Howdy! Ive never used Reddit before but my twitter and facebook got a load of requests for me to do an AMA so here I am! And happy to be here too! If you have no idea who I am, I am a spoken word and hip hop artist, I run a label called Speech Development Records (tour just announced), I have a radio show on XFM called "The Beatdown", I run a clubnight called WE.ARE.LIZARDS and a film night at the Prince Charles Cinema. Think thats everything! PROOF:

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nexidian195 karma

Hey Scroobius Pip, You saved a life.

I just wanted to let you know that one of the main reasons i am alive and am able to type this is because of you. After being on the verge of suicide multiple times in the past, i stumbled upon your song "Magicians Assistant". Your words filled my mind and distorted my view on my situation.

I will keep this short, but you changed the way i thought, and in turn snapped me the hell out of my mindset. It was a long journey, but recently i can look in the mirror and say im happy with my life. I just wanted you to know that, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I guess my question would be. Where did you draw your inspiration for the words you spoke?

Scroobiuspipyo207 karma

Thank you for the kind words. This is a subject I talk to people about a lot. Whilst it is always moving to hear people feel I have in some way saved their lives... I am always keen to make it clear I dont deserve that credit. Something I have written may have been a catalyst... but the hard part was done by YOU. I cant imagine how tough it must be to get back on track in such a situation. But Im pretty sure it takes more than just hearing a song. So be sure to give yourself the credit you deserve here. Good fucking work! As for isnpiration, I draw it form everywhere really. Films, TV, books and life in general!

Neader81 karma

If you were to remake Thou Shalt Always Kill, what bands would you include now a day that weren't around then as "just a band?"

Scroobiuspipyo79 karma

I dunno! Im happy with the ones in there. Some of my favourite bands made that list. I tried to pick bands that have particularly fanatical fans as that seemed to make the point clearest.

bebopott68 karma

How nervous were you about filming your video for Introdiction?

I mean, there's no way you could do a second take and it's FLAWLESS!!!

Scroobiuspipyo68 karma

I was eerily relaxed. If you talk to Tom Coles (who shot it) or Oliver Quintrell (who did the lighting and put out the fires) or anyone else there they will confirm that, considering I had no way of practicing it and had to nail it in one, I was weirdly fine with that

ponytoaster47 karma

How much were you cursing that Bic lighter for not lighting properly?

Scroobiuspipyo56 karma

Got there in the end!

KARMA_KUNT38 karma

Good evening Mr Pip! I'm a big fan of you and Dan, and quite frankly I'm pretty gutted that I have seen you two perform together for the last time but appreciate you guys' decision to call it a day. I have two questions:

  1. Your album Angles was recorded almost 7 years ago now. Is there any lyrics/lines that you look back at and cringe at now that you are 7 years older and wiser? (No is a viable answer by the way)

  2. Fancy a game on UFC at any time? Let me know and I'll pop you my gamertag.


Scroobiuspipyo52 karma

  1. Loads! But I dont really go back over lyrics as such. If I didnt cringe or atleast have a changed opinion on anything from back then then I should quit now as I clearly wouldnt be developing as a human. Change and development is key. Believe in your views and opinions but dont be married to them to the extent that you cant change and develop.
  2. I havent had a chance to play it since the first weekend it came out!

brent_29 karma

What's the most frustrating stereotype of spoken word you've come across?

Scroobiuspipyo29 karma

I dont know really! And Im not sure if you mean frustrating as in people assume thats the way and it isnt. Or frustrating in something ive seen at many shows. I have a love hate relationship with spoken word. There is so much of it that I absolutely adore, but Im certainly not just a fan of all spoken word. I like what I like, I guess. And what I like is polarbear, Kate Tempest, Musa Okwonga, B Dolan, Sage Francis, Saul Williams, Zia Ahmed, Rob Auton, John Berkavitch, Ross Sutherland and many many more.

QuillRat22 karma

You have voiced your opinion politically in the past, do you feel this is something that enough musicians are doing? I'm also interested in your thoughts on the current political situation in the UK, do you think Labour would offer any real alternative to the Conservatives?

