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Any idea when the Quack vinyl will be released? Also any chance of a A-trak/Chromeo tour ever happening? And is the house party coming to NJ this year again?

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what is huge trouble, want to see how they punish people

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Can you confirm if festivals like Electric Zoo and EDC NY make you sign exclusive contracts? So you can only perform at one of the festivals?

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Are you and Charlie Kaufman going to reunite in the near future to create another amazing film? Also will the Her soundtrack get an official release like on vinyl?

blakxzep1 karma

Will you bring the Unibros on tour again? I saw the short set you guys did at the block party and it was insane. Or would you consider doing a b2b set in NYC with Diplo. I figure you guys were the big indie djs when the indie scene was huge so to see you guys with all the success now would be insane.