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"Would you rather murder one horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses?"

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Will you be swinging by Vegas in August?

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Lab guy here!

A normal donation is split into 4 parts

Fresh Frozen Plasma: the liquid part of the blood

Packed Red Cells: just the red cells with nutrients to keep them alive

Platelets: self explanatory

Cryoprecipitate: concentrated clotting proteins

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Not an easy malpractice suit at all. Medical malpractice is incredibly fact dependent and we don't know nearly enough to make this kind of judgement.

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The problem with leukemia, and just cancer in general, is that it's not one disease. It's better to think of cancer as a broad scope of diseases with one core connection: cells dividing when they shouldn't. (Granted that's a major simplification)

There are a bunch of leukemias. It's possible they had it for a few months. Maybe it was a different acute leukemia (more likely) or they resisted the same one you had (less likely). Bone pain, easy/excessive bruising, and paleness are all definitely symptoms.