My short bio: I'm an actor in Los Angeles, but I'm mostly known for being in "The Room." I've done other stuff too.

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Okay, it seems like things are winding down. Thanks for everyone who came and asked questions. For anyone reading this later, stop by my Twitter or Facebook page and say hi. @kylevogt and

If you ever see me, come up to say hi and that you like "The Room". I'll have a special gift for you if you do.

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bottledtea_isbullsht15 karma

Have you seen the CinemaSins "Everything Wrong with The Room in 8 Minutes"? It's pretty hilarious. I hope you aren't offended.

Thanks for doing the AMA!

IAmKyleVogt13 karma

I've seen the link to it, but I haven't watched it. I guess I'll have to take the time to view it to see if I should be offended. :) I'm usually not offended by fans' comments regarding my performance in the movie. I feel like I get off light compared to some of the comments I've heard made about the others.

Happy to do the AMA. A number of fans kept saying I needed to do one, so here I am.

ReadRothchild14 karma

What did you think of the performance of the guy who filled your role during the scenes you didn't film? Certainly one of my favorite things about that movie is the replacement of you in those party scenes where the other guy acts all invested in Johnny and whatsernames relationship and it makes no sense because the dude hasn't been in the movie up till the end.

IAmKyleVogt17 karma

I think Greg did a good job, given the circumstances of the situation. The dialogue, the short time for prep, and the conditions of shooting definitely would be a trial to any actor.

Personally, I expected Denny to get all that dialogue, since he didn't say much of anything during the party.

tunnotron30001 karma

he was mainly after a swig of champagne. I wonder if he ever did get it.

IAmKyleVogt5 karma

Knowing Denny, I'm sure he scrounged up whatever he wanted.

ReadRothchild1 karma

Thanks for replying.

This makes me want to ask, do you keep in touch with anyone you worked with on The Room? Any lifelong friendships come out of that crazy experience?

IAmKyleVogt8 karma

I still talk with a lot of the people who are in L.A., Greg S., Juliette, and Robyn. Phil and Dan I keep in touch with from time to time over e-mail. Greg E. I never actually met. It'll be interesting if we ever do meet face to face. Most of the crew have disappeared into the machine of the entertainment industry. That seems to be normal on most projects.

eru7779 karma

You always play psychologist with us. In the roof scene where Mark smokes weed: How odd was it to act like you were the one concerned about him, when he had almost pushed you over the roof? Did it seem out of place at the time? Most people would be kind of angry if that had happened to them, let alone comfort the guy. Or in Tommy's mind, maybe Peter is the most solid character, never suffering from clouded judgement and always concerned about others.

IAmKyleVogt8 karma

It seemed odd, but a lot of that scene was improvised. The original scene called for water being dumped on me, which would have meant no second takes or shots from other angles. So, we changed it and made it a bit more intense. As for my opinion on why Peter responds that way, professionalism requires puting the needs of the subject first. But, mostly, I did it that way because that's what was written in the script. It was Tommy's movie, so Tommy got what he wanted.

shotgun_ninja8 karma

Is Tommy Wiseau secretly a French robot, sent to observe and infiltrate America and do long, panning shots of San Francisco?

IAmKyleVogt9 karma

No, Tommy isn't originally from France.

shotgun_ninja4 karma

Do you know where he's from originally? Are you sworn to secrecy?

IAmKyleVogt8 karma

I do know where he's from originally. No, I'm not sworn to secrecy, but I see no reason to tell anyone since he obviously doesn't want people to know. If he wanted people to know where he's from, I'm certain he would have told them by now.

shotgun_ninja5 karma

Prepare for the incoming shitstorm of prying PMs and emails. I'm so sorry; I didn't really want to know that badly, but I know some people do.

IAmKyleVogt11 karma

I've deflected answering that question for years, so I'm ready. :)

BruinScott8 karma

Are you going to run Bay to Breakers this year?

IAmKyleVogt18 karma

Too many weirdos.

BruinScott3 karma

Now THAT'S what I call fan service!

IAmKyleVogt7 karma

I aim to please.

BruinScott7 karma

One of my favorite things to say at The Room is "DON'T LOOK AT THE CAMERA, PETER!" (during the scene where they are talking about running Bay to Breakers and Peter is accused of being a chicken). Were you directed to stare right into the camera in that scene or was it more of a "what the fuck are we doing here?"

