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MONKSFTW54 karma

Dude you're awesome, try doing GWAR or Rammstein style for a song, I beg you!

  • Favourite metal bands?
  • Nicolas Cage, yay or nay?
  • When can we see your next video?

TenSecondSongs49 karma

Favorite metal bands - Pantera, Metallica, Iron Maiden

Nicolas Cage - yeah, who doesn't like Nicolas Cage. he's fun to make fun of too. (but we'd hate to not have him around)

Next video should be released soonish. I'll let you all know.

xcmt25 karma

I don't really know anything about the crafting of music, so forgive me if this is an inane question, but: In all your multi-style videos, did you ever develop a stronger appreciation for any one particular singer/band after trying to mimic their sound and discovering some kind of nuance or interesting complexity in what you may have previously regarded as simplistic or mundane?

TenSecondSongs46 karma

YES! Dude.. Let me tell you. I have fallen in love with James Brown.. I have always like his stuff as a kid.. but when I sat down and studied this guy, I came to realize just how energetic funk and soul could be. I could say the same about other artists, but right now he sticks out the most.

lramdas21 karma

You have become quite popular and your talent is just...wow. Have you been reached by any agencies recently? Is your band considering to release an album?

TenSecondSongs42 karma

My band is going to be recording soon.. I've been contacted by some things here and there but the most I've done was sign to a youtube network.. Honestly, my independence is more important to me than fame. I have fun doing what I do and as long as I can keep doing it the way I have been, that's all that matters.

alicization18 karma

I love your songs! I like them a lot more than the original ones. So, my question is, how long does it take you to get all 20 styles correct and how do you choose what songs you are going to do next? Could you tell us what song is next?

TenSecondSongs23 karma

I have no idea what song is next.. the styles selection is a son of a bitch at times, cause I try to diversify it as much as possible.. I remember the doors stlye took like 4 hours to get right. (not the vocals, the instruments)

alicization33 karma

It took 4 hours to get correctly, but the outcome was one of the best.

TenSecondSongs22 karma

I appreciate that.

SexChief13 karma

Hello. I love your work, you deserve to be global known rock star, what a talent...anyway, will you do any more doors covers? I loved it at dark horse and i'm eager to hear full cover or something like that

TenSecondSongs13 karma

I'll do something with the doors again for sure.

puf3zin10 karma

First of all, I love your work! But, my question is: Do you enjoy listeninng all the styles you use on the covers? I suppose you enjoy the metal bands, but the others, do you really enjoy or it's just because you need to diversify?

TenSecondSongs18 karma

No i actually enjoy them lol. If I don't mildly enjoy it, I won't do it.

yokosmirror10 karma

ANTHONY!!! you are an absolutely amazing singer, so jealous! Me and my friend want to try and improve our voices but we live all the way in australia! Is there any future videos you'll make that'll show us your vocal practices that you learnt from your mentor? P.s You are very handsome!

TenSecondSongs13 karma

Thanks! Check out Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. That's where I train.

Imasgrohn9 karma

Hey man, I absolutely love your videos! Could you tell us a bit more about the technical side of these? What's happening behind the camera?

TenSecondSongs18 karma

I'll put out a video in a couple of weeks showing some behind the scenes.

lylateller8 karma

I love your work! Will you ever cover a song Guns n Roses style? I'd love to hear you sing like Axl. Thanks!

TenSecondSongs5 karma

Thanks! And quite possibly

99waystofuckyourself8 karma

Just starting by saying that your work is awesome. I wanted to ask you - What is your favorite song of all time, and do you want to do a 20 styles version of it?

TenSecondSongs31 karma

Seal - Kiss From a Rose.. definitely up there.. That would be interesting lol

TheMightyEmmo7 karma

Can we hope to see some Earth Wind and Fire?

TenSecondSongs8 karma


Radw6 karma

Are you playing something on your free time? Like csgo, dota, wow, etc? What's your favorite band/artist/etc? What do you think about dubstep/electro house?

TenSecondSongs8 karma

are those games? My favorite bands are metallica, pantera, and type o negative. I like dubstep.. but only some. And I'm more a fan of electronic chill.

JustSmeRandomAsshole5 karma

do you sell shirts... and can i have one?


