We are here today so you can ask us anything. Our album Rave Tapes is out now and this week also sees the reissue of Come On Die Young released. We run our own label Rock Action out of Glasgow rockaction.co.uk and have released music from the likes of Errors, Remember Remember, Blanck Mass to name a few.

We are currently on tour - full dates at mogwai.co.uk

Verified - https://twitter.com/mogwaiband/status/491598697864888320

So, thanks everyone! Been good to answer all the questions. See you all on the next tour!

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Legface587 karma

Hi Mogwai,

Old guy here, been a fan for nearly 20 years. I mainly wanted to say thanks for the memories - you lot have put on some great live shows and were an important band in my formative years. I’ll try and keep the questions short so anyone reading can skip the rambling anecdote if they want to, since it’s based on memories that only a couple of people care about.

1) Do you remember playing a place called The Axiom in Cheltenham around 1995 or 1996 when you were first starting out? Do you miss playing tiny places to crowds of 20, and the buzz of starting out, or is that just romanticising a time when you were struggling and had no money?***

2) I watched you put all / most of your guitars in dustbins full of water at Reading Festival (I’m going to say it was 1997) – do bands do that because their record label buys all new equipment for them, or did you quickly realise that, cool as it might be, you couldn’t afford to do that stuff very often?

3) How did you get involved in the Zidane film, and what is it the best soundtrack ever?

4) Years on, has your opinion changed? Complete this t-shirt slogan… “BLUR : ??????”

***This was my first experience of Mogwai, either live or on record, and I nearly missed out. I was a student in Cheltenham; The Axiom (now closed down) used to do student gigs on a Tuesday or Wednesday, I think, and it was always £3 to get in and watch some rubbish student band with some lame speccy guy in an ill-fitting second hand suit playing watered down “clever” Brit Pop. We went because, eh, it was live music (occasionally it was good) and it was very cheap. One week, this band “Mogwai” was playing, and it was something like £6 or £7 for a ticket. £6 or £7?!?! Double the price?! A new friend of mine (well, they were all new, I’d just started Uni) said we HAD to go and see this band, they were amazing (he was a couple of years older than me) and like Slint. My reply was that I had no idea who Slint was, and no way was I paying double the usual cost to see some lame band in some tiny, smelly venue. My friend practically had to beg – in the end I went because he was older and cooler than me, and knew about music, and I wanted to appear “cool” too… but man did I begrudge paying that £7. The gig blew my mind. I immediately went out and bought Ten Rapid. Nearly 20 years on, that guy is still one of my best friends, and Mogwai is still one of my favourite bands / Cool story, bro.

EDIT- well, I guess after checking back every couple of hours thinking "maybe avowed Redditor BB will nudge fellow Mogwai SB to answer the top question, and he's just taking his time thinking about the answers" it's time for me to accept the truth. Ha, I can't believe how genuinely disappointed I was about this, I'm a grown ass man with real world problems! Glad this wasn't 17 year old me asking questions, I'd have been fucking crushed! Anyway, I made the edit cos I saw someone replied "if they don't answer they're dicks"...it's GAME OVER MAN! And they're not dicks. Only half of them are. [shuffles off to play Godspeed! records - always preferred them anyway]

MogwaiBand106 karma

(I wasn't around for the first couple years or I'd answer!) BB

solivann382 karma

So just to be sure, where do you guys stands about water and being fed after midnight?

MogwaiBand554 karma

It's tractor that this is the top comment so far. BB

jbrav88155 karma

Holy shit they know

MogwaiBand436 karma

I pretty much spend 20 hours a day on Reddit. BB

MogwaiBand94 karma

How do you feel about getting your baws toe'd? SB

hexagonsun91174 karma

how to you feel about people shouting out during the quiet parts in some of your songs?..

