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What internet sites do you frequent, non-music related?

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Whats your view on $D users who "game" the system, such as threatening to cancel to get a better deal, calling Amazon and complaining because so and so got this deal and why can't they? A notable example was news coverage of the Walmart price mistake which specifically name dropped $D and it's user base for not handling the cancellation of those mistakes well. It gets your name out there but also seems to cast it in a negative light. I'm a fan of your website and use it daily however there does seem to be a small segment of your user base who seem to believe they're entitled to having low prices handed to them instead of taking advantage of existing offers/deals, which in my interpretation, was the spirit of the site.

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Do you ever wake up at night with Ashley Feinberg standing over you?

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Jim believes that Adam got him fired from SNL

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According to Jim, McKay was threatened by his success, McKay has responded since: