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Edit 2: Proof... for science. (The infamous beer in the coffee mug routine.)

Edit 3: Shifts over, getting our drink on, the girls are perfectly safe

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fire_of_my_loins41 karma

Does that mean that you work drunk? Also, goddamn is it a requirement to be drop-dead gorgeous to apply?

grotesqueFetus31 karma

  1. Your people skills increase a lot when you have a couple of brewskies in your system, so it really helps.
  2. Thank you! You are just too kind.

itsjustnes13 karma

did you choose that username? and whhhyyy? (curious)

grotesqueFetus14 karma

It's a really nice name, and we think it suits us.

legendoflink340 karma

Are there black people in iceland?

grotesqueFetus167 karma

Yes. 1 guy. He is nice.

tetrakaidecahedron4 karma

Which one are you ignoring, Unnsteinn or Logi?!?

grotesqueFetus3 karma

Logi is just not my type, sorry.

scubasue3 karma

So about 12% of the population?

grotesqueFetus4 karma

That sounds about right

showmm28 karma

I'm trying to remember any restaurant in south-east Iceland. Is this in Kirkjubæjarklaustur?

grotesqueFetus28 karma

No comment

sparknozzle2 karma

if it is, tell that awesome scotsman at the visitors center hello for me - met him last June and he was legit.

if not, well, takk anyways for the interesting AMA

grotesqueFetus5 karma

Not Kirkjubæjarklaustur, no scotsman, sorry brah.

sparknozzle1 karma

no worries friends, maybe bump into you guys in reykjavik for airwaves!

grotesqueFetus1 karma

Hope you do mate

atikin_20 karma

  1. How are you managing to work and also reply to questions at the same time? Do you take it in turns...what's the strategy?

  2. What was the inspiration for starting this thread?

grotesqueFetus30 karma

  1. We answer the questions in the cash register so every once in a while when we put in an order or print out a check, we answer a question.

  2. Just for shits n gigs

GaiusOrangeJulius15 karma

Is it true that you never run out of ice in Iceland?

grotesqueFetus32 karma

Yes it's true, the glaciers give us infinite ice.

heyitsmykull12 karma

  1. is it really true that "Iceland is covered in green, and Greenland is covered in ice"? reference:

  2. on the real: i'm going to iceland in november, what's the one thing i must see/do?

grotesqueFetus26 karma

  1. Yes it's true, it was a viking trap. A very successful one.
  2. Reykjavik Downtown Poundtown during the weekend, bound to get intense.

NotChristina11 karma

I hear there's a lot of drinking in Iceland -- how social is it? Is it easy to get home if you've had too much?

Are tourists viewed well?

I've always wanted to visit and have been considering planning a trip within in the next year or so.

grotesqueFetus18 karma

We fucking love tourists, specially when we're partying with them. Getting home just depends on where you're staying, in smaller towns it's a piece of cake but if you're in the Reykjavik area it might be a bit harder.

StormyJMaster11 karma

How many alpacas can a tiger eat in ten minutes?

grotesqueFetus22 karma

I think two

Bat_turd9 karma

What is Iceland like? Good points?

grotesqueFetus22 karma

The night life is amazing during the weekends, it's extremely expensive and our girls aren't really that slutty.

AngryJawa36 karma

That sounds terrible

grotesqueFetus12 karma

i know rite?

AngryJawa4 karma

How expensive we talking by the way? Is it like crazy expensive? Also is it easy to find work their as a tourist/visitor?

grotesqueFetus8 karma

Too fucking expensive. Finding a job as a tourist is probably easy if you're familiar with the tourist industry.

Bubbah_gump_shriemp3 karma

What if canadians come bearing maple syrup gifts? I know chicks. Chicks dig that.

grotesqueFetus6 karma

Well give us the syrup already, eyh?

RacksDiciprine7 karma

Best and worst tip you ever received?

grotesqueFetus63 karma

Other waiter here... I once got a Christian pamphlet from a Jehova's witness who tried to smear his religious views all over my perfect and chiseled body

grotesqueFetus24 karma

Best tip was 13000ISK on a 14000ISK bill and worst tip was when a Japanese photographer gave me a calendar, gg.

RacksDiciprine9 karma

Haha thanks. Its like. "Hey buddy you forgot something. Doesn't seem like you can afford to give these away." Is what idda said. Sure would..

grotesqueFetus11 karma

Nah he was so happy, that i kinda felt for the fucker

Captain_Giggles6 karma

At first I was confused. I thought you were talking about EVE. :( I have a disappointment.

grotesqueFetus15 karma

EVE is the shit, but 13000ISK wont get you very far there.

