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My name is Chris Pate, and I’m the Product Manager for gaming mice at Logitech G.

I started at Logitech in 1996 taking tech support calls, then moved into gaming product QA and eventually product management. In addition to gaming mice, I’ve also worked on gaming keyboards, wheels, headsets, joysticks, gamepads and mousepads. The newest product I have worked on is the just-released G402 Hyperion Fury, the world’s fastest gaming mouse.

While I can’t talk about future products or do other NDA-breaking things, please ask me almost anything!

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ScugTuggerSw4mp69 karma

Why don't you make the MX-518 anymore? It was by far the best mouse ever made. I'm down to my last one!!! I can only find them on E-bay for like 100 bucks now :(.

LogitechG_Chris50 karma

Occasionally we will refresh a product to improve it. The MX518 was an upgrade of the MX510, which was an upgrade of the MX500. We upgraded MX518 to G400 and then G400s. Now, after nearly 11 years, Hyperion Fury is replacing the G400s shape. It's cyclical - just this cycle lasted longer than most do.

motherlode12 karma

I don't have anything to say about the mice or keyboards you develop but please let your engineering team know that I am impressed with the build quality, design and performance of Logitech headsets. I have never enjoyed owning a headset as much as I have enjoyed the Logitech (G430) I have.

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

Thanks, and I will!

ifawted54 karma

I have always wanted a 100 button mouse for MOBAs. Can you make that please? How about a keyboard with an optical sensor that I could just push around?

LogitechG_Chris134 karma

I am not sure your understanding of ergonomics is sound.

Thesciencenut27 karma

But you could figure it out, right?


LogitechG_Chris87 karma

Instructions not clear, shoe stuck in keyboard.

Mcsquizzy26 karma


LogitechG_Chris56 karma

I suggest a quick visit to /r/mechanicalkeyboards to be elightened about the intricacies of Keyboard Science.

Shugbug19863 karma

Have you seen the Gamecube controller with a full built in keyboard? That shit was hilarious. It's just a giant ass keyboard with parts of the controller on both ends. Truly a glorious beast.

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

It was very similar to the first product I ever worked on that made it to retail, the NetPlay Controller.

srlefevre38 karma

Hey Chris,

How much has your salary increased from when you started in '96 to now?

LogitechG_Chris96 karma

A lot.

xSociety34 karma

A true G9x successor. WHEN?!?!?!

LogitechG_Chris27 karma

I am not permitted to discuss future product plans but the request for an update to the G9x is something we will take into consideration when making future product plans.

tiduz14922 karma

3 months late but really need a new g9x please

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

I hear that request a lot. Could you give me more detail about what you specifically like about G9x?

read_the_article_4 karma

I hear that request a lot. Could you give me more detail about what you specifically like about G9x?

It's the size and shape (particularly the smaller shell, bigger one with thumb rest is ok). No new logitech mouse comes close to that shape. I went out of my way to try all of the new Logitech G mice, but no dice on a single one nailing the size/shape of the G9x.

Yes, we've heard time and again that the laser on the new mice are a ton more accurate as well as other improvements. We know how hard it is to middleclick the g9x mouse (which is why I changed middleclick to a side-wheel click).

The shape and size of the G9X is absolutely perfect; if your design team gets around to making a true G9x successor (g9x2?) I will be the first in line.

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

How do you feel about the G302's shape?

Thud1325 karma


LogitechG_Chris39 karma

That's awful :(

Check your PMs.

WadeWilsonforPope8 karma

I know this is over and I know I read it wrong but I thought you were being super passive aggressive.

Check your PMS

LogitechG_Chris5 karma

That's definitely how I am :D

Lightling_23 karma

Will you release a consumer bag in the future to hold Logitech gaming products, like the G710+ and G602, like the ones given to the professional teams? (Best combo!)

LogitechG_Chris27 karma

That's an interesting idea (and our pro teams love theirs) that I'll suggest to the marketing team. As a product guy, that wouldn't be under my purview.

WaystoneZwill23 karma

Hi Chris!

Did Charles promise you lunch for doing this? (Also, Logitech mice are the best...love my G602!)

  • Andy

LogitechG_Chris29 karma

Yes, I got a burrito.

I love your G602 too.

LogitechG_Charles28 karma

His compliance in this was surprisingly cheap to buy.

WaystoneZwill7 karma

Please tell me you at least threw in chips and guac.

LogitechG_Charles18 karma

Chips yes, but no guac, cause I'm a cheap jerk. Plenty of free salsa though.