TenSecondSongs16 karma

You'd want a shirt with my face on it? You'd scare a lot of people lol

LoaDead5 karma

Your voice is fantastic, and your videos are extremely entertaining! My only question is, have you always been this talented? Is it easy for you to write music? I'm a rookie musician and I'm having a really hard time combining ideas into one song. You are a very big inspiration :)

Also, can you suggest a name for my band? (Rockish indie)

TenSecondSongs8 karma

thanks! No, man, I used to suck. you need sometimes, but you gotta keep going. It gets easier to write music as you go. If you're having a difficult time don't beat yourself up, allow yourself to struggle, allow yourself to get criticism and do whatever feels right. you'll be just fine.

as far as good band names .. Man I have no idea. that's always stumped me.

flateric4205 karma

When you going to get another drink at Molly's? That battle of the bands was pretty good. Also you doing anymore work with Valence?

TenSecondSongs7 karma

hey, I may know you lol Hopefully soon. And I'll be singing a couple of covers with valence in august.

LordZZX4 karma

Thanks for doing this. Are you planning on releasing full versions of any of the versions in your videos, or are full versions only available for purchase through fiverr.com?

TenSecondSongs5 karma

I haven't been doing much on fiverr anymore, but keep in tune with my social networks, I'll be announcing some fun new stuff soon.

ilmat1k4 karma

Could you please do a full version of "Dark Horse" in the style of The Doors? That sounded unbelievable!

TenSecondSongs7 karma

haha.. unfortunately I have to retire that song lol thanks for the words though.

scorpiusthedevil3 karma

Do you plan on using different languages apart from different styles?

TenSecondSongs2 karma


Krtdude13 karma

Dude, that SOAD cover was absolutely amazing. I actually got two questions for you: When you're studying an artist, what do you do to actually study them? And my friend asked if she can marry you? Keep up the amazing work

TenSecondSongs4 karma

Tell your friend I have way too many wives. I listen to a bunch of their songs.. But with SOAD, I just know them well. Ya know, every band has several shades of grey.. And you have to kinda get in their head a little bit and visualize how it would sound with them playing. Hope that helps

ThunderMouseX3 karma

Have you thought of covering a heavy metal song in 20 different styles? I think it would be funny if Metallica's Enter Sandman would be sung in a Katy Perry style or a country style

TenSecondSongs7 karma

Yes, I've thought of ideas like this. We're going to have a lot of fun in the future.

thevincentvangoth3 karma

My question is: How did you come up with the idea of doing covers in 20 different styles? Also, is there any chance of doing the Smiths/Morrissey style in the next song?
Anyway, I loved the Gregorian Chant in the last video. You are very very talented and I hope you keep doing this. Thank you.

TenSecondSongs7 karma

I appreciate this. I came up with the idea to promote my custom songs business, it then took on a life of it's own. Anything is a possibility as far as style choices.

Jaksuhn3 karma

How is it you choose which person's style you're going to re-create in a song ? Do you just try to get a wide variety of styles or is there more thought in it ?

TenSecondSongs4 karma

theres soooo much thought. I do try to get as various as possible.. but i have to make sure the order is just right. so many deciding factors to keep it fresh.

nicknitros3 karma

Hey Ten Second Songs guy. Loved the Slipknot style you chose. But was wondering why you went with that Queen style as opposed to more popular Bohemian Rhapsody?

TenSecondSongs5 karma

Because that was the style that fit best in that section. Thanks for the words!

horsesoda3 karma

Hey dude, love your videos. How do you go about recording and writing/covering the base tracks behind your singing? Do you do it, or does a band?

TenSecondSongs6 karma

I program everything. My band is Set The Charge, we will be recording new material soon.

Berjj3 karma

Hey ten second songs! Love your videos (showed them to my parents, they loved them too)! I realized a couple of years ago that I love to sing but I kind of suck and none of my friends are really into music or play any instrument. Do you have any tips where someone like me could start in hopes of getting better?

TenSecondSongs7 karma

my advice is to keep going. Get some recording software and just start experimenting, time will mold you, my friend, if you keep at it.

scorpiusthedevil3 karma

Which languages will you sing in?

Do you plan to continue singing solo for ten second songs or do you have plans of singing with some more people?

Thank you so much for your replies :)

TenSecondSongs2 karma

the sky is the limit for the evolution of my youtube channel. I'm not sure of the languages yet,

winecountrygirl3 karma

What is your favorite sandwich recipe?