IAmKyleVogt10 karma

Having a concussion during that scene, my visual focus was a bit off. It's also why I was blinking quite a bit. But, no, I never spiked the lens. The visual point of reference for that shot was just to the side of the camera, but was very close to the line of sight. So, yes, it does look a lot like I'm doing a direct address, even though I'm not.

BruinScott2 karma

What's the story behind the concussion. And I think Todd Barron's visual focus was a bit off too lol

IAmKyleVogt5 karma

In short, bright lights right before pitch darkness combined with tall actors meeting metal spiral staircases leads to lots of blood and congnitive dissonance.

this_is_my_work_alt7 karma

Personally, I take The Room to be an art film that seemed meticulously crafted to give the effect that it did. Tommy Wiseau, in my opinion, knew everything that he was doing and dedicated himself to a vision that he had.

I just have no idea how to interpret that vision.

In your experience, does that hold any merit? Or was the film "accidentally" what it is?

Either way, I really enjoyed the movie. Thank you for the AMA and for your work!

IAmKyleVogt10 karma

I think it's a fun exercise to try an imagine the whole project as an elaborate performance piece. But, no, having seen so much behind the scenes, I don't see it as more than a very fortunate accident.

thisguy496 karma

What were your thoughts when filming your scenes? Did you think the movie didn't make sense? Was there ever any worry that the movie wouldn't work? What are your thoughts on the movie now being looked at as a comedy?

IAmKyleVogt15 karma

It has been almost 12 years since we filmed "The Room" so my thoughts while we were filming have faded over time. But, I remember wanting to try and make Peter relatable and coherent, since he seemed to be the character that asked the questions for the audience.

I thought the movie was a bit disjointed, but it wasn't my vision of a story, it was Tommy's.

I never expected the movie to last for more than two weeks in the theater. I had no idea it would be loved and continue for as long as it has.

The movie plays well as a comedy, even though that wasn't how it was shot. We were always told it was a serious drama in the vein of Tennessee Williams. However people enjoy a movie is up to them. I like bad movies myself.

lefty74486 karma

I know that you quit The Room because of a scheduling conflict, but why did Peter, the character, go away? My theory is that he died of his football injuries. Please confirm or deny, thanks!

Also, really enjoyed that Old Spice ad where Terry Crews punches you.

IAmKyleVogt17 karma

My theory is Peter was busy at the police station giving statements and professional opinions on everyone after the disappearance of Chris R. The fact the police were planning to raid the party to bring people in for questioning is obvious by the insanely fast response time after Johnny shoots himself.

Terry was a very nice guy. Everyone on that shoot are great and I enjoy talking with Tim and Eric whenever we see each other.

colin_creevey12 karma

Peter was busy at the police station giving statements and professional opinions on everyone after the disappearance of Chris R.

Peter, always playing psychologist.

IAmKyleVogt6 karma

Especially when there's a script.

colin_creevey5 karma

What are you doing in the background of this scene and why?

IAmKyleVogt12 karma

Trying not to fall over. I had a concussion when we shot that scene. There was an accident just minutes prior to shooting it.

El_Daniel5 karma

How was 'working' with Tommy Wiseau?

Why did you leave halfway during the movie?

Was it because of the chicken?

IAmKyleVogt6 karma

Working with every director is a unique experience. Tommy is just more unique that most.

I had to leave because the time allotted for the project ran out and I had another project scheduled after, so I was no longer available for filming

No, the chicken with rice was delicious.

Kylskap4 karma

Did it hurt falling over during the football scene in The Room?

IAmKyleVogt9 karma

After about the tenth take, yeah, the bruising started to get painful.

Jewboi4 karma

Hi Kyle! HUGE fan!! I understand that much of the dialogue was "unreadable" the way Tommy had initially written it, and the cast and crew had to make a lot of changes against Tommy's will. Can you ellaborate on this, and did you personally change any of your lines?

IAmKyleVogt6 karma

The dialogue didn't make a lot of sense to us. But, I tried to keep true to the script while trying to make it understandable. I can't remember if I changed a lot of the word choices, but I don't remember Tommy telling me I needed to change any of the words I was saying. So, I must have been giving him what he wanted.

johnnynoname123 karma

Tommy isn't in on the joke that people are laughing at him ?

