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Hey Johnny, big fan. Have any of the guys (other than Devil Pontius vs. that religious guy) ever got in a fight with someone while filming a prank?

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Nikki what the FUCK man, you guys are killing me with this breaking up shit lol. Anyway, Lars did a (mediocre) AmA yesterday and it got me thinking. In the documentary "Heavy: The Story of Metal" I remember Lars talking about how Motley and Metallica had issues back in the day. You all ever patch that up or is there still tension? Cant wait to see you guys in Camden.

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Hey Dane, you were hysterical in "Waiting...". My question is, what was filming that movie like? Any funny stories you'd want to share? Thanks.

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Hey Connor, born and raised in Philly and also born and raised an Eagles fan. What was the locker room like under Chip's leadership? Did the guys who were there for the Andy Reid years and Chip's first year talk about the difference in the atmosphere between the two?

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When they all start laughing, I can never stop myself from grinning like a complete idiot. No matter how many times I've watched it I always smile.