TenSecondSongs9 karma

sanwich recipe? I love turkey.. not sure if that helps lol

spiftacular3 karma

Do you know that you are ridiculously attractive?

TenSecondSongs7 karma

not at all LOL but thank you.

Onideum3 karma

Hello! First of all, id like to thank you for your awesome videos, theyve inspired me to expand my vocals and really reach their potential.

My question for you is: which style was the hardest or most challenging for you to play/sing and which one was the easiest?

TenSecondSongs6 karma

Kataklysm was a son of a bitch. Easiest was Green Day. and yeah man, keep going.. just stay consistent and you'll be able to do great things with your voice.

lothmak3 karma

Your songs are catchy as heck, I find myself trying to sing random songs like Frank Sinatra from time to time because of you.

Have the covers been profitable? I imagine it takes a lot of time to do each run, do they (the songs) pay for the time spent working on them?

TenSecondSongs7 karma

lol no.. I'm just doing it for fun right now. I have a custom songs business.

TommyFitz3 karma

Will you ever come to Amsterdam to perform?

Very good music man;)

TenSecondSongs3 karma

I hope so! and thanks!

xSkold3 karma

Hey dude, you work is amazing, especially the type o negative cover of dark horse. My question to you is if you could tour with one band, who would it be?

TenSecondSongs8 karma

and when I say Muse, I mean, I'd like for my band to open for them.

TenSecondSongs4 karma


gimpisgawd3 karma

About how long would you say each video takes to make? What made you want to do the song in 20 styles?

TenSecondSongs5 karma

takes about 2 weeks. And I did it originally to promote my custom songs business.

Maalbe3 karma

Have there been any bands/artists you've tried to but been unable to do? Also any favorite albums of 2014 so far?

(And I know a lot of people have requested Linkin Park but I think given your "real voice" you could do a pretty spot-on Mike Shinoda impression.)

TenSecondSongs6 karma

Honestly, no, any artist I choose to do, I'm dead set on getting them right. I havent really heard any brand new releases lately .. Linkin Park could certainly appear in some of my videos in the future.

Starbwerry2 karma

Hey, big fan!

How do you stay so optimistic? Like when I watch you videos, I can't help but smile because you seem so happy.

Plus how do you do your hair? You should straighten it for one of your vids haha ;)

TenSecondSongs3 karma

i use conditioner and i leave it in. Trust me.. it makes for wonderful hair days.

thrownaway16162 karma


TenSecondSongs2 karma

lol no. you're not the first person to ask this.

HeartBalloon2 karma

okay this is the first time I'm in time for an AMA, but I honestly, and I apologise for this, don't know you. So:
What is the question that a true fan of yours should ask you?

TenSecondSongs3 karma

anything lol im an open book. Anything that comes to mind.

chemman52 karma

Holy shit you're incredible. Id love to hear you do some Tool. My question: what got you into music?

TenSecondSongs4 karma

Love tool. I was into music when i was introduced to rock music at like 8 years old. At the time I was getting into 90s alternative.. Bush was popular then. Then I found nirvana and metallica, then I saw metallica live. the rest is history.

IAmMTheGamer2 karma

What will we be hearing next?

TenSecondSongs4 karma

Keep yourselves in the loop, lot of fun stuff in the works.

PrinceAkeemJoffer2 karma

Big fan of your first videos, and looking forward to seeing your new stuff. I was just wondering, when trying to imitate the way a singer sounds, can you do that quite naturally or does it take a fair amount of time to get it right?

TenSecondSongs5 karma

Some styles come easier than others. I focus greatly on the production though, the backing, the instrumentation, it's all important.

NeroCloud2 karma

How long do you study different singing styles and voice types to get as close as you do?

TenSecondSongs3 karma

I just listen to everything.. and I happen to be able to recreate them.

Frozenlew2 karma

How much editing really comes into play when trying to replicate the voices? One man cannot simply have that wide a range of styles!

TenSecondSongs5 karma

Well, keep in mind, im not an impersonator.. I produce different styles. now.. that's not to say I pitch my voice, which I don't, cause I don't believe in that.. But I do engineer everything as close to the artist's style as possible. I'm very honest, I don't do all the audio in one take. Video, yes. Audio, no.

Gphelps2 karma

How long does it take you to decide the song and bands that you use for your sings?

