Hello everyone, you probably know me best from my driving in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series but I have many other hobbies and interests. From sky diving to reading. I'm 30, born in NC and now live in Miami! I am the youngest champion in NASCAR series history and trying to chase down another championship in the Aaron's Dream Machine. Here's the link to my latest TV commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXLK2AIqxEw Looking forward to taking your questions!


I wanted to thank everyone for their time today. It's always great to have direct interaction with the NASCAR fan community. I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to race with Aaron's and MWR. They have been so supportive of my dreams, through all the ups and downs, which leaves me with no doubt they want to make the dreams of their customers come true. Can't wait to Own It this weekend in Pocono!

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How do you feel about Josh Wise and his crazy sponsorship story (dogecoin)?

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Really cool story. It's amazing the power and influence the reddit community has! Thanks for all your support.

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Ever seen Ambrose punch a guy in the head?

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Hey Brian! Coming over from /r/NASCAR (which you should check out!). We know that some drivers such as Keselowski have said they wanted the schedule changed up and I'm wondering what your take on it is. Lots of fans have said they wanted more road courses. Thoughts?

BrianVickersHere63 karma

I couldn't agree more. I would completely change the schedule if it were up to me. I would go to more markets, countries, tracks, continents, road courses, and less of the same markets twice. I'll check to see if Aaron's can help with that, after all they are in the business of making our dreams come true!

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If you could choose any driver's introduction at Bristol. Who and what song would it be?

Also, did you choose to live in Miami for the location because you just wanted to live there? Because I know Michael Waltrip Racing is nowhere near Miami.

Edit: The answer to the first question is always the default. Michael Waltrip - I Feel Like a Women. Thank you Ryan Newman for making that a thing.

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It was a slow progression south. I started in PB then Ft. Lauderdale and then in Miami. I love the culture, art, food, beach, etc. I like to ski and snow board but that's about the only thing I like to do in the cold. When I'm training, running, biking, swimming and surfing outside in January while it's snowing in NC, it all makes sense. I still go to the shop on a regular basis but it's usually just day trips there and back home.

peppermunch19 karma

Hello! I'm from New Zealand, where NASCAR is not really followed. Can you please tell me what it is about NASCAR that you think makes it appeal to such a huge audience? And what got you into the sport?


BrianVickersHere28 karma

Wow, love the support from afar. The speed, energy, noise, racing, passing, personalities, etc. Many things make the sport great. All of them are felt more in person than on TV, unfortunately that's a long trip for you! I'll try to get them to move a race to New Zealand but it may happen faster if you come to the states.

I would say mainly the love of racing. I always enjoyed being behind the wheel.

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At what point in you life did you realize that you wanted to race professionally?

BrianVickersHere21 karma

I think I knew I wanted to race from the first time I was in a gokart but it wasn't until later on that I realized I could actually do it professionally. I think as a young kid, you just want to go fast and have fun. The notion of "profession" comes later in life.

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How did it feel knowing that when you won the 2003 Busch series, you were the youngest to win a top tier series in the history of Nascar? What thoughts went on in your head when you won, and how do you feel about it when you look back at the moment?

BrianVickersHere23 karma

It was one of the best moments of my life, for many reasons. Being the youngest was one of them but doing it with Ricky was the other. That whole team was great and the thought of it just brings back so many special memories.

ClarksonianPause15 karma

How do you feel that your blood clots have affected your ability to excel in the Cup Series? I know that you are a great driver, but do you feel that being sidelined for a year hurt the progression of your career?

PS - your Aarons commercials are hysterical!

BrianVickersHere15 karma

Both times I had blood clots were very tough personally and professionally but I truly feel I came out of the experience a better person. The most recent experience was much easier for many reasons. I had incredible support from Aaron's and MWR plus my doctor put me on a different medication.

Thank you on the commercial! It was so much fun. And I love the "Own It" campaign from Aaron's. It's great to see them helping people own the life they want.

Deacon4613 karma

Would you like to do the Le Mans 24 hours again ?