IAmKyleVogt6 karma

I'm not close enough to Tommy to say if he aware of the subject of the humor in the movie. I think, like many people, he's just looking to be liked or loved, not ridiculed.

sanguisbibemus3 karma

Who would you want to play you in the apparently-upcoming movie?

IAmKyleVogt11 karma

I think I would probably be best at playing me in the upcoming movie "The Disaster Artist" based on the book of the same name by Greg.

sanguisbibemus2 karma

Ah, that's the one. Now that you mention it I think Greg said something similar during his AMA, which would be really awesome to have both of you. This sounds like it's gonna be one crazy movie.

IAmKyleVogt9 karma

It might be even funnier to have Greg play me and me play him. Really confuse the fans.

sanguisbibemus2 karma

YES! After everything I've seen Franco do, what with the "art" exhibit and all, I think that would be right up his alley! He'd love it.

IAmKyleVogt7 karma

If only he or Seth Rogen would contact us. I'm sure the fans would love to see us appear in the movie. I'm certain he knows how to reach us, if he wanted.

IAmKyleVogt8 karma

By the way, if any fans want to see any of the original actors playing themselves in "The Disaster Artist" movie, I encourage you to contact James Franco or Seth Rogen through their social media accounts, letting them know you want that. The best way to make it happen is to show them the fans want it and it will increase ticket sales.

secretgman3 karma


IAmKyleVogt6 karma

Thanks. I'm happy you've enjoyed what you've seen of my work. I'd say what inspired me most is the desire to tell stories. Whether it's through acting, writing, directing, gaming, photography, or whatever else gets my attention. I've always enjoyed entertaining people and giving them something to think about.

thisguy493 karma

What are your thoughts on James Franco doing a biopic about the making of The Room?

IAmKyleVogt6 karma

More power to him. "The Disaster Artist" is a good book in and of itself. Definitely a tale of someone doing everything they can to achieve their dream, in spite of everyone telling them no.

How many people have a movie idea they want to make and how many of them actually do it?

TheMonkeySuit3 karma

We at the show are fans. In retrospect, how is your sex life? Did it change much thanks to Tommy?

You are probably busy, but if you have a chance check out our sub-

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

I don't think Tommy impacted my sex life at all. I'll have to take a look at your sub-reddit later.

TheMonkeySuit1 karma

Hah, thanks for the shout out!

Part 2 then- what was it like to work with him?

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

It was definitely an experience like no other. But pretty much every director is their own character.

hobollama2 karma

Did you manage to read Greg's book, "Disaster Artist"? If so, would say that it was accurate to what you and the other actors experienced on set? :) :D

IAmKyleVogt4 karma

I did read "The Disaster Artist" by Greg. I enjoyed it quite a bit. In fact, you can see comments I made as I read it on my Twitter and Facebook feeds, @kylevogt and

Obviously, half the book was new to me, reading about how Greg and Tommy met. The other half was nostalgic, to a degree.

It was fairly close to what happened. Greg had to change the timeline of a few things, plus where what he remembers and what I remember differ, it could be due to just memories changing over time.

But, it really is a good book. In fact, I'd love to hear from fans overseas whether they'd want it translated into different languages. I know Tom's publishers over there have said they don't see a market for it. So the fans need to be vocal. I'm trying to get the publisher info so fans can contact the publishers asking for different language versions. Even getting it printed in the U.S. was a tough sell. The publishers said they didn't see the fanbase here in the U.S.

KushTheKitten2 karma

Was Tommy really as out there as Sesteros' book makes him seem or is that largely a public persona?

Also when you read the script, what was your initial thoughts on it? What made you say yes?

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

The Tommy you see in "The Disaster Artist" is pretty much the same Tommy you see at screenings and is what I've seen of him whenever I've talked with him. If it's a character he's putting on, it's definitely in league with Andy Kaufman.

I didn't get a script to read, just my scenes. My initial thoughts were, "This is a vanity project, but it's a role." As a starting actor, you pretty much say yes to anything that you're comfortable doing. Christopher Walken said you can never tell what's going to be a successful project and what's going to fail. I think "The Room" is proof of that.