MogwaiBand533 karma

I fucking hate it. SB

MogwaiBand375 karma

It's just people who can't mentally handle more than 3 seconds of silence. It eats them up, they become terrified and then they have to do it. Like a mild form of Tourrette's. BB

greiig174 karma

Scottish independence, aye or naw?

MogwaiBand331 karma

AYE!!!!! SB

wewd165 karma

What exactly does Barry sing on Hunted by a Freak? My friend thinks it's about curry and chips, I told him it's just gibberish. Who is right?

MogwaiBand349 karma

It's generally a few sounds and words that I think sound good through the vocoder but if you recorded it just with the vocals it would be a stream of very different pitches and words that wouldn't go together in a real sentence. The likelihood of "chips" being used as one of the words is extremely high. BB

BabyChalupaBatman25 karma

What about in The Lord Is Out Of Control? Same deal or full sentences?

That is my favorite song from the new album and really enjoyed ya'll in Houston on your last tour. Here's hoping you guys keep it up for many more years to come!

MogwaiBand37 karma

same kind of thing BB

Modest_Matt154 karma

Are your songs ever ‘about’ anything? I know they’re usually instrumental, but they’re quite cinematic so do you picture a scene in your head that sets the tone, or do you just go by what sounds good?

MogwaiBand929 karma

They're usually "about" 8 minutes long (sorry ). Sb

MogwaiBand225 karma

Not unless they have lyrics. I like it when people who listen to our music tell us weird stories about what they imagine the songs are about. It's nice that for some people, the songs go from not being subject-specific to being fantastical. Unicorns and that. BB

londant127 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA! Shamefully I only discovered you after the release of "Les Revenants"!

How much creative freedom did you get in doing the entire soundtrack? How much information did producers give you to go off?

MogwaiBand112 karma

They let us do what we wanted. Originally we sent them a lot of songs and they told us what ones they liked and we worked on those. SB

Tremendous101121 karma

What inspires your song titles?

MogwaiBand442 karma

Alcohol mostly BB

fishingthesky92113 karma

r u still in 2 it? cause I'm still in 2 it.

MogwaiBand209 karma

There's a fucking wasp in my living room. I'm no' into that. BB

MogwaiBand144 karma

Aye. I'm still in 2 it. SB

EoinM96106 karma

What would you do if you saw spaceships over Glasgow?

MogwaiBand129 karma

Hide. SB

123abc491 karma

Sweet set at Latitude last Friday! (setlist) Do you guys have any plans for future soundtracks, other than continuing Les Revenants? All of your past ones have been amazing to listen to, thanks for all your music and your work and congratulations on the success of Rave Tapes on your own label! :)

MogwaiBand102 karma

We have an ep of songs we recorded during the Rave Tapes sessions due to come out this year and are also working on music for some films. SB

MogwaiBand45 karma

Thanks and Hello Reddit. If we have the time to do other soundtracks (which can be tricky when on tour or recording regular albums) then we consider them. They're often a nice change from the normal routine. BB

Redwinevino78 karma

If you could soundtrack the re release of any film what would you all pick?

MogwaiBand408 karma

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. BB

lumcetpyl76 karma

you guys have been a constant in my life for a number of years. i've seen you three times, and you've always put on a hell of a show. (thanks for introducing me to the twilight sad on that joint American tour a few years back.)

I introduced the band to my best friend a few years back, his name was Cody. I showed him the eponymous album first, and he pointed out that his name is an acronym for Come On Die Young. i hadn't noticed it until then; he had a good laugh and so did I.

we would enjoy hanging out and listening to your music until he died in a car accident a few weeks later, age 18. Come On Die Young. Cody. Definitely the most poetic moment of my life thus far, and it was soundtracked by your music. His death hasn't bothered me in years, but I always think about him and how art and life can coincide in such interesting ways. Thanks for always being there guys.

I should ask you a question while I'm here; how do you guys manage to stay together and balance family life, with the relentless touring and recording cycles, over so many years?

