Long story short, a friend and I were smoking on the rooftop of my building, which has a power line passing right above it, reasons being poor civil management + bribes. My friend came out of it better than I did. I had 3 degree burns all over my body (face; entire left arm, half of my right; left side of my torso; left side of my left leg). I spent exactly 3 months in intensive care, stayed one year at home to recover, then went back to my studies. I'm really just about able and willing to answer any and all of your questions, so don't spare them.

Proof: http://i59.tinypic.com/24mg8yb.jpg

Yes, I look under 20 yo. Blame it on the lack of facial hair. hair doesn't grow on burn scar.

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oldegregsmangina183 karma

I feel awful asking, but, your penis?

isonuZ218 karma

All's good in that department lol

Quailmannnn13 karma

You mean like....you're stacked?

isonuZ13 karma

How do you mean?

McFreedom23 karma

He's asking if you have a large penis. Welcome to Reddit! Enjoy your AMA!

isonuZ38 karma

Oh, internet.

croatanchik57 karma

Do your burns still cause you pain? Or can you even feel anything? I guess it depends on the extent of the nerve damage?

isonuZ90 karma

The typical burn pain, no. However the nerves in both of my arms were shortened from the severity of it, especially my left arm, which kinda hurts when I pull my hand (I can't do that very much, it does hurt all the way to my shoulder. I can feel the nerves stretching). In terms of touch, I don't quite feel the same way on normal skin. I think the scars are too thick, it's like touching your arm over your cloths. For instance I can't feel a mosquito walking on the burnt area of my arm until the bite starts to sting.

croatanchik31 karma

But a mosquito bite still itches?!

isonuZ63 karma

i still have sensation, but not the same as regular skin. Actually I feel less pain. So when the itching happens, I keep on scratching without actually feeling a lot of pain. That scratches the skin and then it bleeds and stuff. A silver lining on this issue is I don't feel cold in burnt areas very much.

croatanchik24 karma

I guess that is a silver lining... A better silver lining would be not having to feel mosquito bites!

isonuZ309 karma

Ikr. I'm a natural born mosquito magnet. I guess they like BBQ so much.

croatanchik21 karma

HA! HAHAHA okay that was really funny!

I have chronic Lyme disease; I have a theory that the tick left something in my blood which makes me tastier to everything else that bites!

isonuZ21 karma

lol, probably.

Reverendhongry52 karma

How'd you get so awesome?

isonuZ75 karma

Oh, you.

I_Love_English50 karma

Did you receive any settlements or money from this accident? How have you been paying for all the surgeries?

isonuZ79 karma

My stay in the ICU was paid for 100%. Surgeries range from 50 to 75.

IWantAnAffliction28 karma

So nothing for the permanent damage done to you? What the actual fuck?

isonuZ51 karma

Yeah, and the power line is still there and live.

123fakerusty21 karma

What country is this?

isonuZ51 karma

Lebanon. Middle East

CastleCorp8 karma

Shit dude, that really sucks! Is this type of low safety standards particularly common there?

isonuZ11 karma

More like I-don't-give-a-shit-about-what-happens-this-is-cheaper sort of standards. No one seem to check, so everyone gets away with it.

budtron847 karma

My SO is Lebanese, you guys are hardcore.

isonuZ8 karma

The equivalent of New Yorkers, I've heard.

pugsntacos41 karma

How is dating life? Has it been effected at all?

isonuZ93 karma

Ha, well, not too brilliant. Close to none actually. I think it has a bit to do with me and my insecurities. I don't mind getting involved with someone, but I don't peruse it. I guess I don't want to be with someone out of pity, you know?

TheNerdWithNoName58 karma

I knew a bloke who had similar burns. Most of his nose and ears were gone. He always had hot girlfriends. He had a personality that exceeded his scars. Top bloke. Be confident and the girls will come running.

isonuZ116 karma

hot girlfriends

I guess they're compatible ;)

Thanks, I'll keep it in mind.

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isonuZ62 karma

I've actually never thought about this before. Well, I don't need any synthetic skin, I've got plenty healthy, and I don't mind how I look, really. However, I am willing to consider nerve replacement for my hand. The nerves were shortened. My doctor said that to replace them and fix my arm (which as you can see from the picture, quite... wrong), he'd have to strip my fingers, plant nerves from my thigh, and put my hand inside my stomach so muscles can regrow on it for about 3 weeks. Transhumanism wins over that suggestion.