I was lucky enough to see you and Dan le Sac play Sheffield in January, it was a fantastic show and I am very glad that I got to see you before you called it a day. I will definitely be coming to a solo show at some point in the future! Thanks for all the incredible music.

Scroobiuspipyo50 karma

I dont really talk too much about politics these days. I have my beliefs but I feel it is too easy for people to blindly follow the beliefs expressed by bands or "celebrities" rather than come to their own decisions. I LOVE Russel Brand, but I feel he, unintentionally, has given a lot of lazy people an excuse to not make their own minds up politically. As to whether more musicians should speak politically, its individual choice I guess. I touched on SOME of my current political beliefs in the recent Joe Rogan Podcast. But, yeah, in general my beliefs are now quite out there. And I choose to only express them in personal situations as myself rather than as a public figure of any kind.

Murphthegurth21 karma

Hey Pip.

Shag, Marry, Kill?

Dan B.Dolan and Sage.

also the Halloween show in Stoke in 2011 did you intend the skeleton onsie to be 'that' snug.

cheers and looking forward to seeing you, B, and Warrenpeace in Reading later on in the year. Peace.

Scroobiuspipyo34 karma

Snug like a loving hug, my man. Also, shag, shag, shag.

Pete2021 karma

Looking forward to your set at Bestival, are you gonna be making any more albums with Dan Le Sac?

Scroobiuspipyo38 karma

Nope. Bestival is our last ever live show together too so its going to be a real emotional one. Perfect place for it! We will both be doing solo stuff in the future though so, fear not, theres plenty to come.

p4ulypops20 karma

Yo' Pip, I always listen to 'You Will See Me' as a sequal to 'Letter from God to Man', even though I don't think it's meant to be. I would love to hear some 'other side of the coin' / 'sequal' tracks by you, do you think you'll ever do one?

Scroobiuspipyo30 karma

It may have been you that mentioned this on Facebook and I loved it! Wasnt intended like that but fits PERFECTLY. I have a half written draft somewhere of Letter from Man to God but it never felt right. But, yeah, You Will See Me fits perfectly.

BigWookieMan20 karma

Why is it that you won't be touring or doing shows with Dan anymore?

Scroobiuspipyo43 karma

We always intended to do three albums but, in all honesty, knew the chances of that were slim in the current music industry. So the fact that we have got to is great. And it seemed, getting to bow out on our biggest album and biggest tour was a very rare honour indeed. We both have solo stuff we wish to pursue so it all just felt like perfect timing.

Shouldbeworking2217 karma

How did you get the name "Scroobius Pip"?

Scroobiuspipyo62 karma

I stole it from an Edward Lear poem! Its basically about an animal that wakes up in the jungle and doesnt know what it is. It goes with the fish for a bit and realises it isnt a fish. It goes with the lions for a bit and realises it isnt a lion (and so on). In the end it realises it is simply a Scroobius Pip. It can move in all of these circles but can be its own creature.

DrMcNinja15 karma

Hi Pip! I love following your instagram account, it's awesome! My question is have you decided what to dress up as for you and your god daughter's next day trip?!

Scroobiuspipyo10 karma

Not yet! We tend to need to pick a venue first and then a film fancy dress that fits the venue. We are running out of places!

fzoe15 karma

Hello Scroobius Pip!

Lovely to have you doing an AMA at last, and hope you don't find the resulting stream of questions too overwhelming.

Can I first just say how much I enjoyed your set at 2000 Trees this year (it was my first experience of being caught up in multiple mosh pits, so that was fun) - it was one of the most intense live music experiences I've ever had, so thank you.

Also, the Words DVD is excellent. More of that please.

So here are a few questions, and even an answer to just one of these would make me exceptionally happy.

  1. Which song or poem do you wish you could have written?

  2. Why do you wear a watch on each wrist, and is it something that the rest of us chumps should start doing?

  3. What is the world's most pointless invention?

Thank you!