MogwaiBand69 karma

That is sad to hear about your friend. I had no idea it was an actual person's name until we bought a fake tourist licence plate for a car when we were somewhere in the USA. Not so popular in Scotland I suppose.
To answer your question: it's a great job with a lot of fun to be had, and of course it can also be hard with a lot of sacrifices, but we're lucky to be able to do it so we just keep at it. BB

Bixbyc70 karma

  1. What were your favorite bands growing up and how do they compare to now?

  2. What are your opinion on other post rock bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Slint, A silver mt zion, swans, explosions in the sky etc. and how do you think theyve influenced your music (if at all)?

Thank you for doing this AMA!

MogwaiBand119 karma

1 my fa favourite bands growing up we're The Cure, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Jamc and Mudhoney. I still like them all.

2 I think they're all good bands. I know Explosions like our music as they've told me so it I don't know about the others. SB

Fat_Dumb_Americans59 karma

The Cocteau Twins or The Jesus and Marychain?

MogwaiBand92 karma

Both please. SB

ignatiusorlly59 karma

I'm a Rangers fan and like to download your music for free on the internet. Do you hate me more than Margaret Thatcher?

MogwaiBand90 karma

Nope. You'll need to try harder than that. SB

MogwaiBand48 karma


mar10wright57 karma

Being from Scotland, have you ever really met or worked with the Sanderson's from Boards of Canada and what are your thoughts on there reclusiveness?

MogwaiBand89 karma

When I lived in Edinburgh i'd see Mike quite often. I saw them play a few times too. I suppose if they want to be low key that's completely up to them. It'd be nice to see them do some gigs though. They are an incredible band. SB

sigfemseks56 karma

How was it working with Clint Mansell for The Fountain? Easily my favorite score of all time.

MogwaiBand70 karma

It was a pleasure. It was a new experience for us at the time and Clint treated us very well. We also ate a lot of curries. SB

sean050753 karma

What's your favorite place to get a drink in Glasgow?

MogwaiBand107 karma

There are a few. I like Nice n Sleazies, Chinaskis, Mono, The State Bar, The Doublet. Not living in Glasgow makes it even nicer to go back and say hello. BB

MogwaiBand43 karma

The Lauriston. SB

EndgegnerVonSteuben49 karma

Hey guys! Love your stuff!

So there is a bar in Berlin called "Das Gift" and everybody has a different story of how one of you guys own/operate/have something to do with it. I guess I want to know straight from the source, what's the deal here?

MogwaiBand105 karma

I own it with my wife who runs the place very well. My advice to you....never own a bar. (But we do love the place) BB

MogwaiBand48 karma

That's me people. Thanks for the questions. See youse soon. All the best. Stuart SB

orgyofdolphins48 karma

How did you come up with the name Glasgow megasnake? I always thought it was awesome and really fit the song.

MogwaiBand181 karma

Barry and me were talking about things that could bring tourists to Glasgow during our post rehearsal traffic jam and decided that Glasgow should have its own Loch Ness monster type thing and it should be called the Glasgow mega snake. It would eat tourists but only one a day. SB

MogwaiBand92 karma

Also, it would have a similarly named roller-coaster for extra tourism. BB

NewYorkILoveYou42 karma

Will there ever be another Vinyl reissue of Young Team ?

MogwaiBand95 karma

I hope so. I'd like all of our records to be available on vinyl all the time. SB

Zouch41 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing this AMA! I managed to see you guys in Boston a little while ago, and you guys put on a hell of a show, so thanks for that, haha. I’ve got two quick questions for you:

1) When it comes to “post-rock,” the majority of bands that are lumped into that genre loathe the term to the point where a post-rock band hating the term post-rock is kind of expected. What do you guys individually think about the term “post-rock”? If you guys aren’t a fan of the term, which genre would you personally place the Mogwai discography under in a record store?

2) Since he released a solo album this year, should we anticipate a “Damon Is Shite” shirt sometime soon? My "Blur Is Shite" shirt is kinda’ faded.

