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Hi Magnus,

Unlike Kasparov, who tried to squeeze every advantage from the opening, you're known for choosing unconventional moves to get opponents out of book. For me, this is a happy thing, because it means there is room even at your level for stylistic choices. And so I wonder: how much room is there really? How much better than you could an unaugmented human player be?

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You seem to have lost a lot of weight comparing your proof photo to the show. Is that just the TV cameras adding pounds, or do you have any tips for the rest of us larger gentlefolk?

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Are calcium supplements any good? My mom needs to take them because she's allergic to milk.

Probably you know this, but there's a caveat to 'vitamins pills are useless', and that's 'unless your doctor has diagnosed you with a deficiency.'

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Sailboat or motorboat?

Autonomous piloting of a (motor-)boat seems like it would be comparable to or a little easier than autonomous driving of a car. Could you outline the major challenges in the problem please?