Kylskap2 karma

Me and my friends recently attended the first ever Swedish theatre screening of The Room here in Stockholm. It was awesome! The only thing that could have made it better would have been a personal appearance from one of the actors in the masterpiece! (Though we did get a really great video introduction by Greg Sestero himself!)

Have you ever attended (or would you ever attend) any screenings of The Room abroad?

Please know that you have plenty of international fans!

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

I'm happy you had a good time at the first screening in Sweden.

No, I've never been to any screenings abroad, although I'd be happy to consider appearing if travel and room was provided.

As international fans, I hope you saw my other response about wanting to hear from fans in other countries and whether they'd want "The Disaster Artist" translated into other languages.

missamandarahl2 karma

Hi Kyle, I really like "The Room" and think you're very talented, my question is silly, are you a ticklish guy? If yes, where?? Hugs from England! :)

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

Oh, hai, missamandarahl. No, sorry, I'm not ticklish. Hugs back to you and all of England.

DeathChess2 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA!

I know you didn't have a ton of scenes in "The Room", but what you did have, in my opinion, really showed you're capable of a good range as an actor. What did you do to prepare for the scenes, and what are you doing today that is the same/different for your current roles?


IAmKyleVogt3 karma

I actually had more scenes, other than the party scenes, that we didn't get to shoot because of the scheduling issues. But, thanks for the compliment on the performance. I always try to give my best and an honest performance in a project, so that it moves the story along.

To prepare for work I try to understand the motivations and goals of the character at that time. The story always changes a character, otherwise it wouldn't be a very interesting story.

I still try to consider how to more honestly play a character, every time I get an audition or book a role. The biggest obstacle for me in acting is getting out of my way and just let the character be. Trusting emotional choices and reactions is important, and not to be thinking about everything too much. Of course, knowing all your lines always helps too.

alxf2 karma

Are you a better psychologist or psychiatrist?

IAmKyleVogt10 karma

Having played both in various projects, I'd say psychologist. As a psychiatrist, they never have me giving out any medications. So, why did I spend those extra years in medical school?!

darkmario96002 karma

How would you rate the room? One through ten score.

IAmKyleVogt6 karma

How to rate "The Room" is a tricky question. Based on entertainment value or critical contribution? Does the budget need to be taken into account, or even the fact it's a first time effort? For me, the crowds at the screenings are more entertaining than the movie. I'd give the movie a 4, but the crowds are easily an 8+.

Antir0b0t1 karma

What are your hobbies?

Do you like sushi, are you a bacon person?

How many licks does it take for you to get to the tootsie in the pop?

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

Hobbies? Most of my hobbies I've turned into work, one way or another. But, I do enjoy most forms of scripted entertainment, e.g. movies, TV, video games, books, etc. I also am a photographer, so I spend a lot of time on that as well.

I do like sushi, but I'm not a big fan of some of the more fishy tasting cuts.

The last time I checked, it took me 13,811 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Antir0b0t1 karma

Marvelous response! Photography is a great way to spend time.

I would have to recommend you try a sushi roll that includes mango. As odd as it sounds, it's delicious. Insanely so.

I appreciate your honesty on the tootsie inquiry as well.

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

I've had some interesting sushi rolls. I'm certain I've had some with mango. They're pretty good. I've also had dessert ones with chocolate.

Iyernhyde1 karma

Are you two people? If I recall correctly, Peter transformed into a completely different guy after the tuxedo football scene.

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

That would be because Peter was secretly a Transformer.

Atheyna1 karma

Dear Kyle, First, let me say that I highly enjoy all work your roommate (Brian) has shown me. You seem like you have a very bright future in all "Tennessee Williams-esque" works ahead of you. My very important question is... how do you get on your wifi?
Sincerely, Rebekah

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

To get on the wifi, you have to buy me food and ask me.

thip771 karma

Are you familiar with Rifftrax? Have you seen their commentary track of The Room and if so, what did you think of it?

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

I am familiar with them and their MST3K work. I'm afraid I haven't watched their coverage of "The Room" yet. That's something I still have to do. Maybe at San Diego Comic Con this year.

FlakeyScalp1 karma

What did you think of Cena winning the belt at Money In The Bank? What's your least favorite colored lego brick? Have you ever met Alex Winter?