LogitechG_Chris19 karma

Guacamole is the compote of the devil. So I ain't even mad.

igacek22 karma

Why doesn't Logitech allow for cheap replacement mice feet? I've got a G500 that's still going strong from many years ago, but I'd love for some cheap(er) replacement pads/feet. The only ones I can find are on Amazon for $35+, which is getting close to the price of a new mouse..... I'd love to be able to buy new mouse "feet"/pads for $5-10 including shipping.

Also, when my keyboard experienced physical faults, Logitech used the excuse that they "don't support Windows 8.1 yet". What's up with that? It's been out for basically a year now. There's no excuse not to have full Windows 8.1 software and driver support. Hell, HP/Epson/Canon/etc all have Windows 8.1 AND Windows 8 support, but Logitech doesn't? That's kind of sad.

LogitechG_Chris28 karma

Our newer gaming mice do have replacement feet available and I am working to ensure that going forward replacement feet for our gaming mice will be available from our website. I'll look into the G500/500s specifically.

Garm_Bel_Iblis20 karma

Why why why why why why do you refuse to acknowledge the M570 crowd? I know a good number of people who use these pieces of shit, myself included, and the quality on these things compared to your G-series mice is just appalling.

Seriously, man. Shitty, cheap plastic components, barely-responsive switches, the same chinsey plastic rollers you've used in trackballs since the 90's (you know, the ones which need to be cleaned out daily to stay usable), and the same poorly-adhered rubber feet... I mean I'm not mad at you, personally, but FFS give us some love!

TL;DR: Trackballers are people, too. Give us a G-Series. Logitech would be the only people making a gaming trackball. That mouse would shit money. You like money, don't you?

LogitechG_Chris17 karma


We honestly don't ignore anybody, but we do have to make choices about what we do and don't do from a product development standpoint. Requests from gamers like you are one thing that helps us to determine which of those things make it into the product development pipeline. So I'll take your feedback and use it when we think about future products.

TehH4rRy20 karma

I'm a happy owner of a G700s, can I ask why the really horrible and thick charging cable was used? It's nigh impossible to use the mouse with it connected. It's not a huge problem for me as I invested in a 4pack of Eneloop's.

Carry on the good work and thanks for taking the time to read our questions!

LogitechG_Chris31 karma

The charging cable needed to pass all kinds of EMI, agency, and USBIF specs, which required a significant amount of shielding. It's been made very clear to us that this is not a popular quality of the product, so we're taking that into consideration as we look at our future product roadmap.

captcha_bot6 karma

Hi, I'm considering upgrading to this mouse, how is the response and how far away from the receiver do you keep it? Thanks.

LogitechG_Chris8 karma

It is capable of 1ms report rate and has an intelligent channel hopping algorithm that moves it out of the way of interference if it encounters any. It can work as far as 30 feet from the receiver depending on conditions, and it has an extension cable to move it away from devices that could be causing interference.

JumpingNinja17 karma

HI chris, will you ever make a Cloud 9 team version of your g402?

i mean the color scheme already matches it and youre already sponsoring cloud 9 dota team

LogitechG_Chris13 karma

Interesting idea. :)

jloysnenph8 karma

Just to back the original guy up, I would buy this 100 percent as a fan of the c9 league team.

Although, if you were to do it, would the mouse have to cost extra?

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

I can't really speak to that - I just thought it was a cool idea.

Durghum15 karma


LogitechG_Chris23 karma

I can't really comment on future product plans.

As an interesting aside, we just signed Millennium as one of our sponsored teams, and their midlaner (Kerp) uses a Logitech trackball. So I'm sure he'll be asking me the same thing.

Feartheflames14 karma

What mouse do you personally enjoy using and why?

Also I just want to say thank you for the G600.

I'm disabled and my hands are pretty limited in fingerspan so I use the G600 combined with a G15 to keep up with other players, the G600 is a nice size and the side pad is so helpful and if I'm being honest, so much better than the Naga (Mainly due to software issues). So thank you for making a good mouse, thank you for enabling me to do something I enjoy and thank you for good build quality, rather than it just breaking after 3 months of use (although ironically I've worn out the left click on this so it randomly double clicks).

LogitechG_Chris10 karma

While I'm developing a product I use that product nearly exclusively. So right now I'm using Hyperion Fury because we just launched it.

I really enjoyed working on the G600 and am glad you like it and it is working so well for you.

aquilaFiera14 karma

What's the craziest computer peripheral idea that you've heard at Logitech?