Thanks again!

MogwaiBand84 karma

I can understand why we are in that category but it's never a label I've liked. Writing "Often Melancholic Scottish Instrumental Music with standard Rock Band Instruments" doesn't look good as a category label in a record shop. Och well. No comment on your other question....BB

ubn37 karma

What do you expect from the crowd when you're playing?

MogwaiBand146 karma

About £25. Seriously though I'm just happy people come to hear us play. SB

Reigno_Payno36 karma

Hi mogwai, is there a reason you don't seem to play any tracks from les revenants at live gigs or have I just missed them? Are you allowed to? Would love to hear wizard motor or hungry face at Richmond park. 

MogwaiBand67 karma

We just decided not to do them live. Personally I'd like to do a few but my vote lost. SB

GholaGholaGhola36 karma

Hello gentlemen. You've been my favorite band since 1997 and I've loved watching you gain success and more recognition over the years.

My question is, when did you realize that this was your career rather than a hobby or passion? Like, was there a pivotal moment or gig or something? I've always been curious.

Thanks for the years of great music!

MogwaiBand76 karma

I think when we opened for pavement in 1997 at the London Astoria I personally realised that our music worked in a larger environment than I previously thought. SB

MogwaiBand36 karma

I think I kind of slightly expect it to disintegrate at the end of every touring year or rather, the beginning of every writing period when you can't make up any new songs.... but that's a healthy fear, probably. BB

MogwaiBand14 karma

[–]GholaGholaGhola 1 point 11 minutes ago Hello gentlemen. You've been my favorite band since 1997 and I've loved watching you gain success and more recognition over the years. My question is, when did you realize that this was your career rather than a hobby or passion? Like, was there a pivotal moment or gig or something? I've always been curious. Thanks for the years of great music!

I think when we opened for pavement in 1997 at the London Astoria I personally realised that our music worked in a larger environment than I previously thought. SB

GoogleAss35 karma

Loved your creepy and atmospheric score you did for Les Revenants! Will you guys be involved in scoring the second season as well?

MogwaiBand52 karma

Yes we will. SB

Moon-Safari33 karma

Hello Mogwai

Thank you for doing this AMA. I enjoyed your show in the Netherlands last month.

My question: Why are you performing so loud in your gigs?

MogwaiBand125 karma

I think that music should be felt physically as well as heard. It's also fun. SB

Paulpaps32 karma

Stuart once claimed that he could PROVE on paper that blur were shite. Can we see his workings on that? I've always wanted to see his reasoning, just for the craic.

MogwaiBand49 karma

Ha ha. I'd probably have some kind of nonsensical equation to prove my youthful theory. SB

EoinM9631 karma

What advice would you give to young bands playing music of a similar type to you?

MogwaiBand178 karma

Immediately change it. Get a rapper and change the bass guitar for a Tuba. Fuck it! BB

stommetrut30 karma

Hi guys! Looking forward to the CODY reissue. About "Ex-Cowboy": what in heaven's name is that loud screaming noise you used during that song? I love it, by the way! Thanks for doing this, kinda miss the old Q+A's :)

MogwaiBand39 karma

I was wondering that myself. I honestly can't remember. Maybe a tape loop! SB

MogwaiBand37 karma

I think it was an effected strings loop, wasn't it? I had a sample of it for years on a little sampler but it broke. BB

tvgod29 karma


First let me say that recently The Hawk Is Howling became the soundtrack to an extremely intense mushroom trip I took recently, and the musicianship, creativity and atmosphere of the album made it very enjoyable. So my question is, in terms of the nature and response of the crowd, how do your shows in the US and North America differ from the ones in Europe? I've heard that during some European shows, people get way more into it (eg. taking god knows what and rolling around on the ground) versus being a little more tame like in the states. Generally speaking, is there a difference?

