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I used to live in the district. Do you think you can win when you say things like:

The Affordable Care Act should not be repealed.


Let’s pass an immigration bill that provides security and opens possibilities for residents to gain full citizenship.

The people in the district are pretty ignorant, and I saw all these "war on coal!" signs and such everywhere.

How do you plan to speak to these voters?

edit I like how the district is cleverly drawn to avoid Dayton and to capture all the conservative rural idiots. How the fuck is not this gerrymandering?

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GMOs are safe. Why do we need these labels implying they are safe? Why does the empty argument, "but people have a right to know!" still hold water?

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How often do you see suicides compared to other accidents or murder?

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Best synth of all time?

edit looks fun

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When I see "war on coal!" signs, I don't think dems have a chance. That area is rock solid repub, and this guy has about 0 chance.

In the last 25 years, the highest % dems have rec'd is 38% of vote. This is a waste of time; that district is already decided. This is why dems don't even run a candidate against him.