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Good morning, Mr. Vickers. First, would you like to tell everyone how great your wife is to score some husband points?

And my serious questions:

  1. After your battle and recovery from blood clots, have you found yourself in a place where you feel extra significance in the driver's seat knowing each race could be your last?

  2. What was the biggest lesson you learned after losing the Red Bull ride and having to work your way back to the big show?

BrianVickersHere10 karma

  1. She's awesome.
  2. You always appreciate something more after it's been pulled away from you. It's human nature.
  3. That life is precious and you never know what's around the corner. Never give up on your dreams no matter how difficult they may seem at times.

SurpriseMothaFuckahh11 karma

Good Morning Brian! Have 2 questions for you (1 from me and 1 from my mom): 1) In your opinion who is the most skilled driver out there? 2) If you've had the chance to meet Kyle Busch, is he nicer than he seems?

BrianVickersHere45 karma

It would be hard to argue against Jimmie and his team being the best on the track in this decade. I find peoples personalities come through pretty true to character in the sport.

joeysalamone11 karma

Hello Brian, First, Good morning. How does Brian Vickers start off his day? And how do you start off your day when you have a race?

BrianVickersHere30 karma

Have you not seen the commercial?


I start my day with a bubble bath, rubber ducky, victory lane news paper pickup and spraying a bottle of champagne on some random Aaron's customer!

dodobirdsNOW10 karma

What is a nuance about driving in NASCAR that you feel is lost on non-fans?

BrianVickersHere28 karma

That it is anything like driving down the highway. We are on the edge every single lap at over 200MPH. And when I mean edge, I mean we are pushing the cars so hard that they move around at those speeds like most people do at 10MPH when they are driving on snow. As the saying goes, it looks way easier on TV than behind the wheel.

p4lm3r9 karma

What does it feel like to really stuff it into the safer barrier? You guys tend to look ok, but that has got to hurt!

BrianVickersHere28 karma

The only thing that hurts more is hearing the announcers call them "soft walls" They may be softer than concrete but not by much at 200MPH...

mikerob218 karma

Can you describe the feeling you get when you are in that car on the starting line, revving up that engine, getting ready to battle it out with all those other guys (and gals)?

BrianVickersHere19 karma

It's one of the best feelings in the world. It's really one of the main reasons I race! The only thing better than passing under the green flag is passing under the checkered flag!

joecity8567 karma

Any interest in going over to Formula one?

BrianVickersHere7 karma

I wouldn't be opposed to it but it would have to be the right opportunity and team.

steveo7575 karma

Hey Brian! What would you consider your favorite race track and why?

BrianVickersHere12 karma

The next one! I like to live in the moment.

candace02194 karma

Brian- thanks for doing this AMA!

I am curious, during a long green-flag run if you aren't trying to pass anyone what are you thinking about? Also how much of your personal memorabilia do you collect? Do you save helmets, firesuits, etc?

BrianVickersHere10 karma

It's very rare that you have the time to day dream but it certainly happens and it could be pretty much anything. Even though it probably happens less at 200MPH, it's likely not any different than anyone else's day time day dreaming.

I do try to keep a lot of the stuff I've raced. At least one of everything but not always.

speedybookworm3 karma

Thank you for doing this, Brian. My birthday is next week, so this feels like an early birthday present for me. I have a few questions.

If you were in world war two, what would you do? Would you pick a certain job or field? Do you have any current pets? Do you still have your cat? I know that you said that Audrey Hepburn is a celebrity crush of yours. Do you like her movies or just her looks? What's the most important thing in your life? Has your ADD ever affected your performance in the race car?

BrianVickersHere11 karma

Happy Early Birthday!

Great questions, not sure. Fighter pilot always interest me or maybe the President.

No pets currently but I'm receiving tremendous pressure from upper management, aka my wife.

Ceaser, my cat is with my grandmother now! We travel too much and it's better for him.

Audrey has always been my celeb crush! So beautiful and elegant. My first uptown girl before Sarah.

My family, friends and health.

I'm sorry what? :-)