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Hey Jeremy! We've met a few times, it's me LEGO Boba Fett. You are always a great guy to chat with!

If you could have played any other character in the SW Saga, who would it have been?

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Nope. No KRAGLE. I'm a purist. Some hot glue to attach some tiny or well-handled elements and sticky back Velcro for the armor attachments.

Here's an article.

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6 Months to design and build and I've been wearing it for 5+ years now. Each time I say I'm done with it, up comes another opportunity to wear it. I had a horrible experience at DragonCon the second year I wore it. The Jet Pack fell off. The LEGO just decimated and flowed like water. Outside in the Atlanta heat. By myself.

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I totally see that as a buddy cop movie!

Many thanks! I'm sure we'll meet again soon.