Roger Bennett and Michael Davies here. We’ve just spent a nipple-tingling four weeks in the crap part of Copacabana with ESPN, reporting on the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The support from our GFOPs has been overwhelming to say to least and we’re excited to answer your questions. Check us out at and follow us on Twitter: @MenInBlazers, @rogbennett, and @embassydavies.

EDIT: We're off to watch the match! Thanks for stopping by, always love a good chat with our GFOPs!

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shelloflight146 karma

After seeing how well MLS players performed in the world cup, is there a possibility that the men in blazers will start producing more content centered around the league?

MenInBlazers192 karma

Davo: Inevitable

danhig123 karma

Do you think Gillette's ad agency understands the terms "frequency" or "creative rotation"?

MenInBlazers104 karma

Davo: All I know is that the first thing I'm doing when I get back to the States is buying one of those razors.

psnow1199 karma

Would you rather fight 1 Peter Crouch-sized Raven, or 100 raven-sized Peter Crouchs?

MenInBlazers109 karma

This is Davo. I am morally opposed to raven fighting. And miniature Crouch fighting.

hex2096 karma

If you could be John Terry for a day, who's wife would you sleep with?

MenInBlazers114 karma

Davo: Deleted for my own protection.

TimSPC91 karma

What exactly is going on behind the scenes in Brazil? I picture Ian Darke on the beach, Steve McManaman hitting the clubs, Bob Ley enjoying a drink from a coconut, Paul Carr never sleeping. Got any good stories?

MenInBlazers140 karma

Davo: Weird. How do you know all this?

psnow1181 karma

Roger, how do you plan on celebrating once you receive your American citizenship?

MenInBlazers293 karma

Rog: by calling Jurgen and letting him know I am now available for consideration for 2018. I am a box to box type, good from set pieces, ready to run for 120 minutes. My only weakness is penalty shoot outs which fill me with fear -- like Fire for The Hound

Zy237572 karma

You guys have been the highest form of entertainment during this World Cup. Will you be back for the next one? What is your next project?

MenInBlazers76 karma

DAVO: Thank you. I am sure we will be covering the next World Cup. We will be announcing our next project shortly, stay tuned to, sign up for the newsletter, check our social media frequently! And we're in Portland August 4th doing a live podcast.

Ampatent63 karma

When the time comes on Sunday evening, after the trophy has been lifted and the confetti bagged up and shipped to Russia for 2018. Just before the lights in Bob Ley's Panic Room are turned off for the final time. Once you've both had your fill of tiny bananas and the posters of Wet Herrera and Kyle Beckerman are neatly filed away. Before you leave the crap part of Rio and come home to the land of CONCACAF thunder.

What do you think will be the most profound and lasting impact of this World Cup?

MenInBlazers153 karma

Rog: We are actually heading back to New York tomorrow. The longer this tournament has gone on, the more the both of us have realized that, while Brazil may be be football's true spiritual home, we wanted to experience the World Cup final in the country we love, that is now in love with the sport we love. That is a lot of love. And so we are headed back to the Crap Part of Soho to broadcast the final live from there, pre-game and post-game. For us, the nationwide love affair with football means America won the World Cup. The country, though sadly not the team... YET

MenInBlazers90 karma

Davo: Rog becoming a fully fledged American. And the fact that I am now addicted to tiny bananas.

heem3159 karma

Alo!! Alright, the question everyone has been waiting for:

Rog, what did you do before Dav-o found you on that boat?

MenInBlazers75 karma

Rog: I was Davo's butler

arg191854 karma

Does "Paul Carr Blows Your Mind" have a chance to be a regular segment on the pod?

MenInBlazers70 karma

Rog: Paul will have his own network show soon. He will pretend he does not know us

MenInBlazers47 karma

Davo: Interesting idea.

CiscoCertified54 karma

First of all, I just want to say that you guys are awesome.

You have helped America learn about Soccer through comedy. The best part about your comedy is how informative it is. You and everyone at ESPN have put a lot of effort into this World Cup.

Thank you for all of it.

