Hey reddit! It's Jeremy Bulloch here, though you may know me best for my bounty hunting days as Boba Fett. I've also had a bit of fun over the years with roles in James Bond (For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy), The Newcomers, and Dr. Who.

With Star Wars: Episode VII on the horizon, it's an exciting time to share stories from the making of the Star Wars trilogy, or any of my past work. So I'm here to answer your questions! I'd also like to offer a quick bit of support to Star Wars: Force For Change, the campaign that's giving one lucky fan a chance to appear in the upcoming Star Wars film. Every entry benefits UNICEF's Innovation Labs and programs, plus they just released an exclusive Boba Fett Campaign T-shirt: www.omaze.com/starwars

Proof: https://www.facebook.com/307237602295/photos/pcb.10152560461612296/10152560460797296/?type=1&theater

Update: Thank you again, all of you, for supporting this wonderful charity, UNICEF Innovation and programs through Star Wars: Force for Change. There’s a lot going on out there and I’m pleased to be a part of it. If you need Boba on your shoulder, I’m your man. Have a wonderful day and thank you for all you’re doing for this wonderful charity. Bye!

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karmanaut706 karma

Why do you think that Boba Fett has attracted such a following despite his minimal screen time and dialogue? What is it about the character that really catches the interest of fans?

Jeremy_Bulloch1086 karma

I think the main reason is there’s something about the costume. I remember the very first day I put the costume on and looked in the mirror, ‘Yes that looks good!’ There’s just something about it you don’t know what’s going to happen. He has all these gadgets, he has jetpacks, and knee pads. Its not just me, its the character Boba Fett. There’s something serious about him.

karmanaut1310 karma

There’s something serious about him.

I think a big part of that is that he gets a great introduction, when Vader has to specifically tell him "No disintegrations!" When the most evil character that you've met in the movie has to specifically tell this guy to be less violent, you know he's a bad-ass.

Jeremy_Bulloch384 karma

That is interesting...that was with the group of bounty hunters. Obviously Boba Fett is the gang leader; he’s the main man. He’s just standing there like, “As you wish, now get on with it, Vader. Don’t waste my time.” He’s extremely dangerous and he’ll go further than most people would. Just putting the costume on and leaning against the wall and doing nothing is far stronger than waving a gun around.

potatodavid570 karma

What is it like knowing you in character is tattoo'd on many people all over the world?

Jeremy_Bulloch1240 karma

That’s extraordinary! The worst thing about that is I remember someone coming and saying, “Hey, Jeremy look at this!” And they pulled up their shirt and there was a tattoo of Boba Fett. He said, could you just sign this Mr. Bulloch? It would be very nice of you!” So with a felt tipped pen, I signed my name. Not long after that, this guy comes up to me and said, “Look Mr. Bulloch!” There was his sizzling flesh with my name, which I had written. He had it tattooed right on his bare flesh.

Lots of people coming up with some of the artwork is fantastic/ It’s not too late to get a Boba Fett tattoo!

SIMAFOL414 karma

Hey Jeremy! We've met a few times, it's me LEGO Boba Fett. You are always a great guy to chat with!

If you could have played any other character in the SW Saga, who would it have been?

Jeremy_Bulloch411 karma

Probably Han Solo. I think at one point Boba Fett and Han Solo met or flew the Millennium Falcon together, but something happened that caused problems between them so they went separate ways. Hans Solo-he’s a bit of a bad guy as well. He’s not terribly innocent, but he would be my favorite character.

Hello Lego Fett! You wear a terrific outfit and to be covered with legos, and the lego helmet, you’re a brave guy. Anybody else trying to wear legos, it’s not easy, it falls apart. It’s really incredible how you’ve made Boba Fett out of legos. It takes forever to do so, you deserve a great applause!

glenglenglenglen329 karma

What were some interesting/funnny behind-the-scenes moments that happened while on set?

Jeremy_Bulloch991 karma

Hey glenglenglen...Well, I think one of the funniest was when we were rehearsing the carbon-freezing scene. I was treading on Darth Vader’s cape and we fell over and two of the biggest villains were floundering on the floor. We looked like two silly children. There’s lot of fun moments actually. Under a mask no one can hear you. There’s a part where I turn to an Imperial officer and say, “Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold,” but I actually said “Put Captain Cargo in the Solo hold.” Luckily I didn’t have to tell anybody because you can’t hear what I’m saying under the mask. But I didn’t have any lines...How on earth with so few lines could I make a mistake??

BinarySecond280 karma

Were you excited to hear about the Boba Fett spin off film?

Jeremy_Bulloch503 karma

Yes, when someone told me about it, I was very excited about that and I think it will be terrific. You’ll see a lot more of Boba Fett, hopefully, and that will be lovely. When it comes out, I shall certainly go along, buy my ticket, and see how it turns out. I’m sure it will be terrific.

Freny1267 karma

Did you get to keep the costume, and if so, how often do you wear it around? I would rock that.