3clipse37 karma

put my hand inside my stomach





sonicpieman8 karma

Yeah, I'm going to need more info on that process.

seesomethingelse19 karma

That raised more questions than answers

Mokeez9 karma

What is life

Weeberz10 karma

Shrek is love, Shrek is life

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isonuZ13 karma

Yep. Now imagine an entire hand in there. No. Thank you.

gwillyn2 karma

Can the nerves be stretched? I don't mean surgically, I was thinking something like regularly flexing just beyond the pain limit.

isonuZ8 karma

I suppose. I underwent physiotherapy. Painful physiotherapy I might add. They helped me gain mobility. I eventually stopped due to financial reasons, but I don't think this is fixable anymore. I really don't know.

ksajaN32 karma

I know that burns are very prone to infections but what about healed scars? Is there still a risk for you?

Also did you get something out of it from the city?

isonuZ42 karma

Yes, in face, the burn center I was in was underground for that same reason. Visits were very brief as well, and they had to wear some sort of robe. They keep monitoring you for infections. I had some I remember, but not severe. The only risk of you getting them, is when your wounds are open and still have fresh burn scars. After they heal you're good. Actually they wouldn't heal if you weren't good. There was a guy with me in the Center that stayed for over a year because of that.

What do you mean by getting something? You mean did we sue them for the power line?

DemiGodPeanut18 karma


isonuZ10 karma

My stay in the ICU was paid for 100% and my surgeries range from 50 to 75%; sometimes nothing and sometimes 100%.

travis1313127 karma

Were you always welcoming to people when they asked about your injuries?

isonuZ66 karma

At first, yes. I was very sort of conservative (long sleeves, hat...) and it was tedious repeating the same thing over and over again. But now I don't mind it, rather I want them to approach me. A lot of people worry I might get hurt or whatever. It's like, oh, what if he doesn't like to talk about it? What if I hurt his feelings? etc. It's turning into a taboo. That's part of why I'm doing this AMA.

MayorOfTityCity33 karma

This somewhat reminds me of this Army Veteran who had amputations and burns and did stand up. The host gave him the whole intro, veteran and whatnot and he came out and everyone was a little timid. He starts with a joke, "I've been to Iraq 4 times, and the last one was a real blast." It instantly eased the audience and he killed it. It seems that it might be a benefit to you at least know about this guy's approach. If you'd like to look his act up his name is Army Staff Sgt. Bobby Henline. Figured I'd mention if you hadn't heard of him.

So onto a question I guess, since you say it's turning into a taboo, I'm interested in what do you hope to accomplish with this AMA. And also for what other reasons are you doing this AMA? Thanks, and I hope you get out of this what you are hoping to!

isonuZ23 karma

Interesting! I'll be sure to check him out.

Well, a lot of people seem to be interested in this thing, but are afraid to ask. I don't push them to, but I do give hints to start the conversation. As I said, I want people to ask and find out so burn injuries are sort of normalized. Also, my parents suffered greatly at first. This sort of thing only happens in movies, you don't hear about it very much as other things. They felt they're alone in this and they felt they needed someone to relate. Luckily, the burn unit I was in played a role of a rally point of burn victims, so they were good. About a year or so after I got out, a family found us via a mutual friend that had their son also burned. They learned that we have the same doctor who is very difficult to deal with, but is very good in what he does. They came over, and we reassured them and comforted them. You can see how much they needed it. So here I am, a burn victim, willing to answer someone's concerned family about whatever they might want to know about. My parents needed it. That family needed it. I'm sure others do as well.

-fusung23 karma

How has the accident changed your perspective on life? I assume there was a high possibility of death so has the experience made you look at life differently?

isonuZ69 karma

Very. There's a phrase you hear quite often, but you don't give it much weight. Shit happens. Whatever you do in life, there will be a time when shit will happen to you that you stop and wonder what could you have done differently. To me, this accident was a test that really challenged me. Yes, the accident was pretty close to death. My heart monitor showed it. What I saw around me was that everyone was affected by this accident rather more than I (mentally I mean). What you do in life, doesn't only affect you. And there will come a time when shit will happen and leave what you have done to its current situation. Sometimes I contemplate about my surroundings. If I go now, will it be okay? If not, I work on making it okay. It was quite an eye opener for me.

