Hello reddit and the Red Planet. A-Trak here. The law calls me Alain. No one calls me Al.

For the unfamiliar, I'm a DJ / producer / record label owner / sandwich artist. My group Duck Sauce recently defecated the album "QUACK" which is available here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/quack/id839859974.

I'm here at reddit HQ in NYC. Let's talk.

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edmmeme165 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how pissed are you going to be when I walk around Spring Awakening convincing people that I'm actually you?

a_trak61 karma

Won't be pissed, I'll give you my fee too. But you gotta cut!

edmmeme41 karma

Deal. Can you add Beamz by Flo-Rida to your rider for me?

a_trak35 karma

Done deal.

JeruTheClamaja65 karma

Hey Trizzy! This is DJ Dwells, the 13 (now 14) year old who won the DMC NYC Championship earlier this year. I was wondering what advice you have for me when I compete at DMC nationals this summer and what advice you have for being just a successful DJ in general? Also how did turntablism help you with your future in producing? Thanks! <3

PS: I requested an AMA from you about 7 months ago: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1mjjzy/ama_request_atrak/ Glad you followed through c:

a_trak49 karma

Dude congrats! I was really happy to hear when you won. I think turntablism just gives me a bit of a different ear for sounds, sound manipulation etc… Hope to meet you soon bro. And thanks for the reddit request ;)

lootee0342 karma

What was it like working as Kanye's DJ? Do you guys still keep in touch?

a_trak63 karma

Definitely keep in touch with the gawd. I loved working with him. He's an inspiring dude and is always keen to learn more, which is something i respect.

KingZ1035 karma

Can we get a Diplo/Dillon Francis/Skrillex/A-trak song?

a_trak35 karma

I'm down.



You've been my favorite DJ since I've heard your 2012 Electric Zoo set. I'm saving up my pennies right now to see you at Terminal 5. Hopefully I get enough by then!

My questions for you:
1. Being such an accomplished turntabilist, how do you feel about the direction EDM is going?
2. Is there ANY CHANCE that we could possibly get a WAV or at least 320kbps of the sample yelling "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS GOOOOOOOOOLD" Me and my friend yell it all the time and I'd love to be able to just blast it at my leisure.
3. What's the craziest thing about being a DJ for Kanye West?
4. Would you ever consider doing an AMA over at /r/edmproduction?
5. Where do you get your sense of humor from? No DJ I know of is as funny as you.
6. How does it feel to be one of the only men who can pull off a fedora?

a_trak56 karma

  1. Being such an accomplished turntabilist, how do you feel about the direction EDM is going?

I look at turntablism like a skill set (tools), and the direction of electronic music as a stylistic thing. One doesn't necessarily influence the other. I love a ton of music and I'm just trying to keep scratching alive!

  1. Is there ANY CHANCE that we could possibly get a WAV or at least 320kbps of the sample yelling "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS GOOOOOOOOOLD" Me and my friend yell it all the time and I'd love to be able to just blast it at my leisure.

Yeah sure we can give out the FG drop (did you know that's my voice? no one ever believes me)

  1. What's the craziest thing about being a DJ for Kanye West?

Buffets upon buffets.

  1. Would you ever consider doing an AMA over at /r/edmproduction?


  1. Where do you get your sense of humor from? No DJ I know of is as funny as you.

Thanks! I implanted a microchip inside my unibrow.

  1. How does it feel to be one of the only men who can pull off a fedora?

Feels… warm?

FDJT7 karma

Didn't a member of Run DMC give you one of their fedoras?

a_trak32 karma

I have Jam Master Jay's last fedora. RIP. Huge honor.

AyDeee29 karma

You've kinda brought back some of that 90's filtered disco house sound with Duck Sauce, is there any other genre/movement in music you wish would get a resurgence? Met you briefly in Manchester UK at Parklife Festival btw and you were a gent! Also, what's the best way of sharing a demo with you for fool's gold? Don't know if its frowned upon posting links on here?

a_trak36 karma

I always had a soft spot for breakbeat(s).

christopepper28 karma


a_trak114 karma

A smaller hat.

dangzilla26 karma

how do u feel about the recent "future" bass/club type sounds, ie trippy turtle, wave racer, lido, flume, etc? you had wave racer b2b trippy turtle at the fools gold miami show, which was super dope, even tho i dont think they're with FG. that set sounded like summer. it was crazy.

favorite mix/set of 2014 so far?

ps. thanks for all the free/cheap parties and dancey dance music

a_trak33 karma

I love that sound. Be on the lookout for some Hoodboi announcements soon, wink wink.

pedropereir25 karma

What's your opinion on Big Room?

a_trak143 karma

I like rooms. I am currently in a conference room, it is medium sized.

pedropereir7 karma

not even mad lmao BTW: your remix of Odd Look is probably the best remix I've ever heard

a_trak15 karma

Thanks! It's one of my weirder ones.

ebonybbwftw24 karma

If you could work with one rapper who would it be?

a_trak159 karma

Parappa the Rapper

lootee0324 karma

Thoughts on Kaytranada?

a_trak42 karma

That's the homie. Montreal stand up!