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

Wrestling questions should be directed to Juliette. She follows it much more faithfully than I ever would.

My least favorite color of Lego brick? Whichever one hides in the carpet the best.

I've never met Alex Winter. It would be cool. His Bill and Ted work plus his show on MTV were funny.

er1c19961 karma

Dude, was I the push to get you to do this AMA? Awesome.

Anyways, for my question. How was it that you got involved with the Room in the first place? I mean, the whole thing had to seem sort of sketchy, no?

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

You were one of the people that was the impetus to do this, yes.

I saw a breakdown for the project in a L.A. acting paper, Backstage West. I submitted my headshot and auditioned, just like a normal project. Although, the audition wasn't that normal.

It was one of my earliest projects in my career, so it just seemed like a low budget indie feature being done by someone who wanted to be the star and direct his movie. I had no idea how much money was being spent on it. Low buget projects always have to be creative, so non-standard is the standard.

thip771 karma

Hey Kyle! Thanks for doing this! I'm a huge fan of The Room, among other bad movies.

I've always wanted to see a copy of the original script for The Room. I asked Tommy if it would ever be published at a Disaster Artist book signing and his response was 'all 800 pages, sure.'

Do you still have a copy of your script and is there any way you could share it with us? Maybe just a few pages even?

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

I'm happy to do this. Thanks for being a fan.

We weren't given complete scripts, just the scenes we were in. As for the 800 pages, the shooting script wasn't that long. There would be no way for me to share any pages from it, as the copyright is owned by Tommy.

thip771 karma

Thanks, I figured that would be the case, thought I'd try anyway.

I'm mainly interested in what the spelling, grammar, and screenplay formatting was like. Based on Tommy's speech patterns I am curious to see what his writing looks like.

How coherent was the script was compared to what's on screen?

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

I don't recall any noteworthy spelling errors. The screenplay was in a standard screenplay format. The dialogue was pretty much how you hear it in the movie. Lots of non-sequiturs and awkward word choices.

The script is pretty close to what you see on screen, although he was always putting in new stuff as it came to him.

AlexBerghe1 karma

Do you watch football ? :D

IAmKyleVogt7 karma

Which kind of football? But, no, not really. I'm afraid I'll disappear unexpectedly.

AlexBerghe1 karma

The World Cup football :D

IAmKyleVogt1 karma

I'm watching the U.S. game right now. Multi-tasking!

AlexBerghe1 karma

Still 0-0 :D

IAmKyleVogt1 karma

No, not anymore.

AlexBerghe1 karma

It's still 0-0 :D

IAmKyleVogt1 karma

It was on break when I read that before. But, yeah, typical soccer score.

GreedE1 karma

What's your favourite movie?

IAmKyleVogt6 karma

I'm one of those people who don't have a favorite movie. I like lots of movies for lots of different reasons, and what I like changes with what's going on in my life and how I'm feeling. But, if you want me to name a movie I'd like to watch right now, Tron.

ekohrennat1 karma

I've seen a couple facebook posts with and a Canon 5d (ii?). Assuming you know a thing or two about cameras/photography (which is probably already miles ahead of tommy's knowledge), do you see yourself ever making your own movie?

P.S I'm a sony guy, but I am rather jealous of the 5d. Hope it has served you well.

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

Yes, I see myself taking a more direct role in making future movies and other projects. Would I use the 5D Mk II? Maybe. It would depend on the budget of the project and what equipment is readily available.

That being said, yes the 5d Mk II and Mk III are solid low budget cameras. With the right lenses, they can shoot some astounding footage.

KingContext0 karma

Wow. How much milk does this movie have left in it? ;)

IAmKyleVogt6 karma

Probably a few more gallons, if James Franco has anything to do with it.

KingContext1 karma

Awesome. Good luck.

IAmKyleVogt2 karma

Thanks, and thanks for being a fan.

relevantlife-2 karma

I've never seen your show, nor did I know who you were until I did a quick Google search.. But what did you have for breakfast this morning?

IAmKyleVogt3 karma

Well, then I hope you go see the movie at a theater with a bunch of fans and have a good time.

I had vegtable juice, strawberry yogurt, and a banana for breakfast.