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This is Jill Wagner & John Henson from ABC’s Wipeout which is coming back this Sunday 7/6c. We've got a TWO HOUR season premiere!

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CyberBill42 karma

Hi Jill & John!

This is Bill "The Proposer" Carlson from Season 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wKcAdCstwg

I just want to say "THANK YOU!" for your help!! Emily and I are now happily married, and being punched repeatedly in the face with a 500 pound pneumatically actuated boxing glove was exactly what I needed to prepare me for marriage. ;)


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AnAngryAmerican25 karma

Has anyone ever been seriously hurt on the show?

WipeoutABC81 karma

John: Jill hurt my feelings last season.

darthvannah24 karma

Favorite behind the scenes moment?

WipeoutABC124 karma

Jill: When a cow wondered on to the set behind me and someone yelled, get the cow out of the shot and i thought they meant me

zxzCLOCKWORKzxz20 karma

Have either of you tried running through the course yourself?

WipeoutABC34 karma

John: Great question... I've never been asked that. In every interview.

WipeoutABC32 karma

I will as soon as john does, jill

MrDuffins17 karma

Will the balls be bigger this year?

WipeoutABC58 karma

John: No. They'll just hang lower.

LoftyLawnChair13 karma

What would the show be like if you didn't add in sound effects?

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RidingTheLightning12 karma

How much of the narration during the show is scripted?

WipeoutABC51 karma

John: Only the stuff we write down ahead of time.

Phillyfan1011 karma

How cold is the water that the contestants fall into?

WipeoutABC13 karma

Depends when we are shooting. We often shoot in the winter and have had to break thin sheets of ice off the water before shooting. We tried to heat the tanks for the pilot but found it to be hard to maintain.

corahale11 karma

For Jill: How is it going from hosting a hysterical show like Wipeout to transforming into Kate Argent for a way darker and (arguably) more dramatic show like Teen Wolf? Is it difficult to get into the right mindset for each show, or does it come naturally at this point?

WipeoutABC24 karma

Jill: It is actually a relief to go back to playing "jill wagner" after Kate as Kate is a pretty morbid creature. Wipeout brings the light back to my day :-) ( however, i do like playing the bad girl)

MasterUvPuppetz10 karma

Jill, why r u so pretty? 8-)

WipeoutABC38 karma

John: I assume you meant this for me.

WipeoutABC22 karma

because Henson does my makeup, jill

bbball18 karma

Have either of you every run the course? If so, what were your times? And is it really as hard as it looks?

WipeoutABC10 karma

John: No. It's much harder.

thejmc238 karma

Do the contestants wear their own clothing throughout the competition?

WipeoutABC12 karma

John: Clothing soiled separately.

WipeoutABC10 karma

Yep, even the ones that have cats on their shirts

FuckImStuck8 karma

How bad are the insurance premiums for the show? Has anyone filed a claim?

WipeoutABC27 karma

John: Hey... insurance is a GREAT idea! Thanks!

2feetorless8 karma

Who has bigger balls?

WipeoutABC29 karma

jill: me

WipeoutABC27 karma

John: Jill.


Jill Will You Ever Get A Chance From John Henson To Sign Off A Wipeout Episode? ;)

WipeoutABC12 karma

jill: At that point in the show i am locked back in my cage so the answer is no

WipeoutABC6 karma

John: Not if I can help it!

FruitbatNT6 karma

Hi John - How much do you miss hosting Talk Soup, and why is it "More than you can imagine"?

I mean, come on, William Shatner AND Adam West in one episode?

WipeoutABC10 karma

John: I LOVED hosting Talk Soup. But after nearly 1200 episodes, it was time to move on. But I try to stay in touch with those guys. Working with them was a BLAST!

NotARealGamer6 karma

What was your favorite wipeout moment?

WipeoutABC15 karma

Anytime Henson comes down from his pedestal in the sky to say hello to the commoners

WipeoutABC8 karma

John: I'm still partial to Vonti McCray's motivator experience. Has to be seen to be believed.

Mongo10215 karma

How do you find contestants for the show? Also, do you turn away people who are too athletic, or are very, very good at running the course?

WipeoutABC11 karma

Contestants apply through a link on our Facebook page. We are looking for huge personalities. The show is at its best when we put ordinary people in extraordinary situations. There are other shows out there for the extreme athlete.

ben56475 karma

My question is for Jill & John: What are some of your favorite TV Shows and movies?

