I made a post here 2 years ago and there was a fair amount of interest. I vowed to do another one when I could answer more of the questions, so I'm back (apologies it's a different account, I deleted TheMelarn as it was my "main" account and I wanted to keep some anonymity).

A little about me: I was diagnosed when I was 2 years old. I've been on various medications and had a rollercoaster of a life (most of which was before I was 6) and now I'm as fit and healthy as ever. My last AMA went well and I'm bored of studying for the weekend so let's see what happens!

A lot has changed since my last AMA and I can probably answer a lot more questions as I now properly understand my condition as well as having done some maturing and growing up!

Feel free to ask anything, seriously, I have nothing better to do than answer questions.

My Proof: 1, 2. 1 and 2 are from my old AMA, I am now on Aspirin as well. 3, 4 and 5. Apologies for the potato-quality pictures. I'm not exactly sure what more evidence I can provide but any suggestions and I'll try and satisfy the skeptics!

Edit: wow front page. I wasn't sure if this would get the same attention as last time, but glad I'm spreading the message.

I'll use this to plug a few charities: I've benefitted fantastically from Make-A-Wish, Over The Wall, and the PHA. So if anyone is ever looking for a charity to donate to, they're all great causes. The PHA also has more information regarding my medical stuff if you're interested.

Edit #2: I'm going to sleep and I have an exam in the morning (I'm a genius for doing this the night before I know...I was stressed out and needed to just forget about things) but I'll try and answer any more questions before i get to school.

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ZeppyFloyd19 karma

I've heard pumping your fist really tight makes you lose the erection. Any truth to this? I always seem to forget to do this and confirm everytime I have a boner.

TheViagraKid25 karma

Any flexing/tensing of anything away from the groin area will make you lose the erection eventually. I prefer to use my leg as it is bigger and requires more blood to be diverted but I would guess the fist works too although I've never tried it.

followingtheleader6 karma

This is probably a boring question compared to the others as it's nothing to do with your medication, more your condition.

I know someone who was born with a hole in their heart but it was fixed at the time. They still take certain precautions and visit a specialist so not as serious as your condition.

Anyway, my question is, do you find there are certain activities that you can't take part in because of your heart? My friend works out a lot, mostly weight lifting, but hasn't asked the specialist if they should be as they only recently started. I just wondered if you had any kinds of restrictions like extreme exercise/cardio?

BTW, these questions will be asked at the next appointment in a few weeks, but just wanted to know if there is anything to worry about!

TheViagraKid11 karma

I do weight lifting and I also ski and play soccer and such. I just don't do anything where I feel it really strains me and puts pressure on my heart.

My doctors have said I shouldn't do any weights that I can't do 30 reps of. But they're very supportive of exercise. As long as you're not blacking out every time you (or your friend rather) are doing exercise, or feeling unusual pains and such, you'll be fine.

Tog_the_destroyer5 karma

Must be a hard life

TheViagraKid7 karma

So hard.

Sprozz4 karma

I, too, have a ventricular septic defect but mine was very small and has been shrinking since I was a child. As of a few years ago it is still visible but hopefully soon it will be completely gone. Is yours shrinking as well or will you be medicating for the rest of your life?

TheViagraKid7 karma

No, mine has grown with my body proportionately so it looks like I'll always have it. But as I've grown up with it and got used to it I've got fitter and healthier. Medication may not even always be necessary if I continue to stay fit (other than possibly 1 aspirin a day) but I'll always have to be monitored.

Curtis1873 karma

Do you go to the beach?

TheViagraKid9 karma

I have a feeling this is another joke going way way over my head.

But if it's not: Yes, when I can, but I live nowhere near one so not very often.

pastamonstarasta2 karma

Well no surprises there. Pfizer initially was looking to create aa drug to help people with low heart rates. The erection was a side effect and they nearly threw the whole. Study out thinking it's pointless. Only later did they realise it really was an issue and hey, it's today one of their cash cows.

TheViagraKid6 karma

Yup. Although it's interesting they almost threw it out. I would've thought any drug company who came across a boner-inducing medication would want to keep that and flog it to rich old guys who still want to bang their trophy wives? Haha. But anyway I'm glad they didn't throw it out!

TheKeggles1 karma

So do you constantly walk around at half mast? I'm being genuinely curious here.

TheViagraKid1 karma

Haha, no I don't. More often than most people I suspect, but not all the time. Maybe 40% of the time.

pedantic_dullard1 karma

Photo two says no aspirin, but you said viagra and aspirin are the only meds you can take.

What sort of interaction would they cause together, and do you have to stop taking one if you take the other?

TheViagraKid3 karma

Ah that's the one from my old AMA I didn't notice that, thanks for pointing it out! I am on aspirin now. They don't interact as far as I'm aware, that was simply a clinic letter stating what medications I was on at the time.

Aspirin thins the blood, while viagra causes vasodilation within blood vessels. Unless there's some chemical compounds in them that interact they don't interfere with each other in any way that I've noticed..

MrClingfilm1 karma

I must say you are already the smoothest person I've seen this year. And I read two comments.

TheViagraKid3 karma

Why, thank you. I'm flattered.