-fusung12 karma

This really hit me. Thanks for the reply and then AMA. I hope all goes well for you in the future

isonuZ10 karma

Thank you :) To you as well.

cookiecrumbs9222 karma

How did it all actually happen? As in the power line burning you? Sorry if I've missed you explaining this somewhere else.

isonuZ36 karma

How? umm.. like this: BOOOMMMMMM :D Lol, just kidding. No one knows actually. We were blamed for it. Said that we were trying to steal electricity from it. The lines are really low though. They had to cut down a nearby tree because it was touching them. I've been told that when the accident happened, there was a tornado of fire around the residence, so as far as I know, the tree might have done it, and we were the victims of the fire. I really don't know what happened.

ThatJanitor23 karma

Said that we were trying to steal electricity from it.

With your cigarettes?

isonuZ8 karma

Lol no. Like bring cables and hook them up on the lines, idk.

GayManLoveIsOK9 karma

i wonder if they would say this to try and shfit the blame onto you and not the property owners for bad cabling or faulty work done on it so the payout to you would be less. in that case, was anyone trying to be difficult with you guys on the blame game?

isonuZ7 karma

Very. Eventually, we just dropped it. We knew it's not gonna get anywhere.

Strung_Out_Advocate9 karma

I actually work on the type of lines that probably caused the accident. Anyone in the industry thinking you were trying to steal power from those lines is either retarded, or just trying to keep the law on their side. If I might be able to answer any questions you may have, feel free to ask.

isonuZ5 karma

That's exactly what happened. Thanks, but I think I just wanna put this thing behind me. How it happened doesn't really matters to e anymore.

buffyybot12 karma

My sister was burned (20%) in a house fire, the lengths the lawyers go to to pass blame to the victims is insane. She was 21 years old, had a friend over for some drinks and fell asleep to wake up in an inferno - how they spun that to be her fault and still sleep at night, I'll never know.

isonuZ10 karma

I think they're trained to do that.

vivita1221 karma

Are you still friends with the guy who was also there? Are there anymore reconstruction surgerys on the cards? If so what is your reasons for having or not having any other surgery?

Thanks for doing this AMA! :D

isonuZ44 karma

Well we have lost contact since a while, but I keep checking up on him once every blue moon. Don't get me wrong, we're still friends. I actually owe him my life. He saved mine.

Yes, I'm never done with surgeries. In terms of reconstructive surgeries, I still have my lips and my left hand. I don't really care about the latter, really. It's functional enough. I do, however, want to fix my face. My neck is filled with scars that are contractures which makes my face feel and look pulled down. That also pulls my bottom lip down. So yes, I wanna do that at some point, but that surgery will cost about $25K, so I'm putting that on hold for now.

No problem! Let me know if you have any more questions.

gwillyn21 karma

You look a lot better than most burn victims I've seen.
You are not ugly. (Female input.)

isonuZ18 karma

That's sweet. Thank you.

OpisaConfirmedFaggot15 karma

Start a kickstarter man !

isonuZ44 karma

Hmm.. well no. I don't like to do that. Kinda feels like I'm begging for it. I want to earn it myself.

sarasota_18 karma

You definitely don't look 20 but you dont look like a horribly disfigured burn victim either! Have you wanted to or have had any cosmetic surgery?

isonuZ37 karma

Lol, well not anymore. I did have a lot of surgeries that were a combination of reconstructive and cosmetic. I'm planning on having another one to fix my face, but it's (very) expensive, so it's on hold.

Here's a picture from day one in the ICU WARNING a bit graphic http://i.imgur.com/EupevHu.jpg

Here's one about 2 months in http://i.imgur.com/D5svjWy.jpg

Here's one about a week or two after I got out http://i.imgur.com/fFhHdFP.jpg

Here's one before the accident. http://i.imgur.com/h3S0mSQ.jpg

All of these are when I was 14, the time stamp is only 3 months and a few weeks. The picture I put as proof was taken about 1-2 hours ago today.

sarasota_8 karma

Jesus take the wheel. so the accident happened when you were 14?

isonuZ18 karma

Yep. well... 3 months to 14 years. I actually celebrated my 15th THE NEXT DAY I got out.

sarasota_49 karma

Bet you didn't want any candles on your cake eh?

that joke was so bad I'm so sorry

isonuZ33 karma

LOL, don't be sorry. I like burn puns. Got any more? I'm looking to add my existing burn pun book.

sarasota_26 karma

So would you say you have a....

burn book?

isonuZ8 karma

lmao, well a virtual one

sarasota_14 karma

Do you get into heated arguments very often? When someone insults a friend and you yell "BURN!" does everyone get slightly uncomfortable?