HuhDude2 karma

A calender is a great tip. He gave you the gift of never forgetting what day it is. For a year.

grotesqueFetus8 karma

I still use it, 3 years later.

ItzOptimus3 karma

So not so shitty then right?

grotesqueFetus9 karma

Keeps giving me the wrong days, might be broken or something.

TurtleDigester7 karma

Would you rather fight one Icelandic horse sized arctic fox or 100 arctic fox sized Icelandic horses?

grotesqueFetus5 karma

Option C: One Icelandic size fetus!

bundle056 karma

If someone delivers a pizza, what percentage of the bill would you tip?

grotesqueFetus26 karma

0%, its not a custom

grotesqueFetus4 karma

Other waiter here .. he pays us! =]

blinking1826 karma


grotesqueFetus10 karma

After a decade of searching and perfecting we finally came to a conclusion. DAX and d:fi green/blue and you'll be getting pussy left and right.

bootscootinboogiee5 karma

What do the people over there think about Americans?? Like what's the stereotype?

grotesqueFetus41 karma

There are a couple of Americans here right know. They have pretty obnoxious accents and talk A LOT about nothing.

helloimbenlinus5 karma


grotesqueFetus5 karma

HERE obviously and maybe the green lagoon

SRD_Grafter5 karma

Do you know Bjork?

What do you do for fun?

grotesqueFetus12 karma

We know who she is but we don't really know her personally. For fun we get fucked.

Brodi815 karma

So no Harriets huh?

grotesqueFetus18 karma

We have had names like Ljótur=Ugly, and Lofthæna=AirChicken. So I don't know whats wrong with Harriet

SangfroidSlackJester5 karma

What are you intoxicated on?

grotesqueFetus14 karma

Oh you know .. just the useehh. Drugs, sex and rock'n'roll!

Natural_Mutant4 karma

How difficult is it to obtain marijuana up there? What's the quality like?

grotesqueFetus12 karma

Not difficult at all if you're in the capital, might be a bit tricky when you live in a small town like we do, but then again it's easy as fuck if you know the right people.

hellothere0074 karma

Do you know if there are lots of Canadian travelers?

grotesqueFetus27 karma

Did you mean lost? Cause there's a lot of lost Canadians over here.

merkedis3 karma

Are you allowed to be tipsy at work? That'd be pretty cool.

grotesqueFetus14 karma

Nope wink wink

two_off3 karma

Where do Icelanders typically travel to for their vacations?

grotesqueFetus9 karma


Morocco_Bama3 karma

How much do you think you could drink before you guys forget ever posting this?

grotesqueFetus14 karma

Hopefuly not to much...The guests also need their amount of alcohol.

osama-bin-chillin3 karma

What's 2+2?

grotesqueFetus6 karma

You tell me..

ScottMcPay3 karma

Is Sigur Ros required listening in primary school?

grotesqueFetus8 karma

No! But it definately should be if we want our future to be full of icelandic hipsters.

moopersoup3 karma

I am not convinced that you are properly intoxicated, can you provide further proof?

grotesqueFetus5 karma

How would you recommend we do so?

moopersoup10 karma

Yesterday there was a thread about drunks jumping several stories and surviving because the alcohol kept them loose. I would accept a video of such as proof.

moopersoup5 karma

That is maybe an extreme solution.

moopersoup1 karma

aaahahaha, I hope he found a quite place to sit down.

grotesqueFetus1 karma

hahahahahahhahahah yes.

NorbitGorbit3 karma

since iceland is small, do you eventually meet all the well-known celebrities?

grotesqueFetus14 karma

If you live in Reykjavik you see them once a week. We had the cast of game of throwns eating here 2 years ago, which was pretty cool(Jon Snow was small).

