Hey, it's Kevin Brown AKA Dotcom ! My interns told me about reddit so if this goes bad, all the interns get fired, if it goes good, it was my idea! Ask me anything!

My Proof: http://i.imgur.com/Ad1y8G3.jpg


Thanks for all the questions Reddit! We're going to eat lunch now, it's been great!

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Frajer53 karma

whose idea was it for Dot Com to be an underappreciated intellectual?

DotcomKB37 karma

probably some guy on the internet, I wouldn't have noticed it until someone pointed it out

j_tello29 karma

Is Tina Fey hot in person?

DotcomKB57 karma


Xboxben15 karma

How hard was it to get a job on 30 rock ?

DotcomKB42 karma

30 rock was actually easy because i started as an extra on the show. I didn't know who Tina fey was at the time and I didn't think women were funny so I wasn't interested in being part of the show. That's probably why I got the job. A lot of people thought Tracy Morgan put me on the show because we were long time friends, but he didn't know I was going to be on the show until we were actually shooting the pilot.

robinsky115 karma

What has been the most defining moment of your career thus far?

DotcomKB51 karma

we had just wrapped up everything with 30 rock, we finished all the parties, all the shooting, so after I went up to Lorne Michaels to thank him for providing me with this opportunity, and in the longest conversation we ever had together Lorne Michaels said to me "You're ready now". statement from an icon of his stature defined everything for me, because there is no one more influential in the comedy biz that can dispute that

or the third time i had sex with tina fey

vriano14 karma

What's the best joke you've ever told?

DotcomKB41 karma

Having sex with tina fey

throwaway68990814 karma

What was the funniest thing that happened on the set of 30 Rock?

Also, how is your day going?

DotcomKB49 karma

There was a lot of funny stuff... one time Tracy Morgan was telling a story and he had us all captivated by the details of this story. While listening my heart skipped a beat after I recognized Tracy's story reminded me of an HBO TV show, thinking HBO stole this story from Tracy. When I pointed it out, he started laughing because he actually stole the story from them. We all realized that you can never believe anything Tracy Morgan says in real life and continued laughing.

My day is going great, my interns turned out to be way smarter than i imagined.....maybe I won't fire them

karmanaut13 karma

If you had one hour to prepare to be sent back in time to the Jurassic era (but can't bring anything with you), how would you spend your hour?

DotcomKB23 karma

Love the question

I'd probably google bear grylls and figure out how to survive in the wild

MattBaster12 karma


DotcomKB31 karma

thank you! none of it was actually ad-libbed, we're just tremendous actors

SirGarethBusey12 karma

What is one thing people don't know about when owning/managing a comedy club?

DotcomKB32 karma

I thought i would be my own boss, come to find out the fire department is my boss, the health department is my boss, the landord, and the liquor authority.

BucketheadWLP11 karma

Who is your favorite Dragon Ball Z character?

DotcomKB20 karma

not regular goku but super saiyan goku

wjkm10 karma

Any hilarious backstage/not-on-camera moments on 30 Rock?

DotcomKB15 karma

Off-Camera was just as funny as on camera, coming into work was adventure for seven years

rei_hiino10 karma

If I were to see you in public, Would you be offended if I said "Dotcom! May I get a hug from you?" instead of calling you Mr. Brown?

DotcomKB16 karma

no people call me Dotcom all the time

naughtymanemtp9 karma

How was working with Tracy?

DotcomKB17 karma

Tracy is one of the funniest people you will ever hang around with in your lifetime, he's funnier offstage then he is onstage and he is damn funny onstage

roadgame9 karma

Who was your favorite guest actor to work with on 30 Rock?

DotcomKB23 karma

John ham, I am the hugest fan of madmen and when he walked in the room i felt an instant connection with him, like i was one of the women in the show drooling over him

voteforlee9 karma

Where do you think you would be now if you never made it in show business?

DotcomKB37 karma

I would probably be doing security, a professional bodyguard like every big black dude does

cl_one8 karma


Uptown Comedy Club!!!

I used to love that show!! REAL COMEDY !!!

Straight up Bronx Tracy Morgan with the propeller cap

Rob Magnotti was the king though!

What's next for you, B?

Thank you for the AMA !

DotcomKB10 karma

The documentary, bringing back a 2.0 version of the show, and I'm excited to help launch the next wave of talented comics

workaccountoftoday8 karma

How do you get to be an intern for you, and what is it they do?

DotcomKB6 karma

he had a tweet about it and we contacted him. this and other intern work for his company-Billy the intern

sketch8148 karma

How did you start your career?