Now I have a few questions for you.

1.) With the MLS coming to ESPN, will you be doing any full time videos on or will they add you into segments on TV?

2.) How do you find a good balance between good soccer commentary and jokes? Your method teaches us a lot, but constantly entertained.

3.) Bob Ley seems to be very interested in the advancement of Soccer. Do you know why this is? It seems like you both have a lot of respect for him.

4.) Do you have any more online videos on Grantland or other sites? I tried to look but I couldn't find any. I love your commentary and style. I really would like to see more.

Thanks again!

MenInBlazers53 karma

Davo: We think you're awesome and thank you. 1) we are discussing with several networks and rightsholders about what we're going to do moving forward. 2) Rog and I simply try to have exactly the same kind of conversations "on air" as we do off. Increasingly, we actually try not to talk to each other off air at all. 3) Words can not describe our appreciation and respect for this giant of the American game. 4) Just the stuff on ESPNFC. But way, way more to come.

tastierrobbo50 karma

When there is an all-CONCACAF semi-final in World Cup 2018, which coronary artery will Sepp Blatter blow first?

MenInBlazers47 karma

Davo: Probably the one he would have blown had England made the quarter finals here.

MenInBlazers41 karma

Rog: Cannot wait for that game. It will happen in 2018. Sepp will schedule it in Oymyakon where the average temp is minus 50 degrees Centigrade

Talpostal48 karma

If the USMNT were to sing "So Long, Farewell" who do you suppose would sing the part of the youngest girl?

Bonus points if you can assign USMNT equivalents to each of the Von Trapp children.

MenInBlazers100 karma

Davo: Julian Green obvs. But we may have to draft in Manuel Neuer to play Rolf.

MenInBlazers58 karma

Mix as youngest daughter Clint = Liesl (rebel) Michael- Friedrich
Beckerman- Louisa (dreamer) Wondo- Kurt Jermaine- Brigitta Geoff- Marta Julian Green- Gretl

Neuer or Muller as Rolfe?

Sneakymoustache40 karma

Dear Rog & Davo,

As a GFOP I am extremely happy to see how well you two have been received over the past month, continued success.

Two questions:

1) For Rog: Do you think Jurgen feels personal satisfaction in his influence on the German National Team and their current success? And how do you think the current German success can lead to future American success?

2) For Davo: Previous to this past EPL season, it seemed like there was an insinuation of a possible MiB show somewhere. Do you feel with your current success during the World Cup, you two might re-visit that possibility again or that ESPN would be more open to that idea?

MenInBlazers42 karma

Rog on 1: Jurgen has repeatedly talked about how the German team is his team, and that he built it -- the core, and the backroom staff. The second half of the question is the key. While we need to guard against football trends -- everyone wanted to play "Spanish" after 2010, and declared German football to be in trouble after Real Madrid battered Bayern -- the professionalism and mindset of the German footballer is a sporting triumph. Four semi-finals on the trot is remarkable. Tony Kroos was asked post game why he was not celebrating the victory. He said "because there is one game left to win." It is that kind of competitive psychological mindset, coupled with Germans methodological fundamental preparation, that the US can learn from and that Jurgen is trying to inculcate.

MenInBlazers29 karma

Davo: We will be making more video content. Whether that's a show, or part of a show, or lots and lots of stuff like we've been doing down here (including sportscenter) we're figuring out right now.

I_Just-Blue_Myself35 karma

favorite bar to watch soocer in the US and have you ever been to Lucky Bar in DC?

MenInBlazers92 karma

Rog: I used to go to Lucky Bar every Saturday morning back when it was Planet Fred. It was just me and 8 other ex-pats watching crap EPL games like Leicester v Portsmouth and savoring them as if they were Boca-River. I went back there for the 2006 WC Italy-USA game and there was a line around the block as if the Beatles had reformed. It was that sight -- seeing the uptick in American love for the game -- that made me decide to build a community like MIB.

MenInBlazers43 karma

Davo: The bar at my golf club. Have never found the perfect soccer pub. May have to open one. I don't think I've ever been to Lucky Bar in D.C.

