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Alec I have two questions for you: 1. What is working with Tina Fey like? 2. Are you as fond of Trivia Crack as you are Words With Friends, and if so...can we play? But seriously, thanks for the AMA! I am looking forward to the read.

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Having been a huge fan since I was so young (and super excited to see you'll be in ATL ON MY BIRTHDAY!!) I am so excited you guys are doing this!!

I could ask questions all day.

Jesse..what is it like to have your dad on tour as a photog??

And to both of you what has been the driving force behind your transformation from the Maroon 5 in 2002 to the Maroon 5 on this new album?

How hectic has scheduling been adding in all of Adam's additional media obligations?

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Has your EMT experience now ruined your love for bacon?

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Brian- thanks for doing this AMA!

I am curious, during a long green-flag run if you aren't trying to pass anyone what are you thinking about? Also how much of your personal memorabilia do you collect? Do you save helmets, firesuits, etc?

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Lisa: Thanks for doing the AMA!

I was so excited to see you on an episode of Scandal! Are you a fan of the show?

Also- thanks for all the laughs-always!