Thats all I got for now. I seriously commend you for enduring all that youve had to at such a young age, but you seem to have kept your head up in all of it and you should keep doing so!

isonuZ30 karma

Well I actually say mee instead of burn. I always make fun of myself. Some people do get uncomfortable and tell me to stop, but I'm trying to change that. It's working ;) For instance I do this thing when someone says they're hungry. I put my arm close to their mouth and say, barbecue? Some laugh and quickly apologize for laughing, some only laugh, some throw another pun at me, and some tell me it's not funny and to stop.

Thank you for your words :)

thetanpecan17 karma

Do you remember much from being in the ICU? In nursing school, I worked on an ICU burn unit and we kept the patients sedated most of the time.

isonuZ29 karma

Yes, most of it actually. When they transported me from the ER to the ICU, I was still awake. They put something to sedate me in the IV, so when they held me and placed me on the bed that I rested on for 3 months, everything turned black. After that, they gave me something to bloat me. They said it's to save what's little left of my skin. That completely shut my eyes. Also, I had 2 tubes inserted, one in my mouth for breathing, the other in my nose for food. After 2-3 days I think, they inserted another down there for urination. I don't remember that time in the ICU very well. I was given a huge amount of pain killers and all sorts of drugs. I remember everything after the swelling went down and the tubes were removed. Which was about a week or so after I was admitted.

Oh, and I was placed with someone. The burn center had chambers. 4 doubles, one single and one triple. Visits were very brief though, and they had to wear some sort of robe. They only let one person at a time, said that burn yields a lot of microbes or stuff, idk. Which is why the center was underground as well.

thetanpecan9 karma

Thanks for your response. I always wanted to ask the patients and wondered how aware they were of their surroundings. Sounds like you are coping well since the accident. Do you feel like you are?

isonuZ16 karma

Yes very much so. At first it wasn't so well, but wasn't so bad. Now I don't mind it at all.

mrshatnertoyou11 karma

How many surgeries did you have, which was the most difficult, which was the most painful, and how do you feel about your self-image at this time?

isonuZ17 karma

To be honest, I lost count. But they have to be over 15 by now. The most difficult/painful was the very first actually. My wounds were still very much open, but the doctor couldn't operate on closing them just yet, so he opened my mouth because my lips were contracturing. He did that in local anesthesia. I couldn't lay comfortably because my wounds were open, they would stick on the table (It happened before, fucking painful). So I was freaking out, shouting, pleading. I guess it was more psychological pain than any, really. What's really freaky though, were post surgeries. Most of my surgeries are skin grafts from my own skin. Idk if you're familiar with the process, but they staple the skin onto you. Actual staples. And they cover the place they take the skin from with something and staple that on your skin as well. I have to say, the sight is more painful than the actual removal of them, but still, they do hurt before you get used to them. Now, honestly I don't mind the looks, I'm kinda used to it; and the feeling is not as hurting as before. I guess the more you give power to pain, the more you feel it.

I really feel that I came a long way. I've learnt a lot in the process. I believe I came out of it (now) wiser.

duckmuffins7 karma

You're very brave. I truly respect that and wish the best for you.

isonuZ2 karma

Thanks :)

revenge-dough11 karma

Did you get any compensation for what happened from either the building manager or anyone?

isonuZ33 karma

Well my ICU stay was paid fully. We hired a lawyer to sue the government for putting these things so close to residential properties, but turns out that the property was build under the thing. We search for how they gave a permit, turns out someone took a bribe from the municipality. They claimed he's dead, so that was that. Their exact words were "He's dead. Go follow him." I live in a place where it's is as corrupted as it is beautiful.

Theory52 karma

I hope you're not still living there. Someone who has no qualms about building a residential building illegally has no qualms about cutting costs, shorting tenants, and using slipshod techniques to "fix" things.