ViStandsFor68 karma

Any chance of a collab?

a_trak8 karma

I'm down

blakxzep22 karma

Any idea when the Quack vinyl will be released? Also any chance of a A-trak/Chromeo tour ever happening? And is the house party coming to NJ this year again?

a_trak37 karma

Vinyl: June 17!

A-Trak/Chromeo tour: bound to happen in due time. We've toyed with the idea a bunch of times.

House party 2014 locations: seeeeecret!

wtslf2122 karma

Why did you choose the name Duck Sauce?

a_trak74 karma

To make people ask this question.

PaulEscolar20 karma

How does it feel to be Paris Hilton's Favorite DJ?

a_trak33 karma

For the record I wasn't mocking her when I posted that IG of her mistaking Armand for me. I appreciate her coming to our performance and getting up on her friend's shoulders, etc. It was just funny…

carltondanks19 karma

At what point in your life do you think you will STOP DJing?

a_trak72 karma

Never o'clock.

ellsve19 karma

Dude! You're music and scratching skills are beyond my understanding. How did you start with you scratching? And what music inspires you? Also, Teach me please!

a_trak40 karma

Thanks!! I started at age 13 and locked myself up in a basement eating nothing but shortbread cookies. You can learn too!

Robot_Processing22 karma

I've been locked in my moms basement for 15 years! How do I DJ? Also, can you help me get a girl to quack like a duck?

a_trak43 karma

You might need to step out of the basement to find said girl.

stillnotahipster18 karma

Will you teach me how to YOLO scratch?

a_trak22 karma

You have to sign an NDA first.

stillnotahipster6 karma

Yeah that could be arranged. I'll see you at your Boston show in May ;P

a_trak7 karma

First show of the tour! foolsgoldrecs.com/goldgonewild

Frajer17 karma

Growing up did you know you and Dave 1 would go into music?

a_trak19 karma

Dave was playing music since he was like 9… didn't know it would be an actual career but we were always into it.

TheFPIA17 karma

Ghost Producing, have you, would you or do you engage in it?

a_trak30 karma

The hot topic of the moment!!! Nah it was always important for me to know how to do everything because I'm a control freak. There's been some remixes where I've hired an engineer and it's always credited. I think this ghost-producing thing needs to be defined: the GHOST part is if it's hidden, uncredited. So either I do the whole thing myself (including mixdown), or if I'm in a time crunch I work with an engineer and credit them too.

AleAlejandr016 karma

How do you feel about the lack of real DJ'ing that goes on in the edm scene nowadays?

a_trak90 karma

I think it's because there's less distinction between DJs and producers who get booked to play a set… also, technology is evolving so the definition is evolving… There's enough room for everyone though. My main mission is to keep people aware of the artform. Fans can choose what they prefer. Can't get too uptight about this either!

AleAlejandr014 karma

When will you continue your "A-Trak Hotel Guide"? I enjoy living vicariously through your hotel stays.

a_trak14 karma

I need some hotels to surprise me again lol… I've been doing them more on IG this past year, rather than youtube.

ymoham0114 karma

First off- welcome to NYC!

I just saw you at counterpoint (I had the my parents think I'm at a church retreat sign) and am counting down the days until I get to see you again at Terminal 5! By far one of my favorite artists to see live.

1) What's the funniest/weirdest thing you've seen in the crowd at a festival or show? 2) We've seen collabs with so many different DJ's and rappers...what can we expect to see next? 3) Favorite venue/festival to play?

a_trak17 karma

Thanks! hahah did you see that i instagrammed your sign?

1) Danny Devito wearing duck bill at Coachella 2011 2) the pan flute 3) hmm too many… always focused on what's coming next anyway!

stoicka13 karma

What's up!

What are you thoughts on the Netherlands given all the DJ talent we have? Did you ever visit the country?


Barbra Streisand.

a_trak16 karma

I once went to Utrecht with my parents at age 11.

lootee0313 karma

What are your thoughts on the rising success of artists in based in Montreal such as Kaytranada, Lunice, and of course, High Klassified?

a_trak22 karma

I'm digging these Montreal questions! I couldn't be happier about their success, and super proud to have HK on FG. I left Montreal 8 years ago and I'm really happy that there's this new wave of producers thriving. VILLAGE DES VALEURS.