Scroobiuspipyo22 karma

  1. Every Prince and Bruce Springsteen song really.
  2. I see no reason for any of you to do it. haha. I have no great reason or story behind it. I was at work one day and needed a new watch. Couldnt decide on the silver or the gold. Bought the silver and went to lunch time I HAD to go and by the gold too. And thats IT. haha
  3. Nothing is pointless right? Its always good to innovate on any level. You never know what that pointless thing could be a catalyst for or lead to.

lexington_steel14 karma

I've got a few! What comic books are currently on your pull list? Do you put anything in that magnificent beard to style it? Lastly, I'd love to see a collab between you and Aesop Rock - do you think there's a chance of that happening?

Scroobiuspipyo17 karma

  1. Im on a comic book ban as I have too much work to do and too many books to read.
  2. Yep. Beard oil. Generally Woodsman beard oil but i variate.
  3. Id love to. Guys a beast.

flobbaddobbadob13 karma

Did you break anything when you dropped your bag outside tesco the other week?

Scroobiuspipyo20 karma

When? I dont remember dropping a bag. I hold my bag TIGHT in the streets of Stanford.

blackclaw113 karma

Hey, really big fan, beyond hip hop, what genres do you listen to?

Scroobiuspipyo19 karma

Punk was the first music I adored, but my favourite album is a Jazz record. I worked in a record store (HMV) for 5 years so it really gave me a eclectic musical palet.

OhBaxterYouAreSoWise8 karma

What jazz record?

Scroobiuspipyo17 karma

Johnny Hartman and John Coltranes album

LukasP36912 karma

Who do you think are-up and-coming artists to watch now- especially young British artists- who are struggling to get their music and voices heard? (The people who are going to be 'Just a band' in the near future)

I'm looking forward to seeing you're set and spoken word acts at Bestival this year (first caught you at last year's Bestival, fell in love with it (you) and have been a fan since)

Scroobiuspipyo27 karma

Kate Tempest is killing it right now. And Rob Auton is amazing. Young Fathers are the best new UK act in years. In the US theres Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, Milo and that whole Hellfyre Club. Many great artists out there!

DenningLJ10 karma

Ahhh Mr Pip.

Who would win in a rap battle between yourself and Kate Tempest?

When you released Distraction Pieces I read that you did a torrent exclusive version where you changed the lyrics to be relevant to music piracy. Do you consider piracy has helped to kickstart your music career by giving a greater audience exposure to your music?

Also, because I know he'll be here, big shout out to Keith!

Scroobiuspipyo22 karma

  1. Kate. Im not a battle rapper and, whilst Kate isnt anymore, she used to battle. So, yeah, Id throw the towel in before even getting out of bed. Battling aint my thing.
  2. I have mixed views on piracy. I think it can hinder careers hugely. I try to do as much free stuff as possible (with videos, radio shows, etc) in the hope that, when i release something that will fund my continuing career, people will pay for it. I also dont get the "i stole you album but I came to see you live" arguement. haha. When I play live i put EVERYTHING into it. And, due to that, I feel the ticket fee (that we always keep as low as possible) covers exactly that. It doesnt cover the months/years spent working on the record. That is covered in the record price. Its like your boss saying "Hey, Im not paying you for this weeks work... but i DID pay you for last weeks and will probably pay you for next weeks so we cool...". All this said, I only EVER comment on this when asked. Im not one to preach on it, y'all can do what you do. I just have my views on it.
  3. Always a big shout out to Keith

Lyricalligraphy10 karma

Hi Scroob, big fan.

What does Dan le Sac smell like?

Scroobiuspipyo15 karma


littlemissmoz9 karma

Hi Pip, Thanks for doing this AMA. I’ve seen you live a few times each time has been amazing, my favourite would have to be your Reading Set in 2012 which got me into my first mosh pit!

What’s it like to have your music and lyrics reside so powerfully with fans? Did you ever respect your writing to have such an emotional connection with so many people?

You have a really great relationship with your fans; I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you twice before shows and you always entertaining presence on social media. What is the strangest requests you’ve had off a fan?

Look forward to seeing you in Bristol.