LogitechG_Chris32 karma

Probably this.

Oddkarma12 karma

Can you guys start making big mice again? Not all of us have delicate, Charles-sized mini hands.

LogitechG_Chris6 karma


KSP_1173 karma

Please consider it.

I have a g500s, (which is about the best fitting mouse I have been able to find to date) , and I hate having to scrunch (?) My hand up to use it. It makes long, and short gaming sessions uncomfortable.

Is there another gaming mouse Logitech makes that's taller, wider, and longer? If so, I want to know!

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

We don't really have anything significantly bigger than the G500s except maybe the G602. The G600 is taller and wider but not longer. There are other mice that are larger in one direction or another, but not all three. I'll look into seeing how we can accommodate larger hand sizes in the future without impacting the usability for the majority of people.

Pieguy12510 karma

What were your first design hurdles when you started designing the mice?

LogitechG_Chris10 karma

The most significant challenge is making a product design that improves upon a product people love without changing their gaming experience. The first rule is to ensure that there's a minimal learning curve so that the gamer's experience is always positive and there's no losing due to hardware.

mobilesinper10 karma

Will we ever get a replacement for the G 940?

How long has Charles been an intern?

LogitechG_Chris17 karma

Get off reddit, Curtis.

thelilbearbeeny10 karma


LogitechG_Chris11 karma

Sorry I'm not going to format this correctly.

1 - Weight is something that comes up in development, and is definitely very much a personal preference thing. We try to make new products work within the range of what people have liked in the past, so that if they care to upgrade to a new version it feels as familiar as possible.

2 (and 3) - We spend a lot of time talking to gamers around the world about new product development. We are not afraid to make significant changes to products for comfort after we've received feedback. I talk to pros, to people at conventions, to people in stores, to people at LAN parties... We're always trying to make our stuff better and asking the people who use it what would be better is a key method of getting input.

4 - I'll forward that request to our keyboard product manager. :)

SpoonHandle10 karma

I'm a huge Logitech fan (more of an addict). I was curious if there are any plans/talk to have the new Logitech Gaming Software (8.55.137) updated to add support for the Gaming Controllers (Extreme 3D Pro Joystick, G27 Gaming Wheel, F310/F710) so they don't need the older 5.10.127 Gaming Software ?

I love using the Logitech gaming software with the newer mice/headsets/keyboards and wish it worked with other products.

LogitechG_Chris9 karma

This falls under the future product roadmap stuff I'm not allowed to discuss, unfortunately. Personally, I think it's an excellent idea.

Superbanzai9 karma

Do you get a lot of free products while working there? Are there restrictions as to what you can take?

LogitechG_Chris12 karma

I get to take home pre-production samples of the products I'm working on to test, and occasionally other product managers will ask me to test their products as well. Other than that, I use the employee discount to fill my house with Logitech stuff.

nldnfjklna9 karma

please ask me almost anything!

Can I have a free mouse?

Someone had to try.

LogitechG_Chris13 karma

Why you gotta make me be mean and say no? :(

brtw8 karma

Hey Chris,

I'm a long time logitech user and a half-lifelong fan of the mx510 form factor. It's been updated very little over the years. How much of a hand do you play in keeping this mouse so consistent and about how many of these units do you sell per year?

LogitechG_Chris14 karma

When I put together the business case for replacing MX518 with G400 my #1 design principle was "DO NOT SCREW IT UP." Actually that was also the title of the first slide in the presentation.

I am not at liberty to divulge sales data.

trepiwansi8 karma

Hey Chris, I'm from a 3rd world country where the logitech gseries are hard to come by. A year ago a saw from a local shop g100 keyboard and mouse combo and their were only 3 in stock and luckily i bought the last one, currently using the g100 mouse. A few months ago i saw the g400 in stores and actually cried. I'm currently saving for it. My question is should i buy this mouse or wait for the g402?

LogitechG_Chris5 karma

Glad you like our products. I really enjoy working on them.