TenSecondSongs2 karma

forever LOL .. many it's a greulling process

MystJake2 karma

Your work is amazing. A coworker recently introduced me to your stuff. My question is what exactly do you look for in an artist to so perfectly imitate their sound elsewhere? It's not just vocals, it's not just riffs, it literally sounds like that artist. How do you pick up on that?

TenSecondSongs4 karma

you have to dissect their sound, and their production. I produce different styles, not just sing.. everything needs to be accounted for.. do the artists sing with heavy delay on their voice? is their voice EQd differently? what kind of guitar tone? drum sound? keys? All that stuff matters.. you leave one thing out and it all falls apart.

mj952 karma

what song would you love to do but cant for any number of reasons?

TenSecondSongs3 karma

i can't think of any. hmmm... I can't think of anything.

scorpiusthedevil2 karma

Hi, big fan!

How far do you think this talent of yours can be taken to?

I mean what is its potential?

TenSecondSongs2 karma

not really sure, i think the sky is the limit for anyone really.. the minute you agree you can't do something, that's when you put a cap on your potential. Just keep doing things you can't do, eventually you'll get good at them.

ahcaldwell92 karma

I absolutely love all of your videos and I just recently started following you on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Anyways, I would love to know when you started singing and why?

TenSecondSongs6 karma

I started singing in 2005 because I was in a band as a bassist, that broke up, and I wanted to make something from scratch as opposed to joining another band. So I developed my voice.

ahcaldwell92 karma

You did an excellent job. I love your voice to pieces. Music is my number one inspiration in life and your videos just make me very happy. :) Speaking of bass, what instruments can you play?

TenSecondSongs6 karma

guitar, bass and i program music.

salk802 karma

What made you make the first 20 styles video?

TenSecondSongs3 karma

it was to promote my custom songs business

crescent26122 karma

Would you ever consider doing a pink floyd version? You could use both Gilmour and Waters vocal styles to mimic.

TenSecondSongs3 karma

I have considered floyd, strong possibility

Great_Chairman_Mao2 karma

How many takes does it take to film one of your videos? If you get to style #19 and it didn't turn out right, do you start over from the beginning?

TenSecondSongs3 karma

YUP. It's very frustrating sometimes.

Ash77782 karma

Are there any styles/artists that you tried but couldn't quite get down?

TenSecondSongs3 karma

no, whoever I choose I never back down till i get it right.

MysticalTurban2 karma

Can you do some more RHCP songs?

TenSecondSongs3 karma

perhaps, we will see. it's a possibility!

hmcd2 karma

Is it bad that I keep expecting to hear dark horse in the style of nirvana every time it plays on the radio now?

TenSecondSongs5 karma

lol no. I miss Nirvana too.

apd1012 karma

Why haven't you done a pink Floyd style song yet?

TenSecondSongs2 karma

in time. in time :)

Treert12562 karma

Ham and cheese or pb & j?

TenSecondSongs2 karma

pb & j

Buttered_toads2 karma

Will you marry me?

TenSecondSongs3 karma

sure. as long as no paper work is involved.

nascargo192 karma

Hey dude! Really like your videos. Showed them to a few family members and they enjoyed them just as much.

  1. Voice wise, which has been the hardest style to make?
  2. What do you do to go from your voice to the styles voice?
  3. How do you get the backing instruments for the styles?
  4. Probably goes along with 3, but does the rest of your band help you with your video?
  5. Not really a question here, but I'd love to see a GNR and a Shinedown style soon.

TenSecondSongs2 karma

  1. Kataklysm
  2. I just get in the mode of the artist, I make sure I get all the production right so that it put's me in their element.. And I take it from there
  3. I make them
  4. no but they may in the future
  5. I'll keep those artists in mind.. i have already considered them

transfrmpnguinz2 karma

Are there any songs you'd absolutely refuse to cover? Or are you open to everything?

TenSecondSongs2 karma

No there are definitely songs I wouldn't touch. But I love a challenge.. and sometimes the challenge is to make something cool out of something you don't like.

StellarPando2 karma

Why are you covering new songs and not attempting to cover some classics instead? Really like your videos but just can't relate to the original version, don't really like the original versions either.

TenSecondSongs3 karma

It's my way of taking this new generation for a ride into areas of music that have been either abandoned, forgotten, and/or under exposed.

KnightOfNii2 karma

Hey love your work so far, I keep seeing Rap God on your website, are you going to do a ten second songs cover of that? Thanks!