Have you become active in pushing for better regulations or anything in your community? I would make it my life's goal to rid the city of corrupt officials and slumlords if I was ever injured like that.

isonuZ2 karma

Unfortunately I am. The issue with the high tension power lines in Lebanon is a very controversial topic. Many people talk about it. Movements vouching against them etc. I have been in a sort of strike against it just near my house. I was on TV many times about it as well. An activist on it though? No.

ghostklutch14639 karma

Hey man, I'm glad to see someone in your situation not hiding, embarrassed what someone might say about you being the way you are!

Last year, my grandfather was killed by fire. He was attempting to fix a squeak in his dryer (Kenny always had to solve the issues himself!) when the WD40 exploded, covering him in 3rd degree burns.

My question is, if you remember it clearly: what the fuck goes through your mind when you are in that situation?!?!? Is it just "what the hell is going on?!?!?!"

isonuZ12 karma

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. That must've been hard for everyone.

Well when we first got out to the roof, I felt uneasy. We both did. He told me to forget about it and do it somewhere else, because he thought that something's gonna happen. I had the exact feeling, only I told him it's okay and we should stay (I really wanted a cigarette). Then out of nowhere, everything turned black to me. Do you know that feeling you get when you wake up, but you're still dreaming? That liminal area between consciousness and dreams? I was there. I was waiting to wake up, but it took so long. I kinda knew something was not right.Then I saw a light fade in verrrry slowly. Then I heard my friend scream. It was a sort of panic scream. That kinda scream you might make if you're on fire. I knew something was up. A terrorist attack nearby, fireworks gone bad, I didn't know. I started to scream just for acknowledgment. Then I felt something on me padding me. My friend was putting me out and taking what's left of my cloths off. He told me what happened and he told me to go down. My eyes were shut at this point. It was very hard to open them. I had close to no sensation in my body luckily. My friend kept screaming from pain, I simply didn't feel any. Anyway, I opened my eyes just a tiny crack and saw the floor on fire. Might've been my cloths or his though, I can't be sure. I tried walking around, but I didn't know the way. I saw lights in the distance and realized in the mountains, and if I continue this path, I'd fall from the roof. So I changed course and saw my friend back for me. He led the way down the stairs.

All this must've happened in a matter of a minute or so.

ThoracicPork8 karma

Have you quit smoking?

isonuZ22 karma

One might thing I have. The thing is I never was a "smoker". It was a juvenile thing. You know how it goes, oh I'm 14, I'm old enough to do what I want. I still smoke every now and then, but not much. I started working out and that made me smoke even less. It goes about 1 cigarette per month now, just to give an average. However, I smoke a hookah every now and then, especially in outings.

revenge-dough4 karma

Strange, I figured smoking on a rooftop you would be smoking weed. Did you normally smoke cigarettes in random places?

isonuZ25 karma

Well I was 14, so we were doing it in secrete. It was 12 AM, no one would see us... but they did lol.

christoffcaviar8 karma

How is your penis?

isonuZ21 karma


croatanchik7 karma

I guess you get to save on the costs of shaving, haha... There's a silver lining?

How did they treat such extensive burns? Can they be bandaged? How were the burns kept clean?

isonuZ22 karma

Lol I still shave. I get half a beard, so I have to shave that. And I still have body hair, so I do shave. Nothing is saved in that area.

Of course there's a silver lining. There's always a silver lining.

Well at first they tell you that burn take time. A lot of time. You have to keep it bandaged. They put burn cream on it and keep testing you for infections. You need to eat a lot to aid the healing process.

First, they put a thing called jelo-net, basically a a net covered in jelly substance like petroleum jelly, in order to prevent sticking gauze. Then they put the burn cream, then the put several thick layers of gauze and wrap it all up with bandages. The wounds needs to be cleaned every other day, so the bandages are changed every 2 days. Fucking painful process, the changing. You know Betadine? It's used to disinfect wounds. It usually burns. They get them in gallons! They bring 2 bowls, fill one with Betadin scrub solution, the other with saline. They remove the bandages. If there is dried blood on the jello-net, it will hurt! Once they're done stripping you, they start scrubbing your skin with Betadine. Sooo much pain. Once they're done, they clean it with saline. less pain, but more rough then Betadine. Then they dry you with clean gauze, and wrap you again. That's the process. They give you a shot 15 minutes before they do it for pain. It doesn't do much though lol. Once the wounds are healed, it's better to allow them to breathe, so they no longer bandage it.