Jeremy_Bulloch483 karma

Yeah now if I was a thief...I would have taken the costume and would have run away somewhere. It ‘s something that was given to me. I’ve worn it two times for charity. It’s quite fun to get back in the outfit. He love to show off the weapons. That’s the reason the character is so popular, he’s a cool guy.

alyozha218 karma

Did you survive the rancor sarlacc pit?

Edit: Can't believe I messed that up! The sarlacc pit!

Jeremy_Bulloch379 karma

Yes. Boba Fett’s too cool to actually get trapped. I think George Lucas mentioned that he does get out, but that may not be spot on. But I think he got out so beware…

dcresistance178 karma

What's your most memorable moment from the filming of the Star Wars films you were in as Fett?

Jeremy_Bulloch355 karma

I think my favorite part of the film was in Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi because I spent nearly 10 days in that palace. It was very hot. But you’re just doing nothing. What makes me laugh is that people say “I love the way you do this and that,’ and you’re just there. Boba Fett standing still is much cooler than saying a line. It was just a lovely job to do.

I was in the theater in the evening and filming during the day. I had two jobs at once. Little did I know that months later the film would come out and I was just waiting to see how it would come out. It was just a bit of luck.

XsXSobaku172 karma

If you could make your own Mandalorian armor, what colors would you pick?

Jeremy_Bulloch309 karma

I would have blue. I would have slight Boba Fett stripes. Where? I don't know. That would be me. He could probably have a costume for a different evening. So when there’s a party, he would get out of his bag somewhere. Because it’s science fiction, he could have a special moody suit.

judomonkeykyle131 karma

How did you get the role of Captain Colton in episode III? Did George call you up and offer it to you?

Jeremy_Bulloch318 karma

Well that’s a very good question. Rick McCallum phoned up when I was in Italy on holiday. He said, “There’s a little bit of time, Jeremy, would you like to play this cameo role as Captain Colton in Revenge of the Sith?” What? Me? He said, “They’ll see your face.” It was a brief cameo role. In Empire I played Lieutenant Sheckil, when I grabbed Carrie Fisher to go into the elevator. It was a small bit, but no one was able to play it because they were filming elsewhere. So, I ended up playing three parts. Maybe those parts are all Boba Fett and you’re actually seeing his face. Could be.

Blouch119 karma

Who would win in a fight: Jango Fett or Boba Fett?

Jeremy_Bulloch332 karma

Boba Fett. Well there’s just no contest. Boba Fett is too cool. I mean, his father lost his head rather sadly, you know. I said, "One of these day you’ll lose your head." And he did.

RiddleMeThis94113 karma

could you describe what your first day on set was like?

Jeremy_Bulloch200 karma

That’s a good question. I’m not a nervous person but on the first day they were giving me instructions. Under the mask I’m talking to myself..."Come on! You’ve hardly got a line. Why are you nervous? You’ve done this before.” I was talking to myself, and of course someone heard me mumbling. I’ve never been nervous. How could I be nervous I was behind a mask. It was very exciting to be on set.

TuskenRaiders103 karma

How restricted were you in the costume? Was your vision/hearing impaired or did it get stuffy in there?

Jeremy_Bulloch365 karma

Well you couldn’t really see much once you start breathing. It starts to get foggy under the helmet. The jet pack was pretty heavy in those days, too.

Really, it was like being a statue, just standing there. It would get hotter and hotter. Every time you had a break, you were waiting for someone to say, “can we have a break, please? It’s terribly hot in this costume!” But you see, Boba Fett can’t do that. No, he will stand there until someone takes him out of the costume. You don’t want to be the sissy.

davidm8101 karma

You have any favorite moments when meeting a fan?

Jeremy_Bulloch189 karma

I’m terribly lucky that the fans like the character Boba Fett. There is a girl fan that dresses like Boba Fett. She looks absolutely fantastic! She’s probably a better performer than me. There are people who make their own costumes and they are incredible. There’s a lot of very talented people out there.

ParrotSTD96 karma

How much did you get for delivering Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt?

Jeremy_Bulloch269 karma

$22. That’s all. They don’t pay much. That’s the sad thing.

petered93 karma


Jeremy_Bulloch247 karma

I would have a double jet back. So I could come over and see you and then fly back to London, with a double jet pack so I can get back and not have to refuel.

yukw77792 karma

Which was more fun, being in James Bond or Star Wars?

Jeremy_Bulloch184 karma

Oh, I think both. I mean, you’ve got to say Star Wars. But I enjoyed the Bond films (I did three, two as Smithers). t was a great franchise to be involved with. Another one was Dr. Who. I’ve loved these shows, they’ve done very well and I’ve been cast in eight of them. My first love is theater, but if you can combine that with Dr. Who, Robin of Sherwood, and of course the Bonds, and the biggest of all, Star Wars, that would be my ideal. My grandchildren still like Harry Potter better than Star Wars. I’m trying to change their minds.

NightWingsDouble85 karma

How was the character first pitched to you?

Jeremy_Bulloch196 karma

Well it wasn’t pitched. It was a role where my half brother was the associate producer. He said, “I know you’re in the theater right now, could you maybe work a couple of days on the film?” But that’s how it happened...it was pure luck.