Which country specifically? It's possible it would be a while before it got imported there. Overall, though, I would say that the Hyperion Fury is a pretty strong upgrade to the G400/G400s.

trepiwansi6 karma

The Philippines. I'm pretty much decided on buying the g400s, I've already waited so long. And I have no idea when the Hyperion Fury will come. The logitech gseries is the best match for me. I've seen my gaming skills improve from the g100 alone. How much more with the g400 :3. Here is my heartfelt thank you and good luck on future products. Kudos Chris :D

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

I do know it will be shipping there - possibly in a few months, though it's hard to say exactly when. If you do go with the G400s, please enjoy it fully. :)

ilovertz8 karma

Hi Chris,

  1. May I ask why did you stop production of the MX518 when so many people still say it is one of the best mice?

  2. What is your favourite game right now?

LogitechG_Chris8 karma

MX518 was replaced in 2011 by the G400. The only differences were the sensor's max DPI value and changing the cosmetics. We then replaced G400 with G400s using the same principles.

Currently I bounce back and forth between World of Tanks, LoL, and Binding of Isaac. I still play some Quake Live and Diablo 3, though.

on108 karma

is there any chance you guys are going to make left handed mouses?

LogitechG_Chris4 karma

I can't discuss future product plans but will take this request into consideration when we make such decisions.

Thesciencenut8 karma

Hi there Chris! Thanks for doing this!

I have a few questions for you, but I understand if you can't answer a few of them.

  1. With the coming of SteamOS (and the general rise of gaming on Linux) will we ever see Linux support with Logitech Gaming Software? I've always loved Logitech products, and I've used them since I was much younger, but I'm afraid that I might have to switch soon due to lack of support for linux.

  2. When you're designing mice, are there any major tradeoffs between which sensors to use?

  3. Has there ever been a product that you helped design that you weren't ever completely satisfied with? If so, why not?

  4. Will we ever see a wireless version of the G502?

Thanks in advance!

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

1) SteamOS is definitely on our radar. As to future LGS support plans, I can't really say.

2) Everything is done with an eye toward delivering the best experience possible within the price point and competitive set.

3) I am always very proud of what we've released and anguish over the cool stuff we had to not do because of the constraints imposed by time and/or physics.

4) If enough people ask, it could conceivably happen.

JoshuaIan6 karma

Hey Chris, thanks for doing an AMA! I really really love my G600, it pretty much destroys my old Razer Naga in quality and durability. I'd LOVE to have it in wireless so I can use it on my TV. However, $140 for a mouse is just too damn high.

Are there any plans for a price drop on that model in the foreseeable future? Maybe I'm just a terrible shopper but that's the best price I've seen for a new one.

LogitechG_Chris6 karma

I'm assuming you're talking about a wireless competitor to the G600, because it would surprise me if the G600 ($79.99) was $140 US anywhere.

I don't have any information about future pricing timing but we do have promotional pricing from time to time via one of our retail partners.

ScrattleGG6 karma

Having been using logitech products since I was 2 until now when I'm 19... you build the sturdiest and best products especially for people with huge hands. Anyway. It helped me go through tournaments and what not. Would you ever consider having gamers that log 10 hours + pr day to test out the gear for you and then send it back to you?

LogitechG_Chris5 karma

Glad they're working so well for you. :)

We occasionally bring people in under NDA to test pre-production stuff. There's not a formalized process for that right now, though.

DarkMain5 karma

Some of your gaming mice have the scroll left and scroll right on the mouse wheel (G700s and G502 for example) and other don't (G402 and G602).

What are the design reasons behind not including this feature in the mouse?
Or is it not included to keep the costs down?

I use the scroll right click a lot then I play and its a major factor I look at then deciding on a mouse to purchase.

LogitechG_Chris8 karma

Some people really love the tilt wheel and others hate it. We try to make products that make both types of people happy.

With the Hyperion Fury specifically, it was not included because the product it replaces, G400s, does not have that feature.

ezxhaton5 karma

I've been using a Cyborg RAT lately, and while the sensor doesn't hold a candle to the MX-series mice I own, I am in love with the pinky wing keeping my fingers from dragging on the mat. Could you let your designers know?

LogitechG_Chris4 karma

I will. Thanks.

thelastbaronn5 karma

Hi, I bought a wireless G602 on a whim a few months back and am really enjoying so far, but I was wondering what the performance difference is like a wired and wireless mouse and what thought process is gone through when deciding on which to use?

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

For the vast majority of people the performance of our gaming wireless is indiscernable from a wired gaming mouse. We've even got pros like Meteos from Cloud 9 LoL and EternalEnvy from Cloud 9 DOTA using our G602. And compared with standard mice, they're already four times more responsive. And wireless is significantly more convenient overall. Some people prefer to use a wired mouse because they're concerned about performance or battery life, but with G602 those are both really well handled.

