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Hey everyone, huge fan!

First off, Lauren I just want to say how great your post was in September regarding sexism not only in popular music, but in society as a whole. Our rape culture needs to be addressed and it's refreshing to see someone who has the power to bring it to light do so, thank you.

Now my question, I'm really looking forward to your set at Bonnaroo in June but I'm not sure what time you guys play on Friday and am worried you might conflict with someone else. Do you know what time your set will be yet?

Thank you!

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If you were to remake Thou Shalt Always Kill, what bands would you include now a day that weren't around then as "just a band?"

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When are we getting the lava sauce back?

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Great question, would love to see this answered!

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Hey guys! Thanks for everything you've done for all of us. I've gone to Roo the past two years and loved it. So thanks.

I can't really think of a great question off the top of my head but I'm not going to waste this opportunity either.

So...what's going on with Roo and Prince? Surprised this hasn't happened yet and would like to see it become a reality.