Douglas Sarine and Kent Nichols are here with the Ninja from AskANinja to answer any questions about awesomeness, YouTube, deadliness, On-Line Video, or anything else.

Today we started releasing new takes on the original 43 questions here:

We are planning a new series as well where a new character explains the world, poorly.

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*Edit: Thanks everybody! I'll check back in a bit and answers any more that I can. I look forward to killing all of you!

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KCollar15 karma

could you really believe that I'm a Ninja Too?

AskANinja14 karma

I can, but I'm an optimist.

seifer9311 karma

About a month ago I unsubscribed from your channel and commented on how dead it was. I logged on to youtube today to find this menacing message. I guess my question is, could you reconsider killing me? I promise I'll resubscribe.

AskANinja15 karma

Snuck up on you! Of course I'll kill you soon!

KCollar10 karma

if 2 ninjas killed at 23Nkm/m and 3 ninjas killed at 46Nkm/m how many dragon cactuses could 4 ninjas kill?

AskANinja19 karma

Infinity - goat.

Andy11233047 karma

Glad to have you back, but where has the Ninja been? Ninja vacation?

AskANinja29 karma

That's the constant question I always want everyone asking. Where has the ninja been? Where is the ninja? Where did all of this blood come from? Where is that head that I used to have? Ninjas should be very very very very ...okay VERY hard to find. That being said, I have been vaca'ing a bit. You can tell by my tan.

Gametime996 karma

How many people complained of headaches caused from your videos changing camera angles ever 1.2 seconds? I loved your videos, but I had a friend who couldn't watch them for that reason alone.

AskANinja42 karma

Part of my mission is to induce as many seizures as possible. The fast cuts scare off the weak and the old.

dundua3 karma

Has the ninja been busy killing?

AskANinja12 karma

Killing isn't really a time filler for me since it comes so naturally. In that sense I'm always busy killing.

lax43 karma

Who is your favorite ninja?

AskANinja3 karma

Favorite, or Favorite favorite? My First favorite is of course my mom-inja. She was my first master and my first kill. My Second favorite would have to be Thr33.

ajdope3 karma

What flavour is Ninja ice cream, death or pain?

AskANinja17 karma

The most popular ninja ice cream flavor is Vanilla Smiles. It is a combination of 43 poisons, ground glass and grandmas love. It causes both pain and death, but people keep eating it. Ninjice Cream! You Scream! ..because your bowels are leaking from multiple places on the inside.

DanTaxHammer3 karma

Have you ever killed anyone ?

AskANinja30 karma

A better question is have I ever not killed anyone? Don't get too close, I kill the ones I love.

shivan213 karma

How many crew members has been already killed during the shooting?

AskANinja7 karma


That's just today.

VanciousRex2 karma

I don't even know what to ask, honestly. I'm too busy running around like a chicken with it's head cut off......... you dastardly, sneaky ninja you... Good to see that you're coming back, though. You have caused me to laugh to death multiple times, metaphorically speaking.

AskANinja6 karma

Chickinjas are the leading cause of cutting chickens heads off. They also seek devastating revenge against many a fox.

dundua2 karma

How old is the ninja?

AskANinja10 karma

About 400 Dad Jokes, or hokey times dorky, divided by a creampie.

lula24882 karma

What is the best and worst thing about being a Ninja?

AskANinja7 karma

BEST: Being a ninja. WORST: Realizing there is nothing better than being a ninja. Every day I have to create a new level of awesomeness to challenge the very idea of awesome. ...also, first dates can be tough.

CLint_FLicker2 karma

What is your opinion on anthropomorphic reptiles copying your moves?

AskANinja4 karma

I got no bad pizza with the TMNT crew. They're playing through it like true ninja. Most creatures who were chemically transformed into an entirely new species would be suing people and whining to the government about toxic spill regulations. They were like, aight! Let's do this. They got the gui idea all wrong. It's suppose to go the other way. But, they're doing better than most mutated beasts.

assburp2 karma

What is your preferred brand of toilet paper?

AskANinja3 karma

I like a good thick Double-Die TP like Cottenkill, Charmed-In-Ya, or CrotchPunch

Metalmarc2 karma

It's Star wars day Tomorrow so,

could a ninja take on the power force and a lightsaber?