NocturnalQuill4 karma

I have a G600, and it is hands down the best mouse I have ever used. The side buttons are very useful, everything is positioned very ergonomically, and it looks just flashy enough without being gaudy like a lot of gaming peripherals coughRazercough.

However, one thing that I've found unexpectedly useful is the third mouse button on the ring finger. Are there plans to incorporate this into other mice?

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

I'm glad you like it. This is a feature I was really happy to be able to get back into our mice (shades of the WingMan Gaming Mouse), and is definitely a feature we evaluate with new products as they're proposed to see if it's a good fit.

5FDeathPunch4 karma

Why do the older models get discontinued? There are some fan-favorites that can only be obtained by paying exorbitant prices from someone who still has one. Newer models don't really deprecate the older ones, and it just makes it difficult to find a quality mouse on a budget.

My assumption is that it's more inefficient to produce a larger range of products. However, a couple of older models could easily satisfy gamers on a budget. Some people might say the older models are inferior, but in truth, they performed very well and still do. I don't want to accuse the company of greed but it seems like they're shoving people towards the newest products.

LogitechG_Chris8 karma

Products can be discontinued for a number of reasons - including performance in the market, availability of components, strategic product line decisions, their relevance compared to competitors, and many others. With new product development we try to take into consideration what has worked well in existing products in order to ensure that the people who love them have something familiar to upgrade to should they choose to.

Namuv4 karma

Ok, so I have a Logitech G500, and I've had it for like 3years~~ without problems. But lately I've had some issues that both of the mouse buttons are double pressing when I only click once in games(csgo, LoL etc..). Also my middle mouse button has stopped working. Any solutions to fixing this or should I rather just buy a new one?

LogitechG_Chris8 karma

If you're not averse to screwdrivers and (potentially) soldering, there are guides you can find online for rehabilitating microswitches. This is not something that we endorse or support, though. Generally this happens due to oxidation of the metal in the microswitch or deformation of that same metal, and is solved by cleaning, re-bending, or de-soldering and replacing the switch. It's not really a friendly repair process for most people, honestly.

sif5193 karma

why is your Linux support so cruddy ? it would be awesome to use my extra keys on ubuntu

LogitechG_Chris4 karma

We currently do not support Linux at all, sorry. I'll pass the request on.

Oddkarma3 karma

Hi Chris, is it true that the sleek, aerodynamic design of the G402 was inspired by your head?

LogitechG_Chris6 karma

also maybe

noodle-face3 karma

LogitechG_Chris5 karma

We are actively monitoring this, and we have no reports of customers contacting Logitech to indicate that a Logitech USB device has been impacted. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

notliam3 karma

I've heard a lot of positive things about logitech gaming mice but have always just settled for the cheaper brands, they tend to last a year or two so not bad bang for my buck (or pound as it may be). What is the key difference between a cheaper brand (e.g., gigabyte) and logitech, that makes your mice stand out so much?

Also, can I have one. _^

LogitechG_Chris13 karma

While I can't comment on our competitors' capabilities, there are a few things we do in particular that I think help us make high-quality product.

First, if an off-the-shelf component/solution doesn't meet our criteria, we will develop our own instead. This would include things like the way we handle wireless (we have our own RF test chamber on-site in our Swiss office), sensors (our optical team helps sensor manufacturers design new products), and so forth.

Second, we have in-house quality testing capabilities that are incredible. When we say that our mouse buttons are rated to 20 million clicks, it's because we've clicked them 20 million times and then played games with them to ensure they still feel and respond well.

Third, we manufacture all of our gaming mice out of our own factory. We do not subcontract manufacturing to other companies, which gives us incredibly good control on quality.

Finally, quite a few of the product development people I work with have been doing this even longer than I have - and I've been here 18 years already. We've just got a whole lot of experience making this type of product.

notliam2 karma

Thanks for the reply! And sorry to mention a competitor if course you can't comment on that, silly me. I think the thing that stands out is not only the dedication but you guys have faith in your product. I'll definitely keep an eye out for a logitech product next time I need to replace, though I think most people buying a mouse probably take a look since they're so core. One more question if you have the time, why do so many gaming mice (logitech and other brands alike) look like tanks or some other military hardware? I mean, they look pretty cool but I'd imagine it would be uncomfortable? As examples I'd say the g402 looks good, on its way to tankiness but looks comfortable but the g502 looks really uncomfortable. I'm sure it's designed ergonomically but it's hard to imagine using it!

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

Design is a very tricky thing. We try to make a range of products that appeal to the design sensibilities of as many people as possible. In terms of comfort, though, we know that it's one of the most important performance components of a design and we don't hesitate to make significant design changes if they're warranted for comfort's sake.

