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Yo! Question for the "baddest Jew on the planet":

I'm loving the emergence of the "deep house" sound in a lot more tracks now-a-days. I feel like it's catching a lot more traction in the states with big names like Sam Smith, naughty Boy and Disclosure. You and Fools Gold seem to always be on the forefront with genres of music (For instance, you had Tchami on your FG Clubhouse tape, who is now one of my favorites along with Oliver Heldens).

My question is, where do you see this genre going in the near future? Will it have the same huge climactic rise and fall that other "fad" genres had? (dubstep, trap, etc...no offense to anyone who loves those genres). Or do you see it sticking around for a while? And what do you see as being the next big genre/artist on the rise?

Thanks man! Been a HUGE fan of yours since I started DJing back in college.