NatrolleonBonaparte20 karma

If the MiB were to open a soccer pub in the US...what would the name be?

MenInBlazers69 karma

Rog: We are working on opening a pub. It is Davo's Dream. We are actively scouting a location as I type. It will serve Guinness, Talisker Scotch and Tiny Bananas

CommanderStark34 karma

Which team will be the surprise of the 2018 World Cup and why will it be America?

MenInBlazers50 karma

Davo: Eastern Europe will be the CONCACAF of 2018. I am more bullish about the US chances for Copa America in 2016 on home soil. And 2022 wherever they play that tournament.

tonyeeee32 karma

As a Tottenham Supporter, I am not thrilled about the Julian Green rumors, because I think we will ruin the fine lad - thoughts?

MenInBlazers65 karma

Rog: Julian needs to play. Not clear it is going to happen at Bayern. One of oddest parts of pre-WC is that the US hiring of Bertie Vogts was massive news in Germany but barely caused a stir in US. Julian Green was massive news in US but noone in Germany cared. I hope Julian moves to Everton... he is a TERRIFIC lad.

tazzydnc30 karma

Kyle Beckerman: great American soccer player, or greatest?

MenInBlazers62 karma

Rog: I adore him. Always have. What a bloke. What an attitude. Was thrilled to see him on the field at the World Cup -- as a soccer player and more importantly as a Human Being. Proof you can toil, and give your all and never give up on your goals, and taste belated success and recognition. He could coach the US one day...

zorak30329 karma

Nick Hornby opened his book, Fever Pitch, with this quote: “I fell in love with football as I was later to fall in love with women: suddenly, inexplicably, uncritically, giving no thought to the pain or disruption it would bring with it.”

What would the opening line of your book say?

MenInBlazers91 karma

Rog: "We were in the jungle, there were too many of us, we had access to too much money, too much equipment, and little by little we went insane",

TheBarberOfFleetSt29 karma

First time I've ever been prepared for an AMA.

For football to continue growing in America, is MLS on the right track to become an "Elite League" like the EPL or La Liga? What else can MLS do to continue to help the sport grow in USA? On the pod you guys talk about the USA a lot, but neglect to mention MLS that much. Seattle and Portland play 2 games this week, huge for publicity and a big rivalry game. Who do you support for these games and why is it Seattle Sounders?

MenInBlazers42 karma

Rog: We love MLS. Hard to believe it is only just turning 20. The English, German and Spanish leagues have had decades of a head start. MLS has grown massively and will continue to do so. Anyone who cares about US soccer has to follow it, if only to monitor Kyle Beckerman's ongoing majesty. We are going to travel to Portland to do a live show Aug 4 around All-Star game and are both honored and excited.

MenInBlazers36 karma

Davo: I think that the growth of MLS is inevitable. Is it going to be an elite league? I don't know. I'm not even sure that in the future there will be more than one elite league. How many elite leagues are there in basketball? If you met a kid from London who was amazing at basketball, what league would you tell him to watch? British Basketball League? Spanish League? or the NBA? At the same time, soccer, tv, and digital are becoming much more global.

kdmull29 karma

Who has a better beach body? Rog or Davo?

MenInBlazers123 karma

Davo: Miguel Herrera.

MenInBlazers31 karma

Rog: Davo. Better body. Chestwig

oaklandisfun28 karma

Who wins in a bare knuckled boxing match - Lalas or Ballack? Does the answer change if it's '94 Lalas against '02 Ballack?

MenInBlazers69 karma

Rog: Ballack. Have you not been watching this World Cup. The Germans win. Always

Utah_Jazzy_Jeff24 karma


MenInBlazers40 karma

Rog: complex question. US has such a jerry-rigged youth development system. An unkempt, anarchical knot of programs and initiatives, some for-profit, others non-profit, pockmarked by cracks for talent to fall through. Fast-growing development academies compete with the lingering presence of college soccer. Coaching ability and basic facilities are uneven. All must be re-engineered into a coherent strategy by MLS and US Coach Jurgen Klinsmann in his dual capacity as US Soccer’s Technical Director.

yipyipnope24 karma

Huge fan! My boss caught me singing "Paul Carr blows your mind" the other day and I had some explaining to do.