Scroobiuspipyo11 karma

Reading was AMAZING. Seeing that tent go THAT nuts was overwhelming. That circle pit at the end was about 70% of the whole tent! Im constantly amazed and honoured that people give a shit about the stuff I write. I never expected it but Im very proud of it. Cant think of any really weird requests. Ooooooh actually I once had a guy in the US ask me to post less on facebook because he had notifications on and the time difference meant it kept waking him. He genuinely wasnt joking. The internet has made peoples sense of entitlement VERY weird. Small price to pay for being connected to you lot though really

Traiteur9 karma

Check out /r/hiphopheads, it's a pretty awesome place, I think you'd enjoy it.

As for a question, do you read books? If so, what would you recommend? Your lyrics tend to be clever as hell so I just made the wild assumption that you probably read at least a little bit.

Scroobiuspipyo9 karma

Ive never been a HUGE reader but I do my best! As a kid I hardly read at all so it has never been a natural thing but Im very glad I have forced it a bit over the years. The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa is a book that literally changed my life in many many ways.

SilviusBrabo8 karma

Which book was it you were reading when this photo was taken?

Scroobiuspipyo8 karma

Heart of Darkness

iraitis8 karma

your favourite adult as a child? (No parents)

Scroobiuspipyo15 karma

Leonardo the turtle.

halftone8416 karma

Teenagers aren't adults !

Scroobiuspipyo16 karma

Valid point

SDSKamikaze8 karma

Hey Pip, firstly I saw you in Glasgow in January and you were fantastic, a real class act.

My question though is this: how many of your songs are based on your own experiences? I find tracks like 'Look for the Woman' and 'You Will See Me' very easy to relate to and I wonder if that's perhaps because you are somewhat working through your own feelings through your music?

Also, what were your thoughts on Chael Sonnen prior to the drugs incidents and have they changed?

Scroobiuspipyo5 karma

Ive kind of answered the top part above. So straight on to Chael! I love him. And that hasnt really changed. He was always a comic book character of sorts so in a way it all adds to it. He was never the best in the world. But he was VERY good and he sold it all better than anyone ever has.

CoRonella8 karma

Ever plan on a US tour? I'd love to see you perform live!

Scroobiuspipyo8 karma

*ANOTHER US tour... haha. People dont realise weve played around 40 shows in the US... Would love to get back soon though, yeah.

kidswithpuns8 karma

Mr Pip, I managed to catch your screening of Say Anything at Prince Charles a few months back, was brilliant to watch such a classic on the big screen. What film first started your love for the motion picture? Or was it an actor/director?

Scroobiuspipyo8 karma

Oooooo thats an impossible one! So many films over the years. I remember being on holiday in America as a child and going to a drive in cinema to see Tim Burton Batman and being crazy excited. Think I also saw Mortal Kombat on that trip. Or maybe it was a Turtles film? Saw something else! haha. My memory clearly isn't great but I love going to the cinema (go 4 or 5 times a month) so having my own night at the Prince Charles is a dream come true (Next screening: The Fall on Aug 28th, head to the Prince Charles Cinema website for details and tickets)

FartyJannetty8 karma

What's next now you're back doing solo stuff? Are we gonna get Distraction Pieces 2 or something completely different?

Also how have you ended up hanging out with Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan recently? Have you known them for a while?

Edit: Also when you say you "stole this flow from the creator" in Introdiciton, are you talking about Tyler?

Scroobiuspipyo11 karma

  1. Yeah a follow up to Distraction Pieces. No idea what it will sound like but excited about it.
  2. Ive known Eddy a while and been a fan of Joe's podcast for ages so was great to get on and chat with both of them.
  3. Yes indeed. When writing that vocal I used to do it over the "BASTARD" beat...

s19938 karma

Your lyrics offer really sharp social commentary - how important do you think it is for artists to comment on and question the world around them?

Scroobiuspipyo13 karma

Its important to ME as an artist but I dont feel in anyway that everyone should need to follow my lead. Its individual taste really. And, when Im DJing for example, I dont want to hear that shit...haha. I wanna hear Busta Rhymes getting my attention (please) and then I want the whole entire world to collapse.

aznkriss1337 karma

When you go about recording your songs, do you try and do it in one take? I listen to them and I feel like that's the case since everything just flows so well.