MogwaiBand35 karma

It really depends on individual cities because I've seen the frenzydance in the States as well as just the other day at a festival in Belgium. Problem is that I don't/can't look at the audience that much so you may get a better answer from someone else. BB

horses_for_earth27 karma

When I saw you play in Sydney at the Metro Theatre in 2006 you ended your set with five solid minutes of screeching feedback. Why?

MogwaiBand200 karma

We must have been too tired to do 10. SB

quij_the_turnip26 karma

Any plans to tour Australia?

MogwaiBand44 karma

Yes! We are coming!! SB

7ape24 karma

hello, I just wanted to ask if it's a problem that I named my cat Stuart braithwaite? Thing is she's a girl, but when I named her I thought she was a boy and she answers to stuart and stu. Do I owe you some royalties or something?


MogwaiBand26 karma

Email me a photo please. I love cats! SB

MogwaiBand22 karma


Matticus_Rex24 karma

Thanks so much for staying creative! I'm always thrilled when you guys release something new -- most of the bands I've been into for a long time are packing up by now.

As a former gigging musician, I definitely have some hearing loss just from the short time I did it. I love your shows because I feel the music, but has that level of volume taken its toll on your ears? Inquiring minds want to know!

P.S. - Come back to North Carolina!

MogwaiBand36 karma

Dom, Martin and I have been using in-ear monitors for a very long time now and I don't feel my hearing is bad at all. Stuart wears earplugs and john does a mixture of plugs and I.E.M.
It's obviously important to be able to protect your ears. BB

elephantinthedock20 karma

hi mogwai

what do you think the place of the arts can be in building a better scotland (whatever the result in september)?

MogwaiBand39 karma

I think arts reflect society and can give people confidence. I think that is an area that Scotland excels and will continue to do so after a (hopeful) yes vote in September. SB

aroomacanvas19 karma

Hi guys! I’m a big fan. I was just curious how you’re liking working with more synths and electronic-based music? How does it compare to more guitar-centric work? Any new challenges/things that are way easier? Keep up the good work!

MogwaiBand60 karma

To be fair, we've used synths and electronic stuff for a very long time. Really since the 3rd album. I don't know if they've been mixed low but they're generally always there somewhere if we're not all playing guitar. I think synthesisers add more to a song than you think they will.....not just like a piano being added.....there's something unique in every synth that stops you sounding like everybody else. Maybe I'm describing this badly....TL;DR SYNTHS ARE GREAT BB

siva_the_destroyer16 karma

Rano Pano is one of my favourite track by any artist. I can listen to it over and over without ever getting bored. What was you guy's process behind this song/track?

MogwaiBand18 karma

I detuned one of the guitar strings and tried to play a longish tune over it. It ended up with quite a few different sounding guitars all playing the same tune and I just added even more synth sounds with the same tune. It came out of just layering stuff forever. BB

EoinM9616 karma

Hey guys! Love the music. A few questions for you...

  • Would you ever considering touring playing more older songs or repeating older tours?

  • How do you choose your setlist and is it a solid thing that doesn't change from show to show?

  • Should I expect you to come to Ireland anytime soon? :)

Thanks guys!

MogwaiBand26 karma

No. I think that living in the past is reductive and makes it harder to get people interested in what you're doing now. That said p, we still play a lot of old songs so I'm maybe being hipocritical.

We change it every night though usually settle in a 10 or so that we play every night,

Yes! We're playing electric picnic next month.


hoyhoyu16 karma

Hey guys I read a review that said krautrock subtly informs much of the new album. My question for you is-is this indeed true and if so which krautrock albums specifically "subtly informed" you? Thanks for the AMA.

MogwaiBand31 karma

I wouldn't say any album in particular but I think the sounds of the sound tracks Tangerine dream did as well as Michael Hoenig and klaus Schultz have similar sounds. A lot of that is due to the equipment used ie. Ocular synth. SB

no1partyanthem15 karma

What's the last album you listened to?

