I’m Johnny Knoxville, an actor, writer and producer. I started out co-creating the tv show “Jackass” which was only on the air about 9 months. But that was 9 months longer than we thought it would be. I’ve also been in movies like the Academy Award nominated Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. Ok, ok the movie wasn't exactly nominated but the makeup was. So there. Anyway my latest project is Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa .5, which you can download now. OK, ask me anything!


UPDATE thanks everybody for all the support and great questions. this is my second time doing an ama and its been a ball both times. from the bottom of my heart thank you. and thanks reddit.

also (shameless plug coming),click on the below links to get brad grandpa.5, i promise u will like it. big hug,wahoo,and love,knox DIGITAL HD or Pre-order the Blu-ray

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Garchomp991701 karma

How the fuck can you have children, after all those nut shots?!

_JohnnyKnoxville2625 karma

weird,my doctor asked me the same thing.

confused-koala1134 karma

What's the recovery time after a Jackass movie? Do you just lie down for like a month?

_JohnnyKnoxville1792 karma

it depends on the injuries sustained. after jackass number two i was so worked that one of my doctors said it was like i had just been in a major car crash. i guess i had but that crash lasted for 6 months of shooting. it takes a few months to recover though and thats not counting surgeries,etc. i go to some type of doctor at least 4 to 6 times a month.

DeeeezNutts1028 karma

Personal, but I must know asap. Do you still pee from a straw looking device since you know, you broke your dick and what not?

_JohnnyKnoxville1600 karma

no,but i did for 3 years after the accident.

SurpriseMothaFuckahh856 karma

Why did you pick up Billy's CD in pure daylight and scratch it?

jonnymoon51028 karma


_JohnnyKnoxville1121 karma

ha ha ha...thats my favorite line of the ringer.

_JohnnyKnoxville481 karma

that was clearly my fault. eddie barbanell still breaks my balls about it. well about that and a lot of other things.

BallsMahoney67807 karma

Mr. Knoxville ,

I'm from the Philadelphia area, I live about 20 minutes from West Chester, so I know a lot of people who know Bam or have met him. My question is, is he as huge a piece of shit as everyone says he is?

_JohnnyKnoxville1056 karma

bam is a great guy,i love him very much.

zurg123778 karma

How hard was it to talk Steve-o into going into that bungee portapotty?

_JohnnyKnoxville1204 karma

well he and jeff tremaine wrote that idea together so he didn't need much coaxing. steve o first pitched the idea, he said he wanted to attach a bungee chord to port-a-potty and get pushed off of a bridge in it. then jeff suggested why not launch steve o upwards in the port-a-potty. good idea.

alphahaxorskylord725 karma

hey Johnny, whats the worst thing thats happened to your dick on or off set?

_JohnnyKnoxville1242 karma

ah ha ha....definitely when i broke it trying to backflip a motorcycle. i think that got to me more mentally than physically(though physical part sucked.)

magicpumpkin605 karma

Did you know that the nice Mexican lady that you pissed off while filming Bad Grandpa at the Galaxy Foods in Apex NC on HWY 55 quit her job and went home the day you filmed there?

I live in the neighborhood and shop there often. Don't worry though, all is well now. The manager went to her house and talked her back to work, and now she just has to deal with me bringing it up every week. I even bought her the DVD.

_JohnnyKnoxville836 karma

yes i knew she quit her job that day,and i knew she eventually went back to work. we had never had anyone quit there job before so we were very concerned. we monitored that situation closely and were very happy when she went back. the other lady in the shoplifting scene ,the one that chased us out into the parking lot, she quit her job too. and for a much longer time. thankfully she went back to work too.

Natebladez591 karma

Do you ever wear the Bad Grandpa makeup on days you aren't filming, just for shits and giggles?

_JohnnyKnoxville2426 karma

i have a set of balls i can wear(and have),but no i have never worn the makeup on a day off. it takes 3 hours to put on and 40 minutes to get off. kinda like me when i have had too much tequila. hey hoooo....get it ''40 minutes to get off..." good times.

LittleAsparagus533 karma

I've always admired how true you are to yourself, and how much you have overcome.

How do you measure success, and what advice do you have for other people on being successful? Thank you!