Scroobiuspipyo4 karma

I generally try too but its not something I freak out over. Some of my favourite rappers (Aesop Rock, El P) use very clear and open drops and overlaps and it has never detracted. So Im happy to smash it in one but only if that is aesthetically the best choice. I dont have any crazy pride over it.

jewdogg4207 karma

Who's your biggest influence musically?

Boring question I know but the answers are always interesting.

Scroobiuspipyo11 karma

Its an odd one because the biggest influence on my music may be cinema. But if we are talking musicians, again its tough! DIRECTLY, probably Sage Francis, B Dolan, P.O.S, Kate Tempest, polarbear, Jean Grae, Pharaohe Monch, Young Fathers. And I hadnt even heard of some of these when I started. I love that I am constantly inspired and influenced to this day.

Greypo6 karma

Why did you choose Johnny Depp when you were making Struggle?

Scroobiuspipyo13 karma

Because he is a serial killer and it needs to be exposed.

benq866 karma

Hi, any plans to do more stuff with Sage? Let 'em Come is a great song.

Scroobiuspipyo8 karma

Always up for that.

Ursus_Maximus5 karma

Dear Mr. Pip. From one bearded gentleman to another, let me start by saying I just heard you on the Joe Rogan Experience, watched your film clip for Introdiction, and immediately purchased your album Distraction Pieces. Very nice work.

There has been a recent shift away from major record labels, driven in part or in whole by artists' desire for freedom as well as the rise of dissemination platforms that make it easier for bands to obtain funding and bring their music directly to fans. This, in an industry which is challenged by a decline in CD revenue, and an increase in digital piracy and low artist income platforms such as Spotify, mean that while access to audiences is ostensibly eaisier, artists are investing more of their own money and working harder than ever, on stage, in studio, and in social media.

That said, for someone such as yourself, an artist, running an independent record label, and maintaining an enviable beard, if you were able to share a meal with any significant person in history, what sort of pizza would you order, and would it be thin or thick crust?

Scroobiuspipyo7 karma

Stuffed Crust. Cheese and ham. Glad this led to an important question. haha. Pizza is an addiction.

ultimation5 karma

Hi Pip

I don't know if it's just me, but through time your music etc seems to be getting angrier. Is this intentional or is there any reason behind it?

It's awesome though, You will see me is one of my favourites of yours

Scroobiuspipyo2 karma

Howdy Yeah people say that but I dont see it! haha. The darkness and anger on the first two is certainly there too! I promise!

Ben_Is_A_Free_Elf5 karma

Will you sign my West Ham T-shirt?

Scroobiuspipyo29 karma

I will sign it with a lighter.

alexy245 karma

This might be a stupid question, but why is "Look for the Woman" called "Look for the Woman"?

Scroobiuspipyo4 karma

Its from the french term "cherchez la femme"...

thelordofcheese5 karma

why did my MP3 player die while I was listening to Angels today?

can I ask you more questions later since I have to leave righht now?

will you make something personal for me like Voltaire did when he forgot to give me my change and I just stared at him awkwardly until he asked if I needed anything else?

Scroobiuspipyo4 karma

  1. Because youve been bad
  2. No.
  3. I said NO!

rory7855 karma

Hey scroob! Just a preface, I saw you and dan le sac at leopallooza two years ago and you were incredible, it started raining during letter from god to man (I think?) and it was amazing. One of my favourite live performances of all time. A few questions;

Did Grimes ever respond to no nimbus or acknowledge it?

Is 'you will see me' about a specific person?

Which track are you most proud of?

Have you got any tattoos?

D'you miss HMV?

Which is your favourite marvel character? D'you like the films?


Scroobiuspipyo8 karma

  1. Nope. But she also didnt have it taken down so Im cool with that.
  2. Nope. Its fiction. Mainly about a friend of mines ex but also, in parts about numerous ex relationships of my own.
  3. Not sure really. You Will See Me certainly stands out
  4. Yep. Quite a few.
  5. I loved it there, yeah! Its changed a lot now though!
  6. Deadpool probably. And, yeah, I love the films.

Loubmeupscotty4 karma

Hi Pip, I'm a big fan, I only have one very important question though:

How annoying do you find the typo in the title of this post?

