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$10k a year? Shit, if I fund it how about you and I travel it all over again.

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Please make a "Supernatural" spoof. There is such a huge rabid fan market for the show and it's characters, and it's completely untapped. There are women and gay men of the world crying out "Where is our gay porn of these television characters?!" And hopefully you cum-forth and heed the call and be the hero they deserve.

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You are my hero. I love the way you use light and shadow in your works! I've done master's studies paintings on your style, all those delicious sharp angles, deep shadows and limited color palettes! How did you come into this as an art style? It's so very different and dynamic from everything else I've' seen in classical and comic art.

And if I may ask another question, can I ask how you came upon the idea of Hellboy and the Hellboy Universe? There is so much mythos and layers of plot, was it built up over time, or just one moment of insight?

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/r/seduction is the sleaziest scumpot in the gutters of the internet. Fuck off.

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Hey there, just wanted to say it was great meeting you and I loved the event. Everything was amazing and so well organized. I drove fourteen hours just to see it and it was worth it.

I was wondering about what must be done to start a chapter? I would love to begin one in Iowa.

~ Your wolfish friend