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When will you start hosting the web series "Trollin' with Josh Brolin," in which you scour internet articles and post outrageous comments in message boards?

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I typed that into Yelp and couldn't find anything.

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UNU SAYS: "Guys I'm only on here to answer questions about U.S. politics"

COMMENTARY: UNU expressed high confidence that it only wants to answer questions about U.S. politics

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Maybe the harbor's salty because Ravens fans didn't like the Patriots' use of Shane Vereen as an ineligible receiver in the AFC Divisional Game. Ravens Fan Here.

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It's always felt like residential environmental efforts pale in comparison to what could be done commercially. For example telling households to stop using sprinklers on their lawns (which is fair) compared to the shit ton of water need for almonds and what not.

I guess my question is, are you more focused on Joe Ordinary and how he responds, or a more holistic focus on how everyone could do their part regardless of their contributions to the economy?