Crabmon3 karma


LogitechG_Chris4 karma

There is not a specific battery level percentage tool, but the software will tell you when the battery is at 20%, which should be about an additional three weeks of normal use. The LED on top will start flashing cyan when you have approximately 5% left. This should give you around 5-7 days to change your batteries.

Bocalol2 karma

Claw, palm or fingertip?

LogitechG_Chris1 karma

I fingertip pretty much everything most of the time because I have enormous gorilla hands, but like most people I will switch back and forth between different grips based on what's comfortable at the time.

Assmanthethird2 karma


LogitechG_Chris3 karma

The G602 would be most similar. It does have a few more buttons but it has a very similar shape.

nngafook2 karma

Hi Chris.
Have I told you lately that I love you(r company)?

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

I'm not sure, honestly. Maybe? I don't listen too well all the time...

pseudolobster2 karma

When I last had a logitech mouse I was really disappointed by the software. It was really bad, crashed a lot, refused to install, etc. It was also really limited in the customization, it wouldn't let you change certain buttons or use certain functions on certain buttons, for no good reason whatsoever. I ended up needing to install something called "Uberoptions" to unlock the settings that were (as far as I can tell, intentionally) crippled in the software.

What improvements have been made in the setpoint software? I haven't bought a logitech mouse in almost a decade because of how bad my previous experience was.

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

We have not used SetPoint for gaming mice since we launched G400 in 2011. We use LGS instead, which does not install kernel mode drivers and does not have restrictions (beyond prohibiting you from having a mouse that does not have left/right buttons) on what functions can be on what features.

Pokeable2 karma

Hello, how come the Logitech Mx518 has gone up so much in price?

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

Mostly economics. First, we do not control pricing in the marketplace. Second, the MX518 was discontinued by Logitech in 2011. So my impression is that any that you see still in the marketplace now would be old stock that are being sold at a higher markup due to their scarcity.

Rannasha2 karma

What was the reasoning behind the design of the G700S as successor of the G700? As owner of both I was a bit disappointed to see relatively few changes. Was one of the goals of the G700S to provide a replacement for the G700 without the unintentional double click issue?

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

The G700s was intended to improve the touch characteristics of the G700 while also improving the sensor. It was definitely a lighter refresh than what we've done with the Proteus Core vs G500s and Hyperion Fury vs G400s.

airazor20002 karma

For the MX-518, g400 and g400s, why the low quality cord with no strain relief? Will your g402 have a better cord?

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

A small strain relief was integrated into the cable for the G400s. We use a much more robust one with the Hyperion Fury.

jrDevOverthinker2 karma

Question first: Have you ever thought of containing the design of the Performance MX and make a gaming version of it?

The Performance MX mouse is not a gaming mouse but it feels so comfortable. I feel like the thumb pad can be utilized to have more buttons between click buttons and buttons that may remain depressed for different options like crouch lock, or to select items quickly. An example of the item selection would be if you had 3 keys mapped to 1, 2, and 3 (standard inventory keys for weapons and items). If I hit thumbKeyOption 1 then thumbkeyOption 1 stays depressed, this doesn't select my weapon/item of 1 but now has it selected as my "quick swap" key. I say this instead of using the scroll wheel or the already standard 123 options or even your quick swap single thumb mouse clicks everyone loves. But for the people who DO love the already present thumbkeys, just provides them with more options for what they can make the thumbkeys do on the fly. I would not have to map the standard thumbkeys that are already present to ONLY be a specific option in the Key Mapping(thumbkey1 is ALWAYS mapped to 1 or inventory slot 1 etc...) but rather be able to map the options early and then swap between them for use W/ the thumbKey.

Quick example of already present functionality that can be taken advantage of: Team Fortress has q set by default to be a quick swap function to your last used weapon/item.

If I could have my standard thumb click become my new quick swap (it already is, but I can only select one item in other games while in TF I can semi keep track with my quick swap items knowing what I can change my weapon too prior to engaging in a fight so I may use my quick swap key) with the added 3 keys underneath it, it would change EVERYTHING with FPS's and using a mouse. I love the mouse buttons on all my old mice (Logitech only mouse patron right here!!) but I want my right hand to be able to do more than just use the mouse and a few basic buttons. Just a thought, it would be fucking awesome!

I use the MX for gaming now and I love it. The battery life just goes fairly quickly because of the number of clicks. I own 2 of these mice =D!!