mantisnzl3 karma

Related thought, for a long time silver has been used in the treatment of burns, both in some of the creams and in some dressings. I remember this because a mate who fell into a bonfire was getting his burn treated with some silver dressing. Depending on exactly how your burns were treated they could quite literally have had a silver lining.

isonuZ2 karma

Wow, interesting! I'll run it by my doctor, but I think it's too late. I no longer have burn wounds, more of burn scars.

suicide_and_again7 karma

So maybe I'm ignorant, but what exactly happened? Your friend was smoking, and then what happened? Did the power line just decide to collapse?

isonuZ4 karma

No one really knows for sure what caused it.

Franchez133712 karma

I can take a guess. You describe the power line as high tension, so this was probably a transmission line that'd you'd see on lattice towers. Transmission lines are energized to voltages between 100,000 all the way up to 1,000,000 volts. Voltage is a measure of potential difference or how much "force" is pushing a given electron to go to a high voltage to a low voltage. This works just like water flowing from high pressure pipes out to atmospheric pressure levels. For these 100kV+ power lines, electrons can be forced to move across open air, through a human, and down a buildings drainpipes to the low voltage region of ground. This doesn't happen with 120V power coming out of your wall outlet because the voltage is so low. But, high voltage means the electricity can cause dielectric breakdown of air and create a path of its own to ground. Thats why special care is (supposed to be) taken to ensure metal energized to these high voltages is designed to remain a safe distance from the ground, people, the equipment supporting it and other energized equipment.

So, the failure of the municipality to ensure safe approach distance to these lines meant that the safe buffer between energized line and ground is now occupied by a building. Add a person in the middle and there is less and less air that electrons need to jump across to find their path to ground. All you needed was someone, say, raising their arms to stretch and the resistance between the line and ground is low enough for the electrons to make the jump. When it happened, an "arc flash" occurred. The thousands (potentially tens of thousands) of amps that suddenly rushed to ground got there through a plasma created when the air broke down. The plasma was made up of super heated gasses that burned hotter than the surface of the sun. This arc would have engulfed you and had it not lasted only a tenth of a second, you wouldn't be doing this AMA. Arc flash is no fun.

Source: I design control systems that interrupt faults like this.

isonuZ5 karma

Well the high tension power line that exploded is a 60K volts. The electricity went through the water tanks on the roof. The ball of fire that went through the residence went through us.

AdmirableAdmoral7 karma

Do you like chocolate milk?

isonuZ8 karma

Love it.

sothisistheworld3 karma


isonuZ5 karma

I kinda prefer chocolate milk over milk chocolate. Though I like Chocolate milkshake over them both.

chappa_aiXX6 karma

What was it like looking in the mirror for the first time after receiving your burns? What went through your mind?

isonuZ11 karma

ohh. Well my parents got me a mirror. They were so hesitant to give it to me, but I persisted they do. I didn't give much away, but it was terrifying. I had them mini-heart attacks. The view of all the wounds on my face, the sight of my very small lips, everything was awful. You usually have an image in your head about how you look. It's difficult when you look at the mirror and see something completely different. Something grotesque. It was pretty difficult, but I didn't let anyone in on what I felt. They were through enough. Then I just got used to it.

kyurem646466 karma

Do you ever get stared at when you go out in public? How do you handle them?

isonuZ4 karma

At first, very. Humans are curious, they tend to look at something out of the ordinary. At first I ignored them, then I stared them down until they looked away (always fun).

Now they don't look as much. I guess it's no longer prominent.

InfestedPony5 karma

What country do you live in? And what year did this happen?

I work for a company that surveys power lines for clearance issues like the one that caused your accident. I know the US and UK have some really strict guidelines on this stuff.

I'd like to know, what do you mean an explosion? Do you mean the line snapped, or did the electricity arc to the ground through you?

And do you have a photograph of the offending line?

isonuZ2 karma

I live in Lebanon (middle east). As it was said to me, there was a series of 5 explosions. How did this happen, no idea.

http://i.imgur.com/JJt3Ee3.jpg Here it is from my balcony.

http://i.imgur.com/qgJG6pH.jpg Here's where they cut the tree instead of pulling the lines or just removing them.

