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Cung Le, you are without a doubt, my all-time favorite martial artists. I’ve been watching your matches since 2006, and you straight-up inspire me with your dedication to training your body, technique, and your raw resiliency. Pretty much, you’re one of my heroes man. I’ve always wanted to ask you, because I’ve always wanted to learn Muay Thai and participate in MMA myself, what piece of advice could you give to someone wanting to learn, and what is your best way to stay motivated? Thanks so much.

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Hi John! Appreciate you doing this AMA, can't wait to see you wrestle even more in Lucha Underground!

Now, my biggest question is about your former partner, Mercury. There's been a lot of talk recently on how he's been excelling as a Producer with the WWE. It's wonderful to see how he's doing so much better now, than he was a couple of years ago. Many others have stated that Mercury has a brilliant mind as well. Has Mercury ever had a lot of input over certain spots or actions, when you worked with him in your MNM stable?

Also, do you talk to him these days, or do you have any relationship to the guy at all, outside of working with him as your partner?

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JR moment in the making:


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Thank you so much.