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Is this condition always fatal? Sorry for your loss.

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I love your show and all its diverse characters. Congrats on being the first female creator for CN, what did that feel like?

Will there ever be an episode about how Greg and Rose met?

Thanks for making this show.

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I have a badge that would let me not line up but I'd need someone to show me what door to use and such...I just hate lining up with TSA everyday and fighting with them about lining up with passengers. Too much hassle.

I know some peoole may not like me saying it but I really don't like being treated like everyone else in the TSA line if I also work there while watching flight crew get away with everything else. I'm here to serve the very same people waiting, don't they want me to be at my position so they can get what they need from me and every other employee?

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In the movie, Emily's parents were very hostile toward you at first. Understandable. Is that how it really happened in your real life? You met them at the hospital and they didn't like you at first?