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Carduus_Benedictus10 karma

Would you eat food that was dropped on one of your lawns a half hour after pesticide treatment? If not, how long would you wait before you'd feel 'safe'?

TrimChaser27 karma

Half hour in like 70 degree weather and above, sure. I wouldwipe it off first. The reason I say temperature is because it plays a huge role in how fast the plants absorb it.

In pasture management there is actually a 2-4-d formulation called Grazeon Ultra, its for active grazing pastures and doesnt harm the cattle at all, pretty cool stuff

electricballroom7 karma

Is there anything that I can do about crab grass this late in the season? My Bermuda grass lawn is fucked.

It's 105° - 110° every day and the stuff at Home Depot says not to use it over 90° day time temperatures.

TrimChaser16 karma

Since you can't buy any of the chemicals that will kill it right now (Ronstar, Quinclorac) I'd just wait for it to die off then early next spring lay down a crabgrass preventer like Halt

ElaborateSimplicity5 karma

Other than pulling by hand, what is the best way to get rid of Bermuda grass that will not kill off our St. Augustine?

TrimChaser15 karma

There isn't really any good way, you eventually end up with a mixed lawn of st Augustine and Bermuda, we see a decent amount of those and they actually work pretty well. In the end the Bermuda will usually win and be the majority of the lawn. But it's really not a detrimental thing. I'd just let it be

ElaborateSimplicity7 karma

Wanted to know for aesthetic purposes. Thank you.

TrimChaser13 karma

Then yea hand removal would be your best bet.

NotSlugworth5 karma

My parents' lawn has gotten really bad (IMO). There's too many grasses (legitimate ones like fescues, rye, and a bluegrass patch), clovers, crab grasses, and some deadness throughout.

After treating with weed killer ( which is only moderately effective) would you recommend seeding over it in the fall or cutting it extremely low to burn it out and then seeding over it?

My goal is a lush Kentucky bluegrass lawn.

TrimChaser4 karma

Cut it and seed it in the spring, re apply a broadleaf weed killer in the spring

muroto5 karma

What's your opinion on the bison grass vodka, zubrowka? (I'm not even trying to put the Polish accents in their place.)

TrimChaser7 karma

That's actually just a variety of rye grass. I assume it has a pretty unique bitter taste.

gobuyastick4 karma

I transplanted a small tree into my back yard about a month ago from my parents house about 10 miles away; how can i make sure that it will grow into a healthy tree? I believe it's a Maple tree.

edit: Indianapolis

TrimChaser6 karma

Make sure to add some tree and shrub soil amendments to it to ensure good growth, and since its the summer make sure its getting plenty of water. Im notreally familiar with maples because they are tough to grow on the hard clay down here, I definitely suggest looking into your soil typefor your area or consulting a local nursery for better information.

Benjamin_All_My_Life3 karma

I live in the southwest US and we all have Bermuda for our summer lawns out here. My question is this. Over the last few years our summer lawn has transformed from Bermuda to nut grass. The nut grass looks just as good if not better than the Bermuda but I. Spreads everywhere and is impossible to get rid of in places you don't want it. How do I transform my lawn back to Bermuda?

TrimChaser8 karma

Go to home depot or lowes and a get a bottle of this stuff called "Image"

Now you will want the green bottle of image that is for nut sedge. DO NOT GET THE PURPLE BOTTLE, its for St Aug and will destroy your lawn.

Cut the lawn incredibly short like 1". Then spray it down with the image. It should burn it out in a couple of weeks and the bermuda can start claiming some lost territory.

baltikorean3 karma

I need to fill some spots in my lawn with soil to make a more gradual slope in my hard. I plan to reseed those spots afterwards. What time of year would be the best time to put the soil down? (in Maryland)

TrimChaser3 karma

I would go with the spring.

JewInTheModernWorld2 karma

Are there any kinds of grass that are (relatively) drought tolerant but still have the look and feel of golf course grass?

I know I'm asking for a lot here, but hey, can't a guy dream a little bit?

TrimChaser4 karma

The majority of golf course grass used which is Bermudagrass is actually incredibly drought tolerant in almost all of its varieties except ultra dwarfs(the putting green grass) the reason why it seems they arent drought tolerant is because of their water scheduling giving them shallow root structures.

Your_Favorite_Poster1 karma

So are you a huge fanboy of Pete Dye, or the opposite?

TrimChaser2 karma

I like Coore & Crenshaw

But honestly designers dont really get into the agronomy of it.

JeSuisAmiralAckbar1 karma

Tips for overseeding a lawn in a semi-arid climate?

TrimChaser3 karma

Unless it's really thin I wouldn't do it. It take a ton of water for seed to establish, it would be easier to fertilize and encourage growth.

JeSuisAmiralAckbar1 karma

There's a couple of sections of older growth and some new growth sprouting up in patches but the rest is dead thatch. I'm in SoCal so water-efficiency is definitely a factor.

TrimChaser4 karma

What is the grass type? You could possibly overseed but it may be easier to cut out and sod the dead sections

lackingthecracker1 karma

How the heck do you make the grass look all checkered-y?! It's impossible!

TrimChaser2 karma

It's how the angle of cut occurs on the mowers used. You can cut at differentangles so that the rollers create those shapes.


My grass is patchy what do?

TrimChaser1 karma

Depends where you live and your grass type, you may need to sod or you may be able to overseed.

409cleansmysoul1 karma

My yard is all weeds. I live on a steep hill and am worried about killing the weeds to plant grass. What can I do?

TrimChaser2 karma

You can use roundup to kill all the weeds and then plant the grass. Roundup has little no residual and will not wash off into a watershed.

wrecktangular-2 karma

The fuck do people need a lawn for? Grow food.

TrimChaser1 karma

Well that is your opinion and you are definitely entitled to it.Lawns help with erosion control, water filtration, heat dissipation in urban heat islands and serve as an environment for many animals. Gardens require ten times the labor to maintain than a lawn. especially if you do it all organic.