Scroobiuspipyo27 karma

Not at all. Im a big fan of typos. I think they are one of the last beautiful remnants of human error in an increasingly autocorrected world.

theradioon4 karma

What does a girl need to do to get your attention?

Scroobiuspipyo12 karma

No one needs my attention.

TheSneakyPimms4 karma

Hey Pip, was at the Brooklyn Bowl gig last month, nice send off!

What's your thoughts on Scottish Independence? And following that, what effect should it have on the UK as a whole?


Scroobiuspipyo13 karma

I dont have a view on it Im afraid! I dont feel I have any right to tell the Scottish what they should or shouldnt do. I love Scotland and will continue to do so whether they are part of the UK or not.

UberChrisOfUltraWah4 karma

How much did Sage Francis influence your writing style?

Scroobiuspipyo6 karma

Loads. Hes a beast

bulldogdiver4 karma

So, would you rather fight 100 duck sized B Dolans or 1 B Dolan sized duck?

Scroobiuspipyo9 karma

1 B Dolan sized B Dolan.

Gatorinsti4 karma

Have you ever heard me shout "Scroobius P.I.P 'til I D.I.E" at any of your shows? Because I literally do it at every one I've attended...

It's a thing that I've tried to get started but it hasn't really caught on...

Scroobiuspipyo4 karma

I dont believe you have ever been to a single show. Stop lying man. Stop lying.

z0mbiee3 karma

I know you read a lot of comics so what are your favourites and what are your favourite underrated comics that you've read?

Scroobiuspipyo7 karma

May favs are often underated. The Boys and Nightly News spring straight to mind. But also Trans Metropoliten, Preacher, Punisher Max...the list goes on and on. Love Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, Hickman, Mark Millar...again, the list goes on!

treehead893 karma

Will you be doing a solo set on this tour with B.Dolan and warrenpeace?

Scroobiuspipyo3 karma

Not a full set, no. But I will be hosting (so will probably end up doing loads of spoken word bits), DJing and jumping on with those guys. Its basically a traveling circus. Cant wait.

memegod4203 karma

Yo David/pip

I'm from Chadwell St Mary, right next to stanford le hope andI was wondering What are you favourite things about Thurrock (if any) ?

plus will you ever do a small local show like at The railway tavern or somewhere?

Scroobiuspipyo5 karma

No plans to do a local show, no. Wouldnt work. Genuinely wouldnt go down well. I remember crying as a kid when my mum got a job at Chadwell library because they had recently/regularly had the windows smashed and I was scared she was going to get killed. haha. That said, we did pop in once on the way home from somewhere and it was being robbed. My Dad had to tackle a young lad (who I think had a screwdriver in hand) to the floor. Happy times...

Mogar_the_Bear3 karma

Hey Pip, I'm a huge fan. Thanks for all the great music you've given us and this AMA! Just wondering where the idea for "Porter" came from? What was the hardest verse to write?

Scroobiuspipyo7 karma

I had that idea when on tour and LOVED it... then I told dan le sac and B Dolan about it when walking in Newcastle and they both showed no interest. haha. That may be why it took so long to write. The idea was prior to Distraction Pieces. Really had fun with that one though. From concept to flow/structure.

cheeseandwich3 karma

Do you prefer simpsons or family guy?

Scroobiuspipyo3 karma

Family Guy

silverinthelight3 karma

Hello! Are there any musicians that you're in to that might surprise us?

Scroobiuspipyo6 karma

Dunno! Cyndi Lauper? Kate Bush? Prince? Bruce Springsteen? These are four of my all time favs.

msorks3 karma

I never post comments in AMA's till now. But I feel like this is worth while. You and all the sf guys inspire me so much and make a huge difference in my opinion.

Questions. What is it like working with the SF guys. And how was it working from the uk with them?

Let me come is one of my favorite videos you have. Whose idea was it and what was it like filming?

Any plans working with sage more? I think another record together would be killer.

Much love.

Scroobiuspipyo3 karma

  1. An honour. They are family. Simple as that.
  2. Mine. And it was last minute. It was originally a video based around riots. But then riots started in the UK and it felt like we were cashing in on it so I came up with and organised that vid in about 10 days. Everyone in it nailed it!
  3. Always a possibility

emelvin3 karma

Do you have any standout memories of interacting with your fans?