MogwaiBand45 karma

Soundtracks by Can, just a minute ago. BB

MogwaiBand31 karma

Floodland by the Sisters Of Mercy. SB

mushroomguru15 karma

Hello Mogwai!

First off - ace set at Latitude on Friday, I only saw the second half after James Holden but have seen you guys on double-figures occasions now, so hope you'll forgive me.

Second off - thanks for signing my record at Rough Trade earlier in the year.

Third: A question! My friend got me to listen to you by describing that a particularly loud version of 'My Father My King' in London led to you cracking the venue's ceiling. Is this true, and can you share the story?

MogwaiBand23 karma

Chunks of the ceiling were coming down at a few of our gigs (Brixton in 2001 was one) though I can't recall the guilty song. SB

itsalreadyonfire12 karma

Hi Mogwai - GEAR question. I wonder if you ever track guitars straight into the computer? If so, do you prefer a particular channel strip or DI? Do you prefer the flexible of amp sims or the sound of real amps?

MogwaiBand17 karma

For demos, Guitar Rig is the business for the guitar stuff but we always record with real amps. BB

Montana_to_Rice12 karma

Hey thanks for doing this. I first saw you in 2005 when you opened for the Cure, and no offense to them, you were the highlight of the show! Since you just said you grew up listening to the Cure, what was it like touring with them? Cheers!

MogwaiBand24 karma

It was a pleasure. They treated us really well and I loved watching them very night. Robert emailed me yesterday actually. Brilliant guy. SB

babababel11 karma

I just would like to know, how do you get so LOUD? ;) Also, what is the meaning of the hexagon symbol that you displayed at your recent Minneapolis show? I was wearing earrings that matched, coincidentally!

MogwaiBand25 karma

Apart from the amplifiers onstage (which are very loud), it's really our sound engineer and the venue P.A. which determines how loud we are. There are often arguments or disagreements with people in the venues but pretty much always, everyone goes home happy. We don't break equipment but we probably use it to it's limit. Having a good engineer and crew really, really helps. BB

sampj1310 karma

Hi guys, fellow Scotsman here. I went to Roskilde Festival in Denamark this year and saw you guys play, you were ace.

Question: What's it like playing European Mainland festivals as opposed to UK ones? Is the treatment different? Fan reactions different?

MogwaiBand20 karma

They're all different TBH. The one we played in Slovakia a week or two ago was by far the best organised we've seen for a while. Glastonbury was a mud bath.....the crowd were great though. BB

EoinM9610 karma

What's the best anecdote from being on the road that you have?

MogwaiBand28 karma

John made a sculpture out of pallets in Norway once rather than going to bed. SB

MogwaiBand6 karma

That's a beauty BB

MogwaiBand16 karma

It's overwhelming to try and think of one after nearly 20 years of doing this. My mind has gone blank. Something about a journey into Juarez rings a bell......BB

alchomist10 karma

Hey guys.

Two questions if that's cool.

You are held in high esteem in post-rock circles. What is it that puts you off that particular tag?

Where do all stand on independence? Do you think much will change if Scotland does break away?

MogwaiBand33 karma

I think it's a daft term and has come to mean bands that sound like us and Godspeed rather than what Simon Reynolds was getting at when he dreamt it up which seemed a lot more carried and interesting.

I'm very pro independence. I'd love Scotland to be a nuclear weapon free country fir a start. There's so much we could do better. SB

myothercarisayoshi10 karma

How often do you get to have a pint of Gift at Das Gift?

MogwaiBand12 karma

Not as often as even I'd like and I live 2 blocks away. BB

Modest_Matt10 karma

What do you think of Deafheaven's cover of Cody?

MogwaiBand17 karma

I think it's brilliant. Good band and good people too. SB

trashpussy9 karma

Happy Songs for Happy People is one of my favorite albums! Love you guys!

