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Hello! I'm from New Zealand, where NASCAR is not really followed. Can you please tell me what it is about NASCAR that you think makes it appeal to such a huge audience? And what got you into the sport?


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Thank... You? (:

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We're quite into Rally sports, too. I think we had one rally hero but he died in a crash :(

Upon looking him up, I learnt that he only won races in the Australasian circuits.


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I've no idea! If I was to go out on a limb, though, I'd say that it wasn't some sinister assassination plot or anything. I mean, the guy was a kiwi legend, but only because if a New Zealander is constantly good at something at an international level, then it's easy fame. It's not like he'd have any obvious enemies, and I doubt someone would take him out just to be "the guy that killed Bourne" or whatever. But who knows! It's fun to speculate. Maybe there was a scandalous marsupial love triangle going on with Wombats and Wallabies o:

Maybe I'm on the wrong track here, it's late and I might just be typing for the sake of typing.