P.s Are There Ninja Jedi? Or Ninja Sith ? A mans gotta know

AskANinja3 karma

Well, the thing about Jedi Knights is that they are really just a mass hallucination that spawned from the universe's first neckbeard, George Lucas. In his waddle-encased mind, the Jedis may be a fair fight against a Ninja, but out here free from the confines of his hairy jowels it's no contest. Ninjas win because Ninjas are real.

iheartbaconsalt2 karma

Man, I remember watching this like, more than 8 years ago. Is that possible? I love your grandma ninja too.

Question: How can a ninja eat crispy bacon without alerting the enemy?

AskANinja2 karma

Ya gotta perfect the Bakill. You actually use the crunch to explode the enemy's heart(s). Now of course we're talking about some seriously crispy bacon.

Gametime992 karma

Did anything ever happen with your contest trying to get a college to change its mascot to a ninja?

AANKent2 karma

No! Dangit. That would have been so cool.

AskANinja7 karma

Uh, K-dog. I changed several college mascots to The Ninja. But none of them will ever know it. Because I'm a ninja!

shivan211 karma

If a ninja wants to kill someone from a bush, should he wear a camo outfit?

AskANinja4 karma

Depends on what kind of bush...

Glescoron1 karma

Do you regret creating this? I mean, your job was to answer questions and now that you're back you're answering questions on another website so if someone asks you the same question again will you just link them to the video? And on a death-note, I have a close personal friend who practices ninjutsu, should I be worried?

AskANinja3 karma

I only have one regret in life. Hooking up with Stabatha Shurikenstein right before we headed out on a 3 month mission. We broke up on day two and the rest of the mission was like being strangled by a giant sloth. Not really deadly or painful, but unbelievably uncomfortable and annoying. Here's a link to a video of a cute little sloth. It was NOT like this.

LordShadrach1 karma

My Question: What firearms do ninjas use to kill with?

AskANinja8 karma

I rarely light my arms on fire for a kill, but when I do I uses the slowest, most rubby arm moves I know. You see the thing about fire is, it's super hot. So you really want the Killee to FEEL that flame. It's just like birthday candles the slower you walk with them, the easier it is to kill the birthday boy or girl.

LuiSP1 karma

What can you tells us from behind the ninja camera?

AskANinja11 karma

I don't know I'm in front of the camera.

seismicor1 karma

Any favourite videogame? Doesn't need to include ninjas.

AskANinja7 karma

Crushed Candy. It's like Candy Crush, only more addictive.

TqyQuiz1 karma

Will you host a mixtape for me?

AskANinja2 karma

If you want a MAXtape, then you came to the right place. I will host the heck out of that. It will be soo mixed up and maxed out that your ears will bleed just looking at the cover art! I can also host any parties that have mAxed nuts and any mAxed singles tennis tournaments.

s3prototype1 karma

Are assassin's just the kindergarten class of ninjas?

AskANinja4 karma

Just because someone kills, doesn't mean they should be mentioned in the breath as a ninja. Ass-ass-ins. heh

kagealex91 karma

Ninja how is your grandma?

AskANinja6 karma

Gamma is great! She keeps on killing!

dwomb1 karma

Is the next ninja still answering questions?

AskANinja1 karma

What's a "next ninja". I want to be one of those! I'm always answering questions. Not always here, but somewhere. Even if it's just to myself about what the very nature of a question is.

seismicor1 karma

What was your occupation right before you happened to be a ninja?

AskANinja4 karma

It ain't a job brother. It's a deathstyle. (That similar to a lifestyle, but more, you know, deadly) Been rolling Nin since before I begin!

kickwave1 karma

Are you available for freelance work as Ask A Ninja?

AskANinja5 karma

Depends on what you mean? Like to kill some one? Watch this:

But if it's to deisgn your flyer or something? No.

RoninSpartan1 karma

What do you wear on casual Fridays?

AskANinja3 karma

Hawaiian-print Gui.

AskANinja0 karma

Hiya! Andy1123304!

NobleGasser1 karma

You should really learn how to reply to people individually.

AskANinja3 karma

Thanks Senior Gasser.

mileysmolly-4 karma

Haven't you been asked enough questions? Let it go, it's over.

AskANinja6 karma

Miley, get help, if not here, then somewhere.