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

Your ideas are very interesting and it's clear you spent a great amount of time thinking about it but I can't comment on future product development.

NorbitGorbit2 karma

Which of your competitors are you most impressed with and which of them are you astonished they sell so much given their poor quality?

LogitechG_Chris6 karma

I can't discuss our competition, sorry.

DarkMain2 karma

Are there any Windows 8.1 drivers for Logitech G products in the pipeline?

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

The current version does support Windows 8.1 and has for a few revisions. Is there a particular product you're hoping to get drivers for?

DarkMain3 karma

I have a lot of Logitech products but my G700 mouse and a G35 headset are the ones causing a problem.
I have been communicating with support for a while and after a lot of failed attempts at fixing my issue I was told that I needed to wait for 8.1 drivers.

Its a little but frustrating as 8.1 has been out for almost a whole year and we are told to wait for drivers for a fix.

(Maybe you can point me to someone higher up than the general tech support? I have videos of the issue and can recreate it 100% of the time).

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

The software for both of those products has been compatible with Windows 8.1 for several revisions now. The person who told you it is not was incorrect. Ping /u/LogitechG_Charles

[deleted]2 karma

I've always liked Logitech Trackball Mice, I use the M570 at home. I just have one gripe- that there isn't a game version with more buttons!

It doesn't seem like anyone out there makes a high-quality trackball mouse with gaming in mind- any chance we might see a gaming mouse that isn't going to give me carpel tunnel from playing too much?

LogitechG_Chris4 karma

Seems like trackballs are a popular question. I'll put another tick into the consideration list for future product development.

natt1012 karma

The g402 being an less expensive version of the g502, what does the g502 have over the g402?

Ps Love logitech's peripherals as the proud owner of G35 and G600 and most recently the new G502

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

Glad you like our stuff! As the product manager for both the G600 and the Proteus Core it makes me happy that people like the work I did. :)

The major differences are that the Proteus Core has weight tuning, surface tuning, a braided cable, and a hyperfast wheel. It is also about 20 grams heavier.

Hyperion Fury isn't just a less expensive version of the Proteus Core. It has our unique Fusion Engine technology, which allows it to track at much higher speeds than any other mouse now available.

Foozmuck1 karma

What is Logitech's biggest secret?

LogitechG_Chris10 karma

It's that we don... HEY YOU CAN'T TRICK ME.

krzaku1 karma


For almost 8 years my desk is always full of Logitech products (mice, keyboards and headsets). Never had a problem with any of it and was always changing becouse something new came out - great job.

How can YOU (without quoting informations on your website) encourage me to swap my G100S for the newest G402?

Btw. Thanks for supporting Team SoloMid!

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

If you really like your G100s (and, really, who doesn't want to use the same equipment as The General?) I would recommend sticking with what works, honestly. Changing your peripherals to something that feels significantly different can have a detrimental effect on your gameplay for a period of time while you adjust.

However, if you want more buttons, a larger physical size, or find that the G100s can't keep up with your hand speed, then you might want to consider looking into it.

Monsterz1 karma

Hi Chris, Thanks for helping to make the mice I've been using since I started gaming. I'm happy to say my entire gaming setup has moved Logitech.

With DPI increases providing diminishing returns, what is the gaming mice market heading towards?

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

I'm happy that you like our stuff and that I got to help make it. :)

A couple of the things that we've done with Proteus Core and Hyperion Fury are to look at tracking speed capability and overall responsiveness of the cursor. While DPI is just a measure of how fast the cursor can move relative to your physical movement, with our new sensors we're trying to make the overall experience more 1:1 and closer to just having your brain talk directly to the game. Your arms are still in the way, though, so we have to interact with them instead.

seaatar1 karma

Gonna ask the important question that everyone seems to be ignoring.

Boxers or briefs?

LogitechG_Chris8 karma


doomleika1 karma

What does a product manager for gaming mice in logi do?

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

My job is to understand what gamers want, how they play games, and what competitors are doing. I look at upcoming technologies to see whether they make sense to integrate into our products. I read reviews and interact with gamers in many different venues in order to get feedback for future designs. I write requirements documents that define specs for engineers to follow and problems for them to solve, and work with designers and developers around the world to develop our new products. In video game terms I'm kind of like a producer.

NicoLocoSC21 karma

Hi! Why don't you make mechanical keyboards focused on office use? It's much more ergonomic and precise.