Realistically, how long do you think it will take for the USA to become a real contender to win the World Cup and what steps should they be taking over the next years to get there?

MenInBlazers39 karma

Davo: I don't know how long or how. But I feel that what it's going to take is an emergence of a superstar, or four or five truly world class players at the same time. I do believe that it's inevitable. The US have become great at every sport they have set their minds to.

JaxR200922 karma

If Kyle Beckerman was an aquatic animal, what would he be?

MenInBlazers44 karma

Davo: Hard tackling octopus.

MenInBlazers36 karma

A pointed Sawfish, almost definitely

I_Just-Blue_Myself21 karma

Michael, you have said that your support of Chelsea has been declining. could you expand on that? what would make your support return to past levels?

MenInBlazers31 karma

Davo: Great question. There's a long answer. But here's a short one. 1) an owner who truly loves the club. 2) more young players coming through into the first team from the 21s and 19s. 3) English players to replace Lampard and Cole in the squad.

gtg409y21 karma

Thank you for making one of my commutes each week extremely less sub-optimal. It's great that I can consistently get my fiancé laughing by asking her "Is that your analysis?" in a snidey English accent whenever she criticizes me.

My question is for Rog (but Davo is welcome to chime in). How did you get into soccer journalism and do you have any advice for someone that would like to do the same thing?


MenInBlazers20 karma

Rog: Thanks for your kind words. We love how many men and women who love the game have engaged their partners in football through the MIB community. That means the world to us.

In terms of being a football journalist, my advice would be to start writing now and to write with passion and a strong, informed POV. The sport is so young there is a real opportunity to join the ranks of America's football media.

StoneTheAvenger21 karma

You two are so seamless when it comes to the flow and quick witted-ness of your podcast. What is the prep like for your show? Do you script a lot of it, have an outline/prep for certain topics, or is it all just ad lib? Some of those one-liners you two come up with are brilliant and as an American I constantly find myself replaying comments as they go right over my head.

MenInBlazers37 karma

Davo: It's a mix. All I'll reveal is that Rog is the best and funniest writer about football in the world. He makes me laugh more than anyone. And he is always incredibly bright about football. Even when he is 100% wrong.

MenInBlazers30 karma

Rog: I watch the second series of Hart to Hart on DVD as Prep. I read Granta's Best Young Brazilian Novelists before WC 2014

yteicoSterceS20 karma

So when USA played Germany this world cup they lost by 1, Brazil lost by 6. USA better than Brazil ?!

MenInBlazers66 karma

Davo: USA 5, Brazil 0

MenInBlazers52 karma

Rog: That 1-0 loss is looking better and better... if Germany win it all, America can lay claim to being the World Cup's Moral Victors. We, the USA, are so good as lose-winning games. Though this may be our last World Cup in which we can lay claim to moral victories, which is a good sign of progress

a_supertramp19 karma

given your collective rising star coming out of this WC, would you consider doing more TV work beyond the wonderful pod? say, a weekly half hour show? pretty please?


MenInBlazers28 karma

Davo: THinking about it. Might be on World War 1 poetry though.

lawyler18 karma

How do those of us with little musical talent and who lack the ability to write poetry or song lyrics get an Official "Men in Blazers" blazer patch?

Maybe if we had a contest about which GFOP was the best soccer player while on ice skates, I could finally get one!

MenInBlazers36 karma

Davo: Interesting thought. Standby for MIB product offerings shortly.

MenInBlazers32 karma

Rog: We are developing a new patch for Raven O' The Week starting with the new Premier League season. It is our favorite part of the show. Just like Paul Carr, we believe you can blow our minds.

black_bile_gfop17 karma

Why hasnt Lynsey been in the panic room? ANTI-geordie bias?

MenInBlazers17 karma

Davo: Schedule never works out.