HuhDude1 karma

Aww. Small-Jon Snow sounds adorable.

grotesqueFetus5 karma

He really was a cute little bugger

Danny-Denjennery3 karma

Are you guys football fans? Because damn you NT was close to the World Cup!

grotesqueFetus2 karma

Yeah big fans of the EPL, LFC FWT!!

ispoileditright3 karma

Is alchol the only thing you guys are intoxicated on?

grotesqueFetus8 karma

At the moment, yes.

youreunbelieveable3 karma

Is marijuana illegal?

grotesqueFetus3 karma


RizzMustbolt2 karma

Are you guys drunk on that crazy Brennivín?

grotesqueFetus6 karma

No that comes later when were ready to get shitfaced.

brumblebug1 karma

Don't forget the hákarl.

grotesqueFetus8 karma

You know what, fuck hákarl. It's terrible and nobody actually likes it.

escherbach2 karma

What language(s) do you need to speak in the restaurant?

grotesqueFetus7 karma

Icelandic, English,Danish,German,Fillipino and Swahili from time to time.

escherbach3 karma

Speak them

grotesqueFetus5 karma

Wewe ni rundo la kuanika farasi cum!

MsQueued3 karma

Filipino? I'm surprised! Are there a lot of Filipinos there to warrant you to know a smattering of our language?

grotesqueFetus1 karma

I have only met one filipino, he was decent.

KastaBortAvUppenbar2 karma

How's it like speaking Icelandic while drunk? Must come out like nonsense?

grotesqueFetus27 karma

Imagine elvish from LOTR... it sounds nothing like that!

[deleted]1 karma


grotesqueFetus3 karma

It's the glacier region bro

AngryJawa1 karma

Is it illegal to drink on shift? I know for us its illegal, but you know fuck the law right, unless you get caught.

grotesqueFetus3 karma

I don't think it's legal, not really sure.

lostseamen1 karma

How's the weather?

grotesqueFetus7 karma

Like Cairo by Icelandic standards

lostseamen2 karma

So 3?

grotesqueFetus5 karma

3 what

macbeth007981 karma

How frequently do you spill shit on your customers, or have you learned how to effectively "waiter-while-intoxicated"?

grotesqueFetus4 karma

i can even count on my toes :/

KomodoMoses1 karma

Have you ever puked on a customer?

grotesqueFetus1 karma

Define pukee?

PickingOutANameIsHar1 karma

What are you drinking?

grotesqueFetus1 karma

Beer buddy

Doogerizer1 karma

If invited would you come to the NWT? It's not that far.

grotesqueFetus4 karma

National Womens Tennis?

Thinc_Ng_Kap1 karma

North West Territories. In Canada.

grotesqueFetus5 karma

Well one of us actually grew up in Canada, spent like 8 years of his life there, so if invited he would most likely be dtf.

[deleted]1 karma


grotesqueFetus2 karma

Wife swap?

Recreant571 karma

Do any of you follow Conor McGregor?

grotesqueFetus6 karma

Fuck no, Gunnar "Gunny" Nelson über alles

vypergts1 karma

How is the puffin at your restaurant?

grotesqueFetus5 karma

We dont serve shit

MsQueued1 karma

What do fermented sharks, sheep testicles and sheep's head taste like?

grotesqueFetus6 karma

The sheep testicles and sheep's head are pretty decent, but the shark is fucking disgusting and people should feel bad for eating it.

bdubrava1 karma

Have you ever peed in the blue lagoon because you know you can get away with it undetected?

grotesqueFetus4 karma

Cant even count.

loafers_glory1 karma

A friend of mine, bit of a bullshit artist, who used to live in Iceland told me once that when they were trying to establish more of a police force in the isolated areas, they just headed out from Reykjavik and stopped off in each little village, waited for the bars to close and for a massive brawl to spill out onto the street. They waited for the last man standing, put a baton and a badge in his hand, and said "you're the cop now". So, he said, Iceland is now full of massive cops (or was, back in the day).

Is there ANY truth to any of that?

grotesqueFetus7 karma

While it's a great story, it has to be to most stupid made up shit I've ever heard. Sorry bro :(

Beef-Chief1 karma

Where the fuck are my eggs?

grotesqueFetus1 karma

we aint got no eggs m8

Beef-Chief1 karma

Damn your still going at it. How was the party after work?

grotesqueFetus2 karma

It was pretty good until B-Money got too drunk and just wanted to go to bed and watch Pitch Perfect of all movies.

[deleted]1 karma


grotesqueFetus4 karma

Nope not really.

escherbach1 karma

Why do you kill whales?

grotesqueFetus15 karma

Why not? They're delicious as fuck.

chewy_nipsahoy6 karma

I can confirm this, even as an American. I've been to Iceland three times already and have had the whale every time. It's delicious as fuck. Can't wait to eat more when I'm back there in November.

grotesqueFetus8 karma

Well done son, i love you.