_JohnnyKnoxville778 karma

hello everybody! i measure success in happiness and being able to provide for my family. great question. thanks

Grundle_Poacher507 karma

Was there ever a guest that you guys had on jackass who you were surprised got as involved as they did?

_JohnnyKnoxville1480 karma

yes. when we had brad pitt on the tv show, he wanted to go much bigger than we wanted him to. we actually had to back him down a little because we felt responsible and didn't want to hurt the best looking man on the planet. he is a great guy.and tough.

Brewand506 karma

I'm some asshole on the Internet, welcome to Reddit.

_JohnnyKnoxville756 karma

well hello some asshole on the internet,i'm the asshole doing the ama. thank you and everyone else for attending. xoxo

bearDTA494 karma

If you didn't get into acting what career path do you think you would have gone into?

_JohnnyKnoxville1093 karma

i'm not sure. i wanted to be a baseball player but i blew my arm out my senior year of high school. then i moved to hollywood. i purposely didn't give myself any backup plan in case acting didn't pan out. honestly if i wasn't doing what i'm doing, i probably would have been in trouble by now. i am very thankful to have an outlet for whatever is going on in my head.

readcommentbackwards486 karma

Hey Johnny,

I just wanted to say I played cornhole with you once while you were filming Bad Grandpa in Charlotte.

Thanks for being very nice, talkative, and respectful while staying in our city. Literally everyone I know that met you had nothing but nice things to say.

With that said, what was that one stunt where you said "there's a pretty good chance I could die" before doing it?

_JohnnyKnoxville559 karma

we loved filming part of bad grandpa (and incidentally bad grandpa.5) in charlotte. drank a lot of booze and played a lot of cornhole.i never did get good at that game. and there have been a few stunts where i thought it might end forever bad. the rocket(since it blew up the first time), a few of the bull stunts.... but quite a few of the times it was almost forever bad,it was on a stunt that seemed tame. like the golf cart in the first movie. no one expected that to happen. whoops!

m-torr469 karma

Hey Johnny, big fan. Have any of the guys (other than Devil Pontius vs. that religious guy) ever got in a fight with someone while filming a prank?

_JohnnyKnoxville2134 karma

dunn got punched in the face after a prank once. a guy walks up and said,''u scared my wife'' and then punched him in the jaw. dunn immediately started laughing,and continued laughing for quite some time. i miss him a lot.

sir_sweatervest386 karma

How much practice did the role of Jeffy in The Ringer take? You really hit the nail on the head with that character

_JohnnyKnoxville633 karma

i worked several weeks with my acting coach cameron thor trying to find that character. we obviously had to find a way to do it that wasn't offensive,and also entertaining to watch.

hindsight420349 karma

What was the hardest scene to film (without laughing) in Bad Grandpa?

_JohnnyKnoxville613 karma

we always hold our laughter until after the scene because we don't want to lose any footage. but with that said, filming a prank is pretty nerve-wracking(thats probably misspelled). i am thinking about so many things at one time. 20 things can cause any prank to fail. so i am trouble-shooting while i'm improv-ing,and that doesn't leave any room for laughter. but afterwards we review footage and laugh. then giggle about it all night at the bar.

Willham89334 karma

How did you feel when that golden dildo penetrated bams hairy butthole.

_JohnnyKnoxville909 karma

i felt glee,bam felt penetration.

danyelopm305 karma

Hi Johnny!!!! Are there any plans for a Jackass 4 and/or a Bad Grandpa 2? If so, how near in the future? Love, Danyel

P.S. I'm prolly one of your biggest fans!!!!! Love you!

_JohnnyKnoxville564 karma

no plans for a jackass 4 at the moment but i still write ideas for it just in case. and no plans at the moment for bad grandpa 2 yet either. definitely possible. bad grandpa.5 is avail for digital download right f-ing now and avail on dvd july 8th. its tons of funny pranks and behind the scenes stuff. the pranks could have made the movie but since we had a story to service some didn't make it in. ok thats my one plug. done with that:)

JibbletMan294 karma

What does horse cum taste like?

_JohnnyKnoxville1629 karma

ask pontius,he drank it. i'm no sicko, i just jacked the horse off.

hyperbeam_deluxe290 karma

I have a special needs aunt who actively participates in the Special Olympics each year. What all did you take and learn from you working on The Ringer?

