Johnny Knoxville here.

Hi reddit. I am a co-creator and star of Jackass, plus I've done other stuff (Men In Black 2, The Ringer, A Dirty Shame, and The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia).

My latest project is Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa coming out on October 25th. It's a wild ride.

allright guys i have to go. just want to thank you for your time and great questions. some of them were pretty goddamn funny. alot of them smart, and quite a few silly. and thats the way it should be. keep it between the ditches. love,knoxville



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lankeymarlon2558 karma

When the fuck did we get ice cream?

_JohnnyKnoxville2664 karma

So funny, i was just thinking about that line from The Ringer yesterday. One of the funniest lines in any movie ever. Of course thats just my opinion.

frank0070070072147 karma

Have you ever accidentally kicked wee-man?

_JohnnyKnoxville3592 karma

No, it is always on purpose.

vflgbo2085 karma

I'm in Knoxville, TN right now, so it almost feels like I'm inside of you. How does that make you feel?

_JohnnyKnoxville2788 karma

harder than a turnbuckle

Mudduckhunter1860 karma

Would you rather have a vagina on your forehead or dicks down your back like a stegosaurus?

_JohnnyKnoxville2642 karma

definitely dicks down my back like a stegosaurus. Grrrrr....

Rodair1829 karma

Is there a prank/stunt that you regret?

_JohnnyKnoxville2760 karma

No, because if the stunt ends painfully then we got great footage. And i never regret great footage


Has a stunt ever completely backfired?

_JohnnyKnoxville3217 karma

If they dont backfire, we do it again until it does.

eggsgrainey1711 karma

Is there any stunt that you have refused to do, or will never do?

_JohnnyKnoxville2850 karma

I write all my stunts so i know what im getting into ahead of time. The only time i will refuse to do a stunt is if theres a lot of negativity on the set. Then we just postpone it to another day. I hope that doesnt make me sound like a god damn hippie.

iFuzion1523 karma

How do you manage getting people to comply with you after pulling off pranks and stuff?

_JohnnyKnoxville2265 karma

getting people to sign a release after pranking them is an art. We have really good people to get that accomplished. sometimes they wont sign and you just have to accept it. It sucks to lose the footage.

pastrypalace1421 karma

How do you mentally prepare yourself for a stunt that you know will end in bodily harm?

_JohnnyKnoxville2762 karma

Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say Fuck it.

stormin_mormon1356 karma

Who was the biggest dick while shooting the Jackass series?

_JohnnyKnoxville2226 karma

Jeff Tremaine. Still is.

HollowForm1349 karma

do u piss through a tube ?

_JohnnyKnoxville3071 karma

yes - when i broke my penis i had to catheter twice a day with an 18 inch plastic tube about the width of a #2 pencil. I had to shove it down the head of my pee pee all the way into my bladder. Now my jim-dawg looks like a sock that has lost its elasticity. Hugs and kisses, Knoxville

stupidsexyflanders-1293 karma

What is the worst pain you have ever felt on Jackass?

_JohnnyKnoxville2397 karma

there have been numerous breaks, sprains, and concussions. I even broke my dick. But the most pain was probably from getting sprayed with saber red pepper spray smack dab in the eyes. Excruciating pain for at least 20 min. It feels like someone started a fire in your eyes and put it out with kerosene.

nexusheli1146 karma

When you smashed the penguin at the drive-in in Charlotte, were you scared at all by the guy who confronted you?

What ended up happening to the penguin?

_JohnnyKnoxville1979 karma

No. Anyone who says that they're going to hit you that many times is not gonna hit you. I think he would have hit me if i hadnt been in makeup, but he was just trying to intimidate an old man. An old man who didnt give a shit. The penguin is probably sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

dashunlesay985 karma

I am getting married in 3 hours. Wanna come party?

_JohnnyKnoxville2182 karma

are you the bride or the groom?

iamareddituserama982 karma


_JohnnyKnoxville2082 karma

3 jump to mind - Ryan Dunn shoving the toy car in his bottom in the first Jackass movie, the Terror Taxi from Jackass Number 2, the hi-five giant hand from Jackass 3D. And the Beauty Pageant scene from Bad Grandpa Out today!!!)

led_head1991927 karma

Hey Johnny long time fan and you were great on the Stern Show this week (Bad Grandpa inspired the get my grandpa laid contest).

I wanted to know if you ever do a public prank and it goes so far wrong you don't even ask for a release to save the humiliation/trauma they endured?