TIGit4 karma

I'm a girl who had a cable* snap leave me really scarred on my cheat when I was 13, and later in life got 3rd degree burns on my legs (boots on up) in a welding accident. Can we be friends?

Edit: saw a typo, a lift cable snapped not a candle.

isonuZ7 karma

Ouch! Sure! Always happy to make new friends.

TIGit5 karma

I don't hurt now though, but I keloided like crazy on the chest. The burns healed nice though. Does you skin kind of not stretch either? Mine just feels thick and weird. Sometimes my boots/socks rub it it sort of agitates the skin. Anything work for you if your skin gets agitated?

isonuZ7 karma

Oh, I know what that feels like. Yes a lot. I'm guessing it's still fresh? It gets better with time, but I recommend a cream called Biafine. It cools the skin, I love it. It's also used for mild burns to cool the skin. Keep massaging the keloids. It will feel great, and it will help a bit. I used to take eczema medication called Atarax to help with the agitation. It used to drive me insane!

Firexbomber4 karma

I scraped my pinky finger against the wall on a motorcycle accident, my bone was pretty much showing. They bandaged it and used petroleum jelly just like they would on a burn. I'm a little pussy, so when the bandages had dried blood, the pain was horrible. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain you went through. Did you ever feel like it was too much to handle and just wanted to call it quits? And you my friend are a very brave man I must say.

isonuZ5 karma

Ouch! Well I used to always cry and shout obscenities at the nurses when I had my bandages changed, but no I never really was so depressed about it. I guess I knew there was no running from it. I knew it'll be over some eventually, and it was. Thank you :)

UStoHK4 karma

Well since no one's asked....masturbation?

isonuZ6 karma

All's good in that department.

blablablahh3 karma

Did you develop any phobias from the incident?

isonuZ2 karma

At first I was afraid of any electrical outlet and gas installments, or anything that was electrical/fire related. I was scared just turning on the stove.

Now, not at all.

eatmyaustralia3 karma

What type of climate do you live in? and how sweaty do your feet get?

isonuZ3 karma

Very humid.

They only sweat when I wear sneakers for a long time or when I work out.

_NutsackThunder3 karma

Not gonna lie, I came here to see the photo.

Do you have any problems with skin moisture? I imagine you go through lotion like crazy

isonuZ2 karma

Lol, let me know if you need to see anything else.

Yes, I do apply lotion. If I don't they dry up and sometimes crack. My lips get the worst of it. I have to apply balm all. the. time, or else they crack and bleed.

Bassplayerbjorn2 karma

Do you have super powers now? If you did, what would be your super Hero name? :)

isonuZ5 karma

Well, no. The fire wasn't radio active :( Imagine if it were though, that would be so cool. My power would be fire related obviously. I really can't think of any name. Can you?

andersdahl082 karma

Have you seen The Amazing Spiderman 2? You're freaking Electro!

isonuZ8 karma

I'm thinking more towards The Human Torch.

andersdahl084 karma

Flame on!

isonuZ5 karma


borntoquit2 karma

Do you still smoke?

Chipish2 karma

Has anyone ever 'burned' you in conversation/argument/debate, then did that awkward "oh shit, he really is burned" kinda thing?

isonuZ6 karma

Lol, all the time. My roommate have THE BEST burn jokes/puns I've ever heard. Here's one he came up with:

If someone "burnt" you in an argument and said apply water to the burnt area, do you take a cold shower?

Always cracks me up.

PeanutHamster2 karma

Are you right or left handed? Cos it looks like writing with your left hand would feel really painful. And thanks for doing this AMA, really interesting reading the comments 😊

isonuZ5 karma

Luckily I'm right handed. It's not painful, but annoying. I've tried.

Aetrion2 karma

Do you play Fallout games? I would totally walk around and be like "What are you looking at smoothskin?!" if I looked like that.

isonuZ3 karma

Well I don't, so I don't exactly get it. I got a new laptop, so I'm playing some games. I got Skyrim and Amsesia and a couple of indie games. Any other recommendations?

PhasersSetToKill-5 karma

Is ash your favorite character in superjail?

isonuZ7 karma

Well I've never actually heard of superjail. I did read briefly about Ash though, and I think he might be if I watched it.