_JohnnyKnoxville681 karma

i made a lot of great ,new friends and i learned a lot about respect. people with special needs want and deserve to be treated like everyone else. don't talk down to them,talk to them as u would anyone else. that's a big theme in the ringer,and i am as proud of that movie as anything i have ever done.

sorry-not-sorry42229 karma

Was there ever a stunt or prank that went horribly wrong? Specifically, something that ended up emotionally painful for you or any of the other guys? (Not something easy to get over, like Bam getting trapped in a trailer with a snake)

_JohnnyKnoxville667 karma

if stunts don't go horribly wrong they don't make it into the movie. and weird i didn't suffer any emotionally ill effects from bam being trapped in the trailer with the snake. bam may have a different story.

Shifty_Drifter223 karma

If seven dudes we're coming at you with knives, and all you had was rope, table, ladder, and chair, how would you Jackie Chan your way to safety?

_JohnnyKnoxville776 karma

well i would put the chair on top of the table,put the ladder on the chair,throw the rope to the roof of the building across the street,kick the ladder on top of my adversaries,and swing the fuck to freedom.

Shhhmelody221 karma

Hey Johnny! How are you and your balls doing today?

_JohnnyKnoxville524 karma

doing wonderful. and hanging to the left. thanks for asking.

JERKONfilms207 karma

Is Bam a grizzly yet? Also, Bad Grandpa .5 was awesome!

_JohnnyKnoxville335 karma

no,i would say he is very much a cub at the moment. grrrrr....

BorenNotBoring184 karma

If you could give a college student one piece of advice about how to live a happy life, what would it be?

_JohnnyKnoxville698 karma

follow your instincts and believe in yourself. love yourself. be kind and be positive. avoid anything negative. take chances,be brave. don't be afraid to fail. if you're not failing then you're not trying hard enough. failing is how u learn to succeed. have a sense of humor about it. fuck it.

jcb6939170 karma

Hows the dick?

_JohnnyKnoxville654 karma

little but mean!!

iKantSpelgud159 karma

What was the biggest difference between doing the Jackass TV show, and doing all the movies? I feel like it would just be the aspect of people recognizing you.

_JohnnyKnoxville316 karma

more freedom. we didn't have to abide by television standards,and that's the point when jackass became what it was. and yes people did recognize u more, so we had to be wary of who we were pranking. if i was doing a public prank and there were a group of skaters standing there, i would wait until they left before i would prank anyone. u just had and have to use ur judgment. is this person a jackass fan? if so i won't prank them cuz its a bust. also because of recognizability(definitely misspelled) factor, we started pranking the cast more.

celadonshopper125 karma

Do you ever go back to Knoxville for anything? If so, why is it Szechuan Garden on Chapman highway?

_JohnnyKnoxville195 karma

yes i go back to see my family. szechaun garden is 5 minutes from my mom and dads house. i ate there when i was growing up.

suchafunnyusername113 karma

if you threw me in a snake pit, I would probably come out and murder you!

_JohnnyKnoxville342 karma

that is precisely why i am not throwing you in.

johnnykoxville111 karma

Your performance in Small Apartments was amazing! I legit cried. Would you work with Jonas Åkerlund or Matt Lucas again if the opportunity came?

_JohnnyKnoxville131 karma

thanks so much. i loved working with jonas and matt and would work with them again anytime. matt actually wrote on bad grandpa for a few days. he helped us a lot.

KingMiguel101 karma

Favorite punk rock band?

_JohnnyKnoxville246 karma

thats a tough one. ramones,misfits,the clash,the replacements,smut peddlers,the pogues,X,...i know i am going to be pissed about leaving some out,but thats just off the top of my head.

Kknowsbest101 karma

What's your best memory from when you first started working on Jackass?

_JohnnyKnoxville179 karma

the feelings of pure excitement and anticipation of being at the beginning of something. who knew how the hell its going to turn out?we sure didn't ,but we were doing it together. i am still amazed on how all this turned out. and thankful.

wilkinsonvt98 karma

how staged was the bad grampa movie?

_JohnnyKnoxville310 karma

all the pranks are %100 real,we go to great lengths to insure that. if i think someone i'm pranking is onto me,or if we find out later that maybe that person knew they were being pranked we won't use that footage in the movie. they were some scripted scenes in the movie between billy and i. but those are easy to identify because its just me and him talking.