TimSPC17 karma

Positive and Toilet, I love the show. I've been listening since the Off the Ball podcast and have enjoyed every minute. Great work!

Question: Since you spent some much time talking about them, rallying support for them, and, in Rog's case, following them around, what has been the reaction among the players of the USMNT? Do they all get it? What about Klinsy?

MenInBlazers24 karma

Rog: Thanks for your kind words about Off The Ball. It thrills us when people remember that -- and so many #GFOPs tuned in and have continued to engage with us. We never take that for granted.

In terms of the US team... do they get it? By "it" do you mean how much America has fallen in love with the team and how much the team's profile has grown? Absolutely. I can say that from what I have seen, they are blown away by the number of fans who have thrown their lot in with the American Outlaws. I am making a coda to Inside Series with Jon Hock and I asked Jermaine Jones how the US team found the energy to gain a second wind in the last 15 minutes v Belgium. He told me that the crowd started to chant USA USA USA and it re-energized the exhausted players and allowed them to roar back into the game. The symbiosis between US players and AO fans is going to grow and grow and be a real factor.

One of the joys of this WC has been for Davo and I to read the English papers and to talk to the English press corps and hear just how blown away they are by the American fans -- they are a force on the World Stage now. Hard to believe how much that has changed in the past 20 years.

tomcove688817 karma

Having been a casual international-level soccer fan for years now, I want to start watching the Premier League this Fall, if for no other reason than to see all the big names from this tournament. What would be your suggestions for who I should cheer for?

MenInBlazers66 karma

Rog: Davo always says "Let your team choose you." We love hearing the stories about how Americans choose their team. A spurs fan I met had a spurs tattoo on his forearm but only chose the team 5 years earlier because his surname was Thompson and they were sponsored by a travel company named Thompson.

I have two suggestions. Play EA Sports FIFA game and learn the different feels of each team -- how the players play, how the formations feel. It can truly help you understand the team's personality from within.

  1. Choose Everton. They are like the US. A team whose collective effort trumps the individuals on paper. Roberto Martinez who I have loved spending time with here in Brazil is a magical optimist like Jurgen. Tim Howard is our goalkeeper/hero. And we have a long line of Americans who have triumphed including McBride, Landon, and Joe Max Moore who the fans lovingly named Joe Max Less. They have filled my life with abundant joy and buckets of sorrow. FEELINGS!!!

MenInBlazers18 karma

Davo: Need to know more. Search for our NFL and NBA translators online.

wutisareddit16 karma

Rog and Davo, your love of American "soccer" has been incredible during this World Cup. There's a lot of cynicism out there in the media when it comes to the USMNT, and it's great to read/listen to two guys who obviously believe in the future of the sport in America.

On that subject, what do you guys think is necessary for the sport of football to become a larger part of the American sports canon?

Keep on putting out great content, guys - for an American like me who has only been watching football for a few years, your podcasts and writing are valuable indeed.

MenInBlazers17 karma

Rog: Thank you. When we did the Broadway show before the World Cup, and the audience sang the national anthem, I found it overwhelming. I wake up every morning and feel blessed to live in New York City. The best part of both of our week is the time we chat to each other through microphones and engage the #GFOP community. We are honored and we are privileged to do what we do at this special time when America's sporting tectonic plates are shifting. We never forget that. Nor do we take that gor granted.

jrainiersea16 karma

How many pounds have you two gained from eating all the World CupCakes?

MenInBlazers36 karma

Rog: Davo actually finishes each and everyone. I can reveal now we are at the end of the tournament -- I actually HATE cupcakes. More of a pie gent.

MenInBlazers17 karma

Davo: I think we've both lost weight here. Rog never takes more than one bite. I run a lot.

sillylobsters16 karma


MenInBlazers28 karma

Davo: We will certainly do more in the future. We love meeting all the GFOPS. Mine are green and blue. I have recently bought season tickets for NYCFC.

BlueDahlia779 karma

I, too, would love to know which MLS teams they support. For instance, does Rog support Real Salt Lake because of his undying love for Buffalo Soldier?