WipeoutABC10 karma

I love House of Cards, The Voice, Deadliest Catch, Jill

harish425 karma

Jill, is it possible for a Wipeout contestant to impress you? Or does the fact that they're contestants on Wipeout rule out any chance they ever had?

WipeoutABC17 karma

Lots of them impress me... especially when they bring me donuts :-)

spaghettipopsicle5 karma

do you watch MXC?

WipeoutABC14 karma

Jill: I use to, funny stuff

Schk905 karma

How do you stay fit? and what is your favorite sport? P.D. I Love you

WipeoutABC12 karma

What does P.D. mean?

WipeoutABC9 karma

Jill: I workout and wear a fitbit bracelet that really helps, fav sport is Basketball

ardimaxwell4 karma

will you make episode that you being contestants on the show?

WipeoutABC12 karma

John: Conjugate please.

Frajer4 karma

Was there ever anything you couldn't show on TV?

WipeoutABC25 karma

Jill:Yeah, all of my potty mouth jokes

reedicusgt4 karma

Jill, have you ever gone on a date with anyone who asked you out on the show? John, do you write your own lines?

WipeoutABC21 karma

Jill: yes, the one that won "win a date with Jill " episode

WipeoutABC19 karma

John: Only the ones you think are funny. Everything else is Jill's fault.

FuckImStuck4 karma

Which do you think has a better chance of completing obstacles, a duck sized horse, or a horse sized duck?

WipeoutABC20 karma

jill: A duck riding a horse

LaunaSky3 karma

Have you ever wanted to run the Wipeout courses?

WipeoutABC14 karma

John: Every day I go to work I see a series of very convincing arguments for never trying the course.

WipeoutABC11 karma

jill: no, but henson has been dying to do it... no pun intended

fivebyfive_2 karma

Jill, do you have any funny backstage stories about the Teen Wolf cast?

WipeoutABC6 karma

Jill: God, where does one begin... there are so many,,, Tyler Posey likes to talk about poo.

deny_gallagher2 karma

If you guys have the ability to invite any celebrity you guys want to play in Wipeout? Who would that be?

WipeoutABC9 karma

jill: john henson

BarrettPerlman2 karma

If you could swap hosting gigs for an episode on any show, which show would you want to host for a day?

WipeoutABC8 karma

John: I'd love to stand in for Tom Bergeron on AFV.

travisracer012 karma

Jill I gotta ask will we ever have a vampire vs werewolf wipeout episode?

WipeoutABC4 karma

Jill: Matt Kunitz , can you answer that?

Laugher3091 karma

Is the new season better than last year in your opinion? Last year seemed to get a little cheesy (if it was possible) and I think the older formats would ironically be a way to renew what might be getting a little tired. Although my grandson and I will never miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WipeoutABC3 karma

Jill: YUM>>>I love cheese

WipeoutABC2 karma

John: Only a grandparent would ask a paragraph long question.

apprehensive_potato1 karma

what is your favorite Obstacle, other than the Big Balls?

WipeoutABC11 karma

John: I was a big fan of the Human Catapult. Although if you buy one, make sure you read the entire instruction manual. Assembly is key. You don't want any parts left over or someone will end up in the parking lot.

WipeoutABC7 karma

I love the motivator ... however i don't think thats an obstacle , jill

yes_imthatguy1 karma

Jill - Are you single? If so, can we mingle? [Serious]

WipeoutABC10 karma

jill: I don't mingle with the single

yes_imthatguy3 karma

I sooo didn't picture you for the home wrecker type... But I'll let you know when I get a GF and you can wreck it all you want!

WipeoutABC7 karma

John: Ok... but I'd like to see a picture first.

mlliot1 karma

Will there be more nudity?

WipeoutABC7 karma

John: Yes... but it will be mine. Apologies.

WhiteKnightOfTheClan1 karma

Are kids ever going to be able to compete in the future with parent waivers?

WipeoutABC6 karma

John: We keep having an issue with child labor laws.

LoftyLawnChair1 karma

Has any contestant lost their shit and freaked out on you guys for being assholes to them?

WipeoutABC7 karma

John: Not yet... but I keep trying.

Bower830 karma

Is this season of ABC's Wipeout the best yet?

WipeoutABC9 karma

We think so. We have a tournament of champions this season. All the winners from each episode return at the end of the summer to compete for the ultimate title. There are a ton of special episodes including "Win a Date With Jill" the return of "Hotties v Nerds", a "Bachelor/Bachelorette" episode and much more.

WipeoutABC7 karma

Jill: YES!!!!!