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we had just wrapped up everything with 30 rock, we finished all the parties, all the shooting, so after I went up to Lorne Michaels to thank him for providing me with this opportunity, and in the longest conversation we ever had together Lorne Michaels said to me "You're ready now". statement from an icon of his stature defined everything for me, because there is no one more influential in the comedy biz that can dispute that

or the third time i had sex with tina fey

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There was a lot of funny stuff... one time Tracy Morgan was telling a story and he had us all captivated by the details of this story. While listening my heart skipped a beat after I recognized Tracy's story reminded me of an HBO TV show, thinking HBO stole this story from Tracy. When I pointed it out, he started laughing because he actually stole the story from them. We all realized that you can never believe anything Tracy Morgan says in real life and continued laughing.

My day is going great, my interns turned out to be way smarter than i imagined.....maybe I won't fire them

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30 rock was actually easy because i started as an extra on the show. I didn't know who Tina fey was at the time and I didn't think women were funny so I wasn't interested in being part of the show. That's probably why I got the job. A lot of people thought Tracy Morgan put me on the show because we were long time friends, but he didn't know I was going to be on the show until we were actually shooting the pilot.

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Having sex with tina fey