Linkletter12 karma

Dirty South Dance 3? Tell me it’ll happen someday!

Pulledporkpancakes6 karma

Yes! Both of those mixes are out of control!

a_trak13 karma

I'm glad people dug those 2 projects! The thing is, when I made them, the whole concept of rap over electronic music was kind of a rarity. Now the sound actually exists! But who knows, maybe I'll make another. For now I'm making a bunch of new original music.

turbo_man_11 karma

Mr. Track, how does it feel knowing you're the reason white guys everywhere buy jean vests?

Also, I saw you kill it at Bonnaroo last year - thanks for the Fools Gold tee!

a_trak10 karma

Much respect to the denim industry. Thanks!

Toni_Madison11 karma

I met your tour manager a while back on a flight to Miami, He was very thirsty for a older guy! Tell him to find a wife.

a_trak7 karma


jetocase11 karma

Hey man, what's your favourite female body part and why is it the booty?

a_trak15 karma

Earlobe gang

reallyshittyposter10 karma

Hi A-Trak, really looking forward to your Ask Maklovitch Anything.

I remember you switched to Traktor about a year ago but noticed in some recent pics that you've been using Serato again along with the DDJ-SP1. Why'd you switch?

Oh yeah, what's the name of the style of hat you're always wearing?

a_trak14 karma


I really like both platforms. I'm digging Serato's new DJ software so I wanted to mess with it. Traktor is really powerful, one of the few letdowns is the file management, you kind of have 2 libraries. So right now I'm enjoying the ease of Serato. But I could use both.

Hat: I dunno, I buy it where old folks buy their hats in NY.

barrygusey10 karma

I know you were kanye's touring DJ, but did you have any involvement in the creation of any tracks? If so, what was the experience like?

a_trak17 karma

I was pretty involved with the Graduation album. It was awesome he's one of my favorite people to work with.

trizzymacandcheese10 karma

Quack on Vinyl, when is it happening?

a_trak21 karma

June 17 quaaaaack double LP colored gatefold thingamajig.

supnice10 karma

Thoughts on mr. carmack and the team supreme crew?

a_trak5 karma

Love those dudes

_kywo10 karma

If you were the mom in the 1993 hit film The Good Son, who would you have dropped off the cliff: Elijah or Macaulay? XO

a_trak15 karma

Confession: never saw that movie. That being said… Elijah.

myrmecophagous9 karma

Which song took you the longest to make on the new album?

a_trak19 karma

We redid Radio Stereo 3 or 4 times, so I would say that one.

mitchnasty229 karma

How did you find out about 100s?? and can you please get freddie gibbs on foolsgold

a_trak8 karma

100s: just like everyone else did! we heard his Ice Cold Perm mixtape. He's so dope.

Freddie Gibbs: we've been talking :)

LEDscreen8 karma

What's your ideal sandwich made of?

a_trak19 karma


Robot_Processing8 karma

How do you feel about Daft Punk and their perspective on Dance music? What do you think when your hear them say they don't listen to electronic music?

a_trak21 karma

I think they really brought a healthy arm's length perspective to the scene last year - regardless of what people think of the album. Brought it back to the funk, and also the history! Teaching young'n's about Nile, Moroder, etc. And I don't expect them to listen to dance music at home. Last time I saw Guy-Man we spoke about Dennis Wilson (humble brag).

rajd938 karma

How close were you with DJ AM?

a_trak18 karma

Very close. Really good friend. Miss him a lot. He changed people's lives.

DandyManCastro7 karma

I know you produce some stuff for other Fool's Gold artists, I really dug the production you did on Danny Brown's "Smokin & Drinkin", what was it like to work with Danny? did you have creative control in terms of the production or did he pitch in? Will you be touring with him perhaps anytime soon?

a_trak6 karma

I played Danny some beats and he picked that one. Then I reworked it around his vocals!

brendahdah7 karma

Hey A-Trak! Just wanted to say I've seen you more times than I can count and you haven't failed to amaze me with your sets!

Who has been your favorite person to collab with?

Also, will you marry me?

a_trak5 karma

Thank you so much! Marriage: let me check my schedule. Favorite collaborator: my horse Mustard.

Pitchslap6 karma

ever had anything go disastrously wrong while performing?

a_trak9 karma

OH YES. Even on a live TV broadcast. Many many times. A big part of DJing (and performing live in general) is knowing how to quickly bounce back and keep the flow going.

trainsaw6 karma

When do we get a Quack vinyl!

a_trak23 karma

June 17!!! Double-LP gatefold colored vinyl for dat azz.

