man

Metsguy134 karma

Do you have any tips for someone aspiring to make a fantasy-based cartoon?

RebeccaSugar13 karma

Even if it's fantasy, it's still all about the characters-- something about it still needs to be real! Push and pull reality! Think about characters first before lore, and then intertwine it!

benzippo4 karma

Hi Rebecca! Big fan of all your work, and I've got a question for you; Who was your favorite character to write songs for on adventure time, and why? Big fan thanks for the AMA!

RebeccaSugar22 karma

Marceline! Olivia's voice is amazing!

InazumaKiiick3 karma

When will we get an episode explaining the origins of the gems, why Garnet has two gems, etc?

RebeccaSugar4 karma

Keep watching!!!

aquazhortz3 karma

Hey Rebecca, big fan of all your work! I actually just made an account to participate in this! Although I'm a big fan of Steven Universe and am eagerly awaiting new episodes, my question(s) are more about the animation field in general:

I've been wondering, since you're so successful in a field that I hope to be. What tips do you have for breaking into that field? Where are good places to start? Are there jobs for those who aren't very artistically inclined? I know that strictly writing jobs are extremely competitive, but where else can you go in animation that doesn't require a great deal of drawing and music capabilities?

RebeccaSugar6 karma

Draw comics! Everyone is artistically inclined, your drawings don't have to be perfect, they just have to be ideas! If you want to work in animation but would rather not draw, maybe seek a job in production!

Taka2s3 karma

Hello Rebecca! I am an aspiring storyboarder, I really want to work in the cartoon industry. I have a concept for a series I'd like to develop once I have more experience, since I'm just in college. What would be your advice for us college-age folks that want to get in the industry?

RebeccaSugar11 karma

Make comics!!! Or a web cartoon! Don't wait, just do your idea NOW! That will GIVE you that experience, and open doors for you!

TheodoreSilva3 karma

What is it like working with Ian Jones-Quartey? (Also, I love you to death!)

RebeccaSugar6 karma


LettingGo_Part13 karma

Hey! I wanted to say thank you for creating a wonderful show. It brings a smile to my face, and has a great sense of calming to me. Being someone who is treated like a child sometimes (I'm 23), this show kind of gives me a sense of how to just go for things, even though others don't think it's a good idea all the time.

My one question is, did you take any influence from sym bionic titan? Some of the characters remind me greatly of the show.

Thanks for your time!

RebeccaSugar7 karma

I am a huge fan of Sym-Bionic Titan! We used to share the floor with the Sym-Bionic crew when I was on AT!

I had the chance to work with Genndy Tartakovsky soon after, on Hotel Transylvania, and I learned ton from him in a very short amount of time! I was storyboarding, and he went over a lot of my boards and showed me how to make simpler, clearer decisions. He also gave me a lot of fantastic advice and a ton of really helpful critique on my early Steven Universe ideas, because I was just starting to work on it at that time!

Genndy also directed the animation in the Steven Universe Pilot!

So yes I was very influenced by him!!!

kowabungah3 karma

Who's your favorite crystal gem?

RebeccaSugar7 karma

I love them all!!!!!!

leafyjack3 karma

Will we ever get a flash back episode where we get to see Rose Quartz in action with the other gems?

RebeccaSugar6 karma

That would be pretty sweet wouldn't it!!!!!!

CartoonDork3 karma

I was just wondering. I'm currently almost 19 years old, and my art still isn't exactly great. It's okay, barely passable maybe, but I want to improve, but I don't know if it's too late and I've missed my time. Do you think it's ever too late for someone to start improving their art if they want to do something with it someday?

RebeccaSugar16 karma


Go go go! Draw every day! It is NEVER too late!

Here are books I used to improve, when I was 19.

Andrew Loomis, Figure Drawing for All It's Worth

David Chelsea, Perspective for Comic Book Artists

Draw the people around you! Study perspective, draw people STANDING ON THE GROUND, that is so important! Draw with no fear! Print out the kinds of drawings you like, and try to figure out why you like them, there must be a reason, and whatever it is, learn to do it! Don't be afraid to do bad drawings, they have no power over you, you can just throw them out!

goldiebam3 karma

I really really hope I'm not too late for this! Hi Rebecca, I'm a HUGE fan of Steven Universe! It's by far my favorite show to appear on CN for probably a decade! I'm so in love with the character designs and color pallet of the show, it's just visually beautiful with likable characters who are actually diverse in appearance and personalities! Thank for bringing a show to the network that is goofy and fun but also of value. I honestly don't have any questions beyond "how did you come up with the idea for the show?" Which I'm sure you've already answered, so instead I will ask what is your favorite ice cream toping?

RebeccaSugar5 karma

That chocolate syrup that hardens like on chocolate dipped cones!

LiquidA3 karma

What was it like thinking up the gem fusions?

RebeccaSugar7 karma

So much fun!!! The Gems are so specific, that it's a fun thought experiment every time we fuse them!

goldenrod512 karma

Hi! In the episode, "Serious Steven", Rose Quartz is shown to be fighting someone. Will that person ever be mentioned in a future episode? Thanks!

RebeccaSugar4 karma

No spoilers!!! Please keep watching!

EliasRoman1 karma

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;w; I love you!!! Really thanks for alll!!!!!!!!! Does it feel to have fulfilled your dream? How would you like incorporate fans to show? You are really amazing! Hope I meet you someday OOO^ I really admire you a lot! It's really funny my history XD When I met you, My life get a BIG change!! Thaaaaaaanks!

RebeccaSugar5 karma

Thanks Elias! Your drawings are getting really good! Keep drawing!!!!!

It feels great to be doing this, but I still want to get better at drawing, make better episodes, be a better boss, I want to learn as much as I can from this!

I hope I'll inspire fans to draw!

GeneralWishy1 karma

Hi Ms. Sugar, I love your work so much! Especially Steven Universe as someone who lives in Delmarva, the sly references are awesome. The show has gotten me to take a few trips to the Rehoboth Boardwark. Do you plan on making an appearance there anytime soon for either a signing or maybe a local con?

RebeccaSugar4 karma

I'd love to go back! I love it there. We used to go almost every summer!