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Are they now looking into your original report ? Now knowing this isn't a problem that will go away and this guy is actually a creep.

bbykakes54 karma

i have the investigators number and we are going back and forth with the situation. i am just praying that this does not occur again. i feel so unsafe in my home now.

Mantan170124 karma

Why did you tell them you're streaming on the internet? Remember, in an incident like this, keep your cool and maintain your right to remain silent! That stream would've been valuable if the police decided to trump up charges against you for no reason and you had no way of proving that it was trumped up. I'm sorry this had happened to you because some overzealous idiot thought it best to pull this prank on you. If this happens again, remember to tell them your right to remain silent, and not say a THING unless you have an attorney present.

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dirtymoney13 karma

And now your eyes have been opened to how badly the police can treat people. Especially the innocent.

Sorry to hear that this happened to you. No innocent person deserves that.

bbykakes9 karma

thank you <3

Slave_to_Logic-11 karma

It always is. Pigs are filthy animals and they will stop at nothing to make you pay for their mistakes.

Good thing you didn't have a dog. It would now be dead.

bbykakes3 karma

i do own a small yorki. they scared her so bad she shit all over my house with little poop pellets ):

karmanaut14 karma

Are you able to provide any proof that this really is your stream?

bbykakes20 karma

my twitter handle is @imgorejess. is is me. go to my twitter i will post your username in tweet.

FruitbatNT-42 karma

Does this sort of negative attention make you question being involved in shamelessly attention-seeking behavior?

EDIT : Thanks for drowning me in fedoras.

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i stream as a hobby and also have a boyfriend. i don't stream looking for attention im sorry that you have the wrong idea of me. i do question bringing my stream up and possibly deleting it after what has happened to me.