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How much did you get for delivering Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt?

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Benadryl Coughingfit.

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OP's pretty right when it comes to the skeleton and rewriting. Years ago I wrote a first draft myself and the basic story has remained in the version I'm writing now, however I'm expecting a long rewriting process to either expand on stuff or clean up plot points and characters more.

If it helps, I've always pictured my book very vividly as if I'm watching a movie. The pacing doesn't fit a movie so far in my book, but I find it easy to visualise it as such.

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Hi, Johnathan! Your job sounds amazing! My question is: What parts of the Star Wars expanded universe do you like the most? Which books, video games, etc.

My favourites are the Force Unleashed and Old Republic games, and New Jedi Order books! :D

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Have you guys ever played Singularity Chess? And how long was your longest game of anything?