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ScholarlyGentlelady8 karma

Wait Nilla you got to go?! That's amazing! I'm so happy for you! Were the penguins everything you had hoped and dreamed?

Vanillatea8 karma

Yes, thank you so much! It was wonderful. (:

GiantRagingBurner8 karma

Aww you're adorable!

Can't really think of a question that hasn't been asked already, but I still wanted to say congrats on being cancer free! My grandma died a few years back from lymphoma, so it's inspiring to see people who have fought it and succeeded.

Vanillatea8 karma

Ahh, thank you so much!

My condolences to you and your family.

kakeface1078 karma

what's Make-A-Wish?

Vanillatea19 karma

Make A Wish is an organization that grants wishes to children with life threatening diseases.

Saviazi6 karma

That's really incredible. Thanks for sharing all those great photos and the great article. Really enjoyed the part about being "one" with nature. Not a lot get to do that these days! Congratulations on being cancer free, as well. :)

Anything you wanted to do but couldn't? Do you see yourself going back there in the future?

Vanillatea6 karma

Thank you!

I really wish I could have gone camping on the actual ice, but due to weather conditions, it wasn't able to happen. I definitely see myself going back! I miss it so much, and aspire to work there one day.

Kingle0nidas6 karma

Great photos, you really captured the sense of awe and wonder. I felt like that once.

Where's your next adventure?

Vanillatea13 karma

Thank you!

Other than heading back to Antarctica, I also want to see the North Pole. Particularly Norway.

newrddt5 karma


When I die, i'm splitting my money pretty much 33%/33%/33% roughly into make a wish for those already ill, to research for prevention and cures, and for education so people can study to gain knowledge to help :D

Vanillatea4 karma

That's awesome! Thanks on behalf of everyone who that helps!

andrew4984 karma

I went to Antarctica too! Did you travel with G-Adventures?

Vanillatea4 karma

Rad! No, I went with Hurtigruten.

yarnball4204 karma

Did you take those pictures?!

Vanillatea6 karma

Yes! My mother took some as well!

CrimJim4 karma

Were the nights long/dark enough when you were there to see the stars without all the light pollution of living in civilization? I've been able to look up at the sky once when I was in Utah to see the stars like that. I could only image how beautiful someplace even more remote would be like.

Vanillatea4 karma

Unfortunately not, but the sunsets and sunrises made up for it. (:

britchesss4 karma

Did you get to pet a penguin? I hope you got to pet a penguin.

Also, congrats on being cancer-free! I hope it stays that way forever.

Vanillatea11 karma

Unfortunately not! There were strict rules on petting penguins, and we essentially did not want to stress them out. Just being around them, and having them peck at my feet was enough. (:

Thank you kindly!

shanshan4124 karma

This is amazing! What an incredible experience. What was one thing that you didn't like about Antarctica, if at all? (Since the question of what surprised you the most has already been answered :))

Also, congratulations on beating that bitch of a disease. It's taken too many people away too soon, and I'm glad you (and the doctors/researchers!) slapped it into remission :)

Vanillatea9 karma

Thank you! One thing I didn't like was the Russian base. They were not very nice, and there were many beer cans and oil in the water where they were set up. Broke my heart. :(

I also didn't like the fact that I had to leave!

shanshan4124 karma

Haha those are both definitely not great things! So after this experience, what do you see yourself doing in the future?

Vanillatea6 karma

Going back and working in Antarctica as an ecologist, hopefully!


What's your favorite month?

Vanillatea9 karma

Either October or December. I like the whole Christmasy, gingersnap feel to December, but I also am in love with the smell of freshly fallen leaves of Autumn.

kowalski714 karma

That's terrific, one of my life goals! Congrats on being cancer free, as well.

Did you see any sled dogs there? I've ran sled dogs my whole life and I always wondered if they were still in use in Antarctica.

Vanillatea7 karma

Thanks! No, I didn't see any sled dogs, but I did also visit places that didn't have any people either, so that's probably why, haha.

kowalski714 karma

Wow, fast answer! Thanks, I guess that skill won't be quite as relevant on my resume when I try to get a job down there.

Vanillatea5 karma

Ooh, best of luck! I hope you get the job!

Crovax873 karma

Incredible sunset shots my god. If you had a wide angle lens man id be frothing at the mouth

Vanillatea7 karma

Ahh, I contemplated taking a good camera, but having never been out of the US before, I was too uneasy about it. These were all taken with either a GoPro or a couple small digital cameras.

kakeface1071 karma

did you take those pics yourself, btw? they're really good

Vanillatea2 karma

Yep! Thank you!

dogfunky1 karma

After reading a bit of your ama, I really want to go to Antarctica. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Happy to hear you're cancer free

Vanillatea2 karma

You definitely should. It is an amazing experience.

YukonKorneliu5-3 karma

Are you died?

Vanillatea4 karma

I'm actually writing this beyond the grave, yes.

YukonKorneliu50 karma

OP delivered... From the grave...

Vanillatea1 karma


totric-32 karma

So you arent dead? You scammed em?

Vanillatea10 karma

Well that's not very kind of you, eh?

"Won’t accepting a wish mean we’ve given up hope for our child’s recovery? We have frequently been described in the media or by word of mouth as granting wishes for children with “terminal” illnesses. It is much more correct to say that we grant wishes to children with “life-threatening” illnesses. Many people believe (incorrectly) that we grant wishes only to children who are dying, when in fact, we see the process of making a wish as life-affirming and full of hope. Families tell us that a wish can encourage a child to imagine a positive future when courage and hope are flagging. Our wish children who are now adults would attest to this!"