LogitechG_Chris1 karma

I only work on gaming products but I can give that team your feedback.

crafall1 karma

Been using a G500 for a long time now. Also have a G700 on for my laptop. I really dislike the 4 thumb buttons on the G700 and like the configuration on the G500 much better. Looking at the newer mice they seem to have a different thumb button configuration that I don't really like. Any chance you are going to do a G500 refresh with the same buttons?

LogitechG_Chris1 karma

I'll take your feedback into consideration for future product development, but I can't really comment on our plans.

xXSilverXx1 karma

Hey! As Product Manager perhaps you do not have any specific view on this but I was wondering what your opinion about eSport. I know Logitech sponsors a lot of teams and from a marketing viewpoint it must be gold for you guys. But how involved in it are you?

LogitechG_Chris10 karma

I love it.

I started working with various Quake tournaments like The Frag and CPL back in 1997, I was involved in our support of the PGL and getting the endorsement of Jay Severson back in the day for the WingMan Gaming Mouse, and I'm super happy that we're doing more with it again.

Recently, I've had the opportunity to work with players from Cloud 9, TSM, IG, and CJEntus to develop new products.

From a personal standpoint, I watch EULCS every week from my desk at work and NALCS on my TV at home. Fun fun stuff.

hanzen1 karma

Hi Chris

I've been using Logitech gaming mice for years now (currently on the G602) and I'm loving them. However I have had 3 of them starting to malfunction by starting to double-click when i press the left mouse button. Is this a design flaw that you are aware of, or is it maybe just my fingers that are weird?

LogitechG_Chris1 karma

This does happen to some mice. Contact Customer Care and they can help you.

DrOrganicSwagPHD1 karma

Why aren't you smiling in your picture? :C

Just wanted to comment and say that the G400 is by far the best mouse I've ever used. However, one thing I had to adjust to was my ring and pinky finger mashing into each other on the side/pinky having an uncomfortable resting position. The sensation of my pinky barely scraping against my mouse pad is also a little irritating. Any recommendations for a new Logitech mouse that might be a tad larger?

Thanks, and keep up the awesome work. (:

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

I am grinning like an idiot in that picture.

With the Hyperion Fury we have removed the lip on the right hand side that some people, like you, found uncomfortable.

two_off1 karma

What was your path through the company (with timelines if you remember)?

LogitechG_Chris4 karma

  • 1996 - scanner tech support
  • 1996 - scanner tech support lead
  • 1997 - gaming tech support lead
  • 1997 - QA specialist
  • 1998 - marketing specialist
  • 1999 - product manager

daniel69901 karma

Hi Chris,

I own the new Proteus Core, but started with the Marathon (of which I owned two). My absolute favorite recurring feature has been the ability to toggle between normal and hyper-fast scrolling. I now refuse to use a mouse without it.

What was the thought process leading up to implementing this awesome feature, and is it something that you anticipate will show up in more future mice?

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

I love hyperscroll too. We will definitely continue to include it in some of our mice.

Tanner_RW1 karma

Even if you aren't able to talk about the future, I have one question about it. First, Let me say I have a G710+, G502, Z623, C920, G35, and the G240 mouse pad. My question is (without revealing plans of course)has it ever been in your or you teams thoughts to create a wireless G502?

LogitechG_Chris2 karma

We think about a lot of things. :)

Pee_Earl_Grey_Hot1 karma

Can you recommend a decent wireless mouse for a single dad on a budget?

LogitechG_Chris3 karma

For wireless gaming mice, our G602 has an exceptionally accurate sensor and gets 250 hours of non-stop gaming on a pair of AAs. The MSRP is $79 but you can usually find it for less online.

We don't have any less expensive wireless gaming mice than that, but our standard wireless mouse line has products that go down as far as $29 MSRP and the major differences are that the maximum tracking speeds are lower, the DPI value is fixed, and the report rate is only 8ms.

pdowling921 karma

Hey Chris, I know you don't work on the keyboard side of things, but is the Logitech G510 actually washable?! I am so scared to try it with mine, but its 3 years old, the keys stick and needs it and its never let me down yet!

LogitechG_Chris8 karma

I actually was the product manager for the G510 :)

You do need to be careful with it, like any electronic product. It is definitely not designed to be immersed in water. What I would suggest is a mild soap/water solution with a cloth or cotton swab and patience. If it's the membrane and not the keys sticking on their posts, that becomes trickier. You would need to disassemble the product to get to that and we don't provide suggestions for doing so as doing so would void the warranties of people who haven't had them for more than three years.