Scroobiuspipyo4 karma

Constantly! From the MMA chats on twitter to the general comment banter on instagram. Im constantly on all these things so there too many memories to list. But, for example, one lad I used to chat to on twitter about MMA (Sam Marshall), ended up hosting a drinks we did on tour at his pub and is now someone I chat to regularly as a mate.

ParadoxTrip3 karma

Mr Pip, what are your 5 favourite things?

Like, ever. From music to artists, from friends to family.

Scroobiuspipyo4 karma

Ice Cream Pizza MMA Ice Cream Films/TV

Kayniaan3 karma

Courtois or Cech?

Scroobiuspipyo8 karma


mollymcdeath3 karma

I felt that Thou Shalt Always Kill put things into perspective regarding fans' tendencies to glorify musicians. Do you feel that your own fans treat you as "just a band"?

Scroobiuspipyo4 karma

In many ways, yeah. I always run my own merch and chat to them, we all chat on line loads.

UnnaturalSelection133 karma

Thanks for participating in this Scroobius Pip, you have a lot of fans on here, myself included of course!

You’re obviously very active on social media in general - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube – and I was just wondering if these platforms have been important in allowing you to stay largely independent from major labels, and why this was important to you in the first place?

Scroobiuspipyo4 karma

They have been 100% essential. From and artist and label point of view I wouldnt be able to do half of what I do without them. They are the free marketing that the budgetless need.

nobody_loves_me3 karma

Any tips on beard growing? I'm trying to get mine and good as yours

Scroobiuspipyo15 karma

  1. Stop shaving.
  2. Wait.

Tonka7773 karma

Hey Pip, big fan since i saw a video of you performing Angles at Bestival. Is there ever a story behind your more 'emotional' songs. Angles, Magicians Assistant, or Terminal, on the RRR album, as examples? I often wonder if those songs are about a specific person, or just lyrics you thought up. Cheers.

Scroobiuspipyo5 karma

I tend to write fiction. I will draw from personal experience, experiences of those around me, research, films... all sorts. And I will then create a new story. The only 100% true story (of that nature) that springs to mind is Cowboi. That is something that happened to my nan and I always found her reaction inspiring.

iraitis3 karma

Coolest thing you've ever dressed up as for halloween?

Scroobiuspipyo8 karma

I lterally cant think of a single thing. My mate Chris and Marc once cellotaped their heads together to be siamese twins once though

CardShark133 karma

How do you spread cream cheese on your bagels?

Scroobiuspipyo28 karma

With your mum

Crouch3103 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA!

My first question is can you recommend a good Rosé?

Secondly and more importantly, will you be touring Ireland again in 2015? I missed your gig in Indipendance and my buddy sent me a picture from the press tent taken with yourself and Dan just to piss me off. Is there any chance we will ever see you two guys performing together again?

Scroobiuspipyo7 karma

  1. Whatevers cheapest son
  2. We have no plans to perform together again, no. But ive just announced a label tour which I will be hosting and (ive listed what ill be doing above) and that hits Ireland in Nov!

ParadoxTrip3 karma

OH and, what was the first games console you ever played?

I'm gonna guess an Atari or Commodore!

Scroobiuspipyo3 karma

ZX Spectrum son. My uncle John used to make home made games too. Baller

RynB932 karma

I had to restart my phone to ask this. What is your process for writing, do you get subject matter and decide to write or start with a blank page and start bar by bar?

In relation to you and dan le sac how do ye go about making the music for the rap. Is it beat or rap that comes first? How do they affect each other?

Scroobiuspipyo2 karma

This is the worst question to answer as, for both, there is no set process. All of the methid listed above have been used. And both have effected each other. It really varies.

moolikeacow2 karma

Be honest: how much do you enjoy the crowd's reaction after you say: Make. Some. Noise?

Scroobiuspipyo3 karma

It really varies so its a bit I enjoy less than others! haha. Your kind of instructing them not to but, by now, sometimes hoping they do... Awkward.

Alextreme32 karma

How long is that marvellous beard? I moustache because I'm growing mine to catch up...