Luckily the outfit fit perfectly. The helmet fit. The boots were a size 10, and I’m a size 10. When I met George Lucas, he said, “Welcome aboard Jeremy. It’s not a big role.” But it ended up being a bigger role than we all expected.

It has become a large piece of my life. I started acting at 12, mainly because I failed every test in school--I was more on the sports side. Suddenly, at the age of 12, I went to drama school and I carried on and had a very good career. I’m still working now. It’s just extraordinary.

It’s probably when they re-released the film in 1997 when the character became well known to people and they thought, “Who’s this guy?” Whenever I go somewhere people ask, “Are you the guy who plays Boba Fett?” I’ve had some nice roles to play but having played Boba Fett...I can think about that for years to come. It was great luck and I fit into the outfit and boots. Well if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. You can’t go back or forward it was just meant to be. To be doing two jobs at once was lucky and how fortunate is it that I was made to play the part? I do a lot of interviews with people and I always share what a terrific part it was to play. It came out as a strong character.

dogeborn183 karma

What's your favourite Star Wars movie?

Jeremy_Bulloch243 karma

Empire Strikes Back. I just think it has everything: the snow, the swamp, the different characters in different machines. Good, bad, evil...everything. I think kids actually like that film more too. They sort of understand it more.

BuffIrelia62 karma

Favourite colour of lightsaber?

Jeremy_Bulloch131 karma

It is blue. The blue-silvery-blue one. Well, blue is my favorite color. With just a hinge of metallic white and blue. Boba doesn’t use a lightsaber, he uses a gun. He is more suitable to use his gun and his jetpack. Lightsaber would be destroyed in seconds

SmackMyRichUp57 karma

If you had to put Boba Fett into any other movie, in character, which would it be and why?

Jeremy_Bulloch117 karma

Probably Citizen Kane with Orson Welles--though that’s probably too good for him. Orson Welles is terrific in that film. I would also choose A Fistful of Dollars, or any Clint Eastwood film; he’s a very cool guy.

diatribecalledquest57 karma

What's your ideal sandwich??

Jeremy_Bulloch199 karma

Ideal sandwich...chicken, lettuce, tomato or (tomato in England). And a good mayonnaise. That will do.

sunshine_soul53 karma

I am SO excited that you are doing this AMA! I grew up on Star Wars- had the VHS tapes, the gold tapes, the widescreen and fullscreen DVDs, EVERYTHING. You were always my brother's favorite character! Thank you so much for everything- I am a big 007 nut as well.

My question is: Is there a role that you are just dying to play?

Jeremy_Bulloch63 karma

Not really, whatever comes up you tend to go, “Wow! This is terrific!” It’s either going to be difficult or easy, or something for the future.

JCreazy46 karma

Will you be at Celebration VII?

Jeremy_Bulloch105 karma

In Anaheim? Yes, I’ll definitely go if I'm invited.

Polite_Werewolf40 karma

If there was a zombie outbreak, what would be your zombie plan?

Jeremy_Bulloch111 karma

Start the jet pack up and just fly around and burn through and remove them all.

RatedR2O36 karma

Who has the worst breath? Chewbacca or the Saarlac?

Jeremy_Bulloch72 karma

Oh, the Sarlacc . Well, because I granted I go into the Sarlacc room, which is unfortunate. You can’t remain there too long. You have to get out.

Shadou_Fox35 karma

Dogs or cats?

Jeremy_Bulloch59 karma

I’m a dog person and a cat person. We had four cats when my boys were young. But we didn’t have dogs because when you’re away, you certainly can’t leave a dog alone or with any neighbors. They’d say ‘Oh we’ll look after the dog,’ but it never works like that. When you’re traveling, it’s so difficult, you really can’t have a dog or a cat, which was upsetting for the boys when they were growing up.

Omegatron6429 karma

How did you prepare for taking the role of Boba Fett? Were there any inspirations or other sources you drew upon?

Jeremy_Bulloch79 karma

I think because I was masked and behind the helmet all the time, it made it much easier for me. Actors always put their own little bit in, and really what I used to do is look in the mirror in the morning and just stand in a certain way. I always remembered that Clint Eastwood, in A Fistful of Dollars, he and Boba Fett had the same sort of cape. He stands up and he’s looking at someone and takes a draw of a cigarette, all done in slow motion, and that’s how I felt Boba Fett should be: all done in slow motion. He has time, he’s never rushing around. His movement its very literal and that’s what he does. He does his job very well and then moves on. Unfortunately, he departs by making a mistake with Han Solo and that was the end of Boba Fett.

skyy_capt2 karma

Sir how do you feel about the portrayal of young Boba with the cartoons? Do you feel like they should of done anything different or are you happy?

Jeremy_Bulloch3 karma

I’m quite happy with that. I think it’s good that Daniel Logan got to play the young Boba Fett. It’s great you see Boba Fett as a young boy and you can see the anger in him, and it’s great to have a story when he’s a young kid. It’s still carrying on.