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I recently read a National Geographic article talking about the Drake equation, and the plausibility of finding habitable planets. How close do you think we are to doing this? Will it happen in our lifetime?

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First of all good for you! THose animals need people like you for protection. Is it legal for you to shoot at poachers just for shooting animals?

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Devon, I graduated from Penn State a few years ago, but I read an article that said you were involved in THON this past year. It is such a truly incredible experience. My question is: How did you get to be involved in THON? Also, Can you share some thoughts on your THON experience?

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How cold is the water that the contestants fall into?

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Thank you for doing the AMA. Gettysburg was one of my favorite historical movies of all time. I was wondering what you did to prepare for your role as Robert E. Lee?