Scroobiuspipyo13 karma

Its from my lip to the bottom of my beard.

Twelve20two2 karma

Do you think you'll ever put together another book?

And how do you keep your beard looking so nice?

Scroobiuspipyo5 karma

  1. Maybe! Its getting close to the point where I have enough material since the last one came out to make a new one worth while.
  2. Beard oil sonnnnn

Dormers2 karma

1) What's your favourite "type" of hip hop? On The Beatdown you'll play a lot of old school as well as tracks that don't use samples and are very modern sounding hip hop and also a lot of unorthodox stuff that fits into neither of those categories.

2) Do you still work with Dan le Sac?

3) Do you think hip hop took a turn for the worse when sampling because an incredibly complicated and costly process? (I certainly do)

4) Any exciting collaborations for the future?

Scroobiuspipyo2 karma

1) I like having the variation! 2) We have two shows left together! 3) Not at all. Hip Hop is on a constant and unstoppable journey. Sampling has produced some of the best tracks has not sampling. 4) Excited about every single one that happens naturally. Trying to put together a thing with Jean Grae and Open Mike Eagle and figure if I keep talking about it they will be forced into it...

TheZiggyStardust2 karma


Scroobiuspipyo2 karma

It worked great! We got it up there! I was delighted with that. No other plans though, no.

Nickolift2 karma

Do you and Dan have anything special planned for your set at Bestival? You're definitely the act I'm most excited to see there!

Scroobiuspipyo6 karma

Its going to be crazy emotional. Thats all i know!

mrshatnertoyou2 karma

I know you have a close relationship with my favorite DJ of all time John Kennedy. Do you have a great story that is printable, that you can share with us about him?

Scroobiuspipyo3 karma

John gave us our career. The story of him playing us for the first time is well documented so how about my favourite memory of meeting up with him at SXSW festival. Its a traditionally messy festival so I was ready for him to be all over the place. He turned up with a note book and basically had 17 minutes to grab a drink with me before going to watch half of one band and then move on to the second half of another. I loved it. No one loves music in the same way as John. Its got to the point where i can no longer think of him as the new John Peel. He isnt the new anyone. He is the original John Kennedy.

SillyCatFace4672 karma

Scroob, I met you at Reading Festival in 2008 and then ended up seeing you at Dan le Sac at KoKo a few months ago. You guys were incredible. Firstly, I have to say thank you so so much for the music you have made, things like Broken Promise, Introdiction, The Struggle, Magicians Assistant, Angles, Letter from God to Man, etc have all helped me and have helped me to understand myself, other people and the world.

But, what I really want to know is, if you could go anywhere in the world, and do anything, where would it be and what would you do?

Scroobiuspipyo3 karma

I'd like to hit up Iceland. Ive never been so I dont know what Id do there. Guess I have to go find out...

Animatr0nic2 karma

Can you remember 'HOW GROW BEARD'? Because that was me. Hint: Anniversary of a song.

Scroobiuspipyo15 karma

I have no idea what your talking about. Please put your trousers back on and leave.

allegedlegend2 karma

Scroob! Massive fan, thanks for doing this AMA.

Which direction do you plan on focusing on next? Solo hip-hop stuff, spoken word?

Also, a few years ago I was sat a short distance from you watching bedtime stories with Billy Bragg at Camp Bestival. I was rather star struck, and I think you caught me staring. Sorry about that...

Scroobiuspipyo3 karma

Billy is a legend. haha Next up is a new hip hop record, yeah. Hip hop/rap/whatever...basically, there will be music!

highflyerhardy2 karma

Could you name you're top 5 hip hop artists?

Scroobiuspipyo2 karma

  1. KRS ONE
  2. KRS ONE
  3. KRS ONE
  4. KRS ONE
  5. KRS ONE (points for getting the line Im referencing here)

bastardofyoung1 karma

Should Jon Jones fight DC or Gustaffson first? I think the DC fight is mega money but Alex is #1 contender.

Scroobiuspipyo4 karma

Im cool with either. Gutted Jones got injured as this was building great.

[deleted]1 karma


Scroobiuspipyo4 karma

haha. Explain to me how it could be done any other way?