Johnny Knoxville

is an American daredevil, actor, comedian, screenwriter and film producer. He is best known as a creator and cast member of the MTV series Jackass.

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No, it is always on purpose.

_JohnnyKnoxville3217 karma

If they dont backfire, we do it again until it does.

_JohnnyKnoxville3071 karma

yes - when i broke my penis i had to catheter twice a day with an 18 inch plastic tube about the width of a #2 pencil. I had to shove it down the head of my pee pee all the way into my bladder. Now my jim-dawg looks like a sock that has lost its elasticity. Hugs and kisses, Knoxville

_JohnnyKnoxville2850 karma

I write all my stunts so i know what im getting into ahead of time. The only time i will refuse to do a stunt is if theres a lot of negativity on the set. Then we just postpone it to another day. I hope that doesnt make me sound like a god damn hippie.

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harder than a turnbuckle

_JohnnyKnoxville2762 karma

Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say Fuck it.

_JohnnyKnoxville2760 karma

No, because if the stunt ends painfully then we got great footage. And i never regret great footage

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So funny, i was just thinking about that line from The Ringer yesterday. One of the funniest lines in any movie ever. Of course thats just my opinion.

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definitely dicks down my back like a stegosaurus. Grrrrr....

_JohnnyKnoxville2625 karma

weird,my doctor asked me the same thing.