Some of your songs have lyrics and some don't, any particular reason? Do you think of something and then want to include it in a song or do have a song and think that it could use some words?

MogwaiBand14 karma

It just depends on the song. It's usually pretty apparent truth be told. SB

Villa_Del_Refugio9 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA!

Do you ever play songs live that you generally don't enjoy playing? I assume if you didn't particularly care for it as a group, you don't. I particularly love hearing Helicon 1 at ANY show I go to, and you all seem to enjoy playing it.

MogwaiBand14 karma

The best thing about having lots of songs is that you don't need to play songs if it's not fun. I'm sure some of us like some songs more than others though. SB

pkpk9 karma

what a fantastic band. been a fan for a long, long, long time.

the band, famished, sits down together to enjoy a favorite meal. what are you eating?

MogwaiBand34 karma

We're fond of curries. SB

MogwaiBand27 karma

Curry, without doubt.

MogwaiBand24 karma

We're fond of curries. SB

fenderbender9 karma

Greetings Stuart, Barry, John, Dominic, and Martin!

I finally got around to seeing you guys again here in New York(Terminal 5) after you've had to cancel the show twice the past ~2 years. Real glad you guys were able to make it this time around!

I saw you guys many years ago when you toured after 'The Hawk Is Howling' and it seems as though you've all turned the volume knobs on your amps up a few.

First I'd like to say that you guys are a bunch of seriously sadistic sons of a bitches(I say that with love). I was on some LSD for this concert, and it was so incredibly loud I was nervous that my ears were going to implode. The blinding lights, the overwhelming immensity of the high-frequency feedback that is still reverberating throughout my face, and the breeze that was emanating from all of your amps...I, among many others were literally taken aback with a sensory overload. The whole concert was seriously overwhelming and while I do love your music, it seems as though you just wanna push the limits as much as you can in your live concerts?

The whole concert almost felt as though you were sacrificing all of us in this deafening ritual.

P.S. Sorry if I scared you that night Barry. You were loading your bus at the end of the night and I drove past you and shouted out the window ''THANKS HAVE A GOOD NIGHT BARRY!!'' in my bad Scottish accent. It was all I could muster up in such a short notice and at the speed my friend was driving.


I love watching Barry play the guitar on stage. He just stands there in the front observing the crowd like a mad scientist. I think you're the most sadistic one out of all of Mogwai. You get satisfaction from looking at all of those melting faces..I can see it.

MogwaiBand9 karma

i remember that very well, young man. and no more LSD when driving, k?

rprakash17828 karma

Are you still in touch with Brendan?

MogwaiBand9 karma

From time to time. Brilliant guy. SB

tweetopia8 karma

Hi Mogwai. I borrowed 'Young Team' from Montrose library shortly after it came out and have loved you ever since. (Montrose library had the best music section. Yay for libraries.)

Which of the band likes to cuddle most? I reckon it is Barry. Also, do you have any good stories about Aidan Moffat? xxx

MogwaiBand15 karma

Barry is quite cuddly. I like cuddling Dominic too though. SB

eenstone8 karma

Hi, I am curious about what your inspiration was when writing the lyrics for the song Cody? do they have much meaning behind them? thanks. Ed

MogwaiBand21 karma

It was a long time ago but I think it was just general rather than specific maudliness. SB

beezdix7 karma

I'll always appreciate that you played Louisville during your 2002 US tour. It included one of my favorite moments ever at a rock show during which local drumming hero, Tony Bailey (RIP), joined you guys on drums for a song. He was so overcome with emotion at the moment. It was my lasting, positive memory of Tony before his demons overtook him. But I always wanted to know why you chose to play Louisville at all on such a short tour US tour (there were only maybe 6/7 cities on the tour, if I recall correctly). Was it related to Louisville'e "post-rock" tradition/history? Anyway, we'd love to see you here again.