MenInBlazers19 karma

Rog: Working on an MLS team. Have been for 2 years. I admire many. Portland, Seattle, Houston (love Garcia), love Fagundez, and am blown away by every visit to Kansas City

Superman6061616 karma

Serious question: What is the story behind Davos' first time?

Joke question: Tottenham top 4?

MenInBlazers52 karma

Davo: The likelihood of me ever telling you is as high as Tottenham reaching the top 4 this season.

whatsyourken16 karma

What does Bob Ley smell like?

In my mind it's a blend of Giorgio Chinaglia and the '94 Rose Bowl pitch.

MenInBlazers41 karma

Rog: Ley is like America personified. He smells of the Battle of Yorktown

MenInBlazers26 karma

Davo: A cheeky Rioja, yacht club, citrus.

thebluealien16 karma

What is the best part of being with ESPN in Brazil? Besides not being able to go to the games of course...

MenInBlazers13 karma

Rog: Tweets, Toucans, Emails, Instagram messages from #GFOPS. Handsdown the greatest part of what we do. Cannot tell you how much we love them. To more

ForzaEc16 karma

You should really cover more MLS. Why don't you cover more MLS?

MenInBlazers22 karma

Davo: Our podcast is already so long! But we will try.

kdmull15 karma

If you could have a child with any World Cup player, who would it be?

MenInBlazers39 karma

Rog: Pirlo. Anyone giving another answer is lying.

MenInBlazers27 karma

Davo: Jennifer Lopez

MenInBlazers32 karma

Davo: She played in the opening game right? It was all so long ago now....

WyattLewis15 karma

Ochoa, Navas, or Tim Howard?

MenInBlazers37 karma

Rog: I would play Tim in goal and Ochoa and Navas as CB right in front of him. Neuer in the midfield with a license to go forwards.

MenInBlazers33 karma

Davo: Courtois for club. Howard for country.

whatsyourken13 karma

When will the Men In Blazers follow GFOP John Green's lead and throw their support behind an American lower division club?

MenInBlazers17 karma

Davo: Good point. I feel for me that will be Charleston.

jrainiersea13 karma

How do I become an ordained minister of Tiricoism?

MenInBlazers20 karma

Rog: Working on that. Though the religion of Tiricoism is fast growing in Manaus, the theological tenets still need fleshing out #Tiricoism

mightystewbacca13 karma

For Rog

Were you worried 'Inside: US Soccer's March to Brazil' would have a similar impact on the USMNT as "Being: Liverpool' had on Liverpool?

MenInBlazers29 karma

Rog: No. Being: Liverpool is the original and still the best. It is a perfect composition. Like the movie "The Room." It can never be aped or bettered.

OfficerTrippy13 karma

Do you hang out with the other members of the Grantland team?

MenInBlazers16 karma

Davo: Not enough.

cemartin8813 karma

Will you be attending the final on Sunday and if so, how many goals will the Germans have scored before Rog falls asleep?

MenInBlazers72 karma

Davo: We are returning to the US tomorrow to watch the final in a proper football country.

petersen62912 karma

Davo, where are you getting the "Size the Day" tattoo? And can I get a matching one?

MenInBlazers14 karma

Davo: Starting research when I get back to New York. Or do you mean where on my body? Where do you suggest?

Mr_Beef12 karma

I've been listening for several years (and seen a few live shows), thank you for making my crap NYC subway rides tolerable. As someone in his mid-20s trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life, I've always taken a lot of joy in hearing you guys talk about your individual work. You both clearly love what you do. It gives me hope, and I was just wondering if you could each shed a little light on your journey of how you got to where you were professionally? Also, am I over the age limit for an MiB internship?

MenInBlazers13 karma

Davo: We are always looking for more good people at Embassy Row. I have been incredibly fortunate to have had two careers - first as a tv executive and producer, and concurrently as a football writer and Man In Blazer. For me, the most important factors have been 1) an older brother who I idolized who helped me see that anything was possible. 2) My education. 3) Getting a job at The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank when I was 26, which changed my life. I learned from the best. And never looked back.