Eagles10006 karma

Is there anything else planned for the youtube channel you made with Diplo and Skrillex, "Potato Will Eat You" ?

Also, is there any chance that you will be at tomorrowland this year ? Solo or even as Duck Sauce ?

a_trak20 karma

If I answered that question, the community of festival promoters would chastise me and kidnap my unborn child. Patience my lad.

The potato was dormant for a bit but like any fairy tale it will soon rise again.

eonredding5 karma

Was at the Fools Gold day off last year in Brooklyn, hell of a time.... question is whats the deal with infinite legroom? why don't you guys do more? Are you looking to expand? Long story short I am a broke ass journalism student in NYC looking for somewhere to get my foot in the door, holla at a playa.

p.s. The Quack is Back my friend

a_trak4 karma

Come write for us!

Vince_Crince5 karma

Who is your favourite person to DJ after or with? Also looking forward to your Toronto show at the hoxton! :)

a_trak16 karma

Thanks. I really miss playing with Mehdi.

Jubbers4 karma

Hi there Alain,

I once yelled at you across a parking lot in LA before a show. You yelled back. It was a moment. Anywho, I was just curious what is your favorite festival to attend/play at?

a_trak20 karma

Are you yelling as you type this? because I am.

I like food fairs.

syfr12214 karma

Yo! Question for the "baddest Jew on the planet":

I'm loving the emergence of the "deep house" sound in a lot more tracks now-a-days. I feel like it's catching a lot more traction in the states with big names like Sam Smith, naughty Boy and Disclosure. You and Fools Gold seem to always be on the forefront with genres of music (For instance, you had Tchami on your FG Clubhouse tape, who is now one of my favorites along with Oliver Heldens).

My question is, where do you see this genre going in the near future? Will it have the same huge climactic rise and fall that other "fad" genres had? (dubstep, trap, etc...no offense to anyone who loves those genres). Or do you see it sticking around for a while? And what do you see as being the next big genre/artist on the rise?

Thanks man! Been a HUGE fan of yours since I started DJing back in college.

a_trak12 karma

Thanks man! First of all, I don't really think in terms of genres. If I like something I like it. Tchami is super dope, he is on Fool's Gold! As far as the future of deep house, the thing people should remember is: deep house has been around since the 90s anyway. It never went away, it's not really a new sound. So I don't see it going away either.

Mobileaccountyo4 karma

Have you ever tried releasing something with your brother?

a_trak15 karma

We've shared some farts. More collabs coming soon!

djemmy_j3 karma

Been a fan of yours since the 90's Was cool to see someone my age at the DMC's. I started spinning shortly after

a_trak3 karma


imhalfpirate3 karma

What's your favorite Simpsons quote?

a_trak2 karma

DENTAL PLAN! LISA NEEDS BRACES. (repeat ad infinitum)

nickrod86983 karma

Who would win in a fight? 100 duck sized horses or a horse sized duck, and why would the Versace scratch be the best method of attack?

a_trak5 karma

I would definitely root for the horse sized duck, because ultimately I'm down with da ducks. I agree with your hunch that the versace scratch would defeat this FORMIDABLE opponent, because he would be so stunned by the flyness.

empw3 karma


I'm really digging Quack with Armand. Some users on /r/electronicmusic we're wondering about your Wu-Tang "tribute". Did you guys just sit in the studio and play off of each other or did you write it?

It's freaking hilarious.

a_trak2 karma

Horseback riding on the beaches of sunny Portugal! Thanks... It was a mix of both. We jotted down some ideas and turned the mic on and let it flow.

mildboysintl3 karma

Hey man, I heard P-Thugg taught you how to drive, is this true?

Also, what's your production software of choice?

a_trak2 karma

Yes he did. With mixed results. I produce on Logic but I can also get by on Ableton or Protools if needed.

brotherbean2 karma

I remember like 10 years ago I had a ESDJCO poster of you and qbert back to back over my 1200 set up. Mad respect watching you grow as an artist through the years! Watching a-trak sunglasses is a must at the moment, moving onto tableturns 2nd anniversary vhs. That routine inspired me for years!! I aspire to do what you're doing, you are the man.

With all that said, how stoked are you on life/touring/quack?

-brother bean Flagstaff, AZ

a_trak3 karma

That's so dope man, thank for the continued support over the years. I'm definitely happy to be able to still do my thing. I never feel like I've "made it" though. Still hungry, still going.