DotcomKB14 karma

Which career? the comic? the actor? the drug dealer?

sketch81411 karma

Becoming an actor in general, getting on national TV. How did you start?

DotcomKB13 karma

i started by taking acting classes, getting head-shots, faking a resume, and submitting to all the actors websites on the internet. But i always kept in mind that there is no such thing as a small role, only small actors.

rogueleaderfive57 karma

How is Alec Baldwin in real life? Is he really a jerk or does he just get a bad rap from the media? I really hope he's not the giant dick he's made out to be..

DotcomKB18 karma

I know this might sound cliche but Alec Baldwin was always gracious to me when he didn't have to be, and i was honored to work with him and learn from him.

FroDiggity7 karma

Did you ever carry Tracy Morgan around when the cameras weren't rolling?

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MonsterTheGreatest7 karma


DotcomKB11 karma

My favorite comedian is a guy named Earthquake. Google him if you don't know him

Ron_Tam6 karma

Hi Kevin! Thanks for doing the AMA.

Important question.

You have been sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit. What would you choose as your last meal?

DotcomKB13 karma

well my juicing diet is definitely out the window then..

my last meal would be steamed king crab legs from The Boil (in lower Manhattan) , that question just made me hungry i might go get some today

kanerlaw5 karma

What are your plans for the next five years? Any new, big projects on the horizon?

DotcomKB14 karma

Yes, I've recently launched Dotcom Entertainment, and I plan on having 10 tv shows within the next 5 years, a documentary, and more, getting my Tyler Perry on! We just launched a website too and will be updating it more!


judomonkeykyle5 karma

Favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?

DotcomKB10 karma

ooo Terminator man you kidding me, terminator 1,2 and 5.

jesuschrysler695 karma

Describe your first day on 30 Rock in one sentence?

Also, if you had to pick one song to play whenever you walk into a room, for the rest of your life, what would it be?

DotcomKB5 karma

before i was born there was this country song by a guy named Jimmy Dean, the one that made the sausages, it was called Big Bad John

Beardmann5 karma

how is Tina fey in bed? (since you were mentioning her wayy too many times) :P

DotcomKB14 karma

I don't know how she is in real life, but in my dreams she is hilarious.

taocpfa5 karma

You seem to have lost a lot of weight comparing your proof photo to the show. Is that just the TV cameras adding pounds, or do you have any tips for the rest of us larger gentlefolk?

DotcomKB22 karma

yes! TV cameras added pounds YES!! thank you for the compliment, weight is something I battle with constantly, my biggest weight loss tip is...I smoke a lot of Crack, and I'm a bulimia practitioner.

Prufrock4514 karma

What's your actual take on The Seagull?

DotcomKB9 karma

I don't have a take on the Seagull, if a person asked me that in real life, I would probably say "you know that wasn't real right it was just for the show."

DoogieBrowser4 karma

I hope I'm not too late, but any advice for an aspiring comedian who's just starting to do open mics? Thanks in advance!

DotcomKB7 karma

if you get a job at a comedy club they tend to give you stage time, i suggest you volunteer to work at a comedy club and in Lou of money be compensated with stage time

oldfat4 karma

How much ya bench?

DotcomKB10 karma

ask me again in 3 months

KamikazeSuicideDive3 karma

Did you ever think of becoming a professional wrestler?

DotcomKB7 karma

absolutly yea... I still might if this comedy thing doesn't work out.

NorbitGorbit3 karma

how did you screen your interns?

DotcomKB8 karma

Very carelessly, i had someone else do it

ManThing9103 karma

Tell the truth, did you fire the intern who screened your interns?

DotcomKB20 karma

hahaha. leave the jokes to me.

ManThing9102 karma

Bodyguard or Doorman - which is a tougher role to play?

DotcomKB7 karma

doorman, because bodyguard assumes you can at least beat someone up. as a doorman there is some grey area

paulisnofun1 karma

How many push ups can you do?

DotcomKB2 karma

ask me again in three months like /u/oldfat

w_h_o_a1 karma

Will your interns be getting severance pay?

DotcomKB3 karma

They'll be getting something, something nice

AdrunkGirlScout-9 karma

How do you feel about the best joke on the show being about old naked men?

DotcomKB19 karma

that wasn't the best joke on the show a-hole

the best joke was when Tina Fey had me pose as her boyfriend Astronaut Mike Dexter to get her neighbor to move out and he turned out to be a hipster cop and he assaulted me my favorite line "OH LAWD"