Roweseph8012 karma

Who is your starting 11 from the World Cup this far?

MenInBlazers12 karma

Davo: Crikey, that's hard. We will talk about our respective teams of the tournament next week on the pod. The only ones I'm sure about right now are Neuer, Thiago Silva, Mueller and Messi.

Sashieden11 karma

Would you accept a Loew booger shake?

MenInBlazers38 karma

Rog: Yes. Love that man. He looks like Murdoc from Gorrilaz

MenInBlazers19 karma

Davo: nope

RealSaltLaker11 karma

Rog, do you consider your great gift to be grasping from the air a 1980s pop culture reference to explain just about anything soccer-related?

MenInBlazers22 karma

Rog: my friendship with Davo is the greatest gift I have outside of Everton Football Club and Family

quitefranklee11 karma

As a long time GFOP I was wondering if you guys have had an increase in fans since the start of the World Cup? You guys have a really good podcast and I would love to see you guys have one of the most popular sports podcasts

MenInBlazers21 karma

Davo: I think so - our social media has really grown and the numbers for our content from the panic room have blown us away. However, all we're ever focused on is making a show that makes us laugh and brings our GFOPS, however many of them there are, Herrera levels of joy.

moviewise10 karma

Are you still going to make videos after the World Cup from a tiny panic room? If so, where? I need visuals.

MenInBlazers26 karma

Rog: Yes. Building an exact replica in NYC as we speak. Not kidding.

MenInBlazers21 karma

Davo: Trying to find a room that tiny.

WyattLewis10 karma

What is the current atmosphere in Rio? Is the room service good?

MenInBlazers24 karma

Rog: Rio is a gorgeous city. It is like Liverpool with more sun. Magical people. Amazing energy. Gorgeous neighborhoods -- we love Leblon and Santa Teresa. Football BONKERS -- like Portland or Seattle but in Portuguese. We have dined like kings. The fish, steak, and Malbec at Shirleys in Copcabana will forever be in our hearts. We have gone there just about every night. It is like Musso and Franks but below the equator

MenInBlazers14 karma

Davo: Where we are it is subdued but no more than that. I have not had room service. I have enjoyed (most of) the food.

splashbrothers301110 karma

If Kyle Beckerman was a fruit, what fruit would he be?

MenInBlazers29 karma

Rog: Tiny Banana

spookyboots10 karma

If Davo wears a ginger wig, can Rog sport a wet-Herrera mullet?

Alternatively, how many pairs of red loafers have you ordered after seeing Alexi Lalas's?

MenInBlazers19 karma

Rog: I sincerely love Wet Herrera. One of the joys of the World Cup was creating and having the English media write about it and wish that it was true. Tire of Herrera and you are tired of life.

SomeGuyNamedDJ9 karma

Rog, as an adopted American, what are you going to do post-World Cup? Eat a hot dog? Maybe catch a ballgame?

MenInBlazers33 karma

Rog: I love baseball. It is like chess with chewing tobacco. I moved to America and fell in love with the play of Joey Cora.

TimSPC9 karma

Over the last few weeks, there have been countless hours of pontification on whether or not SOC-CAH can catch on in the United States, but very little talk about pies gaining in popularity. Can soccer truly become an American sport with pies?

MenInBlazers12 karma

Rog: Prediction: Pies will have a very strong first half of the EPL season


Are you ever going to do a live show in LA?

MenInBlazers13 karma

Davo: We really shuld do. I am there all the time.

cheapovinoblanco9 karma

If you were both players in the World Cup, which power hairstyles would you choose?

MenInBlazers18 karma

Rog: Argentinian Ref Nestor Pitana's Power Combover.

Zy23758 karma

Arg 1-0 Sui 2-5 Fra 0-1 Ger 7-1 Bra 1-1 Chi 0-2 Ned this clearly predicts that Argentina will win by a this science?

MenInBlazers33 karma

Davo: No. Cupcake science is the only science we recognize.