Also have you ever pulled a stunt like that and immediately said "Fuck! We gotta cut this bit".

_JohnnyKnoxville1904 karma

when we pranked a funeral in Bad Grandpa, I was worried that some of the marks (people we are pranking) might have a heart attack. What they saw was pretty shocking, to say the least. I didnt think they would sign afterwards. But afterwards, when we told them we were shooting a movie, they were so relieved to know what they just saw was fake that they were thrilled to sign. Most of them.

Zenaxis923 karma


_JohnnyKnoxville1852 karma

Bam is awesome. One of my closest friends. And he has a dick the size of a tuna can.

greenbabyshit892 karma

what made you get your wawa tattoo?

I love wawa as much as the next guy, but that's loyalty.

_JohnnyKnoxville1568 karma

whiskey and adrenaline

CubbieBlue66887 karma

Hi Johnny! I'm a big fan. I don't have a question for you - I just wanted you to know I'm pooping while reading this. Have a great day!

_JohnnyKnoxville1634 karma

Thanks bro. And remember - wipe back to front.

izziebarakat829 karma

Bad Grandpa was the funniest film i've ever seen, any plans for a jackass 4 though?

_JohnnyKnoxville1572 karma

No plans at the moment, but we are open to doing another

nfriel787 karma

Favorite movie ever?

_JohnnyKnoxville1887 karma

Favorite comedy - Blazing Saddles Favorite other film - A Face in the Crowd, Harold and Maude, Cinema Paradiso, Heartworn Highways

_JohnnyKnoxville457 karma

Favorite comedy - Blazing Saddles Favorite other film - A Face in the Crowd, Harold and Maude, Cinema Paradiso, Heartworn Highways

JonnyBravoII754 karma

The funniest thing I've ever seen was your reaction to Joan Rivers when you were on The Graham Norton Show. I thought you were going to wet your pants. Great stuff!

_JohnnyKnoxville1184 karma

That is one of my best memories of doing a talk show. Joan Rivers is F'ing hilarious and I'm myself surprised I didnt wet my pants. I did however consider wetting Graham Norton's pants. Coulda, woulda, shoulda

horderBopper736 karma

Did you really scratch that CD?

_JohnnyKnoxville1298 karma

yes i did. In clear daylight.

Drisc0675 karma

How was your recent Molly trip at the University of Arizona?

_JohnnyKnoxville971 karma

fucking awesome!! Thank you Arizona, wahoooo!!

samuelevate630 karma

what is your favourite drug of choice? (if you have done drugs before..)

_JohnnyKnoxville1536 karma

what do you got?

dixncox621 karma

Hold my nuts

_JohnnyKnoxville1401 karma

put em in my hand

bigeazybreezy581 karma

How do you like your eggs?

_JohnnyKnoxville1108 karma

fried, dyed, and laid to the side.

HandsomeHarry467 karma

What was more painful, nearly getting killed by a golf cart, or standing in front of the less than lethal riot control BB explosion device?

_JohnnyKnoxville876 karma

The riot control stingmore mine test definitely. In the golf cart i was knocked out so it only hurt later on.

Th3ous415 karma

Have you ever thought about introducing some new cast members to your crew of misfits?

_JohnnyKnoxville923 karma

My grandson in Bad Grandpa, Jackson Nicoll is definitely in the family now. He is unbelievable in the film.

Anonymous_Gamer355 karma

What's your favorite drink (Alcohol)? One you've tasted and actually enjoyed and thought, "Hey, this is pretty fucking good, I'll have another".

_JohnnyKnoxville1079 karma

I'll drink anything too thin to eat.

TouchDownBurrito211 karma

What was shooting Grand Theft Parsons like? I always picture Michael Shannon being odd like he is in boardwalk empire.

_JohnnyKnoxville351 karma

Michael Shannon is a down to earth, cool guy. We shot pool every night after work and I like him a lot. Brilliant actor.

sparksman209 karma

What is your go to pre stunt ritual? Coffee and pushups? Meditation and masturbation?

_JohnnyKnoxville352 karma

i usually go for a shampoo and set. Hello Louise!!!

21fucktons27 karma

Just saw bad grandpa at LA LIve bro it was awesome! Ur crew has a pair of balls to fuck with them bikers.

_JohnnyKnoxville50 karma

Thank you. And yeah the biker bar scene was intense. The actor playing Chuck in the movie almost got his arm broke and it easily could have ended worse.