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I have a few questions and comments. I found your reply in which you said you are a two finger typer, so if you can't answer these questions, then I understand(even though you are a man of great patience :P)

So if you can't respond to any or all, then I would just like to say that I can't even tell you how much I appreciate all the work that you have done to open my eyes, mind, and heart as well as for millions of people with the work you've done with Planet Earth, Human Planet, Life, etc;.

  • With a life like yours, I can't imagine you regretting much, but if you do, what is it that you regret? (One of my current regrets, is that I haven't been able to give you a big hug for all that you've done for me as a person)

  • What made you wanna get into this?/Climax of your life?/Single moment that you realized that you want to essentially spend most of your life in the wild filming it for millions of people to see?

  • How has your constant activity around the globe affected your way of life most?

  • If you have kids/wife, how has your job affected the life you have with them? How have they reacted to your constant movement around the world?

  • How has your work personally affected you?

  • When you do come back to civilization, how often do you wish that you were back in the wild?

Thank you so much for doing this AMA. You have blessed Reddit with your altruism and patience in a way that will be remembered throughout all of Reddit History. I love you

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Greetings Stuart, Barry, John, Dominic, and Martin!

I finally got around to seeing you guys again here in New York(Terminal 5) after you've had to cancel the show twice the past ~2 years. Real glad you guys were able to make it this time around!

I saw you guys many years ago when you toured after 'The Hawk Is Howling' and it seems as though you've all turned the volume knobs on your amps up a few.

First I'd like to say that you guys are a bunch of seriously sadistic sons of a bitches(I say that with love). I was on some LSD for this concert, and it was so incredibly loud I was nervous that my ears were going to implode. The blinding lights, the overwhelming immensity of the high-frequency feedback that is still reverberating throughout my face, and the breeze that was emanating from all of your amps...I, among many others were literally taken aback with a sensory overload. The whole concert was seriously overwhelming and while I do love your music, it seems as though you just wanna push the limits as much as you can in your live concerts?

The whole concert almost felt as though you were sacrificing all of us in this deafening ritual.

P.S. Sorry if I scared you that night Barry. You were loading your bus at the end of the night and I drove past you and shouted out the window ''THANKS HAVE A GOOD NIGHT BARRY!!'' in my bad Scottish accent. It was all I could muster up in such a short notice and at the speed my friend was driving.


I love watching Barry play the guitar on stage. He just stands there in the front observing the crowd like a mad scientist. I think you're the most sadistic one out of all of Mogwai. You get satisfaction from looking at all of those melting faces..I can see it.

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Are there any pitbull puppies?