TenSecondSongs3 karma

just wait.

SinaShahnizadeh2 karma

Will you stay in the same genre for your YouTube videos or will you venture of into, let's say, rap?

TenSecondSongs3 karma

No, I will be venturing off into a lot of cool shit.

Godkill22 karma

When you film the videos, do you film them all separate and piece them together or all in one shot? Minus the pop up video of course.

TenSecondSongs2 karma

One shot.

sonicnirvana19912 karma

man, just want to tell you that youre FUCKING AMAZING! i aspire to sing as well as you one day, youre just such an awesome dude. im sorry if someone already asked you, but are you in a band? do you have any original music i could buy? thanks brother!

TenSecondSongs3 karma

Set the charge is my band and i appreciate the words. you can sing like me, just love all music and work hard.

RampantNinja2 karma

Hey man, I just want you to know that you're an inspiration to my buddy and I. We're trying to write music in all different styles, and it was awesome seeing it performed so well. If there was any one style that you had to sing with for the rest of your life, what would it be?

TenSecondSongs3 karma

My band Set The Charge.. just rock n roll.. Soulful, hard, rock n roll. And all the best to you and your buddy.

toasttwithjam2 karma

I know you just started and all, but have you maybe considered upping to maybe 25 or 30 styles? I only ask because you can sing/rap really really fast and it seems like it isn't a problem for you. And because it is friggin' badass when you do sing/rap really fast :D _\m/

TenSecondSongs3 karma

just wait. ;)

cubiclejockey2 karma

I would love to hear you sing a song in the style of Rishloo! Hit those long high notes.

How many takes does the main video usually take to get the final upload?

TenSecondSongs2 karma

Oh god, it takes a while sometimes.. I never claim this to be a solid LIVE thing.

TimHumpernickle2 karma

As a big rhcp fan I was impressed with your ability to bring their feel to dark horse. Love your work!

Would you be willing to do an Internet 10 second song episode?

An example would be like singing in the styles of Pomplamoose, Ninjasexparty, Starbomb or other bands that got "big" from their music/videos on YouTube.

TenSecondSongs2 karma

yes, I'll consider that

smuurfymurfy1 karma

Do you do the background music? It's really good!

TenSecondSongs1 karma

yes i do and thanks

Ghoti-Umbrella1 karma

Oh my gosh! My friend showed me your videos and I fell in love!

How do you pick which artists to feature in your videos? Or how do you pick the song?

Also, how do you keep your hair looking so luscious? It's truly beautiful.

TenSecondSongs1 karma

It's a long grueling process to pick the artists, i base my decisions on the comments and my own musical tastes, i pick the song, lately just a pop song.. And I use conditioner. and keep it in.

lnze1 karma

I just watched your newest video and it was amazing.

My question for you: What made you think of this great idea of singing in so many different styles? What was it like to make the first video?

TenSecondSongs1 karma

I did it to promote my custom songs business and then it took on a life of it's own. and thanks for the words

terd_furgisson1 karma

Pretty cool, but what are you going to do when somebody comes out with Eleven Second Songs in twenty one styles?

TenSecondSongs1 karma

not care. lol

StephenNesbit1 karma

I've been a fan since video #1, man! So many of them are spot-on, it's crazy. The Elvis was great!

How did you come up with this idea for 10-Second Songs?

TenSecondSongs1 karma

It was originally just to promote my custom songs business then it took on a life of its own.

chrelle1 karma

How long did it take you to grow your hair that long?

Also, big fan and really digging your cover of "problem"

TenSecondSongs2 karma

years.. had it long since my last year of high school. And thanks!

sejfyr420 karma

Hey man, your work is great! How did you find out you had this cool talent?

TenSecondSongs2 karma

Just tried it out lol

GrandpasSwagJuice0 karma

Pretty straightforward: Favorite video game?

TenSecondSongs2 karma

Mortal Kombat, the very first one for Sega.

setitup890 karma

Can we get a rot in pain cover next time?

TenSecondSongs2 karma

LOL!!!!! Perhaps. Perhaps. Whoever you are.

mpmo-2 karma

My question to u is: out of 10 how do u rate this song: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MUcUiLabeMU

Btw, u r AMAZING, I take my hat off to u

TenSecondSongs4 karma

Ohhhhh love the atmosphere on this. I'm jamming to it right now. this you?