Dullyebhoy2 karma

SHABADOO AND BUGALOOShrimp. Now that thats out of the way,is there any chance ofyou doing a track collab with Mark Ronson and what is a good way to get a dj gig

a_trak5 karma

Shout out to those 2 big ducks. Ronson collab: quite possible! That's the homie. Getting gigs: put some mixes up on da soundcloud, get your sound out… and/or organize something with your friends!

parkerben2132 karma

yo can you do another house party come to the hamptons and do it at my house i have house partys all the time !!! -parker

a_trak8 karma

Is your name really Parker?

aaaaaaron2 karma

What was the weirdest situation you've ended up in, while touring?

a_trak9 karma

On stage digestive emergencies

jonnierios2 karma

Hello A-Trak, I'm very excited about Federal Reserve EP and Low Pros, really looking forward these releases, could you give us the possible date of release of the these projects?

a_trak7 karma

Low Pros: you can count the days on your fingers at this point. Federal Reserve: early summer. thanks!

djspinm2 karma

DJ Craze on an interview said that he was excited to have you on The Allies because he knew that then you will not have to face you... Where you feeling the same?

a_trak7 karma

Hahah yes EXACTLY. After Craze and I battled in 98 we never wanted to face each other again. So we joined forces.

IIx_xII2 karma

What's your favorite place to hang out in NYC?

a_trak2 karma

Inside subway tunnels with the anarchists

sepultura2 karma

Why you? (serious question)

a_trak6 karma

Y.U. ?

duhfliedlice2 karma

When are you going to teach us the YOLO scratch?

a_trak2 karma

Now. Ready?

etbb2 karma

Hey Alain,

just a shout out, i love what you're doing. We went to grade school together at Lajoie. I always loved seeing you succeed in djing after that time when we were kids.

a_trak2 karma

Outremont represent!

drunken_masters2 karma

You tweeted that you delivered one of your first remixes for boysnoize late because you were still figuring out how to produce. how difficult was it to get from DJin into music production and who helped you to do this step?

a_trak7 karma

hahah yes most of my remixes from 2006-2010 or so were delivered super late, like… many months late. Heads Will Roll, Sebastien Tellier, Boys Noize, etc. I think the biggest challenge of learning to produce while actively DJing was not having much time to learn the ropes. I always played all my demos to my brother, he gave me great feedback along the way. Still does.

TedWolfe2 karma

Is it pronounced Alain or Alain?

a_trak2 karma


Ditryp2 karma

Many producers like Kaskade will play more mainstream based festival house music when playing for a large audience, yet play a more intimate and personal set to a smaller audience (like his Redux tour). I have seen you perform as Duck Sauce twice (Hard Summer/Coachella), and with Danny Brown once, and I'd have to say that you really stick to your roots which is much appreciated. ps: I saw you go into a bar after your set in Ventura, but my friend was wearing shorts and they wouldn't let him in, so we just went home :( lol

a_trak6 karma

Hahaha that's what happens when you wear shorts. Thanks yeah it's really important to me to switch up my sets. In fact on my upcoming tour there's going to be a section of my sets that will be completely different each night.

BradyViragh2 karma

Cats or Dogs?

a_trak6 karma


geefer_sutherland2 karma

What was it like playing at Dave Chappelle's Block Party? Any cool stories from hanging out backstage or while performing?

a_trak2 karma

It was actually a hectic day. We were only in NY for a couple hours, we had to fly to Chicago later in the afternoon to play 2 (!!) more shows that night. It was raining so the concert kept getting delayed. We rehearsed with the Roots during sound check literally as the band was learning the songs. It was all on a whim. I wish we could have stuck around to see Dead Prez, Badu etc but we were gone.

DlLATE2 karma

Hey a-trak, could you sort me out some bulk NRG? I've developed a strong addiction ever since it came out

a_trak3 karma

Send me $19.95

lootee031 karma

How did you and Armand Van Helden meet? What's it like working with him?

a_trak13 karma

We actually met through P-Thugg. He's literally the best human on earth. That guy is a shining light.

Tigerace1 karma

Long time fan here. I was just wondering how you and Armand came to form Duck Sauce? aNYway is my favorite song off quack is back and I think I almost snapped my ankle several times dancing to it at Coachella hahaha. Oh and we would love a Dirty South Dance 3

a_trak4 karma

Thanks! Duck Sauce formed pretty naturally. Armand and I met and starting going on hiking trips in the wilderness. One time I saw him start a fire using his bare hands. After that we formed a group.

theunworthyone1 karma

Do you feel like artists nowadays are harder to place in a genre? When I sit down and think about the people I listen to, I can't be very specific. You, for example, I would use the vague term electronic and not much more. If you had to name what genre you did, what would it be?

a_trak2 karma

That's a good thing! I make polka.