MogwaiBand9 karma

Thank you for reminding me of that! Tony was amazing! From touring we'd become friends with Aerial M and I guess that's why we went. It was a good night if I recall. We should come back. SB

Modest_Matt7 karma

What would you do if you saw spaceships over Glasgow?

MogwaiBand14 karma

I'd have to wonder if their SatNav was on the blink. BB

yeeaahman7 karma


MogwaiBand24 karma

I think it's probably the passenger by Iggy pop. SB

MattSayar7 karma

You guys ever seriously talk about collaborating with Sigur Ros? I know there were some fake "leaked" tracks at one point, but I'd like to hear the real deal!

MogwaiBand8 karma

No, there was nothing in that rumour. BB

mehdaille7 karma

Hi mogwai ! I'm a fan of the album like hardcore will never die, hawk is howling and ost of Les revenants. I was wondering if you ever thought of using some original instruments in your songs ?

MogwaiBand41 karma

You mean like a Lute? No way. Sting does that. BB

Spindax7 karma

What is your favourite album?

MogwaiBand9 karma

Come on die young. SB

MogwaiBand11 karma

Julia was our friend and did our live sound for a few years. She was great. SB

Car_Key_Logic6 karma

Cheers for doing this AMA! Saw you guys at Celtic Connections in Glasgow earlier this year. Fantastic set, I was absolutely blown away by the sheer amount of sound you guys can create. Amazing stuff. And my question is about that gig!

How did you guys come to play at CC? Was it weird being a post-rock band amongst folkies? (For those who don't know, Celtic Connections is a large [primarily] folk music festival held in Glasgow each year)

MogwaiBand10 karma

I think we asked to play. So many people come to the city for the festival that it seemed like great timing for us to play at it especially as our record was coming out. It was a good night. My mum didn't even wear earplugs! SB

Nerfus6 karma

Do you ever incorporate the song Dracula Family into your sets? I remember hearing it for the first time as a bonus track on The Hawk is Howling and being absolutely floored. To this date it's still my favorite Mogwai track. It's such a happy song, with everything meshing perfectly, my favorite part being Barry's beautiful synth work. Listening to that song never fails to put me in a good mood.

Just wanted to say thanks for making such incredible music.

MogwaiBand8 karma

Thank you. No, we've never played it. We have a bad habit if forgetting the songs that don't make it on to albums. SB

Liamcicada5 karma

Hi Mogwai, Celtic or Rangers?

MogwaiBand21 karma

Celtic. Not sure who the other ones you mentioned are. I seem to remember something happened to them. SB

PleasedToBeefYou5 karma

Best synth of all time?

edit looks fun

MogwaiBand14 karma

The one i like to play the most is just a Juno 60. Nothing special but it's great for making up songs with. BB

JessaJez4 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! Long time fan here. I saw you guys a few years ago at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh. Incidentally, we ran into you at a nearby Subway restaurant 20 minutes before the show. My very serious question is: What is your favorite sub sandwich?

MogwaiBand10 karma

Veggie patty with everything. SB

jerrylovesbacon4 karma

Glasgow barrowlands is the best music venue in Scotland (IMHO).

Anywhere you have played that even comes remotely close?

MogwaiBand9 karma

I think, from playing a lot of different places everywhere, that it's probably the best venue to see a band in the world. We got lucky with that place. Isn't it James Murphy's favourite place to play too? Other places are almost equally fantastic but it's a bit special. BB

MogwaiBand5 karma

I agree with you. The Olympia in Paris is pretty special too. SB

donniebhoy3 karma

Scottish Independence or Celtic to win the Champions League?

MogwaiBand7 karma

Can't I be greedy and have both? SB

pidgeotto12 karma

Do you remember Helicopter Sunday well?

MogwaiBand5 karma

What do you think? What did happen to that lot that own that day? I must look it up. SB

Frajer-6 karma

What gave you the idea to name your band after Gremlins?

MogwaiBand4 karma

I can't remember. It's a pretty rubbish name truth be told. SB