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What technological of societal development was the biggest surprise to you after getting out?

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Not a security-guru, but any malware you accidentally run will start with the same privileges as your local user account. If you use a restricted account, the malware will be restricted in what it can do. If you use an admin account, the malware can do pretty much anything.

In some cases, malware may be able to get admin rights even though it was started from a restricted account (this is called "privilege escalation"), but this requires serious flaws in the operating system.

It's therefore strongly recommended to use only a restricted account for your every day business and have a second account with administrator rights that you only log in to when you need it.

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Greetings from capacity management at LSGG!

ATCOs often give pilot direct routings or other deviations from the filed flightplan, presumably in order to help the pilot save time. However, these flightplan deviations can have an adverse effect on the workload of ATCOs downstream. Especially when flow management procedures are in place and the flow of traffic is regulated to spread out entries into an overloaded sector, flights not adhering to their flightplan can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the flow management measures.

So my question then is: When giving direct routings to pilots, are ATCOs aware of the potential negative effects this may have on sector loads elsewhere in the network? How important do you consider flightplan adherence is compared to accomodating pilots by granting requests that deviate from the flightplan?

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I'm fairly sure hospital-simulation-games could be considerably improved by the addition of long range artillery.

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We just need the option to butcher difficult colonists and use their skins for clothing. I suppose that's not too much to ask?